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ONCAMPUS. AMSTERDAM English for LTS 2018-2019 ~Term 1—Reading (Teacher Copy W 2.4) week: “Test: Why lai the sour ofa fe Mecarer 5. [2010), ead forthe IELTS: coursebook, ed Oxford: Macmillan Education pp.5253 “Test 2: Natur on payin Ameran zoos P3536 1) Hashem, Land Thomas, 8 (2001) Combridge IELTS trainer. Cambridge: Cambrisee Univer res pp 140142 fra: When comersatins flow, (Passe 3 Callen, French, Aad ake, V(2018). The offi Combe guile fo IETS for academic and genera airing Cambridge: Cambridge Univer Press pp 202-20, Noes ONCAMPUS AMSTERDAM 2018-2019. (Teacher Copy w1.4) Tet Why plastic the sour of se Me Mecatet, 5.2010. Ready for he IELTS coursbook * ed Oxfrd: Milan Education 9p 52-53 Questions 1-9 Complete the summary using thelist of words, A-O, below Fesoarch has shown thatthe nereasoin th amount of 1 Inthe Pate Ocean ‘sdsturting, Acconing tone estimate, her ae millions of tone of rubbish foating inthe region.The plate sh vers an area approximately 2 that ofthe USA, ‘Som ofthe garbage comestiom sie anol ge, but the vast isnot ‘rom the 588, Tho’ North Pace gyre which sls toed Keep aay tom, was area ‘ inthe late inte with procsons othe ie ofthe past soup 5 twofold in theflloving tan yas, An expetons boing ararged to find ‘ho a junk which Protseor Kar thinks anew ing. Wins te past ‘bbish in hese broke up 2a plas 807 that some poceshata contuy aa nave been ound And the patie al i plastic jk causes? Thousands of soa ‘ark every yar ar the plati is now a treat o hua food ° ' poles Bim © shortived majority bcroa8ing F cleaner 6 twice H too 1 consumption 9 lnk croatres 1 produce M minority Nong ast 0 ecreasng P envionment @ woris Questions 10-13 Do the following statements agree withthe claims ofthe writer inthe reading passage? Write “ves ifthe statement agrees withthe claims of the writer no tue statement contradicts the claims ofthe writer NOT GIVEN ifitisimpossible to say what tho writer thinks about this 10 The paste soups ne bggestcseton of waste onthe planet. 11 The soup made of threo areas connacte together. {2 The amount plastic waste nthe sea wl main oughly tabi, 18 Mostof na ubbish nthe sea appears abe made up of plat ONCAMPUS AMSTERDAM English for IELTS 2018-2019 — Term 1— Reading (Teacher Copy W1.4) iss “Text Why plastics the scourge of'seae carte, $040) Ry fre Lt: course 3° wd Nr: Macias p35 Reading ges? uations 8 TE3E 30 4a se oP aN ax oF Questgs0-13 TOES Paragraph 2: The vast expanse of db in aft he wor est ubish dap rae fet and theft thatthe information between dates ls you irate tr nie ihisher danas OSes the information gven by Marcus Bien in [arog 3. Then na the begining ofthe next srgrar The soups actualy wo ned ares The ‘ord actualy ell you what the weiter dines Cu 12 NOT GWEN. the writer docs ot make any prediction: Sot oun tou eral gh itis ete stew would double in si ovr he next 13 YES. Pareraph 13: lati Blvedo constate 0 per et ofl ih lang the scar Nove ta he ‘ltrs catming wha appears alse ob oe Discussion Question nls (reacingto the et p53 1: Were you surprised by the scl ofthe oczan pluton describes inthe passage? Do yu think anything canbe doneto deal wth the stuaton oF ae we fighting oung bate?