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Since May 2005

Volume 14 Issue 14 FREE October 26, 2018

Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

“Last Will & (l-r) IOP Rec Department Staff Weston (l-r) Detective Louise Hardy and Animal (l-r) Firefighters Nicole Chapleau, Curtis

Smith, Holly Norton and Aaron Sweet. Control Officer Chris Enourato. Helm, Liam Farrell and Michael Lord.

N O V. 6


he Crabpot Players Theater
Company will open its 26th (l-r) City Clerk Marie Copeland, IOP Rec IOP Rec Represents! (l-r) Josh Key, Jack (l-r) Interim City Administrator Desirée
season with the comedy/ Department Director Norma Jean Page and Adams and Nick Finneseth. Fragoso, Interim Police Chief Kimberly
staffers Holly Norton and Karrie Ferrell. Usry, and Councilwoman Carol Rice.
murder mystery "Last Will &
Testament" by Lisa Patrick-
Wilkinson at the Windjammer
Nov. 6. The show will be
performed Nov. 6, 7, 8, 12,
13, 14 and 15. Curtain is 7:30
each night and tickets are only F I R S T A N N U A L E M P L O Y E E R E C O G N I T I O N D AY
$10 in advance and $12 day of
the show. Cast members are
Mariana Hall, Kristin Verdone, BY MIMI WOOD
Stu Owens, Mark Reyland and ISLAND EYE NEWS STAFF WRITER
Jimmy Ward. Jean Schubert will
be the stage manager and Jimmy he weather on under the tented parking
Ward will direct. Friday, Oct. 19 lot at City Hall.
Texas was never this fun or was about as good Interim City
this deadly. Jonas Carmondy, as it gets: cool upon Administrator Desirée
President and Founder of waking, warming to the Fragoso explained, “The
Carmondy Oil, is dead at the age upper 70s in the City Council wanted to
of 78 leaving an estate valued in afternoon, low humidity. show their appreciation
excess of $30 million. The heirs Another day in paradise. to all the city employees;
apparent are in for a big surprise But paradise doesn’t just they wanted to take the
when they gather together “happen.” The diligent, opportunity to recognize
with his friends and business reliable, behind-the- everyone.”
associates for a memorial dinner scenes efforts of IOP’s In addition to
in his honor. Unbeknownst city employees contribute recognition, the day
to his eccentric family, a tremendously to the provided the employees
surprise enviable lifestyle that a couple hours to spend
most residents cherish First (hopefully annual) Isle of Palms Employee Recognition Day. quality time together.
and enjoy. Fragoso continued,
To show its gratitude, the City of Isle of Palms “We are a small team, but we don’t spend time
ordered up the picture-perfect weather, and interacting informally.” Left unsaid was “We’re too
proceeded to host its first ever Employee Recognition busy working.”
Day. Save for the on-duty police officers and fire “Small but mighty,” proclaimed Mayor Jimmy
fighters, nearly every employee, from Donnie Carroll, to the crowd of 75 or so. “We are blessed
Pitts’ Sanitation Crew to Norma Jean Page’s Rec
Crabpot continues on page 4 Department, enjoyed a scrumptious luncheon IOP staff continues on page 5


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October 26, 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message

Dear Island Neighbors, 2. Homeowners participating in trick-or-treat normally leave their
front lights on. If they are not participating, they should keep the
I hope you are enjoying the fall changes that we enjoy in our special front lights out. (And please remember, there are any number of
place, which may not include spectacular tree colors, but certainly reasons why folks may not participate, that have nothing to do
feature the clearest light we get all year, the marsh grass going golden with whether they like Halloween.)
in that light, and hopefully some cool, dry days. 3. Drivers: Please recall that trick-or-treating starts earlier on Oct.
And as we are in late October, approaching early November, I 31 than it may have started when you were a kid, and please drive
have a few timely items, also a new offering from the Town for your much more slowly and cautiously than you otherwise might. Ask
convenience. For starters, we have two scary events impending: yourself: How much did you worry about oncoming cars when
Halloween and an election. you were a kid trick-or-treating?
BOO!!!...PART 1 4. Starting at 5 p.m. Halloween (Wednesday, Oct. 31), your fine
Nightmare on Middle Street: If you don’t often make it down police officers will again be protecting I’on Ave. on Officers’ Row
(toward the Fort) Middle St. past Town Hall and the Fire Station, (between Stations 17 and 18) for free-range trick-or-treating.
you may be missing our most creative Island Halloween display. The And the officers will have their own goodies to hand out and a
“gingerbread house” at the corner of Middle and Station 20, home of Humvee or two for the kids to clamber aboard.
great Islanders (and internationally renowned photographers) Callie 5. Please review the other Halloween safety tips at bit.ly/2EvA3WI.
Shell and Vince Musi, is every year the site of the most inventive ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6
Halloween yard display you will see. We have no Town positions up on this day (our municipal elections
This year’s theme is “Last Dance” and features the Michael Myers are in May of odd-numbered years), but we have many very important
character (from the “Halloween” movies) as the DJ. Vince says it is positions up for grabs this election: Governor, Congressional
“kind of a riff on a homecoming dance with zombies”. Hmm, I think Representative, State House Representative, Charleston County
that’s how I heard my last high school class reunion described by a School District board members, etc.
young server who was working it, but let’s move on. These are all important positions, and each of us should cast a
Don’t miss the chance to check out this display; however, please ballot for whomever we like the most or dislike the least.
respect the homeowners and stay on the sidewalk or street. For Sullivan’s Island, as usual, our polling place is the Sunrise
BOO!!!...PART 2 Presbyterian Church at Breach Inlet, open on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 7
Of course, Halloween evening is a much-anticipated date when a.m. to 7 p.m. There is info about required photo ID for voting, as well
young Wonder Women and Black Panthers will be out and about as info for absentee voting in advance of Election Day if you qualify
hustling willing residents for goodies. What fun! for that, from the Charleston County Board of Voter Registration at
But please remember that it will be much more fun if a few safety bit.ly/2Otve4C .
precautions are observed by all concerned: trick-or-treaters, their We all should thank Pastor Vance Polley of Sunrise, and his
parents, and motorists. Our Chief of Police, Chris Griffin has this congregation, for their continued generosity and hospitality in
Halloween advice: providing our polling place.
1. Kids and parents should be sure they are visible to motorists. OCTOBER IS FIRE PREVENTION MONTH
Use clothing, shoes and bags that are reflective, sport some light Our Fire Chief, Anthony Stith reminds us to check our smoke
sticks or flashlights, and stay in groups. detectors in October and replace the batteries. If you don’t have
any smoke detectors, get some! And I advise you to sign on with a
monitoring system that will be alerted if your detectors go off when
you are away or soundly asleep, so that our great Fire Department
can be alerted without you having to do anything. If no one hears
your smoke detector alarm, it will not help.
We have recently incorporated SI Mobile 3-1-1 into our Town
communications portfolio. If you have requests or questions about
your garbage or trash pickup, you can simply go to bit.ly/2AhbSHc
and report it. Setting up an account is very easy (I did it on my first
try) and your report goes to one of our wonderful non-robot folks
right here in Town Hall for their personal attention. They will reply
to your request promptly; while this is staffed only during Town Hall
business hours, the service allows you to submit your issue online at
any time, so you don’t have to remember to call at a later date.
We will soon be expanding the range of issues that you can address
via this platform; please stay tuned and check out the Town website.
See you around the island!
Pat O’Neil, Mayor
843 670 9266 | @oneilpm1

October 26, 2018
Lucky Dog Publishing

Sullivan’s Island Town Council o f SC, LL C

Publisher of the
The Island Eye News
M E E T I N G O C T. 1 6
and The Island Connection


alling attendance at the Oct. 16 Council The arguments were compelling, passionate, and
meeting for the Town of Sullivan’s civil. However, the “best in show” award may go to
Island (TOSI) “robust” is probably an Alison Morrisey. She punctuated her arguments for
understatement. Residents streamed into council doing the bare minimum by singing her signature
chambers well in advance of the scheduled start version of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. Applause
time, and standing room was the only option by the erupted and stopped as quickly, eyes turning to Lynn Pierotti
time the gavel fell at 6 p.m. The Town’s annual audit see if Mayor O’Neil had caught them in the act. The lynn@luckydognews.com
was on the agenda, along with the expectation a Mayor grinned back and agreed singing warranted publisher
decision would be made on how TOSI will manage a little applause, and a muted version of the display
Katy Calloway
its maritime forest/accreted land/transition zone concluded citizens' comments.
in the future. Emily Sobczak managed to buck the stereotype
managing editor
There are approximately 60 million square miles of the staid CPA by informing council she would
of land on the planet, and 13,000 of those miles are need more than two minutes to deliver Greene Jennifer Tuohy
considered “barrier islands,” with the single biggest Finney, LLP’s 2018 fiscal year audit report. She jennifer@luckydognews.com
pocket of the category occurring in the Arctic. informed residents she and her firm had rendered contributing editor
Although the previous numbers were gleaned from an “Unmodified Opinion” of the Town’s finances,
the internet, they provide a window into the rarity which is industry-speak for as good as it gets. For Swan Richards
of a place like Sullivan’s Island. complete details, visit the Town’s website. senior graphic designer

Mayor O’Neil felt obliged to remind the room Council turned to its list of action items and Alejandro Ferreyros
Sullivan’s is a small island (e.g. friends and passed the third and final reading of ordinance graphic designer
neighbors all) as he opened the floor to citizens' 2018-05. The measure changes section 35, section
comments urging civility. There would be a strict 14-35 to read “Access easement agreement and Lori McGee 843-614-0901
two-minute limit on comments, and reactions like restrictive covenant with Ward V.B. Lasso.” The advertising executive
booing, hissing, clapping, cheering were strongly measure passed unanimously.
Christian LeBlanc
discouraged. O’Neil concluded his level setting, TOSI’s plastic ban, ordinance 2018—06 also
and the parade to the podium began. passed unanimously, but not without some hand-
social media
Three attendees spoke in favor of TOSI’s ban wringing. Councilmember Howard lamented the
on plastics, while over a dozen people rendered way the measure had grown in scope and worried Gregg Bragg
informed opinions on managing the transition zone about the slippery slope of TOSI being put in the Mimi Wood
including: Cindy Ewing, Penn Haygood, Susan position of responding to the crises du jour. He staff writers
Middaugh, Roy Williams, Dean Kilpatrick, Alison inveighed on law enforcement to be gentle.
Bourland, Mike Walsh, Jim Burns, Kimberly Ordinance 2018-07, affecting the structures
Brown, a representative of the Audobon Society and uses of non-conforming, historic accessory •
and Maria Andrews. dwelling units passed unanimously, along with
Some of the many points made on both sides approval of a new heating and air conditioning unit
included: for the Battery Gadsden Cultural Center. Content CONTRIBUTORS
• There’s never been a maritime forest fire on SI for a sign proposed by the Sullivan’s Island Park
• It’s a fire hazard Foundation was discussed briefly, and deferred. Susan Middaugh
• It’s not a fire hazard according to the experts The pace of the meeting slowed dramatically at this SC DNR
at Firewise point as the topic of the transition zone came to the Guy Mead
• It’s a buffer against erosion, flooding and floor. Sarah Reynolds
hurricane damage (several residents claimed TOSI takes pride in its transparency. Manifesting Geoff Bennett
it stemmed damage during hurricane Hugo) it, however, requires public discussion of the details Arielle Alpino
• Owners of adjacent lots should not be able to that produce a decision. The exercise can take time
cut on land they don’t own especially since this issue has been around for
nearly a decade. •
• What legacy does the Town want for its
The Town began work on the subject in 2009
with an Accreted Land Management Plan for the PUBLISHED BY
• Its existence contributes to lower insurance 110 feet of maritime forest, which had been deemed Lucky Dog Publishing
rates a public land trust area. A solution was drafted in of South Carolina, LLC
• Take care of our land so it can take care of us 2011 despite legal action from a group of residents P.O. Box 837
• If unchecked, it’s an eyesore with property bordering the land, who wanted to Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
• It’s a valued, beautiful and coveted resource 843.886.NEWS
• It’s a breeding ground for coyotes Council continues on page 5
Submit your letters to the editor to:
Isle of Palms Wednesday, Nov. 7 Sullivan's Island
843.886.6428 Accommodations Tax 843.883.3198
www.iop.net Advisory Committee www.sullivansisland-sc.com
The Island Eye News, a wholly owned
11 a.m. subsidiary of Lucky Dog Publishing of SC
Thursday, Nov. 1 1207 Palm Boulevard Monday, Nov. 5 LLC, is a free, independent newspaper
Personnel Committee Council Workshop published every two weeks and is for and
5 p.m. Real Property Committee 6 p.m. about the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island,
Goat Island and Dewees Island. Copies
1207 Palm Boulevard 4 p.m. 2056 Middle Street are mailed free of charge to every active
1207 Palm Boulevard mailbox in our coverage area and are also
Monday, Nov. 5 Tuesday, Nov. 6 available at area businesses. Contribu-
Public Safety Committee Thursday, Nov. 8 Municipal Court
tions of information, pictures and articles
are welcomed and are used according to
5 p.m. Public Works Committee 3 p.m. space limitations and news value and can-
1207 Palm Boulevard 9 a.m. 2056 Middle Street not be returned except by special request.
1207 Palm Boulevard Op-ed articles and letters to the editor do
Tuesday, Nov. 6 not necessarily reflect the opinion of
Wednesday, Nov. 8 Lucky Dog News, or its writers.
Board of Zoning Appeals Board of Zoning Appeals All advertising rates are listed at:
5:30 p.m. 6 p.m. www.islandeyenews.com under “advertising”
1207 Palm Boulevard 2056 Middle Street
4 October 26, 2018

Crabpot continues from cover

Battery Gadsden
M O U LT R I E V I L L E ’ S D O U G H B O Y S


arina Conner of the
National Park Service
is the guest speaker for
the Battery Gadsden Cultural
Center’s November program, on
Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. in
the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center
Conner is excited to present
her research on Sullivan’s
Island participation in the Great
War. Her presentation, titled
“Moultrieville’s Doughboys”
follows three island boys as they
fought for the United States in
the First World War. Her research
Cast of the murder mystery, “Last Will & Testament.” PHOTO PROVIDED celebrates and remembers the
armistice and the centennial of
reading of the will is on the shot lawyer (Mark Reyland), the the first Armistice Day: November
menu and murder is certain underpaid security guard (Stu 11, 1918.
to be a la mode! As the story Owens), or the floozy girlfriend Despite her lack of a traditional Marina Conner. PHOTO PROVIDED
unfolds and the family unravels (Kristin Verdone.) This hilarious southern drawl, Marina Conner
is a native Charlestonian through indoorsman and dedicated
it seems everybody wants more comedy/mystery brings to life a historian.
than their fair share. But who is host of colorful characters and and through. She is a graduate
of the College of Charleston This event is free and open to
willing to kill for it? The prim and interactive fun. the public.
proper step-daughter (Mariana where she studied history.
Tickets will be available at Conner currently works for the Battery Gadsden Cultural
Hall), the greedy ne'er-do-well
brother (Jimmy Ward), The hot- the door, the Windjammer or by National Park Service at Fort Center BatteryGadsden.com.
calling 843.886.6218. Sumter National Monument. Preserving the culture of art and
She considers herself an avid
history on Sullivan’s Island.

IOP staff continues from cover
to have such loyal, dedicated employees.” Carroll expounded upon
the City’s past efforts to express its appreciation to its employees.
“We started out at The Windjammer, but that became a ‘political’
thing, with mainly councilpeople and their friends in attendance.
We tried bringing everyone together for a Riverdogs game, and at the
Aquarium…but had only about 25% participation.”
“We are in debt to everyone here for making IOP such a great
place to live,” Mayor Carroll pronounced. “Thank you for being part
of the City Family.”
The atmosphere was decidedly familial, with off-duty police officers
and firefighters joshing like siblings, some with their spouses and
children in tow. Starting as a dispatcher 21 years ago, after having
grown up on the island, Interim Chief of Police Kim Usry stated,
“Coming to work is like coming home. It’s awesome…I couldn’t ask
for anything better.”
The only thing missing from this family is dysfunction…
departments interact seamlessly; it’s hard to find friction or
discontent, either within or between departments.
“It’s amazing we can do this,” noted Wynette DeGroot, IOP Human
Relations Officer, who is credited with the idea of the luncheon.
“Today is about the employees, about longevity and milestones.”
“It’s a beautiful day under the Big Top,” quipped Councilman Ted
Kinghorn. “This is a great idea, and it’s long overdue. The City’s
employees deserve this.”

Council continues from page 3

preserve their property in the same state it was in when they bought
it (e.g. little or no maritime forest). TOSI forged ahead, adding detail
to the plan, which was approved for a vote after a meeting in early
The plan included:
Band I (0-40 feet):
• All non-native invasive species of flora shall be eradicated
• All trees > 6” DBH shall be retained, except cedar and pine species
• All understory, shrubs (including myrtles), cedar and pine species
and small trees (defined as < 6” DBH) shall be removed
Band II (40-100 feet):
• All non-native invasive species of flora shall be eradicated
• All trees shall be retained within this band
• Where the band is adjacent to the forest areas: all understory,
shrubs and myrtles shall be removed
• Where the band is adjacent to grasslands, shrub and non-
forest areas: three-quarters (75%) of all existing myrtles shall be
removed as will any that sprout in their place. 25% of myrtles
shall remain in those areas where myrtles currently exist
Action on the above was deferred until the SC Court settled the
lawsuit in the Town’s favor in August 2018, clearing the way for TOSI
to proceed.
Council member Smith moved to amend the proposal reducing
actions associated with Band I to thirty feet, and keep trees >3”. He
garnered the votes of councilmembers Campbell and Langley, but
the amendment failed.
Councilmember Chauncey Clark offered his own amendment,
which involved expanding the actions in Band I to 60 feet among
other things, but couldn’t muster the votes. Council then returned
to core proposal detailed above, and couldn’t muster the votes. The
mayor closed the matter with a vow to address the matter at the
earliest possible date, but because the state is involved a drawing
board may be required.
The Town’s attorney announced completion of a year’s work on
TOSI’s comprehensive plan, and the finance department proposed
a 2% tax increase on property and business licenses (validation by
ordinance required), and building permits (validation by resolution
Councilmember Tim Reese announced plans to increase dog
licensing fees by $15.
Exhausted, council then addressed the remaining agenda item; an
executive session for “Personnel – review of applications for terms…”
but decided it could wait for another time, and moved to adjourn
after 2 hours, 40 minutes and 47 seconds of vigorous debate. The
motion passed unanimously.
The next regular meeting of the Town of Sullivan’s Island will be
Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 6 p.m.
6 October 26, 2018 7

Waterfront improvement plans unveiled Artist rendering of the enhanced IOP

Exchange Club property features, dock,
M A R I N A F E S T N O V. 4 S U P P O R T S P U B L I C A C C E S S D O C K bulkhead and wheelchair accessible walkways.


ervice is nothing new to the Isle of Palms Once completed, the waterfront access project will
Exchange Club, which has been working with allow numerous nonprofit groups to host programs
and contributing to worthwhile children’s and in collaboration with the IOP Exchange Club, serving
veterans causes for years. Providing direct service to veterans, families and children’s groups. The Exchange
these causes, however, is a whole new direction for the club has long supported local youth, particularly
group. working with Darkness to Light and Charleston HALOS
The construction of a new bulkhead and dock, to prevent child abuse, and The Lonon Foundation to
along with landside improvements to create a park- provide support to children who have been affected by
like atmosphere, is the IOP Exchange Club’s most their parent’s cancer.
ambitious project to date, and this legacy community “We already have relationships with these groups,”
service program will usher the club into a whole new explains Barby Harrington, past Exchange President
era. The Anna Lonan Foundation hosts programs at the IOP and Chair of the IOPCC, the fundraising arm of the
“The Legacy Program is transformative for the club,” Exchange Club building. PHOTO BY ANNA LONAN FOUNDATION
IOP Exchange Club. “We’ll now be able to explore
says member and project coordinator Ted Kinghorn. “It and create opportunities for programs with greater
allows us to essentially ‘open for business’ to work with beautified landscape, expanded patio and improved resources and accessibility.” The dock will provide
nonprofits in a hands on way.” parking. a safe entrance to Hamlin Creek, the calm back
The Waterfront Improvement Committee, chaired Currently, the club has raised over half of its water of the island, allowing for non-motorized boat
by Patrick Harrington, introduced the idea of a public goal through membership contributions, business launch, fishing and other low-impact watersports and
access dock to Exchange Club members in April of sponsorships and public fundraising events, like the educational programs.
2017. The project, approved by a 75% vote, is expected Marina Fest scheduled for Nov. 4. “We have secured In addition to the benefit of inviting nonprofit
to cost $300,000, which includes an adaptive use dock, over $100,000 and have another $65,000 in pledges,” participation with the new dock, it is expected to
a bulkhead that runs along the waterfront, concrete says Harrington. “Through the Marina Fest we hope to enhance event revenue for the Club. The new plans will
walkways that allow for wheelchair access through a really see the community support for this project.” increase the patio capacity by 35%, which significantly
The Sunday afternoon event features live music, increases capacity for events like the Exchange Club’s
watersports, food and fun for the whole family. annual oyster roast.
Marina Festival Included in the event is a raffle drawing for numerous, “The Exchange Club patio is one of the best places to
Sunday, Nov. 4 at the IOP Marina from 1-6 p.m. unique items including a hand-built wooden boat see the sunset,” declares Kinghorn. “Now we’ll be able
Tickets are $20, FREE for veterans and kids and a one-of-a-kind autographed guitar that features to share that with more people, especially people who
under 10, includes kayaking, paddle boarding and the signatures of nearly 20 country music recording may not have had the opportunity to see that before.”
eco-tours (pre-registration required). Live music by superstars, including Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood
Haley Mae Campbell and Bradford Loomis, door and Charleston’s own Darius Rucker, just to name a For more information on how to support the IOP
prizes, raffle, food and more. For tickets and info visit few. Participants will also be eligible to win over 24 Exchange Club’s Waterfront Improvement Project, visit
IOPExchange.org/MarinaFestival. door prizes. IOPExchange.org.
October 26, 2018 9

Love birds


oastal bird populations face Crab Bank, one of five designated seabird
multiple threats, including habitat sanctuaries owned by the SCDNR, has been
loss and degradation, human nationally recognized as an Audubon Important
disturbance, increased predation and Bird Area. In the past, Crab Bank has provided
sea level rise, and an innovative public- nesting habitat for as many as 5,000 birds in a
private partnership needs to raise $1.2 single nesting season, including large colonies
million between now and Dec. 14 in order of brown pelicans, terns, black skimmers,
to take advantage of a prime opportunity egrets and herons, and a few dozen American
to address this problem in SC. oystercatchers. Due to wave erosion over the
Populations of many coastal bird past 50 years and Hurricane Irma in 2017, all
species have declined by 70 percent the available nesting habitat on Crab Bank was
during the last forty to sixty years, washed away, removing any opportunity for
and the Palmetto State is a critical link nesting birds during the 2018 season.
in preserving these birds; numerous A long-awaited dredging project to deepen
species of nesting and migrating birds the federal channel in Charleston Harbor holds
visit our coastline each year, including a the key to saving Crab Bank. Overseen by
remarkable 38 percent of all the nesting A black skimmer flies over the SCDNR’s Crab Bank Seabird the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the “Post-
Sanctuary in Charleston Harbor.
brown pelicans on the East Coast during PHOTO BY FELICIA SANDERS 45” Charleston Harbor Deepening Project is

summer and some of the largest colonies expected to reach areas of the Lower Harbor in
of skimmers and terns in the Southeast. the early part of 2019, giving the Coastal Bird Conservation Program
To help address the growing threats to these birds, the South until December 2018 to raise the funds needed to help cost-share
Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) established the the renourishment of Crab Bank with the dredged material from the
South Carolina Coastal Bird Conservation Program, supported by deepening project. As many as 80 acres could be restored, which
groups including Audubon South Carolina, Coastal Expeditions, the would provide 28 acres of upland habitat for nesting and loafing
South Carolina Coastal Conservation League and the South Carolina coastal birds.
Wildlife Federation. “Crab Bank, if renourished, can produce hundreds of thousands of
The program’s first project, raising approximately $2 million needed young birds over the next fifty years” said SCDNR Wildlife Biologist
to take advantage of a cost-share opportunity to renourish Crab Bank Felicia Sanders.
Seabird Sanctuary in Charleston Harbor, has gotten off to a good
Individuals interested in supporting or learning more about this
start, with more than $340,000 raised so far, but more is needed in
order to meet the December deadline for SCDNR’s obligation to fund important endeavor will find more detailed information on the Coastal
their portion of the renourishment project, with the U.S. Army Corps Bird Conservation website at SCCoastalBirds.org.
of Engineers providing the rest, a little more than $2.6 million.

At the Rec...
843.886.8294 iop.net

Youth Basketball Registration

IOP & SI residents: Oct. 8 – Nov. 2
Non-residents: Oct. 15 – Nov. 2
$30 resident/$55 non-resident
Ages 5 – 14 years old. Age as of Sept. 1

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League

Registration Information:
Oct. 29 – Nov. 16
$250 per team
Ages 18 & up
Captain’s Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 5:30 p.m.
Game Days: Tuesdays

Oct. 22 – Dec. 3
Mondays 12:30–1 p.m.
Kim Chesley-Breland, Instructor

Giggling Artist
Nov. 7 – Dec. 12
Wednesdays 4-5:30 p.m.
$110 resident/$115 non-resident
Dianna Connors, Instructor

Ghostly Tide Tales
Friday, Oct. 19
6:30 p.m.
25th Ave. Beach Access

Pumpkin Painting
Friday, Oct. 26
10 a.m.
$5 resident/non-resident
All Materials provided. Must
register by Monday, Oct. 22.

Halloween Carnival
Wednesday, Oct. 31
5–7 p.m.
Costume Contest at 5:30 p.m.
FREE EVENT. Jump castles, games,
candy, face painter, balloon artist and
lots of fun.
October 26, 2018 13


t is the job of youth to whittle away on their fear of death so they dark. I remembered being here last year and the year before
may live peacefully in their old age. Years ago, on Halloween, that. My daughter had come away with candy-apples wrapped
I used to walk my children around the neighborhood, making in red see-through cellophane. Tonight she came back with
sure they weren’t dragging their paper grocery store bags through nothing the house remained dark. “I guess she’s not
the dewy grass like my little brother used to do. When I was home,” my daughter said. I knew the house had been deserted
five years old, my brother’s and I were on the far side of the for months. It was my understanding the lady had entered
neighborhood. We were tired and started dragging our bags the hospital a couple of months before. I think I heard she had
through the wet grass and our bags melted and fell apart. There died.
was a trail of candy across the yard. We gathered it all up, and put As we were walking home, out of the clear blue night she said,
it in our older brothers bag and trudged home under its weight. “Halloween isn’t going to be the same.”
Here all the houses are in the flood plain so my children had Now, as the days grow shorter and the
to walk up a flight of steps to ring each doorbell and get a treat. intensity of summer is moved south, I
It didn’t take long for them to become exhausted and tell me they found myself in the yard, years later,
were ready to go home and weigh their candy. It was always just with gray hair and a stiff back. A group
a little over a ton. A few streets with older houses were still on the of young girls ride by on their bikes. I
ground. hear one of them say, “I love that house
One year we were heading back to the house, when my five- on Halloween.”
year-old daughter said she wanted to go to one more house, where I thought of my daughter years ago,
the lady gave out candy-apples. and think perhaps I should get the
It was a little cinderblock place on the corner of Hartnett. I stood candy apples ingredients next time I’m
at the street as usual as she walked up. I noticed the house was at the store.

14 October 26, 2018

Registration open for Festival of Lights

T I C K E T S L I M I T E D F O R F U N R U N A N D W A L K N O V. 7 & 8


unners and walkers of all experience levels are
invited to traverse through hundreds of
spectacular light displays that fascinate
thousands every holiday season. This year’s
Holiday Festival of Lights Fun Run and Walk
takes place on Nov. 7 and 8 at James Island
County Park.
This unique event offers participants an
extraordinary opportunity to see the lights on foot
before the festival opens to the general public and
vehicular traffic. This two-mile, non-competitive run/
walk is offered on two evenings before the festival’s opening
– Wednesday, Nov. 7 and Thursday, Nov. 8. Registration is now open at
Much of the Holiday Festival of Lights is normally seen from a vehicle,
so the Fun Run and Walk offers a leisurely opportunity to explore the
displays up close. Participants will get a preview of the festival’s 700+
illuminated displays during the run/walk. Then, families can enjoy all
of the very merry amenities that the festival offers, including gift shops,
marshmallow roasting, train and carousel rides, and much more.
Advance registration is required for the Fun Run and Walk. Interested
participants are encouraged to register now before it sells out. Register
by phone at 843.795.4386 or online at CharlestonCountyParks.com by
3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Race fees are $12. Rates increase to $15
per person after Nov. 7. Move It Pass holders receive a discounted rate
of $10 per ticket. Ages 2 and under are free, but will still need a ticket
to gain entry into the park. This is a wheelchair and stroller-friendly
course. Socialized dogs on short, non-retractable leashes are welcome.
Retractable leashes, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are
not permitted.
All participants must be pre-registered and have an admission ticket
to enter the park. There will be no on-site ticket sales. James Island
County Park will close to traffic at 6:30 p.m.; therefore, participants are
encouraged to arrive early. Flashlights are recommended for optimal
visibility. The park will reopen to traffic at approximately 8:30 p.m.
The Holiday Festival of Lights opens to the general public on Nov. 9 and
will be open nightly through Jan. 1, 2019, at James Island County Park.
The Holiday Festival of Lights and the Fun Run and Walk are presented
by The Boeing Company, Chick-fil-A and your Charleston County Parks.
For more information on the festival, visit HolidayFestivalofLights.com.
October 26, 2018 15
Fall brings best fishing of the year

all has arrived bringing with it been working great when suspended
cooler weather and shorter days. about 18"-24" below the cork on a
But don’t put your rods and reels fluorocarbon leader and an Owner size 1
away just yet because we’re about to circle hook. Redfish, trout and flounder
experience the best fishing of the year. alike will eat these baits as they pass by
Fishermen will continue to find success suspended in the water column. Corks
with live bait but artificial lures should have been working best fished along
become increasingly productive. Make grassy banks at mid and high tide.
time to get out on the water, you will With the colder water temperature,
have a blast. redfish are starting to form bigger
Redfish have been hungrily eating cut schools. These large schools make for
and live bait fished on the bottom. Mullet excellent sight fishing on low tides. On
especially are pervasive in our waters clear days, you can see these redfish
and can be easily netted. We'll rig the swimming in circles with their golden
bait on an Owner size 3/0 circle hook backs flashing in the sun. Use patience
paired with a carolina rig. You can use when approaching the schools and when
this setup on the flats as well as under you make your first shot make sure to
docks. Just put your rod in the holder cast to the edges so as not to spook the
and wait for the reel to start screaming school. Jerk shad artificial lures rigged
as the fish hook themselves. Krissy Engel from Minneapolis, MN caught a 9lb tagged redfish using a on Gamakatsu size 3/0 flutter hooks
Artificial lures have started to really mud minnow under a popping cork in Charleston Harbor. It was her first are the way to go.
work for trout and the traditional paddle redfish ever. PHOTO BY GEOFF BENNETT
See you on the water!
tail design has been great. I’ll use a
1/4oz. Trout Eye jighead and tie a loop knot to give the lure even For a decade, Capt. Geoff Bennett has operated Charleston
more action. Vary your rate of retrieve as you prospect different Charter Fishing providing light tackle charters. Clients choose from
spots for pockets of fish. To make your lure even more attractive, try a full menu of fishing options with charters tailored to their desires.
putting a piece of shrimp on the hook. You can use pieces of frozen USCG licensed and insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing
or live shrimp and it will put a scent trail on your lure that fish find a safe and enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages.
hard to resist. For more information, call Capt. Bennett at 843.324.3332, visit his
Even as artificial lures become more effective, keep tossing those website at CharlestonCharterFishing.com or email him at captain@
popping corks. Live shrimp, mud minnows and artificial shrimp have charlestoncharterfishing.com.

October 26 Is l a nd E y e C a l e nda r December 9
ONGOING 360 Meeting St. Third Friday of the Month Sunday, Oct. 28 the University of Notre Dame. Series presents Jeffrey LaDeur: Visit HolidayFestivalofLights.com MORE INFO: 2018 Fundraising
WHAT: Southbound: WHEN: 10-11 a.m. WHAT: Homeschool History VIP $75 per ticket, Program $20 founding member of the Delphi to purchase tickets. Gala to benefit The Charleston
MORE INFO: Toddler Day classes WHAT: Lyle Lovett and Robert per ticket, $10 student ticket Trio, founder and artistic director Museum’s educational programs
Photographs of and about the Days Earl Keen
are designed for toddlers (18 available at RudyRuettiger. of New Piano Collective and the for Title I schools. Evening
New South
WHERE: Halsey Institute of months – 3 years) and a parent,
WHERE: Charleston Museum,
360 Meeting St.
WHERE: Gaillard Center eventbrite.com. San Francisco International Saturday, Nov. 10 includes live music, scavenger
grandparent, or friend to play WHEN: 8 p.m. Piano Festival. Tickets are $20 hunt, floating raffle, live auction,
Contemporary Art WHEN: 10-11 a.m. MORE INFO: Texas gentlemen, WHAT: Mad Hatter Fur Ball
and explore in The Charleston and may be purchased online at hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2
MORE INFO: An exhibition co- Museum. $6 Members/$9
MORE INFO: A special program
for home schooling families.
Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen, Sunday, Nov. 4 go.cofc.edu/ips, at the door, by
WHERE: Francis Marion Hotel
WHEN: 6:30-11 p.m. Proceeds support programs that
Non-Members. To register visit join forces for an up-close and emailing concerts@cofc.edu, or by bring Title I school children to
curated by Mark Sloan, director These programs feature one of personal concert, swapping songs WHAT: IOP Marina Festival MORE INFO: Pet Helpers largest
and chief curator of the Halsey CharlestonMuseum.org. our field trip classes, a chance WHERE: IOP Marina calling 843.953.6315. fundraiser of the year. Music the Museum and send Bragg
on acoustic guitars like they used Boxes and our educators to
Institute of Contemporary Art, to go through the Museum, to do on Keen’s front porch in WHEN: 1-6 p.m. by Plane Jane and an Alice in
Thursdays local schools. Tickets $75
and Mark Long, professor of
political science, both of whom
and an activity. Free with paid
admission. To register visit
College Station, Texas. For tickets MORE INFO: Fundraiser
benefitting the IOP Exchange
Wednesday, Nov. 7 Wonderland Mad Hatter theme.
Live and silent auction, delicious members/$100 non-members.
WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights (adults) visit GaillardCenter.org. Visit CharlestonMuseum.org to
are on the faculty of the College WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library CharlestonMuseum.org. Club’s Waterfront Access project. WHAT: Pedal & Panache food, cocktails and fun for all!
of Charleston. For info visit Country music performers, raffle. WHERE: Cannon Green, 103 Order tickets online at PetHelpers. purchase.
WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m.
SouthboundProject.org. MORE INFO: Learn to play the
Friday, Oct. 26 Thursday, Nov. 1 More details available soon. Spring St. org or email furball@pethelpers.
fun and fast-paced game of
WHAT: 21st Naturalization Monday, Nov. 5 WHEN: 6-9 p.m.
MORE INFO: Gala features
org for info. Saturday, Dec. 8-9
Mondays American Mah Jongg.  Beginners WHAT: College of Charleston Ceremony music by The Black Diamond WHAT: Foundations of
WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle  welcome. 843.883.3914. Opera
WHERE: Simons Center for the
WHERE: Charles Pinckney WHAT: Mt. Pleasant Artists Guild
WHERE: Point Hope Methodist Church Band, open bar with local beer, Thursday, Nov. 15 Healing Touch Class
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library National Historic Site wine, and a special cocktail by WHERE: Roper St. Francis
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHAT: Jazz Night Arts, 54 Saint Philip St. WHEN: 6:30 p.m. social, 6 p.m. WHAT:
WHERE: The Refuge, IOP WHEN: 11 a.m.-noon The Rarebit, hors d’oeuvres from Cancer Center, 2085 Henry
MORE INFO: Come and share WHEN: 7:30 p.m. MORE INFO: Every year meeting Moultrieville’s
WHEN: 6:30-9:30 p.m. MORE INFO: An evening of opera MORE INFO: Guest artist is Kyle Cannon Doughboys Tecklenburg Dr.
your stories. 843.883.3914. approximately 100 individuals Green, a reusable gift bag of WHEN: 8:30 a.m-6 p.m.
  MORE INFO: The Todd Beals Trio scenes and musical favorites Stucky, currently in the Principle WHERE: Fort
hosts jazz every Thursday night. from countries all over the world goodies curated by our generous MORE INFO: Healing Touch is
Tuesdays directed by lyric soprano Saundra take the Oath of Citizenship Gallery and the author/painter Moultrie Visitors
Traditional swing tunes, ballads DeAthos-Meers, Assistant of 50 Portraits of Charleston. sponsors, and a silent auction Center beneficial in calming anxiety and
WHAT: Toddler Storytime and bossa novas. Singers & horn during the event. This event is boasting tickets to events, original reducing symptoms of depression,
Professor of Voice/Opera, and free and open to the public. Visit Meeting is open to potential and WHEN: 6 p.m.
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library players welcome. For info visit Amanda Castellone, Assistant current members. Information at handmade goods and artwork, MORE INFO: See decreasing pain, strengthening
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. CharlestonJazz.com. the park on Facebook at facebook. and more. Tickets $55 presale the immune system, enhancing
Director of the Opera Program. com/PinckneyNPS or call MtPleasantArtistsGuild.com. story pg 4. Visit
MORE INFO: Enjoy picture Tickets online at music.cofc.edu/ through Oct. 4, $65 through Nov. BatteryGadsden.com recovery from surgery,
books, flannel board fun, sing-a- 843.881.5516. 7 at CharlestonMoves.org/pedal- complementing care for neck
Fridays concerts/cofc-ensembles or cash/ for details.
longs, poetry and activities that
WHAT: Board Game Afternoon check at the door. $15 general; Tuesday, Nov. 6 panache. and spine problems, supporting
encourage language skills. (Ages
2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. (family) $10 for students. For more info Friday, Nov. 2 WHAT: Jeffrey LaDeur, pianist WHAT: Holiday Festival of Friday, Nov. 16
cancer care, deepening spiritual
connection, a sense of well-
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library call 843.953.5927. WHERE: Sottile Theater
WHAT: Chas Artist Guild Lights Fun Run & Walk being, easing acute and chronic
WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m. Reception WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHERE: James Island County Park WHAT: Treasure Trek
Wednesdays conditions. Call to register
WHAT: Toddler Days
MORE INFO: Come play with
our games or bring your own.
Saturday, Oct.27 WHERE: 160 East Bay St. MORE INFO: College of
Charleston International Piano
WHEN: Nov. 7 & 8, 6:30-8:30 p.m. WHERE: The Charleston Museum
WHEN: 6:30-10:30 p.m. 843.388.1834. Tuition $245 by
WHEN: 5-8 p.m. MORE INFO: See story pg 14. Dec. 1/$295.00. after Dec.1.
WHERE: Charleston Museum, 843.883.3914. WHAT: Creative Writing Club MORE INFO: Artists Faye
(children 6-11) Sullivan of Isle of Palms and
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
Susanne Frenzel of Mount Thursday, Nov. 22
Pleasant, present “This Is Us,”
MORE INFO: Do you love to write? a collection of the diverse, WHAT: Fried Turkey Glide
Join our monthly writing club to abstract and representational WHERE: Awendaw’s Garris Landing
write and share your work with work created in the past year. WHEN: 9:30 a.m.
friends. Call 843.883.3914 or For more information visit MORE INFO: LeeAnn Reigart was tired of
email poe@ccpl.org to get our first CharlestonArtistGuild.com. driving into Charleston every Thanksgiving
spooky writing prompt. morning to run the annual race. Started
WHAT: Kids On Point: in 2010, the fun run is a tribute to people
WHAT: “Poe in Charleston” with Chucktown Talks who like to do things a little differently. No
Dr. Scott Peeples WHERE: TD Arena registration fee, free and easy parking, a pristine
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch WHEN: 6 p.m. pre-show VIP scenic route, homemade beer, shots of Wild
Library, 1921 I’on Avenue event, 7 p.m. program Turkey, and granola muffins at the finish line.
WHEN: 12 p.m. MORE INFO: Norte Dame Miles are marked with pumpkins. Runners, walkers, dogs,
MORE INFO: Just in time for Superstar, RU-DY Ruettiger casual bikers, strollers, ATVs, and golf carts are welcome.
Halloween, join Dr. Scott Peeples hosts an evening event to benefit LeeAnn, a victim of pancreatic cancer, passed away on June
of the College of Charleston to Kids On Point year-round 16, 2016, but the run continues to honor LeeAnn’s spirit, her
investigate some of the legends programming. Against all odds generosity, and her love of family and community. Giveaways at
and mysteries of Edgar Allan on a gridiron in South Bend, the race include free t-shirts, awards, and snacks. Everyone is
Poe’s time in Charleston. Indiana, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger invited and encouraged to attend. Run begins at 9:30 am, but
843.883.3914. in 27 seconds, carved his name people are encouraged to be there at 9 am. For details contact
into history books as perhaps one Jay Reigart at 843.693.4936 or jreigart@wkdickson.com.
of the most famous graduates of
Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
island eats
week. Delivery available. $ Pizza 450
Specializing in local and 882-8088 Sizable pizza joint serving hefty
sustainable seafood. All Altantic thecoopsi.com pies and housemade ice cream,
Ocean sourced Seafood. $$-$$$ 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island plus breakfast & coffee. $$
886-FISH (3474) 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms The Dinghy Island
Laid back Key West Vibe, great 450pizza.com
Beard Cat’s food options, unique beers on 843.789.4107
Gelato made from locally sourced tap, spacious side porch, and live
ingredients, and coffee shop that music. $-$$ Pizza Hut
sits below Obstinate Daughter. $ 242-8310 Now serving Isle of Palms in the
416-5020 dinghyiop.com Harris Teeter shopping center.
beardcatsweetshop.com 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms Deliver right to your door or get
2063 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island carryout. $
Ben & Jerry’s Dunleavy’s Pub 886-5759
Set in a cabin like building, this order.pizzahut.com
Enjoy an array of ice cream 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
flavors, from Chocolate Therapy, Irish bar stages weekly live folk,
to Peach Cobbler on Isle of Palms’ country & acoustic music. $-$$
883-9646 Poe’s Tavern
Front Beach. $ Famous for their gourmet burgers
886-6314 dunleavysonsullivans.com
2213 Middle St., Sullivan's Island and chicken sandwiches, this Poe-
benandjerrys.com inspired eatery also features great
your island hair salon 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms High Thyme deals on fresh fish tacos. $$
A small island bistro, with a wide
843-883-9101 The Boathouse
Fresh, local seafood, and range of dishes, from seafood,
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island phenomenal sunset views from tapas on Tuesday, and a Sunday 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
the upper deck on Breach Inlet. brunch. $$-$$$
$$-$$$ 883-3536 Republic Ice Cream
886.8000 highthymecuisine.com Local ice cream shop serving
boathouserestaurants.com 2213 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island homemade ice cream and local
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms Charleston coffee. $
Home Team BBQ republicicecream.com
Not limited to barbeque, this 2120 Middle St., Sullivans Island
Cafe Paname casual eatery also serves salads,
Family owned and operated coffee wraps, tacos, and quesadillas, Saltworks Dockside Deli
shop serving locally roasted coffee. $$ Sunday Brunch. $$ Located inside the Isle of Palms
885-6303 883-3131 Marina Market, come enjoy
www.facebook.com/ teamteambbq.com breakfast, smoothies, and
cafepanameiop 2209 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island sandwiches. $-$$
1202 Palm Blvd., A, Isle of Palms 883-3355
Mex1 saltworkscc.com
Chills 360 Hip eatery serving Mexican
Dallas based shop serving Thai 50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
favorites, including tacos & tortas,
inspired rolled ice cream. $ with an island vibe. Live music, Seabiscuit Cafe
242-8469 outdoor seating. $$ A bright, cozy cafe with nautical
www.chills360.com 882-8172 touches serving a simple menu of
1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms mex1coastalcantina.com homestyle breakfast & lunch. $-$$
Coconut Joe’s & 2205 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island facebook.com/seabiscuitcafeiop
Island Joe’s Coffee Morgan Creek Grill 21 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
Spectacular views of the Atlantic Relax with a front row seat on Sullivan’s
on the rooftop bar and live music the Intracoastal Waterway while Grab a casual dinner of fried
every night during the summer. enjoying fresh seafood and flounder or crab cakes in a cozy
$-$$. Island Joe’s next door southern hospitality. $$ atmosphere as well as lunch on
featuring coffee and ice cream. $ 886-8980 the weekends. $$
886-0046 morgancreekgrill.com 883-3222
coconutjoes.biz 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms saltstation22.com
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms 2019 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
The Obstinate Daughter
The Co-Op Restaurant serving contemporary Windjammer
A gourmet deli specializing in Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta in Lively spot with a bar menu, a deck
breakfast and lunch sandwiches a rustic, coastal-inspired space. overlooking the water, and beach
as well as local coffee. Enjoy $$-$$$ volleyball court out back.$-$$
pantry staples including beer 416-5020 886-8596
and wine along with locally made theobstinatedaughter.com the-windjammer.com
products and house made take 2063 Middle St,Sullivan’s Island 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
and go meals. Open 7 days a

off-island eats
eggsupgrill.com facebook.com/notjustfranksatace
Regional Italian restaurant featuring 2664 Highway 17N, Mt. Pleasant 3008 N Highway 17, Mt Pleasant
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella
and Neapolitan style pizzas from the Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery Rusty Rudder
wood burning oven. $$$ Features a consistent rotation of locally Easygoing hangout offering American
843.884.6969 brewed beer made in Mount Pleasant. eats such as BBQ, seafood & steak,
baccocharleston.com Taproom, live music, food. $$ plus a bar & outdoor seats. $$
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mt. Pleasant 843.352.3462 843.388.3177
ghostmonkeybrewery.com rustyruddermtp.com
Bistro Toulouse 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
Parisian-style nook serving seasonal, H&R Sweet Shop Sewee Restaurant
regional French dishes with a modern Famous redfish and rice, fried Southern-style seafood & other fried
twist, plus global wines. $-$$ chicken, shrimp, bbq ribs. $ fare in a casual joint with checkered
216-3434 843.884.2118 tables & homey decor. $$
bistrotoulouse.com 102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant 843.928.3609
1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seeweerestaurantinc.com
Jack's Cosmic Dogs 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
Bon Banh Mi Kitschy space-themed spot serving
Southeast Asian Cuisine, Rice Bowls, hot dogs topped with creative Stack’s Coastal Kitchen
Noodles, Sandwiches, Small Plates, condiments, plus sides & ice cream. $ Join us for lunch, where we offer
Vegetarian Options $ 884-7677 fresh soup, salads, and sandwiches.
388-7080 jackscosmicdogs.com Enjoy dinner in a casual bistro-style
banhbonmi.com 2805 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant setting, nice selection and outdoor
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seating. $$
Eggs Up Grill
Not Just Franks 843.388.6968
Quick and tasty breakfast and lunch stackscoastalkitchen.com
Relaxed chain serving a menu of
stand. Egg sandwiches, hot dogs, 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt. Pleasant
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a
salads, grilled and deli sandwiches. $
colorful setting. $-$$
October 26, 2018 19

Two Grand Slam champs enter Volvo field

C H A R L E S T O N ’ S W TA E V E N T


aroline Wozniacki and the fifth unseeded women in the Patrons have the option to
Sloane Stephens, both Open Era to win a major – just 69 choose from individual tickets,
Grand Slam and Volvo days after returning to the sport ticket packages and travel
Car Open champions, have and six weeks after her ranking packages. Ticket prices range
committed to play the 2019 had dropped to No. 957 in the from $25 for an individual
Volvo Car Open, March 30 – world. session to $540 for an all-
April 7, 2019 on Daniel Island in Her remarkable comeback inclusive weeklong package with
Charleston, South Carolina. continued during her 2018 complimentary access into a
“Welcoming back two of our season, where she captured private hospitality suite. The Volvo
own champions is a great way to the title in Miami and made the Car Open also offers packages
kick off the 2019 tournament,” finals in Paris and Montreal. She that include premium seats,
said Eleanor Adams, Volvo Car recently reached the quarterfinals ticket savings and membership
Open Tournament Manager. in the US Open. into the tournament’s Ace Club.
“Both Caroline and Sloane have The American won the The Ace Club is a program for
had sensational seasons, and 2016 Volvo Car Open and has package holders that provides
already having two Grand Slam competed in Charleston six unparalleled amenities and
champions in our field takes our times. She holds a 6-5 win/loss benefits during the tournament,
competition to the next level. We record. including private bag storage,
know our fans are in for a very “I can’t wait to play in invitations to the “Selection
special week in 2019! Caroline Wozniacki 2018 Australian Open Charleston next year,” said Party”, a tournament poster,
World No. 2 Wozniacki won Champion. Stephens. “I’ve been disappointed incentive membership cards and
the Australian Open, her first PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIPEDIA.COM. that injuries have kept me from much more. In addition, members
Grand Slam title, in January. competing in the Volvo Car Open have the option to opt-in for Ace
The Dane also captured the title tournament will be her sixth time the last two years. Charleston is Lounge access, an exclusive
in Eastbourne and reached the competing in Charleston. one of my favorite cities, and I’m hospitality location providing
finals in Auckland, semifinals “I’m excited to return to ready to finally return!” first-class amenities like live
in Doha and quarterfinals in St. Charleston next year for the The nine-day Volvo Car Open entertainment, air-conditioning,
Petersburg, Istanbul and Rome tournament,” said Wozniacki. “I is the largest women’s-only elevated food options and more.
this year. In total, Wozniacki always enjoy playing there and tennis tournament in North
look forward to competing in For more information on the
has 29 WTA career titles. She America and attracts an average
celebrated her ninth straight front of the great crowds again. of 90,000 attendees and more tournament and ticket options,
season with a top 20 finish in The fans make the tournament than 100 of the top singles and visit volvocaropen.com or call
2017. feel so special to me… I can really doubles tennis players. 800.677.2293.
Wozniacki holds a 16-4 win/ hear them and that always fuels
loss record in Charleston. She’s me to play my best!”
found success on the Volvo Car Stephens, the World No. 9,
Open’s green clay, capturing the won the 2017 US Open following
title in 2011 and reaching the an 11-month hiatus from tennis
finals in 2009. The upcoming due to a foot injury. She became

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Oct 26 9:27am/9:52pm 3:10am/3:47pm
Oct 27 10:11am/10:37pm 3:54am/4:35pm
Oct 28 11:00am/11:28pm 4:41am/5:26pm
Oct 29 11:54am 5:32am/6:21pm
Oct 30 12:26am/12:55pm 6:29am/7:21pm
Oct 31 1:31am/2:01pm 7:32am/8:25pm
Nov 1 2:40am/3:08pm 8:39am/9:28pm
Nov 2 3:48am/4:12pm 9:46am/10:28pm
Nov 3 4:52am/5:11pm 10:50am/11:24pm
Nov 4 4:50am/5:06pm 10:49am/11:15pm
Nov 5 5:43am/5:56pm 11:44am
Nov 6 6:33am/6:44pm 12:03am/12:35pm
Nov 7 7:19am/7:29pm 12:49am/1:24pm
Nov 8 8:04am/8:12pm 1:32am/2:10pm

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the

predictions. Tidal current direction changes and tide time
predictions can be very different. Tide predictions are
PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so use common sense.

Source: www.saltwatertides.com

3400 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms
$6,300,000 | 11 bedrooms/11.5 baths | 6,952 sqft | Panoramic Ocean Views
MLS#18015257 - Contact Mel Miles 864.363.3049 or Alejandro Ferreyros 843.202.9226 for details

Build your dream home

4101 Palm Blvd | Isle of Palms 3501 Palm Blvd | Isle of Palms 411 Ocean
2923 Brownell
| Isle of| Palms
Sullivans Island
$2,889,000 | 11 bedrooms/10.5 bath $1,049,000 | Clear corner lot $1,390,000 | 36 bedrooms/2
$2,799,000 bedrooms/6 baths
MLS#18024911 - Mel Miles 864.363.3049 MLS#17017673 - Mel Miles 864.363.3049 MLS#17002688 - Marci
MLS#18024825 Mel Miles

The Best Move You Can Make

Sanddollarsc.com • (843) 530-8100
2205 Middle Stree Suite 203 • Sullivan’s Island, SC • 29482

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