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‫سالم عليكم ورحمة هللا وبركاته‬ ّ ‫ال‬

َ ‫ب اْل ِع ْل ِم اِلَى ِر‬

،‫ضاه َواْل َجنَّ ِة‬ ِ ‫طا ِل‬َ ‫س ِ ّهل ِل‬ َ ‫ م‬،‫الر ْف َع ِة ْال َعا ِليَ ِة‬ّ ِ ‫ َوأ ْو ِلي اْل ِع ْل ِم فِي‬،ِ‫ َرافِع الد ََّر َجات‬،‫ا َ ْل َح ْمد هلل‬
‫صلَّى هللا َعلَ ْي ِه‬ َ ‫سالَم َعلَى‬
َ ‫س ِيّ ِدنَا م َح َّمد‬ َّ ‫صالَة َوال‬ َّ ‫ َوال‬،‫س ِك ْينَ ِة‬ َّ َ‫ب اْل ِع ْل ِم ِمن‬
َّ ‫الر ْح َم ِة َوال‬ َ ‫بَا ِعث ْال َمالَئِ َك ِة ِل‬
ِ ‫طا ِل‬
‫سان اِلَي َي ْو ِم ال ِدّي ِْن‬ َ ‫ص ْح ِب ِه َو َم ْن ت َ ِب َعه ْم ِبإ ِ ْح‬ َ ‫اس خ َْلقًا وخلقًا َو َع‬
َ ‫لى آ ِل ِه َو‬ ِ َّ‫سلَّ َم أ َ ْك َم َل الن‬
َ ‫َو‬
In the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful
Honorable protocol
Honorable all of my teachers
Honorable the audiences
All praises and thanks due to Allah the almighty for all enjoyments who has given us peace and blessing may be upon his
messenger prophet Muhammad saw, who has brought human beings from the darkness to lightness.
First of all, I’d like to say thank you very much to the protocol, who has given me this opportunity to deliver my speech on
the tittle : “the obligation requires knowledge”.
Dear the audiences,
In Al-Qur’an or in hadith, science and knowledge takes the highest place then others. Even Allah is known as Al-alim who
knows all of thing. A well-known moeslem poet stated that the strength of one nation depends on its knowledge and science.
Nowadays, the strength doesn’t depend on the strength of our body or property anymore, but it has already putted on science.
The slaves who take the highest rank in the view of Allah are those who have good knowledge.
Now let’s talk about education, as we know that in our religion, Allah commands us to study as much as possible. For
beginning, we can see that in the holy Qur’an surah al-alaq verse 1 which has meaning “read it”.
This verse showed us how important the uducation is, because read is the basic of study. By reading, we can learn about so
many things in our life. Even louse Braille creates Braille to help blind people read.
Nowadays, there are so many ways to learn about things. We are really helped by technology. Besides book, news paper,
magazine, and television, now we have internet, we can search any information using this facility. As young generation,of
course, we have a lot of dream and ambitions to achieve. But we need facility to make it happen. We are lucky because the
government has made program for education that we know as “school operation fund”. This program not just releases us
from the high of school cost. It also gives us scholarship.
the government has made so many regulations to show their concern on education.
Inside the law about national education system chapter 5 verse 1 states that:
“Every citizen has same right to get quality education”
Islam also doesn’t regard gender in seeking knowledge. All moeslem, either men or women, have been given same change to
study and improve their knowledge. Hence, the potential Allah has given to us can be improved to stated of completeness
hoped by every people as rasulullah saw says:
‫طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم ومسلمة‬
“both of them have a similar tendency to invite us to understand that education is something what must get a really serious
from us, no matter male or female.
Ladies and gentlemen
Every year, we celebrated the kartini’s day. Kartini is one of amazing and inspiring figure for woman. She showed us no
matter what, education must go on. In the middle of colonization and limitation of everything, she still studies. And now, the
freedom and emancipation that every woman feels is because of kartini.
Another chapter from the holy Qur’an is in surah al-mujadalah verse 11:

“Allah will raise the rank of person with knowledge and faithful one”.
We can see the evidence of this revelation direcly inside our life. The leaders of company or leader of a nation are all the
smart people.
Knowledge can lead us to find out what have never been known before. With good knowledge, our nation will be esteemed
by other nation. So, the decision is in our hands. The future of a nation depends on its young generation.
Wise man says: “hang your ambition as high as the sky”. Start it with dreams, then fight to achieve them. Because the
poorest people are those who do not have a dream.
That’s all from my speech. I hope it could inspire and motivate us as a young generation to study and seek knowledge
Thank you very much for your attention

Wassamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

‫سالم عليكم ورحمة هللا وبركاته‬ ‫ال ّ‬
‫ب اْل ِع ْل ِم اِلَى ِر َ‬
‫ضاه َواْل َجنَّ ِة‪،‬‬ ‫س ِ ّهل ِل َ‬
‫طا ِل ِ‬ ‫الر ْف َع ِة ْال َعا ِليَ ِة‪ ،‬م َ‬‫ا َ ْل َح ْمد هلل‪َ ،‬رافِع الد ََّر َجاتِ‪َ ،‬وأ ْو ِلي اْل ِع ْل ِم فِي ِ ّ‬
‫صلَّى هللا‬ ‫سيِّ ِدنَا م َح َّم ّّد َ‬ ‫سالَم َعلَى َ‬ ‫صالَة َوال َّ‬ ‫س ِك ْينَ ِة‪َ ،‬وال َّ‬ ‫ب اْل ِع ْل ِم ِمنَ َّ‬
‫الر ْح َم ِة َوال َّ‬ ‫طا ِل ِ‬‫بَا ِعث ْال َمالَئِ َك ِة ِل َ‬
‫سان اِلَي َي ْو ِم ال ِدّي ِْن‬‫ص ْح ِب ِه َو َم ْن ت َ ِب َعه ْم ِبإ ِ ْح َ‬
‫لى آ ِل ِه َو َ‬‫اس خ َْلقًا وخلقًا َو َع َ‬ ‫سلَّ َم أ َ ْك َم َل النَّ ِ‬
‫َعلَ ْي ِه َو َ‬