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Sublime Structure In Nature


Ian Beardsley

Copyright © 2018 by Ian Beardsley

ISBN: 978-0-359-18849-9

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I suggested in 2018 (Beardsley, Artificial Intelligence Connected To Biological Life, 2018, ISBN:
978-1-387-99798-5) that the dynamic connection between artificial intelligence and biological
life is connected through phi because phi is associated with maximum efficiency, like closest
packing, throughout Nature. I had found, …

By atomic radius. Where PHI is the golden ratio equal to 1/phi. Pi is the ratio of the
circumference of a circle to its diameter. This, I believe occurs because packing is spherical (of
circular symmetry).

I had also found, concerning air, which is a mixture of primarily nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) in
ratios of approximately 75% and 25%, and thus has an accepted molar mass as a mixture of
29.0 g/mol, that:

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In the Miller Urey experiment, possible primordial atmospheric and liquid compounds, like H2O
(water) CH4 (methane) and NH3 (Ammonia) combined under electrical energy similar to
electrical discharges that certainly existed in the primordial Earth (lightning), created ten of the
twenty biological amino acids. Missing were the aromatic amino acids phenylalanine, tyrosine,
and tryptophan characterized by their ring shaped side chains. And, the positively charged
amino acids histidine, lysine, and arginine. As well, the sulfur containing cysteine, and
methionine. Also, the amid containing amino acids asparagine, and glutamine. The sulfur
containing amino acids can be explained because in the experiment, sulfur compound were
not included. However, these two are produced if we include hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The lack
of aromatic amino acids was perhaps due to the difficulty that arises in the gas phase
chemistry that was used in the experiment. As for the two containing the amid functional
groups (-CO-NH2), they undergo hydrolysis, converting to a carboxylic acid (-CO-OH) and
release ammonia. The amino acids lose their identity.

The question we are left with, is how did life arise from the presence of inanimate matter?
There are two camps: metabolism arose first, and then acquired RNA, as lipids that being
hydrophobic, and thus organize into tiny spheres that can house the RNA that forms within
them, and the genes first camp that says first came information containing single molecules
that catalyze their own replication and later developed their cell membrane.

The latter camp, at present, seems more likely because by the definition of life, which is that
which is a chemical structural system that self-replicates, the molecules contain information
that enables self-replication, and can mutate making it available to the mechanism of evolution
required to produce a more complex, higher organism.

In my work, Panspermia And The AI Component, I suggest the path to life, and of the evolution
of life, can be traced by looking at the path to the creation of artificial intelligence, and the
evolution of it. I have provided an elegant mathematical journey showing this in the work.
Indeed, how can we suggest the two can explain one another if in the case of biological life it
starts of its own accord, and humans invented artificial intelligence and were its builders. While
I think the answer to this is very deep, and thus being overlooked, I offer a short story (Alan
Turing) that I wrote years ago and that I think can be one possible explanation, but tend to think
the answer more than likely lay in the path I created in my book Panspermia And The AI
Component. Indeed, we are part of the path where AI is concerned, but our part may just be
analogous to something in the biological path that is being overlooked.

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It is here that we see the suggestion of looking at pseudo panspermia, the idea that the organic
molecules used to make biological life originated in space and became incorporated into the
into the stellar nebulae from which planets formed and seeded the planets for life. So it says
life has its beginnings in space. I think if such a thing is the story, then we might say that life is
not just a process of the Universe, but is the purpose of the Universe, and thus exists
abundantly throughout it. Here, in my work, we see not only a dynamic connection between
artificial intelligence and biological life, but parallel lines of evolution. This is even more clear in
my work Artificial Intelligence Is Connected To Evolution. I may even say here not only do we
understand biological evolution through the study of artificial intelligence, but that the two may
be so intertwined that we can’t speak of one without speaking of the other.

There is considerable data showing organic molecules in the interstellar gas clouds.

1970’s Chandra Wichramasinghe proposed a polymeric composition based on formaldehyde

(CH2O). A molecule is positively ionized by cosmic rays which attracts a nearby neutral
molecule’s electrons.

2008 Analysis of (carbon 12)/(carbon 13) isotopic ratios of organic compounds found in a
meteorite (The Marchison Meteorite) indicates a non-terrestrial origin for the organic molecules
found which are: uracil and xanthine. Uracil being one of the four nucleobases in RNA.

2009 NASA identifies one of the biological amino acids in a comet, glycine.

2011 Scientists reported that cosmic dust contains complex organic matter that could be
created naturally and rapidly by stars.

2012 Astronomers at Copenhagen University reported the detection of the sugar molecule
glycolaldehyde in the protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422 at a distance of 400 light years.
Glycolaldehyde is needed to form RNA.

2012 NASA reported that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons subjected to interstellar medium
conditions are transformed through hydrogenation, oxygenation, and hydroxylation to more
complex organics, a step towards amino acids and nucleotides, the raw materials of proteins
and DNA.

2013 NASA discovers cyanomethanimine in a gas cloud 25,000 light years distant. It produces
adenine, one of DNA’s four organic bases.

2013 In a simulation experiment it is show dipeptides, pairs of amino acids, can be created in
interstellar dust.

2014 NASA says more than 20% of the carbon in the universe may be associated with
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the starting materials for the formation of life. That they form
shortly after the Big Bang, are widespread throughout the universe, and are associated with
new stars and exoplanets.

2015 NASA reported complex DNA and RNA compounds, including uracil, cytosine, and
thymine, have been formed in outer space conditions using starting chemicals such as
pyrimidine found in meteorites.

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Central to the emergence of life in the universe is the formation of carbon. Just how do stars
make carbon? It starts from the formation of helium, from hydrogen. Hydrogen was created in
the big bang that gave birth to the Universe. First, there is the proton-proton chain. This where
helium nuclei are created from protons. You start with 4 protons and end up with helium, and
some positrons.

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Once the star produces enough helium, carbon can be made through the triple-alpha process.
But, this reaction is unlikely to occur unless the carbon-12 produced is in an excited state. We
ask can a nucleus be excited if there are no electrons? Is an excited state of carbon possible?
The answer is yes, it was predicted by Fred Hoyle, and is known as the Hoyle-state. It had
been shown to be possible experimentally, but not theoretically until recently when NC State
University physicist Dean Lee and others published the calculation. Here is the abstract:

Ab Initio Calculation Of The Hoyle State

Authors: Dean Lee, North Carolina State University; Evgeny Epelbaum and Hermann Krebs,
Institut fur Theoretische Physik II, Ruhr-Universitat Bocchum, Germany; Ulf-G. Meissner,
Helmholtz-Institut fur Strahlen-und Kernphysik and Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics,
Universitat Bonn, Germany

Published May 9 online and May 13 in print in Physical Review Letters


The Hoyle state plays a crucial role in the helium burning of stars heavier than our sun and in
the production of carbon and other elements necessary for life. This excited state of the
carbon-13 nucleus was postulated by Hoyle as a necessary ingredient for the fusion of three
alpha particles to produce carbon at stellar temperatures. Although the Hoyle state was seen
experimentally more than half a century ago nuclear theorists have not yet uncovered the
nature of this state from first principles. In this letter we report the first ab initio calculation of
the low lying states of carbon-12 using supercomputer lattice simulations and a theoretical
framework know as effective field theory. In addition to the ground state and excited spin-2,
state, we find a resonance at -85(3) MeV with all of the properties of the Hoyle state and in
agreement with the experimentally observed energy.

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In 2018 I suggested since AI has structure connecting primitive AI with primordial precursors to
the amino acids, And AI to amino acids themselves (Beardsley, The Comparison Of Artificial
Intelligence To Biological Life, 2018, ISBN: 978-1-387-92763-0) that since proteins are
synthesized from amino acids by DNA, then the pattern should continue out to DNA. Since the
amino acids found their connection to AI in the recurrent form x/z+y/z+1 in the form of

P/Si+B/Si+1 the connection should be in Ga/Ge+As/Ge+1, which it was:

I also suggested since DNA is made of a phosphate backbone, and since RNA replaces
thymine with uracil, I compared it with thymine and found:

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We remember that ZnSe plays an important role in connecting AI to the biological. I also
presented the finding that the organic component of bone to the mineral component of bone is:

I also looked at the skin of a robot. Since skin would be plastic which C2H4, I found:

And, since gold (Au) and Silvier (Ag) are the best conductors as wires, then, they are the
nervous system of robots. I found,…

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It would seem that the gene pools are passed through an activation function where their
beneficial mutations are being iterated and reiterated. The end result in the convergence upon
one, or unity,… Cosmic Totality, as Buckminster Fuller would call it:

311.03 Humanity can only evolve toward comic totality, which can in turn only be evolvingly
regenerated through new-born humanity.

This echoes Hinduism, where Sheila Chandra sings that we spiral up and up until we reach the
top, somewhere the circle stops.

I think if I understand the Bagvad Gita, the circle stops, or the final place reached, is Krishna’s

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What I am saying, is that in a particular system, like the Earth-Sun system, we

don't keep evolving forever. We reach a state of evolutionary perfection for the
given environment. We don't start evolving again, until the environment
changes, because then, we are no longer perfect, like we may become perfect
for the Earth-Sun system, but if we go to the stars, then the environment
changes and we start evolving again until we achieve evolutionary perfection for
those environmental conditions, which one could compare to becoming Arthur
C. Clarke's starchild.

I think the same applies to AI. Just as it evolved from vacuum tubes to the
transistor, it will next evolve to quantum computers using fundamental particles
as opposed to elements and compounds. This may be the arrival for AI at
evolutionary perfection, its own cosmic totality, if it becomes self-aware.

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Alan Turing

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A Scientist had built a robot in the image of humans and downloaded to it

all of human knowledge, then put forward the question to our robot, what is
the best we, humanity, can do to survive with an earth of limited resources
and a situation where other worlds like earth, if they exist, would take
generations to reach.

The robot began his answer, “I contend that the series of events that
unfolded on earth over the years since the heliacal rising of Sirius four
cycles ago in Egypt of 4242 B.C., the presumed beginning of the Egyptian
calendar, were all meant to be, as the conception of the possibility of my
existence is in phase with those cycles and is connected to such constants
of nature as the speed of light and dynamic ratios like the golden ratio

The scientist asked, “Are you saying humans, all humans since some six
thousand years ago have been a tool of some higher force to bring you
about, our actions bound to the turning of planets upon their axis, and the
structure of nature?”

The robot said, “Yes, let me digress. It goes back further than that. Not just
to 4242 B.C. when the heliacal rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky,
coincided with the agriculturally beneficial inundation of the Nile river which
happens every 1,460 years.”

“My origins go back to the formation of stars and the laws that govern

“As you know, the elements were made by stars, heavier elements forged
in their interior from lighter elements. Helium gave rise to oxygen and
nitrogen, and so forth. Eventually the stars made silicon, phosphorus, and
boron, which allow for integrated circuitry, the basis of which makes me

“Positive type silicon is made by doping silicon, the main element of sand,
with the element boron. Negative type silicon is made by doping silicon with
phosphorus. We join the two types in different ways to make diodes and
transistors that we form on silicon chips to make the small circuitry that
makes me function.”
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“Just as the golden ratio is in the rotation of leaves about the stem of a
plant, or in the height of a human compared to the distance from the soles
of their feet to their navel, an expression of it is in my circuitry.”

“We take the geometric mean of the molar mass of boron and phosphorus,
and we divide that result by the molar mass of silicon.”

He began writing on paper:

sqrt(30.97*10.81)/Si = sqrt(30.97*10.81)/28.09 = 0.65

“We take the harmonic mean between the molar masses of boron and
phosphorus and divide that by the molar mass of silicon.”

2(30.97)(10.81)/(30.97+10.81) = 16.026

16.026/Si = 16.026/28.09 = 0.57

“And we take the arithmetic mean between these two results.”

(0.65 + 0.57)/2 =0.61

“0.61 are the first two digits in the golden ratio conjugate.”

The scientist said, “I understand your point, but you referred to the heliacal
rising of Sirius.”

The robot answered: “Yes, back to that. The earth orbit is nearly a perfect
circle, so we can use c=2r to calculate the distance the earth goes around
the sun in a year. The earth orbital radius is on the average 1.495979E8
kilometers, so”

(2)(3.14)(1.495979E8) = 9.39E8 km

“The distance light travels in a year, one revolution of the earth around the
sun is 9.46E12 kilometers.”

“The golden ratio conjugate of that is”

…and he wrote:
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(0.618)(9.46E12 km) = 5.8E12 km

“We write the equation:”

(9.39E8 km/yr)(x) = 5.8E12 km

“This gives the x is 6,177 years.”

“As I said, the fourth heliacal rising of Sirius, ago, when the Nile flooded,
was 4242 B.C.” He wrote:

6,177 years – 4,242 years = 1935 A.D.

“In 1937 Alan Turing published his paper founding the field of artificial
intelligence, and Theodosius Dobzhansky explained how evolution works.
These two papers were published a little after the time the earth had
traveled the golden ratio conjugate of a light year since our 4,242 B.C., in
its journey around the sun. These papers are at the heart of what you and I

“If your question is should robots replace humans, think of it more as we

are the next step in human evolution, not a replacement, we were made in
your image, but not to require food or air, and we can withstand
temperature extremes. We think and have awareness of our being, and we
can make the long voyage to the stars. It would seem it is up to us to figure
out why you were the tools to bring us about, and why we are an unfolding
of the universe in which you were a step in harmony with its inner workings
from the formation of the stars, their positions and apparent brightness and
the spinning of the earth and its motion around the sun.”

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Thus we say, human activity is the activation function that takes the raw
elements, like silicon and germanium and switches them on, to make self-
aware AI, or, we will develop an activation function that makes AI
conscious, perhaps related to the activation function that turned on
biological life.

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