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A ferret is a small, carnivorous animal belonging to
the Mustelidae family. Ferrets have been kept as
pets in Europe since times of old. Thought to have
evolved from the European polecat, ferrets are
inquisitive, playful creatures that get along well
with humans, making them popular pets around
the world. They have no perspiration glands in the
body to allow them to sweat, so they have great
difficulty coping with hot climates.

Front Side Back

*Assembly instructions on pages 1 and 2, and pattern on page 3.

Assembly Instructions Explanation of Symbols

1) Carefully cut out the parts.

Cut line
2) Fold along the dotted lines, making mountain or valley folds as indicated.

3) Follow the order indicated in the instructional diagrams, and attach the
parts to assemble.
(Read the Explanation of Symbols for more information.)
Mountain fold
4) Your paper craft model is finished!

Valley fold

Scissors, glue (We recommend craft glue.)

Numbered glue tabs
Glue the parts together in the order indicated
Keep scissors and glue away from small children. by the numbers.
Be careful not to cut your fingers when using scissors. nam
e Glue tabs with symbols and part names
Fold the folding lines before gluing. These tabs are to be glued onto the matching parts,
which name is indicated on the tab.

Assembling the Ferret

1 Assemble the head 2 Assemble the body 1 3 Assemble the body 2

Body 1

Head Body 2

4 Assemble the ears 6 Assemble the whole body

Right ear
Left ear

Right ear

Body 2 Head
Assemble the left ear in the same way. Body 1

5 Assemble the tail

Tail Complete!

Body 2


Right ear Left ear

Body 1