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This written letter of Prospective Guarantee (Sec 126 of

Contract Act ) is given by Surety ( Aadhar No : 809309422602; Boddu Venkateswara Rao S/o Boddu
Mohan Rao, Lakshmipuram Village,Krutivennu Mandal, Krishna Dt, A.P) with free and complete
wilful consent and it is given to our one of our two managing partners named Kakarla Chandra
Sekhar, Managing Partner of M/S Continental Exports and Imports , 8/97,Nidamarru, Krutivennu
Mandal towards the full and final settlement for an Investment of Rs.10,48,500/- (Ten Lakhs Forty
Eight Thousand and Five Hundred Rupees only).

I hereby sincerely agree that my Managing Partner Kakarla Chandra Sekhar invested
his 32 % in our Company for day to day operations. As we started our operations from June 2015, it
took 1 year for all of our partners to buy the land and build the plant for our business.

As there is a small chaos between all of us, I started the business though I own only 16 % in
our Company. As I requested our Managing Partner Kakarla Chandra Sekhar to hand over his share
32 %, he agreed to the same with genuine terms and conditions.

1) I, Boddu Venkateswara Rao express my complete liability towards the treacherous elements
run in the name of our M/S. Continental Exports and Imports or any Bank Related matters of
our company.
2) I, sincerely agree that I will ask my Managing Partner regarding the transfer of ownership of
our firm or any related documents after completing the discussed payment Rs.6,50,000/- (Six
Lakh Fifty Thousand rupees only) on or before November 20th 2018 along with a monthly
interest of Rs.5,000/- (Five Thousand Rupees only) for his total investment in our company
on or before 10th of Every Month effective January 1st 2018.
3) I, sincerely agree that I will completely settle the said amount mentioned in point 2 on or
before Nov 20th 2018. If not in case, I sincerely agree that I have paid only monthly interest
for enjoying my own business services on M/s. Continental Exports and Imports.
4) I only possess business rights for my own business in the name of M/s. Continental Exports
and Imports and I sincerely agree that I neither possess any right to lease my company to
others nor to sub- lease my company to any others. If so, I sincerely agree that I will surely
handover 32 % share rental to my managing partner Kakarla Chandra Sekhar.
5) We all have built the plant with an intention of acquiring Subsidy under Export Promotional
Schemes from Indian Government. We, partners of firm applied for the same which is in
progress. I sincerely agree that my Managing Partner Kakarla Chandra Sekhar possess 100 %
right in terms of benefits from Subsidy Scheme.

Aadhar : 80930942260,
S/o Boddu Mohana Rao,
Lakshmipuram Village, Krutiveenu Mandal,
Krishna District , A.P.