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Just Do It/Just Stop It Form

Project Name: Lindsey McNaughton Start Date: 07/05/2018

Who Is Involved: Autopsy Technicians End Date: 07/05/2018
Problem (1-2 Sentences)
The aim is to reduce time lost stocking product with expiration dates and to reduce waste of expired product due to
improper rotation.

Current & Future State Costs

Current State Future State
Average Employee salary: $20.41 Average Employee salary: $20.41
Money Cost of Product per package: $40 Cost of Product per package: $40
Product Wasted: 6 packs last year ($240)
Each cart is given a numerical value which
Time lost trying to rotate test tubes and corresponds to the urgency of use for test tube
Errors waste due to expired tubes not properly expiration; tubes are stocked by case weekly instead
rotated of individually daily; product is properly rotated with
minimum effort
Amount 260 (once a day) 52 (once a week)

21.67 hours a year : 4.368 hours a year :

(5min/60min)(260days) (5min/60min)(once a week or 52 days)
Total Cost $682.2847 $89.1509
(Annualized) (20.41)(21.67) + spoiled product of 240 (20.41)(4.368) + no spoilage
Savings = Current State Costs – Future State Costs
Total Errors Reduced Per Year Less time is spent on stocking product, less product is spoiled
Total Financial Savings Per Year $593.1338 ($682.2847 – $89.1509)
Total Savings to Customer
Wastes Observed (Check All That Apply)
☒ Defects ☐ Transportation
☐ Overproduction ☒ Inventory
☐ Waiting ☐ Motion
☐ Non-Utilized Talent/Things ☒ Excessive Processing
Action (What Did You Do?) 1-2 Sentences
Numerical values were added to each cart used to house the test tubes used, and each value reflects the urgency of
use for the tubes (i.e. the test tubes that are going to expire first are placed on the cart labelled #1 while the test
tubes that are going to expire last are stocked on cart #5). Instead of stocking loose tubes daily (and mixing up
dates) the test tubes are stocked once a week by placing a full case onto the respective cart.
Results (How is Everyone Better Off?) 1-2 Sentences

Product dates are maintained using minimum effort and time spent on the task is significantly reduced. More time
is available for maintenance and daily operations.

Lessons Learned
What Went Well What Went Poorly
Just Do It/Just Stop It Form

Rotation of product, time saved, and reduction of Initial communication of new procedure between all
spoilage techs and interns

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Just Do It/Just Stop It Form

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