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Fibre to the Node and VDSL2 – Best Practices for

Successful Deployments

Andrew Long
August 2015

Andrew Long

Group Manager.
Access Business Unit.
25 Years of outside plant testing
Based in Dallas, USA.

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Agenda for Today’s Session

1 Market Trends
2 FTTN/VDSL2 Technology Overview
3 Challenges and Best Practices for VDSL2
› Copper Qualification and Testing
› DSL Layer Testing
› IP Layer Testing

© 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved. 3

All rights reserved.Market Trends © 2013 EXFO Inc. 4 .

. and increasingly interconnected Classic communication services are being replaced by free of charge alternatives Source: ETNO. All rights reserved. more powerful. 5 . Telecommunications Market Evolution TELECOMMUNICATIONS LANDSCAPE TEN YEARS AGO AND TODAY Old market leaders have been acquired or do not play a major role anymore Consumer devices are becoming more diverse. TNO 2015 © 2013 EXFO Inc.

vectoring. All rights reserved.Fast deployments to start in CY2016 › Alcatel-Lucent leads the DSLAM market (35%) followed by Huawei (31%) Source: Infonetics Research © 2013 EXFO Inc. › Subscribers being converted from ADSL to higher speed variants (VDSL2. G. Global Market Trends – DSL Growth Broadband Subscribers by Technology VDSL2/G. growing at 6% PA › VDSL2/G.Fast) › G. 6 .Fast Port Shipments › DSL represents 65% (470M) of broadband subscribers..Fast driving growth in DSL port shipments.

FTTN Technology © 2013 EXFO Inc. 7 . All rights reserved.

30a) › Compensating current copper limits (Vectoring. Source: Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs © 2014 EXFO Inc. FTTdp) › Optimize the use of xDSL technology (Bonding. 8 . All rights reserved. G.INP).. FTTx Strategy Market update › Bring fiber closer to the customer premises (FTTc. FTTN/dp provides a faster path to Gigabit speeds › Fiber provision over the last ~100m is the most costly portion.

. 9 . All rights reserved.Relative Cost of FTTx Architectures FTTx Cost Comparison © 2013 EXFO Inc.

250 Mbps Vectoring VDSL2 100 Mbps Bonding Speed 50 Mbps Standard Ratified ADSL2+ Mass Deployment 25 Mbps Starts 10 Mbps ADSL 5 Mbps Timeline 1998. 2014. Silicon G.Fast was ratified in Dec.Fast 500 Mbps vendors have chipsets close to production. Technology Trends › Deployments of Vectored VDSL2 technology 1Gbps have started › G. 10 . All rights reserved. 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 > 2018 2000 Today © 2013 EXFO Inc..

wireless & fibre competition © 2013 EXFO Inc. 11 . All rights reserved.DSL Evolution: FTTN and G.Fast Architectures › Copper loop is shortened by pushing fiber deeper into the field › G..Fast can offer up to 500Mbps over 100m loops! › Aggressive G.Fast deployment strategies to compete with DOCSIS.

DSL Frequency Bands › Frequency band increased from 2. 12 .2MHz to 17MHz for VDSL2 › More potential for noise ingress › Shorter loops (due to attenuation of high frequencies) © 2014 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved.

13 .VDSL2 Higher Frequencies ADSL P O T ADSL2+ S VDSL2 © 2014 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved.

14 ..Vectoring – How Does it Work? Why is vectoring so important ? ›Far-end crosstalk (FEXT) is very evident in VDSL2 deployments ›Vectoring removes FEXT in near real time ›Much like noise cancelling headphones eliminate background noise © 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved.

Vectoring Data Rate Increases What speeds can be achieved? › Aggregate bit rates over 100 Mbps with Vectored VDSL2 © 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved.. 15 .

16 . All rights reserved.FTTN Deployment Challenges © 2013 EXFO Inc.

All rights reserved..OSI Model © 2013 EXFO Inc. 17 .

.Factors Affecting DSL Deployment Source: Telekom Malaysia TNO Conference based on 64. All rights reserved. 18 .000 lines tested © 2013 EXFO Inc.

19 .Best Practices for VDSL2 Installation © 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved.

. video) AND: Capture and archive all testing results © 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved. browse. 20 . DSL Testing › Verify DSL performance against the customer order 3. ping. Copper Testing › Ensure the optimal electrical health of the copper loop › Detect and remove bandwidth-robbing faults › Laterals/bridged taps. IP Testing › Verify IP Performance (Login. voice. remove Load Coils › Mitigate noise › Go beyond voice frequency testing › Bonds and shield earths in place 2. Testing Overview 1.

All rights reserved. 21 . Copper: Best Practices › Flag pairs that have foreign voltages (crossed battery) › Detect galvanic corrosion (isolation resistance) › Resistance/capacitance/TDR › Length within service limits. shorts/opens/ laterals) › Identify poor pair balance › Measure Noise and Impulse Noise › Fix pairs rather than swapping to spare pairs Utilising a FED can save time for double-ended testing © 2013 EXFO Inc..

All rights reserved..Simple Way To Health Check A Pair EXFO SmartR™ Pair Detective & FaultMapper © 2013 EXFO Inc. 22 .

.Copper: A Note About Laterals The Data Rate Killer › Detect and remove bandwidth robbing faults › Bridge tap removal is critical › A 3m tap significantly impacts VDSL2-17a © 2013 EXFO Inc. All rights reserved. 23 .

24 .. the speed targets unlikely to be met. Attenuation • Can identify faults such as laterals or bad joints. It must test the entire VDSL2 bandwidth (up to 17 MHz). (Loss) • Single-ended method is the simplest.Copper: Key Wideband Frequency Measurements for VDSL2 Measurement Why is it important? Wideband • If circuit loss is too high. • To measure the number of noise impulses on a line that is caused by Wideband sources outside the copper plant. • Check the ambient noise on a circuit prior to provisioning to ensure it Wideband Power will support the rate requested by the customer. Impulse Noise • Can help detect interfering equipment that will degrade the service © 2013 EXFO Inc. but a FED can also be used. All rights reserved. Spectral Density • This test helps avoid providing service that will be unreliable and cause (PSD) Noise further technician visits.

Copper: Wideband Noise Direct effect on the DSL line WHAT IS IT? ›Noise induced into a pair at frequencies above voice-band (>20 kHz) ›Most of time it is a stationary noise generated by local (NEXT) or far (FEXT) sources ›Sources: AM radio. crosstalk from other DSL or legacy services.. All rights reserved. ›Quite Line Noise (QLN) test shows noise level and the effect on SNR of the DSL line ›TEST: WB PSD noise with filter on an idle pair ›What to look for: RMS noise < -50 dBm ›Look for peaks or high noise floor levels that might be a problem © 2014 EXFO Inc. etc. 25 .

All rights reserved. kettles. etc. toasters. dimmer switches. Copper: Impulse Noise Direct effect on the DSL line WHAT IS IT? › Short-duration noise spikes (microseconds) that can interfere with transmitted data › Random or repetitive (REIN) › Sources: electric fences. Christmas tree lights. › TEST: WB impulse noise with filter › What to look for: 0 noise hits in 5 minutes › Threshold: ADSL2+ = -33 dBm/VDSL2 = - 43 dBm © 2013 EXFO Inc. cable TV boxes. 26 ..

DSL: Best Practices Internet › Use a tester to emulate the customer modem › Tests the line performance to the remote DSLAM › Verify sync rates for NBN’s target profiles › Downstream: 25-100 Mbps › Upstream: 5-40 Mbps › SNR must be greater than target set on DSLAM › Typically >6 dB for data Note: Sync times can be 5 mins or more with vectored lines © 2013 EXFO Inc. 27 . All rights reserved..

28 . › Verify that Vectoring is operating & check counters › Check CRC and FEC counters › Ideally 0 . cable fault likely exists › Compare SNR. Hlog (loss). QLN (noise) graphs › Look for indications of noise or laterals © 2013 EXFO Inc. DSL: Best Practices cont. All rights reserved.if more..

Ping to known IP address 3. Login to service 2.) › Lost packets or long latency can indicate network issues (if no CRC errors) › DSL issue: CRC knocks out DSL frame carrying data packet › Network issue: Packet loss only . 29 . IP Layer Best Practices Data Testing › Stopping at the DSL layer may not identify network issues › Key Steps: 1. All rights reserved.issue is beyond the DSLAM and outside field engineers control (report to operations) © 2013 EXFO Inc.. Browse to known websites (Google etc.

) › Understand utilisation of test sets and identify future needs © 2013 EXFO Inc. 30 . tests per day etc. The Value of Test Results Critical to knowing your network and field engineer compliance Result Storage Post Analytics Asset Management Test Set Smart Device › Capture all ‘closeout’ tests to characterise all lines (updates plant records) › Future upsell to increase subscriber revenue › Analyse engineer performance (failed/passed tests. All rights reserved..

and UNH IOL DSL MOS/R-factor measurement ingress – perfect for OSP Consortium › Asset Management and Data Collection for post analytics © 2013 EXFO Inc. › SmartR™ test suite makes copper and triple-play everyone a copper test expert › Supports ADSL2+ ATM/PTM and VDSL2 single-pair testing for › Simple graphical view and fault › Automated test profiles – hybrid networks diagnosis for copper and DSL reduced training required › ADSL2+ and VDSL2 Bonding with › IPTV analysis with MS Mediaroom › Pass/Fail indicators– eliminate Broadcom chipset support guesswork and reduce install time › Member of Broadband Forum. EXFO Value Proposition The MaxTester 635 for FTTN Deployments Adherence to latest DSL Consolidated multi-layer Increase deployment standards testing approach efficiency (OPEX) › G.. › VoIP call generation & with › IP54 rated against dust and water ITU-T. 31 .INP compliant › All key testing needs—DSL. All rights reserved.Vector and G.

Summary › VDSL2 and Vectored services are more sensitive to noise and disturbers than ADSL2 › Detecting VDSL2-affecting noise requires new wideband tests and techniques › Ensure all layers are validated (copper. All rights reserved. 32 . DSL & IP) during service activation and repair © 2013 EXFO Inc.

All rights reserved.long@exfo. 33 .Thank You Andrew Long andrew.com T: +1 817 600 2166 © 2013 EXFO Inc.