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Graded Recitation Rubric (1st Quarter SY 2018-2019)

NAME: ____________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________________

Grade and Section: ______________________ Subject: _________________________

Excellent (5pts.) Good (4pts.) Fair (3pts.) Poor (2pt.) Acquired

Content Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem
understanding understanding understanding to understand
of the topic. of the topic. of parts of the the topic very
topic. well.
Volume Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume often
enough to be enough to be enough to be too soft to be
heard by all heard by all heard by all heard by all
audience audience audience audience
members members at members at members.
throughout the least 90% of least 80% of
presentation. the time. the time.
Posture and Stands up Stands up Sometimes Slouches
Eye Contact straight, looks straight and stands up and/or does
relaxed and establishes straight and not look at
confident. eye contact establishes people during
Establishes with everyone eye contact. the
eye contact in the room presentation.
with everyone during the
in the room presentation.
during the
Speaks Speaks clearly Speaks clearly Speaks clearly Often mumbles
Clearly and distinctly and distinctly and distinctly or can not be
all (100-95%) all (100-95%) most (94-85%) understood OR
the time, and the time, but of the time. mispronounces
mispronounces mispronounces Mispronounces more than one
no words. one word. no more than word.
one word.
Uses Always (99- Mostly (80- Sometimes Rarely speaks
Complete 100% of time) 98%) speaks (70-80%) in complete
Sentences speaks in in complete speaks in sentences.
complete sentences. complete
sentences sentences.