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Touchpad Firmware Update

Step by Step Guide

Prepared by MSI NB FAE Team | Version: 1.0 | Date: 2014/08/12
*Attention: This firmware is only applicable on certain models, please make sure that your
notebook is applicable for the firmware before the update process. Any wrong update could
cause the touchpad functionless.

*Please don’t run any other programs while doing the firmware update.
*Please keep your AC adapter plugged during the whole update process.

1. Extract the file “Fv03.zip”.

(Right click on the file and choose “WinZip”> “Extract to here”)
*We take WinZip as an example, any kind of Extracting program will do.

2. Run “WinIAP_X64.exe” as administrator.

(Right click on the file and choose “Run as administrator”)

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3. Click “Load Bin File” button to load the bin file “SA469A-12H0_FW03.bin”.

4. Click “Update ROM” button to update the F/W code.

5. Wait till a pop up message box shows “Update ROM complete”.

*The update process takes approxmetily 5~10 minutes.

6. Click “Close” button to close the update tool and restart the system.

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