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The Full of Wisdom Qur’an and the Science


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
[Sitarah Imtiaz.,Tamghah Imtiaz]

Rendered into English by

[Justice ® Dr. Munir Ahmad Mughal]

Modern research has revealed that the

clouds that make the rainfall pass
through special stages in their formation.
The air centralizes the water vapours
whereby formation of small clouds
begins which join together and form a
big cloud and then they pile up.
Under the air pressure the clouds fastly
rise up. Their raising up close to the
centre is much fast while it is less fast on
the sides. Due to this raising up the
clouds go on going high to wards the
perpendicular direction till they set up
one over the other and become full of
water vapours. After that when the
clouds transfer towards the cold parts in
the space the process of formation of
water drops and snowballs begins and
when these water drops and snow balls
become so heavy that the clouds are
unable to carry them those start falling in
the form of rain or snowballs.
The Holy Qur’an has mentioned this fact
in the following glorious verse:
         

      

       

        

     

43. See You not that Allâh drives the
clouds gently, Then joins them together,
Then makes them into a heap of layers,
and You see the rain comes forth from
between them. And He sends down from
the sky hail (like) mountains, (or there
are In the heaven mountains of hail from
where He sends down hail), and strike
therewith whom He will, and averts it
from whom He wills. The vivid flash of
its (clouds) lightning nearly blinds the
sight. [Tafsir At-Tabarî].


A kind of clouds called cumulonimbus

causes the lightening in the clouds
besides rainfall and snowfall. They
contain a high voltage of electricity.
Clouds causing snow fall are at a height
of 30,000 feet in the space where
temperature is much low. In the presence
of tiny water vapours and icy-pens the
clouds become charged with electricity.
And as the electrons begin to flow from
the icy-pens towards the water vapours it
causes positive charge in the icy-pens
and negative charge on the water vapours.
When the water vapours transfer towards
the lower surface of the cloud the
negative charge also comes with them.
On the discharge of the charge the
processes of thunder-blast and lightening
come into existence.

The Holy Qur’an mentions air and

clouds as under:

      

       

       

      

 
57. And it is He (Allah Almighty) who
sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings,
going before his Mercy (rain) till when
they have carried a heavy-laden cloud,
we drive it to a land that is dead, then
We (Allah Almighty) cause water (rain)
to descend thereon. Then We (Allah
Almighty) produce every kind of fruit
therewith. Similarly, We (Allah

Almighty) shall raise up the dead, so that
you may remember or take heed.


The Holy Qur’an has mentioned this

greater storage of water as a heavy-laden
cloud. According to one assessment a
cumulonimbus type of cloud contains in
it three lac tons of water. From the
surface of the sea one crore sixty lac tons
of water is transferred in a single second
in the form of water vapours into the air.

Allah Almighty has established a balance

in this circulation of water. On the earth
water vapours come out of the plants and
leaves of the trees. Human beings also
perspire. For life on the earth rainfall is
highly significant as it maintains fertility
of earth.

The Holy Qur’an has mentioned this fact
as under:

      

      

11. And who sends down water (rain)
from the sky in due measure. Then We
revive a dead land therewith, and even so
you will be brought forth (from the dead).


The dead land becomes green by the

rainfall as it removes the deficiency of
water in it and secondly, the gases and
chemical factors suspended in the air
joining with the rainfall add to the
fertility of the earth. Clouds making rain
fall are at the minimum height of 1200
meters. From that height the possible
speed of falling of the rain drops is 550
Kilometers per hour. But the Divine
Wisdom has so arranged that the rain
drops have to face resistance during their
fall on the earth which causes reduction
in their speed which comes to 10
Kilometers per hour. There remains no
possibility of causing of any harm by the
drops of rain falling on the earth.

The Holy Qur’an mentions of rain fall in

the following words as well:

      

     

22. and we send the winds fertilizing (to
fill heavily the clouds with water), Then
caused the water (rain) to descend from
the sky, and we gave it to You to drink,
and it is not You who are the owners of
its stores [i.e. to give water to whom You
like or to withhold it from whom You


Before rainfall the water vapours pass

through three stages, namely,-
 In the first stage the water vapours go
high in the space by means of air;
 In the second stage they become
clouds; and
 In the third (i.e. the last) stage they
become drops of rain and fall on the

The Holy Qur’an has mentioned these
stages vividly in the following glorious

      

      

        

      

48. Allâh is He who sends the winds, so
they raise clouds, and spread them along
the sky as He wills, and Then break them
into fragments, until You see rain drops
come forth from their midst! Then when
He has made them fall on whom of his
slaves as He will, Lo! They rejoice!


Let us examine the said three stages.

In the first stage the sea-water turns into
water vapours that solve into space and
go up by means of air. It is Allah
Almighty who sends the winds and they
carry them. The Holy Qur’an has
mentioned it as under:

     

     

1. By (the winds) that scatter dust.
2. And (the clouds) that bear heavy
weight of water;
3. And (the ships) that float with ease
and gentleness;

4. And those (angels) who distribute
(provisions, rain, and other blessings) by
(Allâh's) Command;­

[51: 1 to 4]

In the second stage these winds drive

these water vapours in the form of clouds
towards the appointed direction i.e. from
the more pressure area to the less
pressure area and Allah Almighty
spreads these clouds in the heaven as He
wills and divides them into various parts.
Vapours become freezed after reaching
much height after collecting themselves
around the particles existing in the space
and thus these tiny drops of water remain
suspended in the space whereby the
atmosphere becomes cloud.

In the third stage these tiny drops of
water join together become big and
heavy and start falling on the earth in the
form rainfall. Till the formation of rain
the three stages have been mentioned in
the Holy Qur’an in the most befitting

      

       

      

   

48. and it is He who sends the winds as
heralds of glad tidings, going before his
Mercy (rain), and we send down pure
water from the sky,

49. That we may give life thereby to a
dead land, and we give to drink thereof
many of the cattle and men that we had

[25:48 and 49]

     

      

       

 
24. And among his signs is that He
shows you the lightning, by Way of fear
and hope, and He sends down water (rain)
from the sky, and therewith revives the

earth after its death. Verily, in that are
indeed signs for a people who understand.


        

       

      

       

21. See You not, that Allâh sends down
water (rain) from the sky, and causes it
to penetrate the earth, (and Then makes it
to spring up) as water-springs and
afterward thereby produces crops of

different colours, and afterward they
wither and You see them turn yellow,
Then He makes them dry and broken
pieces. Verily, in this, is a Reminder for
men of understanding.


      

       

18. And We (Allah Almighty) sent
down from the sky water (rain) in (due)
measure, and We (Allah Almighty) gave
it lodging in the earth, and Verily, We
(Allah Almighty) are Able to take it


After rainfall the rain stands irrigated.
Living animals direly need water.
Besides this the rainwater causes fertility
to the earth. The rainfall brings down to
the earth along with it the nitrogen
compounds and organic matters that are
suspended in the space. In this manner
several million tons of natural fertilizer
or manure becomes supplied which
causes fertility to the earth. Due to
rainfall the plantation over the earth and
crops get many mineral salts and organic
matter which are much useful for their
growth. Mineral salts include calcium,
magnesium and potassium. Besides them
Phosphorus, and the compounds of
heavy minerals also exist in them.
The Holy Qur’an has revealed this fact in
the following glorious verse:

      

     

   

9. And We (Allah Almighty) send down
blessed water (rain) from the sky, Then
We (Allah Almighty) produce therewith
Gardens and grain (every kind of
harvests) that are reaped.
10. And tall date-palms, with ranged

[50: 9 and 10]

The essential elements and chemical

compounds that are required by the
plants for their growth and sustenance in
a barren land do exist in the space which
become included with the rain as
fertilizer and their quantity is so huge
that those are sufficient for many years.
According to one assessment due to
rainfall on the earth nearly 150 million
tons fertilizer is gained. Thus after the
rainfall the forests and auto-growing
plantation grow excessively and become
green and fresh. It is the blessing of
Allah Almighty that due to the rain water
inclusive of the natural fertilizer gained
from space the land gets nourishment
and becomes green and pleasant.
It is all due to the grace and bounty of
Allah Almighty which is a self speaking
proof of His great wisdom and glory.