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The Wolf – Fund Manager Challenge

The volume and turnover of passive investing has been on the rise in India in recent years.
More of household savings are finding their way into fund houses year on year. However, we
are just at the beginning of this phenomenon in India. In the next few years, this is going to
increase year on year at a high rate. As a result, fund houses and fund managers are not only
in demand, but also under scrutiny. Effectively and efficiently investing the funds to generate
excess returns is the key to becoming the market leader in fund management.

You are part of a fund managing firm tasked to manage a sum of ₹ 1,000,000 (₹ 10 Lakhs)
spread over 1,00,000 units over a two month period beginning today. You are allowed to invest
only in equities in Indian market in the given period (this is an equity-linked fund). The fund
closes on August 17, 2018 at market close. Following are the rules of this contest:

1. Each group will have 4 members.

2. The instructor has formed the groups and the details have been updated in moodle.
3. Please login to https://www.dsij.in/ and register with a user id and password for your
4. Once you login, go to the stock market challenge and join the challenge titled “The
Wolf”. You need a key to join this as this is a private contest purely created for IAPM
course Term IV for PGP 21. The key to join is tn1xYESg.
5. It is mandatory for each group to disclose their user id and password only to the
instructor, therefore refrain from creating passwords that are in tandem with any of your
personal passwords.
6. Refer point 5.
7. Every Monday morning, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of each group’s performance as
on previous Friday market closing time would be displayed in public in a table/chart in
8. At the end of the fund managing period, the group with the highest NAV would be
declared as “The Wolf” and awarded the entire marks for the assessment.
9. Relative to the performance of “The Wolf”, marks for other groups would be awarded
solely at the discretion of the instructor.
10. The instructor expects professionalism of the highest order for this simulation and if
any violation is found, there would be a double punishment – zero awarded for this
assessment and a grade downgrade at the end. There would be zero tolerance policy
towards this.
11. Just like how fund houses compete in the real world to attract investors, the instructor
expects the 15 groups to compete as 15 fund houses to attract investors.
12. Any other information would be communicated as and when there is a necessity.
13. Refer point 5.