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HANDOUT – Safety Report

Written by Chris Peters.

To describe in theory and practice the procedure to be followed when
translating the scripted action into performance.

Risk minimisation, script integrity, physical ability (age and health of

Quantative Risk Assessment:

Scenario Potential Risk Hazard Control
Instruction and Potential risks in these  Any pre existing
participation in action situations include: physical injuries
consisting of:  Slips, trips or falls or health issues
 Falls  Strain or sprain need to be
 Punches  Minor bruising established
 Kicks  Skin abrasion  Warm ups
 Minor fights  Muscle soreness  Correct
 Chair falls  Possible trauma procedures
 PPE and crash
 First aid kit near

Scene/ Location Weather Risk Actors Safety

Script (L, M, H) Physical Report

Scenario Example:
Overweight student wearing prescription glasses, sits alone and is picked on by a
loud mouth gang of 4 others. The attack is designed to humiliate. The victim
retaliates precisely and skillfully; they are obviously well taught.