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SEMINAR NASIONAL PRAADJASI Nama Belakang, Nama Belakang, Judul .

Title of Article Written in Times New Roman 14

(Maximum 12 Words in English or 15 Words in Bahasa Indonesia)

First Author Name1, Second Author Name2, Third Author Name3 (Times New Roman 12)

First Author affiliation
Corresponding author’s email : author1@email.com
First Author affiliation
Corresponding author’s email : author2@email.com
First Author affiliation
Corresponding author’s email : author3@email.com
(Times New Roman10)


Abstract should be written in English or Bahasa . Abstract should be written with simple and explicit to
describe the article. The abstract should inform to the reader of the background, purpose, methods,
finding, and the connclusion. Abstract should be written maximum 250 worlds, in Times New Roman

Keywords : keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, (maximum 5 key words Times New Roman 10)

Introduction Methods should be written in Times New

Roman 12.
In this section, author(s) should describe the
background of article with simple and explicit Result and Discussion
description. The description should explain
important contribution of the study to the body Author should explain the main findings of the
ofIntroduction should fully equipped with research and the argument based on the
article purpose. Introduction should be written findings. This section should be written in
in Times New Roman 12. Roman 12.

Literature Review Conclusion

Literature review should be written in separate In this section author should make an
section. The main purpose of the literature interpretation from result and discussion to
review to discuss the main idea of past advised and mention recommendation or
research, and then make a difference issue suggestion. This section should be written in
with them article. Times New Roman 12

Methods References

In this section, author should explain the detail Only cited work should be written as reference and
method and technique to choose the sample of following the APS Style in Times New Roman 11.
research, to collect and to analyze the data. Referencing technique using Mendeley is highly

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2 Volume X (X) Desember 2016 eISSN 2528-1569 pISSN 2528-2115