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KEY Member Capabilities

Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology


Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

■ Principal Category

Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Mining engineering and consulting

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing
● Other Related Categories

Strata Reinforcement Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining & Processing Technology
Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Safety Products & Services

Equipment Manufacturing
Mineral Handling Systems

Research & Development

Mining Software Systems

Communication Systems
Technology Applications

Logistics Management
Consultancy Services

Education & Training

Mineral Exploration

Analytical Services
◆ Principal Capabilities

Financial Services
Contract Mining

Mine planning
▲ Other Related Capabilities


Acumine 16 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

AECOM Australia 16 ■ ◆ ◆

Aker Solutions Australia 18 ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆

Allight 18 ■ ■ ◆

Alloy Steel International 20 ■ ■ ◆ ▲

Alminco 20 ■ ▲ ◆

AMC Consultants 22 ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆

AMDEL 22 ■ ■ ◆

AMMTEC 24 ■ ■ ◆

Ausenco Services 24 ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲

Australian Coal Preparation Society 26 ■ ▲

Automated Positioning Systems 26 ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ◆

B & H Consulting & Engineering 28 ■ ◆

BLP Training & Services 28 ■ ◆

Bucyrus Australia Underground 30 ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲

Byrnecut Mining 30 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Carmichael Fisher 32 ■

CHAMP Ventures 32 ■ ◆

Chemical Plant & Engineering 33 ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲

Clough 33 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Coffey Mining 34 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Control Systems Technology 34 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Crusader Hose 35 ■ ■ ◆

Crushing & Mining Equipment 35 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲

CSIRO Minerals 36 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Duratray International 36 ■

Electric Control Products 37 ■ ▲ ◆

Exergen 37 ■ ◆ ◆

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation 38 ■ ◆

FLSmidth Abon 38 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Gekko Systems 39 ■ ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆

Gemcom Software Australia 39 ■ ■

KEY Member Capabilities

Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology


Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

■ Principal Category

Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Mining engineering and consulting

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing
● Other Related Categories

Strata Reinforcement Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining & Processing Technology
Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Safety Products & Services

Equipment Manufacturing
Mineral Handling Systems

Research & Development

Mining Software Systems

Communication Systems
Technology Applications

Logistics Management
Consultancy Services

Education & Training

Mineral Exploration

Analytical Services
◆ Principal Capabilities

Financial Services
Contract Mining

Mine planning
▲ Other Related Capabilities


Genalysis Laboratory Services 40 ■ ▲ ▲ ◆

GHD 40 ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Goodyear Engineered Products 41 ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ◆

GRD Minproc 41 ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Haulmax Australia 42 ■ ◆ ◆

Hills Industries 42 ■ ◆

Immersive Technologies 43 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

INBYE Mining Services 43 ■ ■ ◆ ▲

Industrea 44 ■ ■ ■ ◆

Inflatable Packers International 44 ■ ◆

JK Tech 45 ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Johnson Screens Australia 45 ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Jord International 46 ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆

Korvest 46 ■ ◆ ◆

L&M Radiator 47 ■ ◆

Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction 47 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Linatex Australia 48 ■ ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ◆ ▲

Ludowici Australia 48 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Maintenance & Project Engineering 49 ■ ◆

Maptek 49 ■ ■ ◆ ▲

Micromine 50 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆

Mincom 50 ■ ◆ ◆

Mine Site Technologies 51 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲

Mining Industry Resources 51

Minova Australia 52 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Mumme Products 52 ■ ◆

Nepean Group 53 ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Optiro 53 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Orelogy 54 ■ ◆ ◆

P&H MinePro Services Australasia 54 ■ ▲ ◆ ▲

Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick 55 ■

Professional Advantage 55 ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ▲
KEY Member Capabilities

Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology


Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

■ Principal Category

Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Mining engineering and consulting

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing
● Other Related Categories

Strata Reinforcement Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining & Processing Technology
Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Safety Products & Services

Equipment Manufacturing
Mineral Handling Systems

Research & Development

Mining Software Systems

Communication Systems
Technology Applications

Logistics Management
Consultancy Services

Education & Training

Mineral Exploration

Analytical Services
◆ Principal Capabilities

Financial Services
Contract Mining

Mine planning
▲ Other Related Capabilities


QMASTOR 56 ■ ▲ ▲

Quarry Mining & Construction Equipment 56 ■ ▲

RCR Tomlinson 57 ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲

Remote Control Technologies 57 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲

Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements 58 ■ ◆

Rock Australia 58 ■ ■ ◆ ◆

Runge 59 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Russell Mineral Equipment 59 ■ ■ ◆ ◆

Sandvik Mining & Construction 60 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Scanalyse 60 ■ ◆ ◆

Scantech International 61 ■ ◆ ◆

Sinclair Knight Merz 61 ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲

Snowden 62 ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆

SRA Information Technology 62 ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

Steinert Australia 63 ■

StrataCrete 63 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Sykes Group 64 ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Thiess 64 ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲

Ultrasort 65 ■ ◆

United Group Resources 65 ■ ■ ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ◆

Weir Minerals Australia 66 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

White Mining 66 ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Wilco Technologies 67 ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Worley Parsons 67 ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

Xstrata Technology 68 ■ ■ ◆ ◆
The Australian Mining Equipment and Services Export Association

Australia – The World’s No. 1 supplier for
mining equipment, technology and services

To increase year on year exports of Australian
equipment and services of Austmine Members
Objectives Benefits from these activities have flowed directly to the
Membership via an improved and sustained Australian
• Promote Members’ capabilities in international profile and credibility in key overseas markets, providing
markets. more cost effective market penetration, greater market
• Connect to global mining opportunities through awareness, better project identification and shared marked
worldwide networks. experiences and costs, and market research assistance.
• Provide information and advice to Members on Benefits also include networking and improved support
international mining opportunities to increase
with other Members and with Government representatives.
export sales.
• Strengthen recognition of Austmine Members as We quarterly publish the Austmine Newsletter that is
‘best choice’ for mining equipment, technology and targeted at overseas companies; it promotes awareness of
services internationally. the world’s best innovation and technologies available from
• Champion members’ in innovation and world’s best Austmine Members.
product development.
• Collaborate with Austrade's and other organisations, In February 2007, Austmine held its second Conference
help international buyers and raise awareness of and Exhibition in Perth. It was attended by more than 300
Austmine Members’ capabilities. delegates, with more than 40 percent from overseas, from a
• Provide Members with additional membership total of 18 countries. The Austmine 2009 Conference and
benefits (e.g. reduced costs, easier access to clients). Exhibition will be held in Adelaide, South Australia on 10-11
November 2009. It will again showcase Australian
excellence in mining technologies and services, and has as
New Business through AUSTMINE – its theme ‘The Techonolgy Age of Mining’.
The Australian Mining Equipment and
Austmine has developed an informative and well
Services Export Association patronised industry capability website
Austmine is a self funded association of companies that are www.austmine.com.au that features each Member’s entry
active in all sections of the Australian mining and mineral provided as part of the Membership package. Overseas
processing goods and services industry. It currently has market opportunities are regularly updated in the
approximately 100 Members. It works closely with Austrade members-only section of the website.
and other Australian and State Government organisations
to promote the expertise of its Members to the
international mining community. Austmine member Joining Austmine
companies currently export over $4 billion worth of
equipment and services each year. Membership of Austmine is open to Australian firms
Austmine encourages its Members to participate in a and organisations in the mining equipment, services
wide range of international mining-oriented trade fairs and supplies industry which export, plan to export,
such as - Expomin, MINExpo, IMME, INDABA, China Coal, Australian products and/or services.
etc. Austmine has arranged trade missions to Chile, Brazil,
China, the Philippines, Peru, Mexico, New Caledonia, India,
Queries concerning Austmine membership
Southern Africa involving company site visits, seminars, should be sent to Robert Trzebski, Austmine,
conferences, networking meetings, market studies, at robert.trzebski@austmine.com.au,
presentations and reports, publicity, advertising, etc. or phone +61 2 9458 7393.







extraordinary construction
excellence from mine to port
Whether building process plants Our approach is to design solutions With an operating turnover in excess
and complex materials handling that are tailor-made to clients’ specific of $12 billion and more than 31,000
systems or constructing roads, needs, with a focus on constructability, employees worldwide, we aim to build
operability and maintenance. Our a brighter, better and more sustainable
railways and port infrastructure,
technical excellence encompasses future for the communities we serve.
Laing O’Rourke successfully
all the electrical, mechanical, structural,
delivers mine and resource
civil and control system engineering. To find out more, call 07 3308 7700 or
infrastructure globally. email infrastructure@laingorourke.com.au
Laing O’Rourke is one of the world’s
most dynamic and innovative privately
owned construction, development
and specialist companies.


8 Introduction by the Chairman of Austmine
10 Australia’s Mining Marketing Team
16-68 Members Directory


Fold out
Membership Membership Membership
KEY Category
Member Capabilities KEY Category
Member Capabilities KEY Category
Member Capabilities
Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Environmental Management & Rehabilitation

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Alluvial Mining & Mineral Sands Operations

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology

Engineering Design, Project Management &

Hazardous Mining Environment Technology

Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

Fine Coal Benefication & Process Control

■ Principal Category ■ Principal Category ■ Principal Category
Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing

Mining engineering and consulting

Mining engineering and consulting

Mining engineering and consulting

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing

Quarrying & Aggregate Processing

● Other Related Categories ● Other Related Categories ● Other Related Categories
Strata Reinforcement Technology

Strata Reinforcement Technology

Strata Reinforcement Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining Maintenance Technology

Mining & Processing Technology

Mining & Processing Technology

Mining & Processing Technology

Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Consumable Supplies & Fittings

Safety Products & Services

Safety Products & Services

Safety Products & Services

Mineral Handling Systems

Equipment Manufacturing

Mineral Handling Systems

Equipment Manufacturing

Mineral Handling Systems

Equipment Manufacturing
Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

Mining Software Systems

Mining Software Systems

Mining Software Systems

Communication Systems

Communication Systems

Communication Systems
Technology Applications

Technology Applications

Technology Applications
Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Logistics Management
Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services
Education & Training

Education & Training

Education & Training

Mineral Exploration

Mineral Exploration

Mineral Exploration
Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Analytical Services
◆ Principal Capabilities ◆ Principal Capabilities ◆ Principal Capabilities
Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services
Contract Mining

Contract Mining

Contract Mining
Mine planning

Mine planning

Mine planning
▲ Other Related Capabilities ▲ Other Related Capabilities ▲ Other Related Capabilities




Abon Engineering Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Genalysis Laboratory Services Pty Ltd xx ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ Quarry Mining & Construction Equipment xx ■ ▲

Acumine Pty Ltd/Geomole Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ GHD xx ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

RCR Tomlinson xx ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ GRD Minproc xx ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲

Company Products
Aker Solutions Australia Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆ Haulmax Australia Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆

Allight Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ Hills Industries Limited xx ■ ◆ Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆

Alloy Steel International xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ Immersive Technologies Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Rock Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆
Alminco Pty Ltd xx ■ ▲ ◆ INBYE Mining Services Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲
Runge Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆
AMC Consultants xx ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ Industrea Limited xx ■ ■ ■ ◆

and Services Matrix

Russell Mineral Equipment Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆
AMDEL Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ Inflatable Packers International Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆

AMMTEC Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ Innovative Conveying Systems International Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ Sandvik Mining & Construction xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Ausenco Limited xx ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲ JK Tech Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Scanalyse Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆
Australian Coal Preparation Society Limited xx ■ ▲ Johnson Screens Australia Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Scantech International Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆
Automated Positioning Systems Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ◆ Jord International Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆

B & H Consulting & Engineering PL xx ■ ◆ Korvest Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ Sinclair Knight Merz xx ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲

BLP Training & Services Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ L&M Radiator Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ Snowden Mining Industry Consultants xx ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆
Bucyrus Australia Underground Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆
SRA Information Technology xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Byrnecut Mining Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ Linatex Australia Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ◆ ▲

CEM International Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲ Ludowici Mineral Processing Equipment Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Steinert-Sturton Gill Magnetics Pty Ltd xx ■

Carmichael Fischer Pty Ltd xx ■ Maintenance & Project Engineering Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ StrataCrete Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
CHAMP Ventures Pty Limited xx ■ ◆ Maptek Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲
Sykes Group xx ■ ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Clough Limited xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Micromine Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ ◆
Thiess Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲
Coffey Mining Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ Mincom Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆

Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ Ultrasort Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆

Crusader Hose Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ Minova Australia Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

United Group Resources xx ■ ■ ■ ■ ▲ ◆ ◆
Crushing & Mining Equipment Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ▲ Project Industries Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ◆
Veyance Belting Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ◆
CSIRO Minerals xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Nepean Group xx ■ ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Duratray international xx ■ Optiro Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ Weir Minerals Australia Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Electric Control Products xx ■ ▲ ◆ Orelogy xx ■ ◆ ◆ Wilco Technologies Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ ◆

Exergen Pty Ltd xx ■ ◆ ◆ P&H MinePro Services Australasia xx ■ ▲ ◆ ▲
White Mining Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation xx ■ ◆ Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick xx ■
Worley Parsons Minerals & Metals xx ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ◆ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
Gekko Systems Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ▲ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ▲ ◆ Professional Advantage Ltd xx ■ ■ ▲ ▲ ▲

Gemcom Australia Pty Ltd. xx ■ ■ QMASTOR Limited xx ■ ▲ ▲ Xstrata Technology Pty Ltd xx ■ ■ ◆ ◆

4 • www.austmine.com.au

About this publication

This Eleventh Edition, full colour Directory of Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and
Services is an essential reference for companies and government organisations seeking the high
levels of expertise that Australia offers in the mining and mineral processing industries.
The Directory provides an overview of the mining and mineral processing industries in Australia
and the advantages to companies tapping into the extensive capabilities Australian companies
have to offer in these areas.
The Directory features the Austmine member companies in their specialist areas of expertise,
outlining their products and services; ways they can help you solve your particular mining and
mineral processing needs; and national and international contact details.
If you would like to know more about Austmine contact:
Robert Trzebski
Executive Officer
ABN: 77 008 657 887
140 Arthur Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
Tel: +61 2 9458 7393
Fax: +61 2 9955 8914
Email: robert.trzebski@austmine.com.au
Web: www.austmine.com.au

This Directory Published by:

Executive Media
ABN 30 007 224 204
430 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: +61 3 9274 4200
Fax: +61 3 9329 5295
Email: media@executivemedia.com.au
Web: www.executivemedia.com.au

©2009. This directory is issued subject to the condition that it may not be duplicated, copied,
published or hired out to third parties, in part or in total, in any form without prior permission
from AUSTMINE . Every effort has been made to ensure that information given here is accurate,
but no responsibility is accepted for any errors in that information, caused by negligence or
otherwise, and no responsibility is accepted in regard to the standing of firms, companies or
individuals mentioned. AUSTMINE accepts no liability for persons or companies acting on
advice or information given.

6 • www.austmine.com.au
Mining Tunnelling Civil engineering

are now one

powerful force
Minova. Facing the future with total confidence
Rock bolting has single-handedly extended the practical and economical viability of mining operations.
Now two Australian leading suppliers – Minova and Strata Control Systems – have become one powerful force.
Uniting their skills, expertise and complementary products under one globally recognised Minova name has
reinforced the development of best-practice solutions for safer, more productive environments worldwide.
And changed the face of rock bolting forever.

Rock bolting Strata injection Water stopping

Ventilation seals Cavity filling Membranes

Contact +61 2 44 214 377 or visit our website www.minovainternational.com Minova Australia Pty Ltd
102 Albatross Road
Operations in: • Germany • Russia • Switzerland
PO Box 554
• Australia • India • Slovakia • UK Nowra
• Canada • Kazakhstan • South Africa • Ukraine New South Wales 2541
• Czech Republic • People’s Republic of China • Spain • USA Australia
• France • Poland • Sweden

Solutions from Materials Technology A member of the Orica Group

Products and Services.

Haulmax designs and produces specialised OTH dump
trucks which offer the following attributes for haul cycles
greater than 10 kms.
Haulmax, an Australian manufacturer, designs and construction and maintenance
builds haulage trucks for the mining industry. s$UALAXLEREARWHEELDRIVEnOFFERSLOWERGROUND
Haulmax has developed an ‘off highway’ (OTH) hauler pressure, thus less damage to haul roads and lower
capable of meeting the requirements of extended haul road maintenance costs
The dump truck version offers rear and side dump traction in soft underfoot and slippery conditions
bodies with capacities of 80-85 tonnes, while the trailer s$UALAXLEREARWHEELDRIVEnOFFERSFOURPOINT
The prime mover is also ideal for mounting special- braking and retarding across all haul profiles,
purpose lube trucks, fuel tankers and water tankers, or especially on extended down grade applications
as a tow tractor for low bed trailers up to 150 tonne. s2/03CERTIlEDCABnOFFERSSAFETYACROSSALL
The products feature Caterpillar ® power train and applications including service and tow tractor uses
systems, offering unsurpassed global product support s/NEPRIMEMOVEROFFERSmEXIBILITYOFAPPLICATIONn
via the Caterpillar dealer network for parts and service. mEETCOMMONALITYANDIMPROVEDCOSTEFlCIENCY

Chairman’s introduction
Welcome to the eleventh edition of the flagship publication of the Australian Mining Equipment,
Technology and Services Export Association, Austmine.
Australia’s mining technology and services industry, including Austmine members, is a leading
contributor to the global mining industry. We are proud of the vital contributions made by our
member companies to the economic growth in many parts of the global economy. Australian
technologies and mining services assist mineral companies around the world to maintain safe,
sustainably profitable and environmentally responsible mining operations that feed the long term
high growth rates of many countries.
Since late 2008, the mining industry experienced the most severe crisis in its modern history. But
the dawn of the new mining era has begun and it will be innovation of mining technology that
will drive the next global resources boom. Alan J Broome AM
Our Members’ innovation and project integration skills highlight Australian excellence in mining Austmine

equipment, technology and services. Preparations are in high gear for the Austmine 2009
Conference and Exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia in November 2009, at which we will
showcase Australian mining technology and services to a widely representative international
audience. Our Conference has as its theme “The Technology Age of Mining” and has received an
immense support from the South Australian Government.
Australian mining equipment, technology and services are found in all parts of the world
especially where the environment and mineralisation require world-best solutions to allow
mining operations to be undertaken in an sustainable, profitable fashion that satisfies all
community standards. Major markets for Australian mining suppliers continue to be led by China,
USA, Chile, Brazil and Indonesia. Other markets and regions that are especially important to
Austmine Members include Canada, South Africa, PNG, New Zealand, India, New Caledonia,
Philippines, Vietnam, Russia and Turkey. In addition, countries that are individual Members’ ‘top
export markets’ include: Taiwan, Sweden, Ireland, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Peru,
Mexico, France, Mali, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Germany, Kazakhstan.
Each year this Directory of Austmine members has been a ready-reference to leading Australian
mining supply companies. The Directory complements the Austmine website and will also be
available as a mini–CD version.
Austmine members continue to bring to the global market world’s best innovation in mining
equipment and technologies. Our Members export to more than 100 countries and are actively
collaborating on mining development projects around the globe, sharing experience and
expertise developed in the diverse mining and environmental environments of the Australian
This Directory seeks to increase further the profile of the top Australian companies who supply
the world’s leading companies with mining equipment, technology and services. Whether large
or small, Austmine Members are all committed to satisfying their international customers’
expectations of productivity, safety, reliability and profitable operations.
I hope that this Directory of Austmine Members will be helpful to many international customers
of Australian mining suppliers by outlining the capabilities of Austmine Member companies.
Alan J Broome AM

8 • www.austmine.com.au
Korvest Ltd is one of Australia’s leading As an established, publicly listed company
infrastructure providers, delivering unique with Hills Industries as a major shareholder,
solutions to Australia’s biggest mining Korvest offers nearly 40 years’ experience
and industrial construction companies producing high-quality products through
with a range of standard, customised and our three specialist divisions:
innovative products. t&[Z4USVU
Established in 1970, Korvest Ltd is a t,PSWFTU(BMWBOJTJOH
manufacturer and supplier of cable and t*OEBY
pipe support systems, galvanising services
and walkway systems for the construction, At Korvest, we believe our service,
industrial and mining industries. products and innovative solutions are
second to none.


premium quality cable and pipe support OF THE LARGEST, SMALLEST PREMIUM SUPPLIERS OF GRATINGS,
systems. We supply customised solutions AND MOST CHALLENGING HANDRAILS, STANCHIONS, MESH AND
that meet your needs at competitive
prices. Our quality products and fast,
consistent and reliable service have made ,PSWFTU (BMWBOJTFST JT 4PVUI "VTUSBMJBT
Indax is a fast growing supplier of
us the country’s largest and most highly leading galvaniser with the capability to
premium walkway infrastructure and a
regarded cable support manufacturer. galvanise a range of items from large and
division of Korvest Ltd, one of Australia’s
difficult fabrications to small fasteners,
leading infrastructure providers. Our
pipe fittings and castings.
flexible, personalised approach means
we supply stock or fabricated panels
to specific requirements in untreated
and galvanised finishes.

South Australia Queensland New South Wales Victoria Western Australia

580 Prospect Road .BDIJOFSZ4USFFU Lot 304 Progress Circuit 25 Marwen Drive 7BMF4USFFU
Kilburn Darra Prestons Derrimut Malaga
T 08 8360 4500 T 07 3259 6844 T 02 9717 5288 T 03 8368 7555 T 08 9249 7966

F 08 8360 4599 F 07 3259 6855 F 02 9717 5259 F 03 8368 7599 F 08 9249 7855

Australia’s Mining
Marketing Team
Increasing numbers of mining companies around the world are discovering how Australian
expertise in both surface and underground mining – and mineral processing – can provide cost-
effective and innovative solutions for their operations.
Australian Mining support products, services and technologies that cover everything from
software development to gold extraction, base metal mining to exploration and industry
education to value-adding processes like coal benefication, are attracting new and appreciative
users around the world.
Most of the products and services that are exciting the interest of international miners come from
companies that are members of Austmine – the international business development arm of
Australia’s mining support industry.
International mining companies say they appreciate the high level of investment in R&D that
Australia’s mining support industry invests in keeping its products and processes at the cutting
Austmine now has a membership of more than 100 companies, all of them supplying innovative
and cost-efficient products, technologies and services to mining companies around the world.

10 • www.austmine.com.au
Efficient technologies...
Process expertise

IsaMillTM Jameson Cell ISASMELT TM Tankhouse Albion Process

High Intensity, Low Cost, High Grade, High Intensity
Technology Simplicity in
High Efficiency Grinding High Capacity Flotation Smelting Combining The Best Leaching

High Energy Efficiency No Moving Parts High Productivity High Performance Lower Capital Costs
Cathode Alternatives
Inert Media Improves Compact, Low Low Capital and Simple Processing
Process Chemistry Capital and Operating Costs Low Power Usage
Operating Costs Lower Environmental
Accurate Scale-up Small Footprint Impact
Self-aspirating Safe and
Low Cost Installation Can Use Low Operator Friendly Atmospheric Pressure
Simple Maintenance Accurate Scale-up Cost Fuel
Operational Versatility Easy to Automate
Internal Centrifugal Small Bubble Size – Highly Automated
Fast Fines Flotation Control High Availability
Classifier – Retains Media Low Maintenance
Without Screens
Frothwashing Rapid Ramp Up to
Long Life Cathode
Large Scale Mills Design Capacity
(3.0MW) Small footprint,
low cost additions > 1,000,000 tpa Current Efficiency
Multiple Grinding to existing circuits feed rate over Life Cycle
Core Resources is the
Stages – Sharp Size
exclusive global agent
Distribution Without for the Albion Process
Need for Classification Technology

www.isamill.com www.jamesoncell.com www.isasmelt.com www.isaprocess.com www.albionprocess.com

Process technologies developed on Xstrata sites to be the best and toughest on earth.
We specialise in transferring our expertise to your site.
Xstrata Technology Australia Ph: +61 7 3833 8500 Fax: +61 7 3833 8555
Xstrata Technology Chile Ph: +56 2 478 22 11 Fax: +56 2 478 22 30
Xstrata Technology South Africa Ph: +27 82 441 7482 Fax: +27 86 627 3099
Xstrata Technology Canada Ph: +1 604 699 6400 Fax: +1 604 689 4719
Email: xstratatech@xstrata.com.au Website: www.xstratatech.com

Australia’s Mining
Marketing Team

And its links with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) mean that international companies
can easily access Austmine and its members through the Trade Commission’s network of 107
offices worldwide.


The range of highly competitive, specialist firms that make up the Austmine membership, provide
state-of-the-art effectiveness in a broad range of expertise, including:
• Mining software systems
• Mineral exploration
• Contract mining
• Fine coal benefication and process control
• Strata reinforced technology
• Hazardous mining environmental technology
• Environmental management and rehabilitation
• Gold processing technology
• Alluvial mining and mineral sands operations
• Education and training
• Materials handling systems
• Mining maintenance and technology
• Mining and process R&D
• Consumable supplies and fittings
• Logistics Management
• Analytical Services
• Financial Services
A special benefit provided by Austmine membership is the organisation’s ability to readily
coordinate consortiums among members for special projects that demand a variety of equipment,
services and technologies. Not only does this level of coordination provide unique and effective
solutions to an almost infinite number of mining, development and management situations, the
products and services can be bundled in extremely cost-effective packages. All combine the best
of new technologies with common sense applications that are tailored to local customs and
Making the process of establishing and maintaining contact with Australian mining support
suppliers that much simpler for international miners is the existence of an Australian mining
marketing network working in Austrade offices in prime mining markets around the world.

12 • www.austmine.com.au
Over the long haul...
is haul road width costing you plenty?
Over extended distances, Haulmax can minimise your
haul road development costs with an envelope width of
less than 4.0 metres! With ever increasing distances to
secondary and satellite deposit sites, every saving counts.
Haulmax dump trucks were specifically designed for this
scenario. Then there’s the diversity - one prime mover
base for numerous mine site applications. All backed up
by that famously reliable Caterpillar® power train. It makes
sense to go with someone who can go the distance.
Haulmax. We’re here for the long haul.

For more information, including technical specifications,

visit us now at www.haulmax.com


T: +61 3 6442 2166 F: +61 3 6442 2755 E: sales@haulmax.com


Australia’s Mining
Marketing Team
As a long-time member of Austrade’s Mining Services team, Austmine
interacts with this network of professionals based in 10 cities around the
world – including Jakarta, Beijing, Johannesburg, Noumea, Mexico City,
Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Vancouver – to ensure
quick and effective response to enquiries from global miners about the
supply of appropriate technologies, products and services.
Austmine also cooperates with Austrade’s mining experts to actively assist
foreign buyers when they visit Australia.
Austmine invites you to consider the broad range of expertise and
advanced technologies offered in this Directory and to contact us to learn
more about how Australian solutions can benefit your mining or mineral
processing operation.
Please visit Austmine at www.austmine.com.au


ABON are manufacturers of heavy duty Feeding, Sizing and
Screening equipment for an ever expanding range of industries
in the broad sphere of minerals handling and minerals
processing by-product activities. XSTRATA TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
Xstrata Technology develops, markets and supports world leading
technology to improve the efficiency and environmental
performance of metals and minerals processing, including:
3 ISA PROCESS™ and Kidd Process – copper refining and
electrowinning technology
3 ISASMELT™ – base metal and scrap smelting
3 ISACONVERT™ – copper converting technology
3 IsaMill™ – mineral grinding applications
3 Jameson Cell – base metal and coal flotation
3 Albion Process – precious metal and base metal leaching
Xstrata Technology provides integrated solutions to complex
processing problems, combining testwork, process design,
detailed engineering, equipment manufacture, operator training,
installation supervision, commissioning assistance and ongoing
process and maintenance support.


Australia Office Tel: +61 7 3833 8500
LOW SPEED SIZERS Chile Office Tel: +56 2 478 2211
South Africa Office Tel: +27 82 441 7482
Canada Office Tel: +1 604 699 6400
ROLLERSCREENS Email: xstratatech@xstrata.com.au
For further details please contact us at:
Web: www.xstratatech.com
Tel: +61 3 9338 7011 Email:aboninfo@flsmidthabon.com.au
or visit our website www.flsmidthabon.com

14 • www.austmine.com.au

Members Directory
Pages 16-68

www.austmine.com.au • 15

Acumine Pty Ltd AECOM Australia Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Acumine was established to commercialise innovative AECOM is a leading provider of advanced environmental,
technology developed at Australian Centre for Field Robotics at planning, design, engineering, management and advisory
Sydney University for the global Mining Technology and services in the buildings, energy, environment, government,
Services sector. Acumine works from The University of Sydney mining, power, transport and water markets.
where we have the most modern laboratory and testing From our offices across Australia and New Zealand, we
facilities in the world. Acumine currently has 14 staff in Sydney leverage AECOM’s global reach while providing a unique
and 8 based in Argentina. The Acumine products focus on blend of local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence
safety of heavy vehicles in Mining and safe mining practices combined with a personal commitment to meeting our client’s
which not only improve safety and productivity but also reduce specific needs.
the cost of mining. The company aspire to producing the best
and most efficient products in the market on time. All Acumine Together, AECOM forms a strong global network of more than
Intellectual Property is protected by International Patents. 43,000 professionals united by a common purpose to enhance
Acumine’s customers include Rio Tinto, Codelco, Alcoa, and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments.
Komatsu, BHP, Anglo Gold Ashanti and Patrick (now Toll) MINERAL RESOURCES
Technologies. AECOM delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions for a wide
Products and Services: range of commodities for surface and underground mines.
• Collision Avoidance Safety System Our reputation is built on the proven capability of our core
• Millimetre Wave Radar team of experienced designers and their strong portfolio of
• (ACASS) performance credentials.
Our experience includes design and project delivery services
Primary Contacts: for major mining and mineral companies across the globe in
NAME: Olga Sawtell the following resource sectors:
TITLE: Chief Executive
Products and Services:
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9351 7690
FAX: +61 2 9351 7474 • Base metals / Light metals
MOBILE: +61 418 887 833 • Chemical & industrial products
• Coal
EMAIL: sawtell@acumine.com
• Specialist services
WEB: www.acumine.com
• Iron Ore
• Acoustics
• Rock phosphate
• Project management
• Precious metals
• Hazardous operations
• Bulk commodities
• Economic studies
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Laurie Barlow
TITLE: Managing Director, Minerals & Industry
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3858 6700
EMAIL: Laurie.Barlow@aecom.com
NAME: Martin Bowness
TITLE: Strategy & Development Director, Minerals &
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3858 6700
EMAIL: Martin.Bowness@aecom.com
WEB: www.aecom.com

16 • www.austmine.com.au

Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

(CST) was founded in 1984. CST is ISO
9001:2001 Quality Certified and designs, • Belt Scales for Belt Conveyors, Pipe Conveyors
manufactures and services conveyor belt and Variable Inclination Booms
weighing systems and weigh-feeders. • Weigh Feeders
CST is a world leader in belt weighing • Stored-In-Place Calibration Mass Systems
technology, investing in ongoing • Weigh Quality Idler Sets
research and development. In partner- • Calibration, Service and Refurbishment of all
ship with our customers, we seek to
Manufacturers’ Belt Scales and Weigh Feeders
provide product enhancements and
new features on a regular basis.
CST specialises in high accuracy, CONTACT US
high reliability systems designed
for in motion weighing of material Des Redmond
Ian Burrell – Managing Director
for the bulk handling industry; e: iburrell@controlsystems.com.au e: crayreds@aol.com
including mining, ship-loading, t: +61 2 9584 4500 t: +44 1227 780987
rail loading, grain, coal power, f: +61 2 9584 4580 Measurement Systems
timber, quarry and food industries. Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd Consultancy Ltd,
Sydney, NSW, Australia Tyler Hill, Kent,
CST has offices throughout Australia
The United Kingdom
and agents in Korea, Canada, UK, KOREA
South America and Kazakhstan. Mr K.J. Lee CANADA
e: kjintl@ktnet.co.kr David Sawrey
CST has international Trade Use t: 822 538 318 e: david@tdmicronic.com
Certifications in Canada (MC Approval K.J. International Co. Ltd t: 604 594 9191
AM-5612/5442 0.1/0.5%), USA - NTEP Seoul, South Korea, Korea T.D. Micronic Inc.
No. 02-135 (0.25%), Australia Surrey, BC, Canada
(Class 0.5, 1, 2), and Europe OIML Phil Oldham
Class .5 (0.25%R50/1997-AU). e: phil@ptindoskill.com
t: 62 542 750 770
PT IndoSkill Jl
Batakan Balikpapan,
East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Yuri Malov
e: cst-scales@mail.ru
t: +7 3272 601 353
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aker Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Allight Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
A leading global provider of engineering and construction From mine sites to hospitals, rescue missions to rock concerts,
services, technology products and integrated solutions. out at sea or in the countryside, in construction projects and
road works, Allight have been supplying complete equipment
Products and Services: solutions across the globe since 1988, and have grown to
• Project management employ over 100 proud, passionate and productive personnel
• Process technology in Australia. With sales offices in Australia and the USA, we
• Process design also have a growing network of authorised Allight dealers on
• Dynamic simulation almost every continent.
• Capital cost estimating The extensive range of Allight engineered and manufactured
• Feasibility studies equipment includes Allight® Mobile lighting Towers, Allight®
• Engineering and design Mobile Generators and Allight® Pumps. We are also proud to
• Commissioning & start-up be recognised as distributors for some of the world’s leading
• Procurement & supply manufacturers of industrial equipment, including FG Wilson
• HSE consulting Diesel and Gas Generators, Perkins and Perkins Sabre Diesel
• Construction management Engines, Geminiani Power Packs, Godwin Pumps and Loadtec
• Acid plants Digital Solution Load Banks.
Based in Perth, Western Australia, we have engineering,
Primary Contacts:
product design, and production facilities which ensure all
NAME: Mick Douge manufactured products comply with strict ISO standards.
TITLE: Director, Metals Extensive research and testing is undertaken for all Allight
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 9272 3303 manufactured equipment, ensuring that it meets or exceeds
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9272 3444 both customer and industry requirements.
FAX: +61 3 9522 9555 Our product support facilities include Service technicians, a
EMAIL: mick.douge@akersolutions.com comprehensive range of Parts, and Warranty support.
NAME: Fabrizio Benedetti
TITLE: Business Development Manager, Metals Products and Services:
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9429 5831 • Mobile Lighting Solutions Loadtech Digital Loadbanks
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9429 5800 • Water Management/Dewatering Pumps Geminiani
FAX: +61 8 9429 5840
• FG Wilson Generating Sets
EMAIL: fabrizio.benedetti@akersolutions.com
• Perkins Engines
WEB: www.akersolutions.com
• Genuine Parts
• Equipment Servicing and Maintenance
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Patrick Walsh
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9302 7030
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9302 7000
FAX: +61 8 9302 6691
EMAIL: bree.andrijich@allight.com
WEB: www.allight.com

18 • www.austmine.com.au
It takes more than just apples to make apple tart!

Snowden’s solutions>sum of the parts





Alloy Steel International Alminco Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Alloy Steel International are the manufactures of Arcoplate, the Alminco commenced operations in 1977, providing quality
world’s most wear resistant fused alloy steel plate. products and service to the Australian and international mining
Arcoplate is a smooth dense, chromium carbide rich overlay industry. We have gained an enviable reputation as a supplier
plate manufactured by a patented production process to of innovative products, specialising in pneumatic and
maximise wear resistance and reduce hang up no matter what pneumatic/hydraulic drilling and bolting equipment for
the operating conditions. underground mining applications. Our equipment is renowned
for its performance and durability, which has been achieved
Australian manufactured and designed to meet exacting with the utilisation of composite materials.
manufacturing parameters and international standards;
Arcoplate is currently being used in numerous countries Alminco is a privately owned Australian original equipment
worldwide. manufacturer (OEM) servicing both the mining and composites
industries. Our head office is located in Wollongong (NSW),
Arcoplate wear liners are widely accepted in the mining and with service centres in Maitland (NSW) and Emerald (QLD).
mineral processing industries where they are being used to Alminco has successfully supplied and serviced the
protect dozers, truck trays, loader buckets, chutes, crusher and underground coal mining industry for 30 years, equipping the
bin liners and a host of other plant and equipment at mine industry with well-known products such as the Gopher roof
throughout Australia and overseas. bolter and the Cub borer.
Arcoplate has demonstrated its ability to outlast other products As well as producing a comprehensive mining suite of
by a considerable factor. This of course means fewer shut ‘Legends’ series products, Alminco has recently released its
downs; therefore maximising the availability of plant and ‘2nd Generation’ product offering: the Scorpion mobile drilling
equipment, thus greatly increasing productivity that allows and bolting rig, and T-Rex temporary roof support system are at
production programs to be met with ease. the forefront of industry design, innovation and compliance.
Alloy Steel International’s full engineering and design service Our ‘legends’ mining suite of products includes portable
enables Arcoplate to be supplied as a complete wear kit pneumatic drilling and bolting solutions such as our Gopher
purpose designed to suit specific applications. and Gopher Fatboy, Spyder drilling system and Cub hand-held
Inappropriate wear packages significantly influence mobile drilling solution. The 2nd Generation Scorpion and T-Rex lead
and fixed plant in a number of ways. These include; increased the way in putting safety first without compromising
drag, friction and energy consumption, spillages around plant, productivity. Both provide safe, efficient and effective solutions
excessive stress on other mechanical components, added to stay ahead of the competition in meeting performance-based
machine weight, the transference of the wear problem and targets with less down time. Alminco ‘Legends’ and 2nd
demand on valuable labour resources. Generation products have application in both mining and civil
When it comes to solving problems associated with wear and construction.
hang-up, in choosing a cost effective alternative there is no Products and Services:
equal to Arcoplate.
• T-Rex hydraulic temporary roof support
Primary Contacts: • Scorpion air/hydraulic or electro/hydraulic mobile drilling
NAME: Gene Kostecki and bolting rig
TITLE: CEO • Gopher pneumatic roofbolter
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9248 3188 • Spyder pneumatic drilling system
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9248 3188 • Quick Duster stone duster
FAX: +61 8 9248 3166 • Bull Ant air leg
EMAIL: gene@alloysteel.net • Hornet pneumatic brace
NAME: Alan Winduss • Cub portable pneumatic drill
TITLE: CFO • Hire of underground equipment
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9248 3188 • Repairs to underground equipment
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9248 3188 • Field service
FAX: +61 8 9248 3166 • Fleet monitoring and reporting
EMAIL: alan@alloysteel.net Primary Contacts:
WEB: www.alloysteel.net NAME: Rhys Williams
TITLE: Executive Director
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4255 8585
FAX: +61 2 4285 1944
MOBILE: +61 408 488 540
EMAIL: rhys.williams@alminco.com.au
NAME: Dean Williams
TITLE: Sales Engineer
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4966 0856
FAX: +61 2 4966 0891
MOBILE: +61 407 004 976
EMAIL: dean.williams@alminco.com.au
WEB: www.alminco.com.au

20 • www.austmine.com.au

At Coffey Mining, our clients benefit from a wide range of

specialist services and products. We service all sectors of the
international mining industry, from target generation to mine
closure. Our specialists provide 'turn-key' consulting and
operational support services in over 70 countries, supported by
offices located on six continents. Coffey Mining is a subsidiary of
Coffey International Limited, an ASX/S&P 300 professional
services consultancy operating in social and physical
infrastructure. In partnership with our sister companies, Coffey
Mining solves emerging challenges across all commodities.
Partner with us today and find out how we can share your
challenge and passionately deliver smarter solutions.

Specialties • Metallurgy
• Geology • Tailing Engineering
• Resource Evaluation • Backfill Engineering
• Mining Geotechnics • Environmental Science
• Hydrogeology • Social Development
• Mining Engineering • Business Improvement

Visit coffey.com and find out more about our services and products.


Emissions Water Energy NPI


AMC Consultants Pty Ltd Amdel Limited

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
AMC is a leading mining consultancy providing services As the industry leader in mineral services, Amdel provides
exclusively to the minerals sector, and is wholly owned by our services across a broad range of resources and commodities
employees. Our clients include mining and exploration including but not limited to: iron ore, bauxite, nickel, copper,
companies, corporate advisors, financial institutions and other base metals, uranium, gold, silver, other precious metals
insurance companies. We have worked with most of the and rare earth minerals. Amdel’s Mineral Laboratories provide
world’s largest mining companies and their financial supporters both Mineral Processing and Geoanalytical services. Since
on projects in more than 92 countries. 1960, Amdel has delivered accurate, timely and best practice
Our principal capabilities address two core elements: services to a wide range of industry sectors. Employing over
operations; and evaluation. Our operational services include 1300 staff and with over 23 laboratories located throughout
mining engineering, exploration, geology, resource estimation, Australia and New Zealand, Amdel boast a strong reputation as
geomechanics, and mine optimisation. Our evaluation services the leader in one-stop-shop laboratory services. The Amdel
incorporate feasibility studies, expert reports and valuations. Group includes Ultra Trace, LabMark Environmental & NZ
We have over 120 consultants in our team and their Laboratories and now has a significant global presence after
qualifications and experience span mining, geology, finance, becoming part of the Bureau Veritas Group. Amdel have a
and management. Our strength lies in the convergence of our series of ISO and NATA accredited laboratories as well AQIS
people, our proprietary information resources, and our approved premises to ensure samples are received and
independence which complements the energy, intellect and processed within agreed timeframes.
experience we apply in providing our clients with innovative Products and Services:
solutions. • Large Scale Testing
Employing over 150 staff, AMC is headquartered in Melbourne • Magnetic Separation/Gravity Separator
and has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Vancouver, and • Communication
the UK. • Flotation
Products and Services: • Hydrometallurgy/Pyrometallurgy
• Mining • Mineralogy (XRD, QEMSCAN, Optical)
• Geomechanics • Sample Preparation – Robotics
• Geology • Wet Chemistry
• Coal & Energy • ICP OES + ICPMS
• Feasibility Studies • AAS
• Expert Reports • XRF
• Mine Analytics • Fire Assay/State of the art fibrous facility
Primary Contacts: Primary Contacts:
NAME: Paul Harper NAME: Mineral Sales
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 8601 3300 EMAIL: LabSupport_Mineral@amdel.com
FAX: +61 3 8601 3399 NAME: Environmental Sales
EMAIL: amc@amcconsultants.com.au TEL (MAIN): 1300 052 262
WEB: www.amcconsultants.com.au EMAIL: sales@labmark.com.au
WEB: www.amdel.com

22 • www.austmine.com.au

As the industry leader in mineral services, Amdel provides services across a broad range of resources and
commodities including but not limited to: iron ore, bauxite, nickel, copper, and other base metals uranium, gold, silver
other precious metals and rare earth minerals. Amdel’s Mineral Laboratories provide both Mineral Processing and
Geoanalytical services:

Mineral Processing Geoanalytical

- Large Scale Testing - Sample Preparation – Robotics

- Magnetic Separation - Wet Chemistry
- Comminution - ICP OES and ICP MS
- Gravity Separation - AAS
- Flotation - XRF
- Hydrometallurgy - Fire Assay
- Pyrometallurgy - State of the art fibrous sample handling facility
- Mineralogy (XRD, QEMSCAN, Optical)

Amdel delivers accurate, timely and best practice services to a wide range of industry sectors. Employing over 1300
staff and with over 23 laboratories located throughout Australia and New Zealand, Amdel boasts a strong reputation
as the leader in one-stop-shop laboratory services.

Amdel is now part of the Bureau Veritas Group…”

See below for more information

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in conformity assessment services in the areas of quality, health and safety,
environment and social responsibility (QHSE). Bureau Veritas Australia has extensive experience in the Australian
resources industry. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to create value for all our clients through our
commitment to quality, understanding client’s needs and delivering solutions with technical excellence.

Together with Amdel, Bureau Veritas represent one of the largest one-stop-shop providers to the Australian
resources industry.

HSE Asset Integrity & Reliability / Risk

Consulting Management

• Occupational Hygiene | Noise | Dust | Heat Stress • Asset Integrity Management

| Hazardous Materials | Confined Space • Reliability Centred Management
Monitoring | etc…
• NDT Services
• Environmental Services | Soil | Groundwater |
Surface water | etc… • Fitness For Service

• Comprehensive Safety Training Solutions • Vibration Monitoring

Enquire for more. • Design Verification

• Safety & Risk Assessment Services
• Asset Optimisation Services
• Management Systems Certification (ISO9001) • Shaft Test Services | Dragline Services
• Management System Training • RAM Modelling | HAZID | HAZOP
• Environmental Certification (ISO14001) Enquire for more.
Enquire for more.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact For more information please do not hesitate to contact
Amdel: Bureau Veritas: .

Tel: 1300 MIN LAB Tel: +61 (0) 3 9922 0700

Email: LabSupport_Mineral@amdel.com Email: bvaus@au.bureauveritas.com
Website: www.amdel.com Website: www.bureauveritas.com.au

Ammtec Limited Ausenco Services Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Australia’s most comprehensive group of metallurgical testwork Ausenco provides world-leading engineering, project
and research facilities, providing specialist skills to the mineral management and operations solutions to the global resources,
processing and metal extraction industries world wide energy and process infrastructure industries. The group
combines the expertise, experience and resources of five
Products and Services: significant global engineering and project management service
Provide bankable quality data and expert advice in the businesses in Ascentis, Ausenco Minerals, Pipeline Systems
following areas: Incorporated, Sandwell and Vector. Individually each business
• Agglomeration – Batch and Pilot has strong credentials in their respective markets and areas of
• Analytical Services expertise. Together they offer clients end-to-end, tailored
• Base Metal Processing – Nickel, Copper, Lead, Zinc solutions that work.
• Flotation – Batch and Pilot Services cover the minerals, infrastructure, energy, oil and gas
• Diagnostic Mineral Analyses and consulting and environmental sectors across the full
• Elution and Electrowinning project lifecycle, from front end solutions, through innovative
• Gravity Processing engineering and EPCM delivery to operational support. The
• Heap Leaching Ausenco group of companies has delivered on some of the
• HPGR most complex and challenging projects around the world, to a
• Hydrometallurgy broad global client base ranging from leading multi-nationals
• Industrial Minerals Processing to mid-level and junior resource companies.
• Iron Ore Processing Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, the group has around
• Membrane Technology and Sales 2,500 people across 13 countries around the world.
• Mineral Sands – Batch and Pilot Products and Services:
• Pressure Leaching & Oxidation – Activox Testing • EPC/EPCM Project Delivery
• Roasting – Static and Fluid Bed – Batch and Pilot • Contract Operations and Maintenance
• Rare Earths • Metallurgical Testwork Programs
• Resin Technology and Sales • Program Management
• Solvent Extraction – Batch and Pilot • Conceptual / Feasibility Studies
• Ultra Fine Grinding – Batch and Pilot • Technical Audits
• Comminution Testing – Bond Milling Indeces, Abrasion • Multi-discipline Engineering
Index, Crushing and UCS tests, Media Compentency tests, • Consulting
SAG Milling (Pilot ) • Construction Management
• Gold Ore testing – Batch and Pilot – Free Milling, • Training
Refractory Ores, Specialised Processes, Cyanide Speciation,
• Commissioning Management
• Detoxification Primary Contacts:
Primary Contacts: NAME: Steven Young
TITLE: General Manager Business Development
NAME: Rod Smith
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3112 8200
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3112 8200
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9344 2416
FAX: +61 7 3841 1421
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9344 2416
MOBILE: +61 437 530 821
FAX: +61 8 9345 4688
EMAIL: steven.young@ausenco.com
EMAIL: rod.smith@ammtec.com.au
WEB: www.ausenco.com
WEB: www.ammtec.com.au

24 • www.austmine.com.au

RCR TTomlinson
omlinson Ltd is a leading multi-disciplined engineering
o engineeering company specialising in the design, manufacture
and maintenance of heavy
eavy equipment and industrial boiler
b systems, electrical and site
e maintenance and
construction, employin
employingg some 2,500 staff and contractors.
As one of Australia’
Australia’ss most diverse large Our core areas
as of expertise
expertise include; Fo
or fur
ther infor
mation visit
engineering companies, RCR RCCR is able to offer
offer our
ur website or alternatively
a truly integrated approachh to engineering. contact
ontact us at;
of heavy equipment
Because ever
everyy business unit
unnit can access the
technical exper
tise accumulated
the company’
company’ss activities, RCR’s
RCCR’s clients benefit Welshpool
W elshpool WA
WA 6106
from more efficient project planning and TT:: 08 9355 8100
execution and simpler procurement.
ser vice E: ho@rcr
This approach of fers RCR’s
offers RCR’s clients high
per formance and reliabilityy for the operational s"OILERSERVICEANDREPAIRS
life of the product or system,
m, together with
reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Integrated Engineering Solutions

w w.rcr t om.com.au

Australian Coal Preparation Society Automated Positioning Systems Pty

Company Overview/Description: Ltd
The role of the Australian Coal Preparation Society is to Company Overview/Description:
distinguish and consolidate the profession of coal preparation
Automated Positioning Systems Pty Ltd (APS) develops and
in Australia through education, training and technology transfer
supplies machine guidance and management systems for
and to assist the Australian industry in maintaining world’s best
mobile equipment used in the mining, earthmoving and land
rehabilitation sectors. Experience shows that the correct
Products and Services: application of machine guidance technology brings dramatic
• General Coal Preparation Courses productivity and cost benefits to operators in these areas.
• Advanced Coal Preparation Courses APS is at the forefront of Mobile Equipment Management
System (MEMS) technology having developed a wide range of
Primary Contacts: products to fit almost every kind of heavy mobile equipment
NAME: Julie-Anne Homan found on mines, landfills and construction sites today.
TITLE: Administration Manager
Our solutions provide managers with high quality information
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4926 4870 to plan and manage their projects; and equipment operators
FAX: +61 2 4926 4902 with the tools to work more independently; reducing delays,
EMAIL: acpsnational@acps.com.au substantially improving ore grades, slashing operating costs
WEB: www.acps.com.au and significantly improving site safety.
APS systems and solutions focus on productivity and process
improvement, delivering fast Return-on-Investment (ROI) and
helping to lower Whole-of-life costs.
With APS solutions, you get the job done right the first time.
Products and Services:
• Dozer Production Management Systems
• Loader/Excavator Guidance
• High Precision Machine Guidance
• High Precision GPS
• Drill Guidance Systems
• Dozer Production Management
• Truck Management Systems
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Ian Rogers
TITLE: Chief Executive Officer
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3277 2100
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3277 2100
FAX: +61 7 3277 2023
MOBILE: +61 438 157 654
EMAIL: ian.rogers@apsystems.com.au
NAME: Adam Forsyth
TITLE: Sales & Marketing Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3277 2100
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3277 2100
FAX: +61 7 3277 2023
MOBILE: +61 402 720 514
EMAIL: adam.forsyth@apsystems.com.au
WEB: www.apsystems.com.au

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Need finance to keep
your exports moving?

If financial barriers are holding back your export business, talk

to EFIC. Our finance and insurance solutions can help you win
export contracts, finance your export activities and protect
your contract payments. We work with you or your bank to drive
your export growth.

efic.gov.au | info@efic.gov.au | 1800 093 724 Overcoming financial barriers for exporters

B&H Consulting and Engineering Pty BLP Training and Services Pty Ltd
Ltd Company Overview/Description:
Products and Services: BLP provides a range of Specialised Products, Training and
Operational Services for the Mining and Construction
Mining engineering and consulting services
Industries, Security,
Primary Contacts: Law Enforcement and Defence Force
NAME: Alan Broome
Products and Services:
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9153 7874 • Training courses for real-world skills
FAX: +61 2 9587 1125 • Fire Fighting
EMAIL: ajb@optusnet.net.au • Industrial Safety & Rescue
• First Aid
• Police and Military Tactics (OS+T)
• Hostile Environment Security
Primary Contacts:
NAME: David Woodman
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3276 8947
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3276 8947
FAX: +61 7 3276 8946
EMAIL: dwoodman@blpts.com.au
WEB: www.blpts.com.au

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Laing O’Rourke –
total engineering solutions
Laing O’Rourke is the largest privately owned supplemented as necessary with our leading edge
construction firm in the UK and operates across the technology partner CDI to ensure clients gain
globe. We have three international hubs – Europe, the benefit of energy efficient and low maintenance
the Middle East and Australia/Asia. assets.
Our total mine to port capability allows us to offer an Our mine to port capability includes:
integrated multi-disciplined design and construct
• Bulk Materials Handling Plant
engineering solution, taking into account whole-of-life
cycle costing including maintenance and operations. • Overland Conveyor Systems
By drawing on the experience of our committed • Coal Handling and Preparation Plants
workforce, Laing O’Rourke provides genuine savings • Rail Loadout Systems
in construction program and capital costs.
• Stackers and Reclaimers
As world leaders in bulk materials handling, we’ve
designed and constructed hundreds of kilometres of • Shiploaders and Wharves
advanced conveyor systems. These systems often Recent projects include the Bontang Coal Terminal
incorporate long single flights, horizontal curves, Upgrade in Indonesia, Centennial Coal’s Airly project
regenerative braking and advanced control systems. and Curragh North Materials Handling plant.
Laing O’Rourke’s services also include a fully multi- For more information visit our website
disciplined permanent in-house design office www.laingorourke.com.au or email
specialising in materials handling applications, infrastructure@laingorourke.com.au

Byrnecut Mining Pty Ltd

Bucyrus Australia Underground Pty Company Overview/Description:
Contract mining company with a great reputation for
Ltd professionalism and reliability which specialises in long term
mine development and production contracts, supplying
Company Overview/Description:
management, labour, equipment and materials, raisedrillinig,
World leader in the design and manufacture of high boxhole boring, shaftboring and shotcreting
productivity mining equipment for surface and underground
mining. Products and Services:
• Trackless & Rail Mine Development
Products and Services:
• Underground Mine Development and Production
• High-capacity roof-support systems for seams 0.6 to 6 m
• Shaft Sinking
• Programmable mining controls
• Mine Management & Consulting
• Fully automated plow systems
• Skills Training
• High-horsepower shearers
• Room & pillar product line Primary Contacts:
• Continuous miners NAME: Steve Coughlan
• Feeder breakers TITLE: Managing Director
• Continuous haulage systems TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9270 1000
• Range of battery and diesel driven utility vehicle TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9270 1000
• High-quality OE parts FAX: +61 8 9270 1001
• World-class support services for the equipment EMAIL: manager@byrnecut.com.au
• Chain conveyors with customised carrying capacity to WEB: www.byrnecut.com.au
crushers and loaders
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Hugh Paul
TITLE: General Manager - Longwall Capital Equipment
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4914 7110
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4914 7110
FAX: +61 2 4914 7007
EMAIL: hugh.paul@au.bucyrus.com
WEB: www.bucyrus.com

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Risk solutions
engineered to
fit today’s

With over 100 years of experience, Lumley Insurance has the

engineering profession covered; with policies for contract
works, machinery breakdown, mobile plant and electronic
equipment. Lumley Insurance has a nation-wide team of
structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, with
both the skills, and the acumen to manage your project,
no matter how complex, how large.
Contact your insurance broker to find out more.
1300 LUMLEY www.lumley.com.au

Carmichael Fisher CHAMP Ventures Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Carmichael Fisher is an international bespoke search and Partner who is aligned with management, adding value through
selection consultancy. strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, financial and
Established in 2002, Carmichael Fisher has offices in Sydney, operational advice and exit planning as well as through our
Melbourne, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo extensive global network.
with experienced consultants covering a broad spectrum of Products and Services:
industry and discipline specialisations. • Provides strategic advice
Products and Services: • Access to our global network
• Specialist Executive Search and Selection • Takes an active role with companies
• Executive Management and Board Selection • Joins the Board
• Consulting advice on talent management, retention and • Help companies maxamine potential
succession planning • Maximise the value of final exit
• Mining & Resources Primary Contacts:
• Infrastructure
NAME: Stuart Wardman-Browne
• Tax
TITLE: Director
• Sales & Marketing
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8248 8803
• Legal
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8248 8822
• Accounting & Finance
FAX: +61 2 9251 7655
• Insurance & Risk Management
MOBILE: +61 402 832 180
Primary Contacts: EMAIL: stuartwb@champventures.com
NAME: Matthew Mitchell NAME: James Wentworth
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8247 5427 TITLE: Director
MOBILE: +61 416 027 694 TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8248 8853
EMAIL: mmitchell@carmichaelfisher.com TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8248 8822
NAME: Michael Markiewicz FAX: +61 2 9251 7655
TITLE: CEO MOBILE: +61 407 936 896
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8247 5444 EMAIL: jwentworth@champventures.com
FAX: +61 2 8247 5400 WEB: www.champventures.com
WEB: www.carmichaelfisher.com

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Chemical Plant & Engineering Pty Ltd Clough Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
CEM International Pty Ltd is a specialist engineering group For 90 years Clough has been delivering project excellence to
operating in the medium to heavy engineering industry in areas clients across the globe. Throughout time we have successfully
requiring process and mechanical design, turn-key evolved from a local civil construction company into a leading
construction, manufacturing and distribution in high quality contractor providing Engineering, Procurement and
niche markets. Construction services to oil and gas and minerals and
infrastructure projects.
Products and Services:
• Design and manufacture of a range of agitators to meet the In the early 1960s, amid the iron ore boom in Western
widest range of agitation requirements Australia’s Pilbara, Clough began delivering engineering and
construction solutions to the minerals industry. Today Clough
• Design and manufacture of equipment for the storage and
has the project delivery systems and local expertise to deliver
transportation of liquefied gases (LPG, anhydrous
innovative solutions to the minerals industry. Project services
ammonia, carbon dioxide, ethylene,
are delivered through a number of contract frameworks
• etc.) including road and rail tankers, above ground and including EPCM, EPC and reimbursable models. These services
underground storage vessels, etc. include concept development and FEED studies and execution
• Consulting engineering services to the liquefiable gas through to completion and commissioning.
industry including LPG and natural gas.
• Design and manufacture of process and waste treatment Clough’s partnership approach has been instrumental in
equipment for the mineral processing, chemical and food assisting international companies establish operations within
processing industries, Australia and to manage the ongoing development of a
significant project footprint in the regional market.
• including comprehensive ranges of filtration and mixing
equipment. Clough employs 2,000 skilled professional, technical and
• Design and manufacture of SERVEX motor vehicle servicing trades personnel from bases across Australia, Thailand and the
equipment (hydraulic presses, wheel aligners, etc.) USA and deploy a first class suite of integrated management
• Design and manufacture of STEELWELD custom-built systems. We are committed to the concept of zero harm, the
hydraulic presses. wellbeing of our people and to the sustainability of the
environment and communities in which we work.
Other products include:
• Static mixers Primary Contacts:
• Vaccuum filters NAME: Donna Massie
• Pressure leaf filters TITLE: Business Development Manager
• Filter presses TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9281 9636
• Powder mixers TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9281 9281
• GL Nozzle EMAIL: Donna.Massie@clough.com.au
NAME: Max Bergomi
Primary Contacts: TITLE: Executive Vice President Business Acquisitions
NAME: Tony Bryant TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9281 9124
TITLE: Specialist Consultant Export TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9281 9281
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 9309 4822 EMAIL: Max.Bergomi@clough.com.au
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9309 4822 WEB: www.clough.com.au
FAX: +61 3 9309 0069
EMAIL: tbryant@cem-int.com.au
NAME: Justin Taylor
TITLE: International Business Development Executive
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 9309 4822
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9309 4822
FAX: +61 3 9309 0069
EMAIL: jtaylor@cem-int.com.au
WEB: www.cem-int.com.au

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Coffey Mining Pty Ltd Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Coffey Mining is a global specialist consultancy providing a Founded in 1984, Control Systems Technology Pty Ltd (CST)
wide range of technical services and products to all sectors of manufactures, installs, commissions and services conveyor belt
the international mining industry, from target generation to weighing systems for bulk handling in mining, ship and rail
mine closure. loading, grain, coal power, food and other industries. Our core
Coffey Mining has some 50 years’ experience in supplying products are belt weighers/scales and weigh feeders for
specialist services to the international mining industry. Our weighing in motion on conveyor belts. Specific design
integrated teams provide ‘turn-key’ consulting and operational engineering for each and every belt weigher application is
support services in over 70 countries on six continents, essential to guarantee accuracy and reliability, to account for
supported by operational offices located throughout pivotal site factors which influence accuracy, such as belt
Australasia, Africa, and North and South America. Coffey tension and angle, location of the belt weigher, and weigh
Mining consultants feature some of the best international frame rigidity. As well, the robust design and durability of our
industry specialists, professionally accredited in all mining weighers means low maintenance costs for our customers and
jurisdictions globally. less shutdown time. Our growing Service Team, based in our
offices in Sydney, Perth, Mackay, Gladstone and Brisbane, has
Coffey Mining’s specialist services provide clients with extensive experience and in depth training, and is able to
practical solutions and extraordinary outcomes to a myriad of promptly attend to all site needs for all weigher makes, both
mining problems and requirements across all commodities, within Australia and internationally. CST has Trade Use
deposit styles and physiographic settings. The consolidation of certifications in Australia, Canada, USA, and conformance with
all key technical mining industry capabilities within one entity OIML R50. CST has agents in Korea, Canada, Europe, South
uniquely positions Coffey Mining to provide practical America and Kazakhstan.
operational support, corporate services and studies in a highly
integrated and cost-effective manner. Our products provide Products and Services:
clients with innovative solutions to data management, • In motion Belt Weighers/Scales
analytical quality control, and geotechnical monitoring specific • Weighfeeders
to the mining industry, supported by specialists in • Service and Maintenance
geoinformatics, geotechnical instrumentation and hydraulic • Site weighing accuracty audits
transport applications. • Application engineering
Coffey Mining prides itself on unquestionable independence. • Steel fabrication
Our experience, diligence and commitment underpin a hard- • Rail Weighbridges
won reputation for ‘calling it right’. Consequently, we are • Portable Truck Weighbridge
recognised by all major international financial institutions,
resource funds and securities exchanges. This accreditation Primary Contacts:
ensures that all tasks are performed and completed to accepted NAME: Ian Burrell
international ‘audit standards’. TITLE: Managing Director
Products and Services: TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9584 4507
• Studies TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9584 4500
• Audits FAX: +61 2 9584 8080
• Corporate Services MOBILE: +61 419 292 604
• Technical Services EMAIL: iburrell@controlsystems.com.au
• Exploration Project Management NAME: Chris Skelton
• Operational Support TITLE: Sales Manager
• Mine Closure TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9584 4521
• Mine Seismicity TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9584 4500
• Ground Support Selection FAX: +61 2 9584 8080
• Instrumentation and Monitoring MOBILE: +61 417 118 059
• Hydraulic Transport and Pipe Te EMAIL: cskelton@controlsystems.com.au
• GIS and Remote Sensing WEB: www.controlsystems.com.au
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Dave Atchison
TITLE: Business Development Specialist
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 6108 0100
FAX: +61 3 6108 0199
EMAIL: david_atchison@coffey.com
NAME: John Hearne
TITLE: Regional Manager – Western Australia
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9324 8800
FAX: +61 8 9324 8877
EMAIL: john_hearne@coffey.com
WEB: www.coffey.com/mining

34 • www.austmine.com.au

Crusader Hose Crushing and Mining Equipment Pty

Company Overview/Description: Ltd (CME)
Crusader Hose manufacture Flexibore hose. This is a flexible Company Overview/Description:
rising main used for bore water pumping. The hose is attached
CME is a leading global supplier of high performance
to a submersible borehole pump and is easily installed into a
manganese crusher liners and engineered crusher spare parts
to suit the largest gyratory, jaw and cone crushers operating in
We also manufacture layflat hose for mine dewatering. the largest mining applications around the world. CME is also
Products and Services: the OEM distributor for a range of USA built crushers and
screens and CME designed and built Vertical Shaft Impact
• Hose manufacturer
crushers and Jaw crushers.
• Flexible rising main
• Layflat hose CME will provide technical assistance any mine in any country
• Fuel transfer hose in the world. Our core competency is in improving manganese
crusher liner wear life in the most challenging applications.
• Mine dewatering hose
• Fire hose Products and Services:
Primary Contacts: • Cone Crushers
• Second Hand Refurbished Crushers
NAME: Francois Steverlynck
• Apron Feeders
TITLE: Managing Director
• Apron Feeder Pans
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 9720 1100
• Plant Design
FAX: +61 3 9720 5756
• Plant Performance Consulting
EMAIL: sales@crusaderhose.com.au
• Jaw Crushers
WEB: www.crusaderhose.com.au
• VSI Interchangeable Rotors
• Impact Hammers
• Blow Bars
• Crusher Spare Parts
• Manganese Crusher Liner
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Neil Watt
TITLE: General Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 94371477
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 94371577
FAX: +61 419 902 367
EMAIL: n.watt@crushingandmining.com.au
NAME: Malcolm Sligo
TITLE: Business Development Manager – Middle East
and Africa
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 94371477
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 94371577
FAX: +61 409 582 229
EMAIL: m.sligo@crushingandmining.com.au
WEB: www.crushingandmining.com.au

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CSIRO Duratray International

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description
Australian R&D supporting Australian business Duratray International is a specialist designer and manufacturer
CSIRO seeks to work with all aspects of the resources value of high-efficiency Dump Bodies for mining and quarry haul
chain to help raise Australia’s competitive advantage in this trucks.
vital, global industry. The principal product-line offered is the unique Duratray
rubber Suspended Dump Body (SDB). This design consists of a
Products and Services: thick but flexible rubber wear mat supported on high-capacity
World leading R&D synthetic suspension ropes which are anchored and tensioned
CSIRO researchers are breaking new ground throughout the into the sides of a high-tensile skeleton steel frame; the entire
minerals value chain. We are developing new methods and load-carrying system has been upgraded over years of
technologies in exploration, automation, robotics, development and has evolved to become a truly low-
communication, hard rock and coal mining, clean coal, maintenance dump body compared to traditional trays lined
energy, mineral processing, light metals and sustainability. with abrasion resistant steel.
Knowledge transfer and commercialisation The Duratray SDB provides benefits in terms of resistance to
To benefit Australia’s resources industry, we’re looking for extreme abrasion, reduced maintenance requirements - hence
innovative companies to help us move our latest developments higher operational availability, significantly reduced carry-back
from the lab to the market place. If you would like to build with wet or cohesive materials, lower shock and vibration to
your business while also building Australia’s global the truck and its operator, plus reduced noise levels during
competitiveness, contact us now. loading and discharge. In addition Duratray SDB dump bodies
are lighter in weight and have higher volumetric capacities
Primary Contacts: than standard steel dump body designs from haul truck
NAME: Tim McLennan manufacturers.
TITLE: Director, Business Development and
Products and Services:
Commercialisation, Minerals Down Under
Flagship • Duratray Suspended Dump Body (SDB)
TEL DIRECT): +61 7 3327 4480 • Worldwide Warranty
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3327 4444 • Technical/ Engineering Support
FAX: +61 7 3327 4455 • Provision of Dump Bodies
MOBILE: +61 419 777 040 • Mine specific designed bodies
EMAIL: Tim.McLennan@csiro.au • Spare Parts
NAME: Stephen O’Dowd • Field Service (Installation-Adjustments)
TITLE: Technology and Innovation Adviser, • Personnel Training on site
SME Engagement Centre Primary Contacts
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3327 4141 NAME: Stephen Hall
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3327 4444 TITLE: Business Development Manager
FAX: +61 7 3327 4455 TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9455 3700
MOBILE: +61 428 681 659 TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9455 3702
EMAIL: Stephen.o’dowd@csiro.au FAX: +61 8 9256 2080
WEB: www.csiro.au MOBILE: +61 400 699 751
EMAIL: steve.hall@duratray.com
NAME: Luis Rojas
TITLE: Sales and Account Services Executive
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 8761 2813
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 8761 2800
FAX: +61 3 8761 2899
MOBILE: +61 400 678 646
EMAIL: luis.rojas@duratray.com
WEB: www.duratray.com

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Electric Control Products Exergen Pty Ltd

Company Overveiw/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Electric Control Products manufacture safety equipment for the Exergen is a private resources company founded in Australia to
mining and industry sectors. We manufacture equipment that leverage its extraordinary vertical autoclave technology which
complies with the relevant Australian and International has application in the global coal and mineral processing
standards and have a range of safety equipment that complies industries. The company’s commercialisation pathway is
too Cat 3 ratings. We design all our products with the help and through leading the development of an export-focused mine
experience of our customers by speaking to the hands on staff and coal-processing project employing the technology for
and finding out the problems that they have found arise. We Australia and overseas.
then design our switches to compensate for these issues. We
make all our products to withstand the extreme conditions they Products and Services:
experience and are constantly evolving the products to suit • Exergen Continuous Hydrothermal Dewatering (CHTD)
new situations. All of our products are designed and clean coal technology
manufactured in Australia. • Pilot scale CHTD facility, Beaconsfield Tasmania
• Engineering and commercial evaluation utilising Exergen
Products and Services: CHTD technology for high moisture, low rank coal upgrade
• SAFE-T-PULL (Lanyard Switch) and minerals beneficiation
• SAFE-T-DRIFT (Belt Drift Switch)
• SAFE-T-RIP (Belt Rip Switch) Primary Contacts:
• SAFE-T-CURVE (Wire Rope Corner) NAME: Dr Jack Hamilton
• COLLIDE SAFE (Anti Collision Switch) TITLE: CEO
• PULL SAFE (Lanyard Switch) TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 9654 9953
• SAFE-T-GUIDE (Wire Rope Guide) FAX: +61 3 9654 5574
• SAFE-T-LANYARD (Wire Rope) MOBILE: +61 419 916 892
EMAIL: jhamilton@exergen.com.au
Primary Contacts: NAME: Greg Kukla
NAME: Marcus Coyle TITLE: General Manager
TITLE: Managing Director TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3512 5602
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9249 1044 TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3512 5600
FAX: +61 8 9249 2202 FAX: +61 7 3367 1094
EMAIL: electriccontrol@bigpond.com MOBILE: +61 418 336 683
NAME: Tom Silk EMAIL: gkukla@exergen.com.au
TITLE: Production Manager WEB: www.exergen.com.au
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9249 1044
FAX: +61 8 9249 2202
EMAIL: ecp_sales@bigpond.com
WEB: www.safe-t-products.com.au

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Export Finance and Insurance FLSmidth ABON Pty Ltd

Corporation Company Overview/Description:
Company Overview/Description: Manufacturers of Feeding, Sizing, Crushing and Screening
equipment for an ever expanding range of industries in the
About EFIC
broad sphere of minerals handling and minerals processing by-
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) provides product activities
finance and insurance solutions to help Australian exporters
overcome the financial barriers they face when growing their Products and Services:
business overseas. • Twin Roll Sizers / Crushers
As the Australian Government’s export credit agency, we help • Chain Feeders
successful businesses to win, finance and protect export trade • Rollerscreens
or overseas investments where their bank is unable to provide • Feeding and Sizing Stations
all the support they need. Primary Contacts:
We work directly with exporters or with their banks to provide NAME: Stephen Bond
loans, guarantees, bonds and insurance products which can be TITLE: Managing Director
tailored to meet the needs of both large and small exporters.
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9338 7011
EFIC is uniquely placed to do this: we use over 50 years of FAX: +61 3 9338 3765
export finance and industry expertise, contacts at financial EMAIL: aboninfo@flsmidth.com
institutions around the globe, the strength of our AAA credit
WEB: www.flsmidthabon.com
rating and an entrepreneurial business approach to make
export deals happen.
We practise responsible lending and uphold social and
environmental best practice in the transactions we support.
If you’re an Australian business and have a viable opportunity
to build Australia’s export markets, but financial obstacles are
preventing you from moving forward, talk to us.
Products and Services:
• Direct loan
• Export finance guarantee
• Project finance
• Working capital guarantee
• Advance payment bond
• Documentary credit guarantee
• Performance bond
• Export payments insurance
• Warranty bond
• Political risk insurance
• US bonding line
• Unfair bond calling insurance
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Leela Hanson
TITLE: Director, Business Development
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9201 2225
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9201 2111
MOBILE: +61 408 974 215
EMAIL: LHanson@efic.gov.au
NAME: Colin George
TITLE: Associate Director, Business Development
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9201 2146
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9201 2111
MOBILE: +61 438 203 033
EMAIL: CGeorge@efic.gov.au
WEB: www.efic.gov.au

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Gekko Systems Gemcom Software Australasia

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Gekko seeks to provide environmentally improved and low- About Gemcom
cost metallurgical solutions for the mining industry. Our area of When mining companies seek to increase mine productivity,
expertise is the design, manufacture and application of they turn to Gemcom for technology and services. The
equipment in the mineral processing field with a specialist Company is home to world-renowned mining solutions like
focus on gold, diamonds, sulphide and silver. GEMS, Surpac, Minex, Whittle, and InSite and to industry
The team is passionate about producing high-quality products thought-leaders who are pushing the boundaries of what’s
and services that add value for their customers. Gekko’s possible in mining. Established in 1985, Gemcom has a global
philosophy is to build long-term relationships based on trust reach delivering comprehensive solutions in all major mining
and mutual benefit. centres in more than 90 countries. Every major mining
To achieve these objectives Gekko uses a conceptual platform company, including BHP Billiton, Codelco, De Beers,
that maximises mineral recovery by creating a high-grade Newmont and Vale is a Gemcom client. Through a
stream of concentrates for preferential treatment or through the combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the
elimination of waste. In addition, Gekko has implemented a Company has become the largest global supplier of specialised
range of significant step-change “lean” mineral processing mining productivity solutions.
systems, the most recent of which is an underground Products and Services:
processing plant. In the mining sector, these are known as • Mine Planning Software
“new flow sheets”.
• Mine Scheduling Software
The company has 90 staff members and has its headquarters in • Stragegic Mine Planning Software
Ballarat with offices in Johannesburg, Perth, Vancouver and • Consulting Services
Santiago, as well as agents in South America and the Former • Software Training Services
Soviet Union. Around sixty percent of all installations are in
• Operations Management Software
Africa with a rising proportion in South America and Canada.
Primary Contacts:
Products and Services:
NAME: Andrew Pyne
• Mineral Processing Equipment
TITLE: Senior Vice President
• Modular Gold Plants
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9420 1383
• Python Underground Processing Plant
• InLine Pressure Jig TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9420 1383
• InLine Leach Reactor FAX: +61 8 9420 1345
• InLine Spinner EMAIL: sales-aa@gemcomsoftware.com
• Gekko MagScreen WEB: www.gemcomsoftware.com
• Gekko G-Rex Resin Column
• Gekko Electrowinning
• Flowsheet Development
• Metallurgical Test Work
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Elizabeth Lewis-Gray
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 5304 4532
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 5339 5859
FAX: +61 3 5339 5803
EMAIL: elizabethlg@gekkos.com
NAME: Ross Baxter
TITLE: Technical Sales Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 5304 4576
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9338 7011
FAX: +61 3 5339 5803
MOBILE: +61 412 177 051
EMAIL: rossb@gekkos.com
WEB: www.gekkos.com

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Genalysis Laboratory Services Pty Ltd GHD

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Genalysis has provided quality analytical services to the GHD is one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture
mining and exploration industries for over 30 years. and environmental consulting firms.
Genalysis joined the Intertek Minerals Group in 2007. Established in 1928, GHD employs more than 6000 people
Intertek Minerals provides complete analytical solutions to the across five continents and serves clients in the global markets
world’s minerals exploration, mining and minerals trading of water, energy and resources, environment, property and
industry. The Intertek global network offers independent quality buildings, and transportation.
and quantity services for non-ferrous metals, minerals, coal, Wholly-owned by its people, GHD is focused on client
steel, ferro-alloys, precious metals and their raw materials. success. Our global network of engineers, architects, planners,
Along with established state of the art commercial laboratories scientists, project managers and economists collaborate to
at key regional centres globally, Intertek designs, installs, deliver sustainable outcomes for our clients and the
commissions and operates sample preparation facilities and community. Our core values of Teamwork, Respect and
analytical laboratories at mine and exploration sites. Integrity help create enduring relationships that deliver
exceptional results.
Products and Services: GHD is recognised for its commitment to innovation, safety
• Gold and platinum group elements by fire assay and sustainable development. We care for the wellbeing of our
• Multi-element geochemistry people, communities and the environments in which we
• ICP-MS and ICP-OES operate.
• Gold by aqua regia and cyanide leach A member of the World Business Council for Sustainable
• Mineral speciation Development, GHD operates under a Practice Quality
• Terra Leach™ partial digest geochemistry Management System that is certified by Lloyds Register Quality
• Biogeochemistry Assurance to international standard ISO 9001:2008 and our
• High quality environmental sampling and monitoring Environmental Management System is certified to international
• Acid mine drainage evaluation standard ISO 14001 by NATA Certification Services
• XRF for whole rock geochemistry and trace elements, iron International.
ore, uranium and mineral sands For more information, visit www.ghd.com
• Design, installation and management of sample preparation
plants and laboratories at mine and exploration sites Products and Services:
• Mineral and ore cargo inspection • Mine Geology Consulting Services
• Environmental Consulting Services
Primary Contacts: • Mine Geotech Design Services
NAME: Gary Wheeler • Non Process Infrastructure Design
TITLE: Business Development Manager – Western • Mine Planning Consulting Services
Australia • Hydrogeology
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9251 8100 • Mineral Processing Consulting Svcs.
FAX: +61 8 9251 8110 • Hydrology & Dams
MOBILE: +61 419 968 474 • Materials Handling Design
EMAIL: gary.wheeler@intertek.com • Sustainability Consulting
NAME: John Flynn • Residue & Tailing Dam Design
TITLE: Business Development Manager – Africa, • Risk Assessment & Management
Middle East, Europe and FSU
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9251 8100 Primary Contacs:
FAX: +61 8 9251 8110 NAME: Gavin Becker
MOBILE: +61 419 985 516 TITLE: Business Leader – Mining and Metals
EMAIL: john.flynn@intertek.com TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3316 3160
WEB: www.intertek.com TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3316 3000
FAX: +61 7 3316 3333
MOBILE: +61 417 342 753
EMAIL: gavin.becker@ghd.com
NAME: Graeme Boyd
TITLE: Business Leader – Coal
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3316 3238
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3316 3000
FAX: +61 7 3316 3333
MOBILE: +61 411 741 078
EMAIL: graeme.boyd@ghd.com
WEB: www.ghd.com

40 • www.austmine.com.au

GRD Minproc Limited

Company Overview/Description:
GRD Minproc is a leading independent engineering and
project delivery business providing high value services and
specialising in the design, procurement and construction of
mineral resources and waste-to-resources projects.
Goodyear Engineered Products A truly international company, GRD Minproc is focused on
Company Overview/Description: delivering resource processing solutions worldwide from its
Goodyear Engineered Products by Veyance Technologies head office in Perth, Australia and its regional offices in
service customers with design, manufacturing, installations, Brisbane and Adelaide, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa;
testing, splice kits and on site servicing of our Australian made Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and Santiago, Chile.
Conveyor Belts. Our Conveyor range of products includes steel GRD Minproc’s technical expertise ensures innovation in
cord (FLEXSTEEL®), fabric (GLIDE®, FRAS & PLYLON®), and processing that will provide our clients with a quality project
lightweight PVC combined with our technologies such as and a competitive advantage. Our work is internationally
SENSOR GUARD®, CORD GUARD™, SOLARSHIELD™, recognised and, over the last three decades, the company has
EASYRIDER™, SURVIVOR™ and PREFORM™ splicing to bring successfully completed more than 400 feasibility studies and
you the best Conveyor Belts available. over 240 major design and construction projects in more than
Products and Services: 37 countries around the globe.
• FlexSteel® Products and Services:
• Glide® • Geology
• Sensor Guard® • Mining
• Coal Flo • Feasibility Studies
• Plylon® • Technical Reviews
• Cord Guard™ • Process Engineering
• Preform™ • Engineering and Design
• Easy Rider™ • Project Execution
• Survivor™ • Project Animations
Primary Contacts: • Operator Training
• Sustaining Capital Solutions
NAME: Bob Patman
TITLE: National Product Manager Primary Contacts:
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8839 9600 NAME: Brittni Baum
EMAIL: robert_patman@veyance.com TITLE: Communications Advisor
NAME: Barry Plummer TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9347 4777
TITLE: National Contracts Manager FAX: +61 8 9347 4747
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9478 9207 EMAIL: info@minproc.com.au
EMAIL: barry_plummer@veyance.com NAME: Stuart Ratcliffe
WEB: www.goodyearep.com TITLE: General Manager Development
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9347 4777
FAX: +61 8 9347 4747
EMAIL: info@minproc.com.au
WEB: www.minproc.com.au

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Haulmax Pty Ltd Hills Industries Limited

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Haulmax, an Australian manufacturer, designs and builds Hills Home, Hardward and Eco Products manufactures and
haulage trucks for the mining industry. distributes a wide range of products for use around the home,
Haulmax has developed an ‘off highway’ (OTH) hauler for building trade and industrial applications.
capable of meeting the requirements of extended distance Products and Services:
haulage of materials. • Hills Branded Products
The dump truck version offers rear and side dump bodies with • Ironing Boards
capacities of 80-85 tonnes while the trailer version, has a 130- • Trigger and Pressure Sprayers
135 tonne capacity. • Gutter Protection
The prime mover is also ideal for mounting special-purpose • Fibreglass Ladders
lube trucks, fuel tankers and water tankers, or as a tow tractor • Scaffolding Systems
for up to 150 tonne low bed trailers. • Team Poly Water Tanks
The product feature an all Caterpillar® power train and systems, • Hills Solar Hot Water Systems
offering unsurpassed global product support via the Cat® dealer • Clotheslines
network for parts and service. • Screen Doors
Haulmax designs and produces specialised ‘off highway’ dump • Trolleys and Handtrucks
trucks which offer the following attributes for haul cycles • Bailey and Oldfields Ladders brands
greater than 10 kms. • Aluminium Ladders
• Narrow footprint – allows lower capital road construction • Order Pickers
and maintenance • Hills Eco products
• Dual rear wheel drive – offers lower ground pressure thus • Team Poly Chemical and Septic Storage Tanks
less damage to haul roads- lower haul road maintenance • Smartbar Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems
• Dual rear wheel drive – offers exceptional traction in soft Primary Contacts:
underfoot and slippery conditions NAME: Ric Gros
• Dual rear wheel drive – offers four point enclosed wet disc TITLE: Group General Manager
brakes – offering exceptional braking and retarding across TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8154 4108
all haul profiles especially on extended down grade TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8154 4108
applications. FAX: +61 8 8154 4117
• ROPS certified cab – offers safety across all applications EMAIL: info@hills.com.au
including service and tow tractor uses. WEB: www.hills.com.au
• One prime mover offers flexibility of application – fleet
commonality – improved cost efficiencies
• One source powertrain and components—Caterpillar®—
offers second to none global Cat® dealer support network
for aftermarket parts and service support.
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Bob Calvert
TITLE: Global Marketing Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 6442 2166
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 6442 2166
FAX: +61 3 6442 2755
MOBILE: +61 447 334 487
EMAIL: bcalvert@haulmax.com
NAME: Ron Schliebs
TITLE: Applications Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 6442 2166
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 6442 2166
FAX: +61 3 6442 2755
MOBILE: +61 414 55 5621
EMAIL: rschliebs@haulmax.com
WEB: www.haulmax.com

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Immersive Technologies Inbye Mining Services

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Immersive Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of Inbye Mining Services is an Australian company supplying
operator training simulators used in the mining and capital equipment and services to the underground coal
earthmoving industries. We have 480 advanced mining mining industry. The supply and support of longwall mining
equipment simulator modules in 28 countries. systems and equipment is the primary focus of Inbye. Inbye
Our Advanced Equipment (AE) Simulators are considered vital combines Australian based expertise and experience with
to many of the world’s leading mining companies such as BHP global technologies to offer its clients the complete suite of
Billiton, CVRD and Rio Tinto. From the Congo to northern underground longwall mining products and services.
Canada, mines are increasing safety and reducing their cost per The company launched in 1998 and combined the skills and
tonne by using our simulators daily to train and test their experience of respected mining professionals to provide the
operators. industry with engineering services, equipment supply and
We have exclusive licensing and technical information support.
alliances with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers Inbye has continued to build its capability, resources and
(OEM), including: Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr and reputation in becoming a global player in the supply of
P&H. underground coal mining equipment (predominantly longwall
Our customer support offices are located in Perth and Brisbane technology) and professional services. Economic and technical
Australia, Salt Lake City USA, Calgary Canada, Santiago Chile strength has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and
and Johannesburg South Africa. the result is our recognised ability to design, manufacture,
install and service complete longwall mining systems.
Products and Services: IInbye is strategically aligned with ZZM Kopex Group and the
• Advanced Equipment Simulator Pro Nepean Group, both internationally recognised engineering
• Training Program Development companies and manufacturers. These two significant
• Conversion Kits® shareholders further strengthen Inbye’s ability to deliver any
• Simulation Consultation large, complex supply contract required by the Australian coal
• Custom Mine Sites mining industry.
• TrainerAdvantage™ Certification
Products and Services:
• TabiT™ Trainer Console
• Complete Longwall Systems
• Onsite Training and Assessment
• Repair and Overhaul
Primary Contacts: • Longwall Coal Clearance Products
NAME: Peter Salfinger • Automation
TITLE: Chief Executive Officer • Surface Coal Mine Methane Plants
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9347 9001 • Project Management
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9347 9000 • Control System Electro Hydraulics
FAX: +61 8 9347 9090 • Replacement Parts Program
EMAIL: psalfinger@ImmersiveTechnologies.com • General Electrical Systems
NAME: Paul Davis • Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies
TITLE: Vice President – Asia Pacific and Africa Primary Contacts:
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9347 9025 NAME: Alan Beal
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9347 9000 TITLE: General Manager NSW
FAX: +61 8 9347 9090 TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4932 8944
EMAIL: pdavis@ImmersiveTechnologies.com TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4932 8944
WEB: www.ImmersiveTechnologies.com FAX: +61 2 4932 8536
EMAIL: info@inbye.com
NAME: Shane Summers
TITLE: General Manager QLD
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4952 3844
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4952 3844
FAX: +61 2 4952 1788
EMAIL: info@inbye.com
WEB: www.inbye.com

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Industrea Limited Inflatable Packers International Pty

Company Overview/Description: Ltd
Industrea Limited (ASX: IDL) is a diversified supplier of diesel Company Overview/Description:
equipment, technologies and services for surface mining and
The Inflatable Packers International (IPI) Management team has
underground coal mining. The Group is headquartered in
over 50 years of custom designed, inflatable packer technology
Brisbane Australia with major offices in the Hunter Valley and
experience using a broad range of proven inflatable packer
Central Coast NSW, Mount Isa and Emerald QLD and Beijing,
based applications. IPI delivers worldwide, with a highly
responsive customer service ethic.
Products and Services: Inflatable Packers International design and manufacture high
• Huddy’s Mining Services specification inflatable packers and associated equipment for
• Kade Engineering world-wide use as part of:
• Industrea Mining Equipment • custom made solutions
• Wadam Industries & Industrea Wadam • standard product ranges
• PJ Berriman • proprietary systems for service companies
• Advanced Mining Technologies Based in Perth, Western Australia, IPI have a proven track
• GPS Online Solutions record in innovative designs, delivering custom built and
• Microelectronic Technologies advanced solutions either direct to clients or through one of
Primary Contacts: our partner distributors, worldwide and on schedule.
NAME: Robin Levison Our clients include many leading resource, geotechnical,
TITLE: Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer scientific, engineering, construction and drilling companies
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3725 5400 As well as providing leading, industry standard, high
FAX: +61 7 3376 6702 specification packers, IPI also special is providing innovative
EMAIL: info@industrea.com.au solutions to difficult and unusual problems.
WEB: www.industrea.com.au Industries served include water well, oil and gas (including
offshore), mining, environmental, construction (including
offshore), geo-thermal and coal bed methane. IPI packers can
work at pressures up to 12,000 psi with temperatures up to
150C (not concurrent) and are made from a range of suitable
materials for the down hole conditions. Some are available for
Products and Services:
• Permeability Testing Packers
• Hydrofracture Packers
• Casing Annulus Packers
• Inflatable Bridge Plugs
• Water Well Packers
• Slim Line Casing Repair
• Drill Stem Test (DST) Packers
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Howard Kenworthy
TITLE: Commercial Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9204 2448
FAX: +61 8 9204 2449
MOBILE: +61 434 496 584
EMAIL: howard@inflatable-packers.com
NAME: Clem Rowe
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9204 2448
FAX: +61 8 9204 2449
MOBILE: +61 419 969 644
EMAIL: clem@inflatable-packer.com
WEB: www.inflatable-packers.com

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JKTech Pty Ltd Johnson Screens (Australia) Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
JKTech is an innovative export driven company supplying a Since 1904 Johnson Screens® has been the world’s leading
range of high-end technology products and services to the manufacturer of industrial filters and water well screens. Our
international mining and minerals processing industry. From stainless steel filters, screens and polyurethane screening
1986, until our incorporation in 2001, JKTech operated as the systems are used in many different processes because their
commercial division of the world-renowned Julius Kruttschnitt strength, precision and design flexibility provide the best
Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC). Today, JKTech is a rapidly solution for your filtration needs.
growing company dedicated to the transfer of viable research We design, manufacture, install and service products for a
outcomes from the JKMRC as well as the other Research wide range of industries including mining, quarry, general
Centres of the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at the industrial, water processing, water well and petrochemical and
University of Queensland. Specialised expertise – delivered in refining industries.
the form of specialist consulting, laboratory services,
simulation software, products, knowledge transfer and Products and Services:
technologies – is directed towards improving the productivity • Vee-Wire® screening systems
and profitability of mining and mineral processing operations • Rubber screening systems
throughout the world. • Centrifuge screen baskets
With business undertaken in 18 countries in the past year • Wear linings
alone, JKTech has worked diligently to achieve international • Polyurethane screening systems
recognition as a world leader in these specialised areas of • Mill linings
technology supply. • Pipo® Two and Three screen systems HDPE pipe
Products and Services: • Woven wire screening systems
• Flotation Optimisation • Field service
• Software – JKMultiBal • Wire/Polyurethane combo screens
• Comminution Optimisation • Water filtration equipment
• Software – JKSimBlast Primary Contacts:
• Process Mineralogy Optimisation NAME: Peter Griffith
• JK Drop Weight Tester TITLE: Sales Manager – Asia Pacific
• Mine-to-Mill Optimisation TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4902 5444
• Specialist Equipiment FAX: +61 2 4902 5490
• Software – JKSimMet EMAIL: miningsales@johnsonscreens.com
• Laboratory Testing Services NAME: Ron McGregor
• Software – JKSimFloat TITLE: Global Business Unit Director – Mineral and
• Professional Development Aggregate Processing
Primary Contacts: TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4902 5444
NAME: Dr Geoffrey Gault FAX: +61 2 4902 5490
TITLE: Managing Director EMAIL: miningsales@johnsonscreens.com
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3365 5842 WEB: www.johnsonscreens.com
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3365 5842
FAX: +61 7 3365 5900
EMAIL: g.gault@jktech.com.au
NAME: Dr Daniel Alexander
TITLE: Operations Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3365 5842
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3365 5842
FAX: +61 7 3365 5900
EMAIL: d.alexander@jktech.com.au
WEB: www.jktech.com.au

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Jord International Pty Ltd Korvest Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Jord International design, supply, install, commission and Korvest Ltd is one of Australia’s leading infrastructure providers,
service a wide range of equipment products to a range of delivering unique solutions to Australia’s biggest mining and
industries, all over the world. industrial construction companies with a range of standard,
Current initiatives within the company that are acting as a customised and innovative products.
vehicle to service this goal include: Our range of cable and pipe support systems together with the
New Consulting Division: Jord has recently established an ability to design and produce specials for the industry underpin
internal consulting division, focussed on all aspects of process Austraila’s largest mining and industrial construction
and individual equipment optimisation. The team consists of a companies.
team of industry specialists based in a number of locations We proudly manufacture locally and have a national
around the world. The team’s main goal is to identify plant distribution network. With three specialist divisions, Korvest is
improvement opportunities with real credits that Jord can help your one stop shop.
the client to implement.
Products and Services:
Process Group: Jord’s process group provides a comprehensive • Hot Dip Galvanising
design service to develop and prove new process flow design
• Spin Galvanising
and plant layout. The Jord process group is also able to develop
effective models of operating plant, to identify and quantify the • Cable and Pipe Support Systems
effects of process or individual equipment changes on the • Specials
overall productivity of the plant. • Grating
• Expanded Mesh
Using customized flow sheet modelling software Jord’s process
team is able to effectively design the optimum flow sheet for • Roof Walkways
the client’s plant. This provides the benefits of both reduced • Stanchions
cost and timeframes for project evaluation as well as accurate • Fabricated handrail panels
simulation of effects on process performance of various Primary Contacts:
equipment upgrades. NAME: Alexander Kachellek
Research & Development: Jord invests substantial resources TITLE: Managing Director
each year in R&D initiatives. PhD and Honours graduates TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8360 4500
occupy key technical positions, and are encouraged to use TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8360 4500
their skills and experience to think laterally and explore
FAX: +61 8 8360 4599
innovative design solutions.
MOBILE: +61 423 847 627
Demonstration Plants: Jord also works under confidentiality EMAIL: alexander.kachellek@korvest.com.au
with our customers to design, construct and commission
NAME: Chris Hartwig
turnkey demonstration plants. These are usually built in
modular form, for simplicity of transport and flexibility in site TITLE: General Manager Ezystrut and Indax
location. This R&D work has taken Jord all over the world, e.g. TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8360 4500
Turkey, Columbia and Indonesia. TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8360 4500
FAX: +61 8 8360 4599
Products and Services: MOBILE: +61 402 893 821
• Air Coolers EMAIL: chartwig@korvest.com.au
• Clean Air and Clean Water Technology WEB: www.korvest.com.au
• Heat Transfer Equipment
• Process Plant Equipment
• Process Separation Equipment
• Special Alloy Metal Fabrication
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Kevin Barber
TITLE: Division Head – Minerals
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8425 1512
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8425 1500
FAX: +61 2 8425 1555
MOBILE: +61 428 694 744
EMAIL: kbarber@jord.com.au
NAME: Allan Wilson
TITLE: Business Development Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8425 1542
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8425 1500
FAX: +61 2 8425 1555
MOBILE: +61 418 818 433
EMAIL: awilson@jord.com.au
WEB: www.jord.com.au

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L&M Radiator Laing O’Rourke Australia

Company Overview/Description: Construction Pty Ltd
Designs and manufactures the MESABI flexible core and field Company Overview/Description:
repairable heat exchangers.
Laing O’Rourke is the largest privately owned construction firm
Products and Services: in the UK and operates across the globe. The company has
Mesabi heat exchangers which comprise individual cooling office in Australia, the UK, Germany, India. South East Asia and
tubes held in place in header plates with flexible rubber seals the United Arab Emirates. Laing O’Rourke has more than
that absorb vibration, thermal expansion and shock. 35,000 employees worldwide and generates revenue of about
A$11 billion a year. What sets us apart is the direct
L&M provides specialised cooling systems for heavy duty
employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving
mobile equipment and fixed plant applications.
the best engineered solutions for our clients.
Capabilities: We aim to change the face of construction worldwide
Equipment Supplies & Manufacturing, Consumable Supplies & regardless of the technical challenge. The company’s diverse
Fittings capabilities include building, development, rail, mine
infrastructure, power, water and civil infrastructure.
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Terry Gilchrist Our core business is the construction of both buildings and
TITLE: Sales Manager infrastructure projects but we also invest equity into property
and infrastructure developments and specialist manufacturing,
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9361 6855
plant and trades businesses.
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9361 6855
FAX: +61 8 9470 3075 Laing O’Rourke has an impressive depth of knowledge and
breadth of experience gained by successfully delivering
EMAIL: tagmesabi@bigpond.com
tailored construction services to a diverse range of clients.
NAME: Richard Chapell
TITLE: General Manager Our unique and dedicated, relationship-driven approach
allows us to deliver world-class projects on time and on
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9361 6855
budget, which meet the client’s needs and exceed their
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9361 6855 expectations.
FAX: +61 8 9470 3075
Laing O’Rourke is committed to being an employer of choice
EMAIL: tagmesabi@bigpond.com
through action, not just words, and we invest heavily in our
WEB: www.mesabi.com.au people and their safety.
Our sustainability program, EPIC, includes detailed and
measurable criteria to ensure breakthrough in the areas of
Environment, People, Industry and Communities.
We are creating an extraordinary enterprise with the help of
our loyal clients and passionate employees.
Products and Services:
• Building
• Development
• Rail
• Mine
• Infrastructure
• Power
• Water
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Bob Waldie
TITLE: Mining and Minerals Sector Leader
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3308 7982
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3308 7700
FAX: +61 7 3308 7859
MOBILE: +61 419 629 116
EMAIL: bwaldie@laingorourke.com.au
NAME: Stephen Wilson
TITLE: Executive General Manager – Infrastructure
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3308 7710
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3308 7700
FAX: +61 7 3308 7859
MOBILE: +61 448 842 784
EMAIL: stephenwilson@laingorourke.com.au
WEB: www.laingorourke.com.au

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Linatex Pty Limited Ludowici Australia Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Linatex provides abrasive process solutions through equipment Ludowici is a leading manufacturer supplying quality and
and services that deliver superior value to engineering houses, innovative mineral processing, materials handling equipment
miners, quarries, and industrial applications right around the and wear/abrasive solutions to the global mining and industrial
globe. related industries.
From complete engineered solutions through to screens and Products and Services:
pumps, cyclones or lining, Linatex products are employed in • Vibrating Screens and Feeders
environments with high levels of abrasion, corrosion or heavy
• Coarse and Fine Coal Centrifuges
impact. Their advantage is to be extremely durable thanks to
the unique resistance of the patented Linatex Premium Natural • Materials Handling Equipment and Hose
Rubber. As a consequence, clients run their processes with less • Wear Resistant Materials and Linings
down-time and lower input costs, and maximise the lifetime • Screen Media Products
value of their projects. • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seals
Linatex designs and sells its products as part of a wide range of • Cyclones
customised services. Local maintenance experts supported by a • Engineered Rubber Products
global design and manufacturing team, serve as partners at • Wedge Wire/Polyurethane Components
every level within client organisations and at every stage of the • Ceramic Linings
clients’ operational cycle, from design to management and • Flotation and Classification
maintenance of the abrasive processes. • Water Management Solutions
Products and Services: Primary Contacts:
• Engineered Solutions NAME: Craig Wilson
• Rubber Sheet TITLE: General Manager Sales – Australia and
• Compact Sand Plants South East Asia
• Rubber Lining TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3121 2900
• Mobile Tailings Dewatering Units FAX: +61 7 3121 2985
• Valves EMAIL: c.wilson@ludowici.com.au
• Pumps NAME: Shae Wraith
• Mining Hose TITLE: Marketing Officer
• Cyclones TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3121 2900
• Screens and Screen Panels FAX: +61 7 3121 2985
• Classifiers EMAIL: s.wraith@ludowici.com.au
• Moulded Products WEB: www.ludowici.com.au
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Henk van Kruining
TITLE: Managing Director Asia Pacific
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9834 7400
FAX: +61 3 9834 7405
MOBILE: +61 419 987 653
EMAIL: henk.vankruining@linatex.com
NAME: Tony Boucher
TITLE: Commercial Director Asia Pacific
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9256 8300
FAX: +61 8 9256 8305
MOBILE: +61 418 342 854
EMAIL: tony.boucher@linatex.com
WEB: www.linatex.com

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Maintenance and Project Engineering Maptek Pty Ltd

Pty Ltd Company Overview/Description:
Company Overview/Description: Maptek™ has been developing 3D mining technology for 30
years, helping mining companies worldwide to maintain their
In operation since 1997, Maintenance and Project Engineering
competitive advantage. Our products are in use at more than
(MPE) are your global resource industry specialists, leaders in
800 sites in over 50 countries, supported by our responsive
asset management from concept to disposal.
customer help desk, training and consulting services from a
With offices in New South Wales and Queensland, the MPE worldwide network of 12 offices.
team has a diverse range of asset management skills and
Maptek’s robust, modular systems include Maptek Vulcan™,
knowledge. Combined with both theoretical knowledge and
one of the world’s longest standing 3D mine planning and
practical ‘know how’ MPE employs a mix of professional and
modelling packages. Some 4000 licences of Vulcan are in use
post-trade qualified engineering personnel in mechanical,
across the globe for applications ranging from exploration,
electrical and civil disciplines. 2009 has seen MPE expand
through geological modelling, mine design and planning to
their Design and Drafting capabilities to ensure they cater to
rehabilitation. Geologists and mining engineers at all resource
the needs of their clients in these fields.
and operation types benefit from Vulcan’s 3D desktop
Working with a variety of clients means they all have different environment, allowing them to assemble raw data, build 3D
requirements, MPE has a flexible approach which means their models and create mine plans for sharing with other
clients are always supplied with exactly what they need. departments.
The MPE Asset Management Lifecycle depicts the Seven Phases Maptek I-Site™ provides easy-to-use high technology
of an asset from the time a new asset is identified through to its surveying solutions. The combined 3D laser scanning and high
eventual disposal. resolution digital panoramic camera includes advanced
MPE has proven experience in a range of areas including, software processing capabilities. Ease of set up, portability,
earthmoving equipment, infrastructure, manufacturing plants, rapid and safe data acquisition, and powerful, in-built
material handling and processing equipment and underground processing and modelling tools are hallmarks of I-Site. I-Site
mining equipment. technology is ideal for pit survey, highwall mapping and
As a specialist asset management Consultancy Company with stockpile measurements.
extensive experience in the implementation and optimisation Maptek MineSuite™ is a mine production information and fleet
of maintenance management systems, MPE developed management system that provides miners with the confidence
mainstay™ MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS, a software package to efficiently manage operations. Equipment, personnel and
designed to overcome current limitations in the maintenance processes can be tracked and monitored in real time for open
management process. Providing users with four distinct cut and underground mines, as well as for the processing and
modules including Shift Log, Warranty Tracker, Labour shipping phases of an operation. Up-to-date mine data can be
Manager and Resource Leveller, mainstay™ was released in accessed and made available for reliable decision making.
February 2009.
Products and Services:
Products and Services: • Maptek Vulcan™
• Maintenance Management • Maptek I-Site™
• Risk Assessments • Maptek MineSuite™
• Design and Drafting • Consulting
• International Experience • Training
• Work Management Software • Support Services
Primary Contacts:
• Maintenance Strategy Development
NAME: Peter Johnson
• Maintenance Audits
TITLE: General Manager – Australasia
• Project Management
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9957 5401
• Reliability Engineering
• Shutdown Planning TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9957 5554
• Life Cycle Cost Modeling FAX: +61 2 9922 7551
MOBILE: +61 408 889 819
Primary Contacts: EMAIL: peter.johnson@maptek.com.au
NAME: Peter Banks NAME: Jane Ball
TITLE: Business Development Manager & Director TITLE: Manager – Marketing Communications
TEL (MAIN): + 61 2 6571 1537 TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8338 9221
FAX: + 61 2 6571 1539 TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8338 9222
MOBILE: + 61 408 933 010 FAX: +61 8 8338 9229
EMAIL: pb@mpe.com.au EMAIL: jane.ball@maptek.com.au
NAME: Mick Meissner WEB: www.maptek.com
TITLE: General Manager & Director
TEL (MAIN): + 61 7 5580 0490
FAX: + 61 7 5580 0491
MOBILE: + 61 408 412 309
EMAIL: mm@mpe.com.au
WEB: www.mpe.com.au

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Micromine Mincom Limited

Company Overview/ Description Company Overview/Description:
With a client on every continent and 70% of sales derived from Is the leading IT solution provider to the global Mining
overseas markets, Micromine is the leader in providing industry, with customers including 18 of the 20 largest Mining
innovative software solutions and services to the mining and companies in the world
exploration industry.
Products and Services
Established in Western Australia in 1986, Micromine services • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM/ERP)
an international client base delivering solutions that manage
• Exploration
and monitor every step in the mining life cycle.
• Mine Modelling and Planning
Micromine currently has 13 fully owned and operated offices • Laboratory Management
located in the world’s major mining and exploration countries • Assay Management
and is in the process of further expansion. Company offices are
• Production Accounting
located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia,
Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, • Sales and Outbound Logistics
United Kingdom and United States of America. We have • e-Business
recently expanded our Australian operations to include • Parts and Service Catalogues
Brisbane, and are in the process of opening offices in Chile and Primary Contacts:
an additional office in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. NAME: Neil Adamson
This international structure allows our clients to receive a true TITLE: General Manager Australia
Micromine solution, delivered by a team of specialists who TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3303 3333
understand the software and how it can be integrated into an FAX: +61 7 3303 3232
operation for maximum results. Micromine’s global presence is
WEB: www.mincom.com
supported by the availability of our software applications in
four different languages; English, Chinese, Russian and
Micromine invests 30 per cent of its annual revenue back into
research and development (R&D). Through its large R&D
program, Micromine continues to meet and surpass the needs
of clients and the industry at large. The innovation and
technical strength of Micromine’s solutions have been
recognised and awarded. Micromine has received three grants
from the Australian government totalling around $11 million.
Products and Services:
• Geological Consulting Services
• MICROMINE – captures, manages and interprets critical
mining and exploration data
• GBIS – data management that assists to capture, validate,
store and access data
• PITRAM – mine management for underground and surface
• DOME – mine production management for reporting data
in real time, from multiple sources
• FIELD MARSHAL – manipulates exploration and mining
geological data
• Training Services
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Peter Rossdeutscher
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9423 9000
FAX: +61 8 9423 9001
EMAIL: prossdeutscher@micromine.com
NAME: Honor Dowling
TITLE: Marketing Manager – Corporate
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9423 9000
FAX: +61 8 9423 9001
EMAIL: hdowling@micromine.com
WEB: www.micromine.com

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Mine Site Technologies Mining Industry Resources Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Mine Site Technologies Pty Limited (MST) is a global leader in Mining Industry Resources Pty Ltd (MIR) is an Australian based
mining communications. MST delivers an overall solution to a company whose focus is developing, implementing and
mine’s communication and management needs, with systems maintaining fuel management systems for the mining industry
installed in over 400 mines in Australia, USA, Peru, Canada, and other markets.
Chile, China, Sweden, Mexico, DRC, Mali and Tanzania, and Design and manufacture of fuel management systems (FMS)
Consultancy services to assist clients to develop and
• MST Communication & Tracking Technologies: implement FMS strategies
• PED – an ultra-low frequency paging and emergency
Project management and design of fuel handling and storage
warning system. PED ability to transmit directly through
rock strata ensures every part of the mine has signal
coverage with only a small antenna. Being able to send a Development of environmentally responsible hydrocarbon
message to a person wherever they are in the mine means management programs for industry
PED has been installed as the primary evacuation warning Integration of RFID and other identification methods for
system in many mines. vehicles and equipment
• ImPact Digital Communications and Tracking – takes a Software and database design deployment of web applications
mine’s WLAN seamlessly underground, enabling a single and integration with ERPs
communication infrastructure to provide a range of high
data applications (such as video, VoIP telephones, remote Products and Services:
vehicle diagnostics, tracking and control). • AdaptFMS Fuel Management System
• BlastPED – a remote blast initiation system that uses radio • Fuel farm design and construction
signals, rather than hard wire networks, for safer blasting. • Fuel system infrastructure design
• TRACKER – uses the Impact Digital network to detect RFID • Hydrocarbon management consulting
Tags carried by miners r attached to equipment to enable • Database and custom software development
them to be tracked throughout the mine. • Remote Tank level monitoring (RTM)
• ICCL – Integrated Communications Cap Lamp, only 1/3 of • Auto equipment recognition systems
the weight of existing units but can include a range of • ‘Off-site’ fully remote managed FMS
communication devices, such as RFID Tag, PED Pager and
Radio. Primary Contacts:
• Mobile Mesh Networks – Digital networks for surface NAME: Stephen Birrell
mines, to provide a high bandwidth data highway for TITLE: Managing Director
management and enterprise software systems in real-time. TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 6337 5544
Products and Services: FAX: +61 2 6337 5541
• Underground Digital Networks MOBILE: +61 407 415 167
• PED Emergency Warning System EMAIL: stephen.birrell@adaptFMS.com
• RFID Tracking Systems WEB: www.miningindustryresources.com
• BlastPED remote blast initiation
• Leaky Feeder Radio Systems
• Surface wireless mesh networks
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Denis Kent
TITLE: Business Development Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9018 0908
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9437 4399
FAX: +61 2 9437 5688
EMAIL: mst@minesite.com.au
WEB: www.minesite.com.au

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Minova Australia Pty Ltd Mumme Products Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Minova is the world's leading provider of steel and chemical The Mumme Family have been producing forged hand tools in
strata support and mine ventilation products and servcies. South Australia for 3 generations. We pride ourselves on
Located in all of the major underground mining regions making a quality product and all our products carry an
throughout the world plus a host of strategic civil and unconditional guarantee as well as the Australian Made logo.
construction locations, Minova can provide a full product Mumme Products started in the 1930’s and has grown
range including technical and service support to any customer dramatically through the years especially since the late 90’s,
at any site. through natural growth, introduction of new products and
Minova maintains its credibility as the leading provider of new company acquisitions.
technology through dedicated and focussed development Through this time Mumme Products Pty Ltd has maintained its
personnel, global and domestic structures and programs. commitment to providing quality manufactured tools that “Do
their job”. The Mumme Brand is now exclusively specified for
Products and Services: use in mine sites, councils, defence contracts, as well as
• Steel Rock Bolts and Accessories builders, contractors and home handy-persons.
• Resin Bolting Capsules
As well as manufacturing a standard range of tools, we also
• Cement Anchoring Grouts offer tools that can meet your specific requirements, e.g. sledge
• Mine Mesh hammers with normalized heads, different length handles or
• Mine Ventilation Devices aluminium-free components as required in some mine sites.
• Cavity Filling Grouts and Resins We can also forge special products to your specifications.
• Full Contract Application Services Mumme Products tools are of the highest quality and made
Primary Contacts: with safety in mind. We use first grade materials for each
product, we heat treat them correctly and finish them to
NAME: Matthew Berry exacting standards.
TITLE: National Sales and Marketing Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4428 5248
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4428 5200 Mine Sites – Large mining companies, e.g BHP Billiton,
FAX: +61 2 4428 5288 Pasminco, Allied Coal, Rio Tinto, Xstrata and Newmont to
name a few use our products. We have a wide range of
MOBILE: +61 417 177 825
mining-specific products, e.g. copper hammers, scaling bars,
EMAIL: matthew.berry@minovaint.com
steel ladders and trestles, soft head hammers etc. We work
NAME: Greg Warren with mine sites in producing products that are most suitable for
TITLE: General Manager them. We sell to a diverse range of mine sites in Australia, Asia,
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8788 7801 Africa, South America and New Zealand.
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8788 7800 Products and Services:
FAX: +61 2 9725 2308
• Forged hand tools
MOBILE: +61 411 209 518
• G-Clamps
EMAIL: greg.warren@minovaint.com
• Custom made tools and forgings
WEB: www.minova.com.au • Hammers
• Chisels
• Ladders and Trestles
• Bolsters
• Punches
• Aligning Bars
• Droppers Hammers
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Phillip C Taylor
TITLE: Support Manager
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8186 0000
FAX: +61 8 8186 2222
MOBILE: +61 427 832 234
EMAIL: phil@mummeproducts.com.au
WEB: www.mummeproducts.com.au

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Nepean Group Optiro

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Nepean Group is Australia’s leading privately owned, Advisory Services Firm that consults to mining and exploration
specialised engineering, mining and industrial manufacturing companies, their advisers and investors. Drawing on extensive
group. Capabilities are diverse, extending from complex geological, mining engineering, metallurgical and financial
turnkey underground mining solutions, to patented vehicle expertise, Optiro provides technical and commercial advice to
testing systems and build to order fabrication. assist clients with investment decisions at or before mine
Nepean Group offer a full engineering service solution; including commencement, and maximise operational value throughout
design, fabrication, galvanising and erection of complex turnkey the mining cycle.
projects. The group has the skills, equipment, people and Products and Services:
experience to successfully deliver turnkey mining projects, • Resource Estimation
including supply of full conveyor solutions, special purpose
• Mining Engineering
equipment and large fabricated structures for mining infrastructure
and supply of purpose built portable lighting towers. • Audits
• Optimisation Services
Member companies include: • Risk Analysis and Modelling
• Nepean Engineering, the founding member of the group • Mining Transaction Services
which has the capability to provide complex machining,
• Due Diligence Services
tooling, custom design, laser cutting, fabrication, surface
treatment and Galvanising services • Company Valuations
• Inbye Mining Services, Longwall mining systems, coal • Technical Training and Mentoring
clearance products, roof supports and related underground • Operations and Mine Management
mining services, including design and manufacture of Primary Contacts:
methane gas plants NAME: Ian Glacken
• Nepean Conveyors and Nepean Meco Conveyors, offer TITLE: Director
complete conveying system solutions and support services
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9215 0004
to the mining and resource segments
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9215 0000
• M.I. Power and Electronics, manufacture, market, supply
and overhaul, flameproof and non-flameproof mining & FAX: +61 8 9215 0011
industrial electrical equipment MOBILE: +61 408 949 583
• Graham Group, Australia’s leading manufacturer of EMAIL: iglacken@optiro.com
fabricated steel & Aluminium grating, drainage, hand-railing, NAME: Rick Stroud
mesh and perforated metal products. Facilities include hot TITLE: Director
dip galvanising services (Galvanising Services, WELDLOK®, TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9215 0003
MASTERMESH®, GALINTEL®, Graham Rolling Mill) TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9215 0000
• Nepean Energy Division, in combination with Nepean FAX: +61 8 9215 0011
Engineering provide energy & co-generation solutions for MOBILE: +61 409 723 156
mining, industrial and commercial applications EMAIL: rstroud@optiro.com
Other Nepean Group Companies & Divisions include: VIS WEB: www.optiro.com
Service Automation, VIS Inspection Systems, Bliss-Fox, Nepean
Plastic Moulding, AGROWPLOW® Soil Care Systems, Nepean
Products and Services:
• Conveyor Systems
• Longwall Mining Systems
• Structural Steel Fabrication
• Complex Machining and Tooling
• Manufacture Special Purpose Equipment
• Fabrication Mining Infrastructure
• Steel and Aluminium Grating and Drainage
• Balltube Safety Handrailing
• Perforated Steel, Aluminium Products
• Portable Lighting Towers
• Galvanising and Surface Treatment
• Flameproof Electrical Equipment
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Christopher Mooney
TITLE: Principal Marketing Executive
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4646 1511
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4648 1398
MOBILE: +61 408 665 456
EMAIL: chrism@nepeangroup.com
WEB: www.nepeangroup.com

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Orelogy P&H MinePro Services Australasia

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
ORElogy is a mining planning consultancy whose focus is P&H Mining Equipment is a global leader in the manufacture
providing innovative and effective mine planning solutions to and service of pace-setting large excavating and drilling
its clients. Established in 2005 and based in Perth, Western machines used to mine copper, coal, iron ore, silver, gold,
Australia, ORElogy services the international mining industry. diamonds, oil sands, phosphate, molybdenum, potash and
The ORElogy approach to mine planning can be illustrated other minerals and bedded materials. Ninety percent of the
using three key concepts: world’s surface mines utilize P&H equipment.
• SOLVE complex mining challenges using industry standard Products and Services:
world-class techniques and software platforms • C-Series of electric mining shovels
• CREATE innovative and practical systems to resolve these • P&H rotary Blasthole drills
complex problems • P&H walking Draglines
• INTEGRATE the solution within the client’s organisation by • High tech production aids like microprocessor based digital
providing the necessary systems, training and drives and semiautomatic operator assists, drive the
documentation. performance of new machines.
ORElogy personnel have extensive operational and consulting • Continental Crushing and Conveying products-feeder
experience throughout the world in a wide range of breakers reclaim feeders, VMT sizers, belt conveyor
commodities. As such ORElogy brings a global understanding systems, idlers, pulleys and Stamler Products
of the mining industry to our assignments and develop
practical solutions within a strategic framework suitable to Primary Contacts:
each client. NAME: Rod Clarke
TITLE: OEM Capital Sales Manager
As a demonstration of our core values, ORElogy has become a
world leader in the practical use of evolutionary algorithms for TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3240 4600
open pit mine scheduling with our evORElution solution. FAX: +61 7 3240 4666
EMAIL: rclarke2@minepro.com.au
Products and Services: NAME: Bernie Guillemin
• evORElution TITLE: CCC Product Manager
• Consulting Services TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3240 4600
Primary Contact: FAX: +61 7 3240 4666
NAME: Steve Craig EMAIL: bguillem@minepro.com.au
TITLE: Managing Director WEB: www.minepro.com.au
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9318 5333
FAX: +61 8 9227 1603
MOBILE: +61 411 833 381
EMAIL: scraig@orelogy.com
WEB: www.orelogy.com

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Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick Professional Advantage Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick is a leading specialist intellectual Professional Advantage is the leading provider of Microsoft
property firm in Australia. software and services to the mining and mining service
The group incorporates a patent and trade mark attorney firm, organisations.  We implement and support industry-leading
an intellectual property law firm and a research and Microsoft Dynamics solutions that help companies effectively
investigation company, which provide a comprehensive range manage complex processes and control costs so critical in
of intellectual property services. We have offices in Melbourne, mining.  When integrated with other Microsoft technologies
Sydney and Adelaide. such as Microsoft SharePoint, these solutions deliver the
maximum value and return on investment. 
The Resources Industry Group of Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick
specifically assists organisations in the Resources Sector with The Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer flexibility and help
their intellectual property needs. The Resources Industry Group manage:
includes a number of professions having chemical engineering, • engineering, design and construction/manufacturing
materials engineering, electrical engineering and metallurgical projects
backgrounds. • site and asset maintenance
We specialise in helping clients in the mining, metallurgy, and • equipment design, hire and service
industrial process areas identify, protect and defend their • field service resources and scheduling
intellectual property. • collaboration and communication with remote locations
• customer relationship management
Products and Services:
• Patent, Trade Mark and Design services Our broad range of software products includes Microsoft
• Patent drafting services Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics
CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, WennSoft and infrastructure
• Preparation of IP applications
• Advice on validity IP rights
• Advice on infringement IP rights Professional Advantage, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner,
• Opposition proceedings supports these software systems with skilled personnel
qualified in design, consulting, implementation, training,
• Enforcement of IP rights
development and help desk support.  With over 250 team
• Global IP litigation members and offices in all major cities, Professional Advantage
• Licensing and contract advice is well resourced to meet the needs of any size organisation.
• Formal IP management activities
Our solutions have helped a number of mining and mining
• Development of IP strategies
services organisations achieve superior benefits and
• IP searches and watches efficiencies, including Lincom, Gloucester Coal and Pengold.
Primary Contacts: Products and Services:
NAME: Robert Cross • Microsoft Dynamics GP
TITLE: Partner • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
TEL (MAIN): +61 3 9614 1944 • WennSoft
FAX: +61 3 9614 1867 • Microsoft Dynamics AX
EMAIL: robert.cross@pof.com.au • Microsoft SharePoint
NAME: Greg Bartlett
TITLE: Partner Primary Contacts:
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8232 5199 NAME: Carolyn Ingleson
FAX: +61 8 8232 5477 TITLE: Business Development Manager
EMAIL: greg.bartlett@pof.com.au TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3018 2406
WEB: www.pof.com.au TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3018 2400
FAX: +61 7 3018 2442
MOBILE: +61 434 307 406
EMAIL: carolyn.ingleson@pa.com.au
NAME: Kim Krarup
TITLE: Sales Support Co-ordinator
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3018 2440
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3018 2400
FAX: +61 7 3018 2442
MOBILE: +61 411 688 625
EMAIL: kim.krarup@pa.com.au
WEB: www.pa.com.au

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QMASTOR Limited Quarry Mining and Construction

Company Overview/Description: Equipment Pty Ltd
QMASTOR Limited is an Australian technology company Company Overview/Description:
which develops, markets and supports management
Quarry Mining specialises in drilling consumables for the
information systems and associated services for the global
mining, tunnelling and quarrying industries and has been
mining, port and bulk commodity industries. The company is
successfully servicing the local, national and international
listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:QML) and is
mining and construction industry and achieving business
a longstanding Microsoft Certified (Gold) Partner.
excellence since its establishment in 1983. We have offices in
QMASTOR software systems have been designed to be the Hunter Valley, Brisbane and Mackay.
commodity and industry independent spanning a broad range
Our products and services are centred on ensuring that all the
of bulk commodity sectors wherever stockpiling, material
gaps are filled to allow any drilling project to progress in the
tracking and logistics is involved. Key components of
best time and cost efficient manner possible. A summary of
QMASTOR solutions include: tracking tonnage, quality and
products for various applications include; percussive extension
value of bulk materials across the supply chain; improving
drilling equipment: Includes the full range of M/F and drifter
management decision making; streamlining processes and
rods, button and ballistic button drill bits in standard and retrac
reducing costs. Integrated into the daily management of a
configurations. Couplings and shank adaptors for all drifter
company, QMASTOR software solutions enable timely,
types, bit adaptors and splits sets and dollies to suit.
proactive decision making.
Rotary extension drilling equipment including full range of drill
QMASTOR’s comprehensive suite of bulk material
rods, wing and reamer bits in all thread and diameter sizes. Bit,
management systems are used by many of the world’s leading
Chuck adaptors and roof bolt spanners for all applications are
resource companies including: BHP Billiton, Vale, Rio Tinto,
manufactured to suit any customer requirement.
Anglo American, Xstrata, Peabody to name but a few. The
company has a global customer base of clients throughout Pneumatic Hand Held Rock Drills and Hammers. Quarry
Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua Mining provides sales, hire and servicing of a full range of
New Guinea, England, United States and South Africa across a hand held pneumatic tools such as rock drills and airlegs,
range of commodities including: coal, iron ore, bauxite, nickel Rambors, Rib Drills, chipping hammers, pumps.
and copper/gold. We also stock a full range of spare parts for all the air tools and
QMASTOR’s corporate head office is located in Newcastle have a full time repair and maintenance service.
NSW and the company has a number of satellite offices and Products and Services:
distribution partners servicing key mining regions throughout
• Coal bits
Australia in Wollongong, Perth and Mackay and internationally
in Johannesburg , San Diego, Denver, Belo Horizonte and • Extension Drill Rods
Paris. • Secondary Support Drilling
• Spanners
Products and Services: • Pneumatic Equipment Repair
• Pit to Port • Button Bits
• Supply Chain Management Software • Extension rods for percussive drill
• Pit to Plant • Hand held rock drills
• Stockpile Management Software • Roof Bolter and rockdrill hire
• Port to Plant
• Advanced Planning and Scheduling Primary Contacts:
• SMS3D NAME: Phillip Breese
• Training Services TITLE: Sales Manager – NSW
• Horizon TEL (DIRECT): +61 429 307 182
• Project Management and Consulting TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4966 5028
• iFuse FAX: +61 2 4910 9022
• Mining systems integration MOBILE: +61 408 949 583
EMAIL: phill@quarrymining.com
Primary Contacts: NAME: Phil Myers
NAME: Trent Bagnall TITLE: Sales Manager, QLD
TITLE: Managing Director TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 4998 5295
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4908 2222 TEL (MAIN): +61 7 4998 5295
FAX: +61 2 4968 2043 FAX: +61 7 4998 5296
EMAIL: info@qmastor.com MOBILE: +61 408 755 979
NAME: Steve Maxwell EMAIL: philm@quarrymining.com
TITLE: General Manager WEB: www.quarrymining.com
Tel (Main) +61 2 4908 2222
FAX: +61 2 4968 2043
EMAIL: info@qmastor.com
WEB: www.qmastor.com

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RCR Tomlinson Ltd Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
RCR is an integrated engineering company providing turnkey Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd (RCT) is a wholly owned
solutions to blue chip clients in the mining equipment and Australian company specialising in the manufacture and
process technologies, resources, power and energy sectors installation of safety and productivity products for the mining,
across Australia and New Zealand. RCR services include mobile equipment, earthmoving, transport, agricultural,
design, engineering, procurement, manufacture, fabrication, construction and materials handling industries. RCT have been
construction, off-site repairs and maintenance. RCR’s integrated in operation for over 37 years and has a proven history of
approach offers clients high performance and reliability for the excellence in providing customer driven safety and
operational life of the product or system, together with reduced productivity solutions, industry leading innovations and an
maintenance and operating costs. outstanding level of customer service.
Products and Services: RCT is a fully integrated organisation, manufacturing its
• Off-site repairs (RCR 0SR™) proprietary products including the brands Control Master®,
Muirhead®, Earth Track™, AusProTec™ and PowerLight™ as its
• Therma & bioenergy systems
headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. RCT has three
• Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)
• Laser cutting Products and Services:
• Proprietary equipment • Remote/Teleremote control systems
• Heat treatment and exchangers • Mobile equipment automation system
• Structural, mechanical, piping(SMP) • Machine and Engine protection systems
• Turnkey power solutions • Specialised electrical equipment
• Supervised shutdown maintenance • Machine lighting (Dichroic and LED)
• Piping, pressure vessels, splicing • OEM product training
• 24/7 boiler service • Mining machine safety solutions
• Hydraulic power & pneumatic systems • Web based fleet data monitoring
• Remote maintenance servicing
Primary Contacts:
• Site audits and consultation service
NAME: Bill Brown
• Industrial safety solutions
TITLE: RCR Mining – Sales & Marketing Manager
• Ongoing after sales service
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9355 8180
FAX: +61 8 9361 5742 Primary Contacts:
EMAIL: bill.brown@rcrtom.com.au NAME: Phil Goode
NAME: Geoffrey Curtis TITLE: Senior Business Development Manager
TITLE: RCR Resources – Sales & Marketing Manager TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9352 3133
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9355 9312 TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9353 6577
FAX: +61 8 9472 9298 FAX: +61 8 9353 6578
EMAIL: geoffrey.curtis@rcrtom.com.au MOBILE: +61 418 908 898
WEB: www.rcrtom.com.au EMAIL: phil@rct.net.au
NAME: Craig Buchanan
TITLE: Sales and Marketing Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9352 3149
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9353 6577
FAX: +61 8 9353 6578
MOBILE: +61 417 186 027
EMAIL: craigb@rct.net.au
WEB: www.rct.net.au

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Replacement Inflatable Packers and ROCK Australia Mining + Civil Pty Ltd
Elements Pty Ltd Company Overview/Description:
Company Overview/Description: Establishing a reputation of excellence in the industry for over
20 years, ROCK Australia is a multi-disciplined business,
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd is a West
providing specialist supply and contracting services to mining
Australian company with 25 years experience in designing and
and civil projects in Australia and overseas. Committed to
building inflatable packers. Replacement Inflatable Packers and
operational excellence through safety, quality, innovation and
Elements Pty Ltd maintain a strong competitive profile,
efficiency, ROCK Australia provides their extensive services to
demonstrating leadership and innovation in applying cost
any client anywhere.
effective inflatable packer solutions to your engineering
demands. Products and Services:
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements comprehensive ROCK Australia provide specialist contracting services as well
product line includes all standard and purpose built inflatable as the manufacture and supply of a wide range of quality
packers including wireline packer systems, swage packers, ground support products and equipment for both mining and
reline casing packers, permeability and drill stem test packers, civil operations.
cement grouting packers, as well as decommissioning grout • Drilling
valve packers, bridge plugs, abandonment packers and seals. • Blasting
Fully vulcanised ‘K’ packers, water well float shoes and all • Geotechnical
inflation lines, flowmeters and custom inflation gauge boards. • Environmental
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd high • Mine Radar
pressure inflatable packers (to 12,000 psi /83 mPa) are an • Rope Access
essential tool for hydrofracturing, pre- conditioning for block • Geotechnical Products
caving operations and high pressure cement grouting • MESHATM Underground Mesh Handler
procedures. Our reliable high pressure packers are finding
• Project Management
ready acceptance, especially in the water well sector, as we do
not believe operators should pay oil field prices for water well • Engineering Services
development. Primary Contacts:
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd products NAME: Roy Coates
service specialist industries including water well development, TITLE: General Manager
oil and gas production, environmental and site investigations, TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9472 2100
geotechnical, mining/drilling and exploration and extraction FAX: +61 8 9472 2150
industries. EMAIL: roycoates@rockaustralia.com.au
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd’s NAME: Mike Moore
expanding customer base services not only Australia, but TITLE: Commercial Manager
important global markets including France (obturateurs TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9472 2100
gonflables), Italy (packers gonfiabili), Germany FAX: +61 8 9472 2150
(schlauchpacker), Spain (obturadores inflables), India, USA and
EMAIL: mikemoore@rockaustralia.com.au
South America, China and the Middle East.
WEB: www.rockaustralia.com.au
Products and Services:
Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements comprehensive
product line includes all standard and purpose built inflatable
packers and associated equipment including:
• Wireline Packer Systems
• High Pressure Inflatable Packers up to 12,000psi
• Cement Grouting Packers
• Reline Casing Packers
• Bridge Plugs
• Drill Stem Test (DST) Packers
• Abandonment Packers and Seals
• Decommissioning Grout Valve Packers
• K Packers
• Repair and Replacement of Inflatable Packers
Primary Contacts:
NAME: John Misson
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9475 0700
FAX: +61 8 9475 0770
MOBILE: +61 400 346 687
EMAIL: inflatable-packers@rripe.com.au
WEB: www.rripe.com.au

58 • www.austmine.com.au

Runge Ltd Russell Mineral Equipment

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Runge, an Australian mining technology services company, Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) focuses on the improvement
provides technology products, consulting services, and training of hard rock grinding mill profitability through the
courses to the global mining industry across a range of mechanisation of the relining process. Our focus on the whole
commodities. With expertise across a range of mining relining process has produced an unmatched suite of products
disciplines, its approach to the business of mining is strongly which enable our customers to achieve world class mill
grounded in economic principles and delivering mine planning utilisation and relining safety. The financial and workforce
solutions that are tightly coupled with technological support benefits to our customer are compelling.
and training. Through these solutions, mining professionals
gain access to technology and knowledge that allows them to Products and Services:
optimise their business planning process. Runge provides • Feed Chute Extraction and Transport Technologies:
expertise from corporate advisory and strategic planning • Rail Feed Chute Bases
through due diligence and related financial services to • Rubber Tyred Feed Chute Transporters
resource and reserves management. The Runge Limited • Caterpillar Tracked Feed Chute Transporters
includes Pincock Allen & Holt, Minarco-MineConsult, MRM • Worn Liner Removal Technologies:
Mining Services Pty Ltd and GeoGAS. Runge currently owns • THUNDERBOLT 1500 Recoilless Hydraulic Hammer
and operates 18 offices in 10 countries throughout the world. • THUNDERBOLT 750 Recoilless Hydraulic Hammer
Products and Services: • THUNDERBOLT 450 Recoilless Pneumatic Hammer
• Runges mine planning services covers all aspects of mine • THUNDERBOLT 250 Recoilless Pneumatic Hammer
planning • Worn Liner Handling Technologies:
• TALPAC – truck and loader sw • O-ZONE Hooks
• DragSIM – dragline simulation • O-ZONE Grips
• Facets – face time simulation • O-ZONE Scissors
• FracSIS – interactive 3D sw • O-ZONE Keys
• Mining Dynamics enterprise solution • New Liner Placement Technologies:
• XPAC – mine scheduling sw • RUSSELL 8 Axis Liner Placement Machines
• Xact – short term scheduling sw • RUSSELL 7 Axis Liner Placement Machines
• XERAS – financial modelling sw • RUSSELL 6 Axis Liner Placement Machines
• RUSSELL 3 Axis Liner Suspension Mill Liner Handlers
Primary Contacts: • Services:
NAME: Linda Young • 24hrs per day, 365 days per year æHelp Hotline ServiceÆ
TITLE: Global Communications Manager • Global spare parts supply
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 8248 1500 • Global on-site servicing
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3100 7200 • Global on-site training
FAX: +61 7 3100 7297
Primary Contacts:
EMAIL: runge@runge.com.au
NAME: John Russell
NAME: Cathy Halpin
TITLE: Managing Director
TITLE: Executive PA
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 4698 9100
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3100 7200
FAX: +61 7 4639 2116
EMAIL: runge@runge.com.au
EMAIL: rme@rmeAus.com
WEB: www.runge.com.au
WEB: www.rmeaus.com

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Sandvik Mining and Construction Scanalyse Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Sandvik is a global industrial group with advanced products Scanalyse has developed a unique service, MillMapper,
and world-leading positions in selected areas – tools for metal involving the scanning of SAG and ball mills internal liners and
cutting, machinery and tools for rock excavation, stainless providing mill operators with reliable, accurate data for
materials, special alloys, metallic and ceramic resistance forecasting liner life. The entire surface of every liner segment
materials as well as process systems. The Group had at the end is scanned and up to 7 million points are measured. The
of 2007 about 47,000 employees and representation in 130 resulting data gives a much more comprehensive picture of the
countries, with annual sales of more than SEK 86,000 M. state of the mill and when combined with Scanalyse’s
Sandvik Mining and Construction is a business area within the proprietary software the potential for cost reduction through
Sandvik Group and a leading global supplier of machinery, extending liner life, improving liner design and improving mill
cemented-carbide tools, service and technical solutions for the throughput is considerable. Up to 30% increases in liner life
excavation and sizing of rock and minerals in the mining and have been achieved. Scanalyse’s services are being used on
construction industries. Annual sales 2007 amounted to about nearly 30 minesites in Austraila and are now available in Chile,
SEK 33,100 M, with approximately 15,200 employees. Peru, Brazil, USA, Canada and South Africa through local
The range of products manufactured and supplied by Sandvik
Mining & Construction, includes: Products and Services:
Underground mining drills, trucks and loaders. Materials • MillMapper
handling systems, bucket wheel excavators, ship loaders, Primary Contacts:
stackers, reclaimers and spreaders. Conveyors components,
pulleys, idlers, belt cleaners, dust suppression systems and NAME: Peter Clarke
wear products. In pit crushing and conveying systems. TITLE: CEO
Crushers, gyratory, jaw and cone crushers. Screens, feeder TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9355 4422
breakers, sizers and double roll crushers. Drill rigs, DTH TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9355 4422
hammers, DTH bits and rotary bits. Exploration drill rigs, FAX: +61 8 9355 4426
exploration drill tube and coring pipe. MOBILE: +61 438 931 179
Products and Services: EMAIL: peter.clarke@scanalyse.com.au
NAME: Doug Lawford
• Materials handling systems
TITLE: Sales and Marketing Manager
• Bucket wheel excavators
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9355 4422
• Stackers, Reclaimers and Spreaders
• Conveyors components, wear products TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9355 4422
• Crushers, gyratory, jaw and cone FAX: +61 8 9355 4426
• Screens, feeder breakers, sizers MOBILE: +61 448 100 577
• Double roll crushers EMAIL: doug.lawford@scanalyse.com.au
• Drill rigs, DTH hammers and bits WEB: www.scanalyse.com.au
• Rotary bits, Exp coring pipes
• Exploration drill rigs and tubes
• Underground mining drills
• Underground trucks and loaders
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Teddy Craies
TITLE: Sales and Marketing Manager – Indonesia and
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9347 8500
FAX: +61 8 9547
MOBILE: +61 419 913 790
EMAIL: teddy.craies@sandvik.com
NAME: Marina Dukic
TITLE: Marketing and Communications
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3858 3275
FAX: +61 7 3368 2532
EMAIL: marina.dukic@sandvik.com
WEB: www.sandvik.com

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Scantech International Pty Ltd Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM)

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Scantech is a leading supplier of real time analyser Operating Global Centres of Excellence in coal, iron ore and
technologies for conveyed materials in the global resources base metals, Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) is able to harness
sector. The technologies measure various aspects of material world-class skills across a range of geographies and
composition on a minute by minute basis for process control. commodities to deliver mining projects wherever they are
Analysers have through belt, non contact, continous analysis located.
capabilities. Elemental analysers measure the full belt load. Concept to closure I Mine to port
Units accept belt weigher input signals to ensure analyses are
tonnage weighted. SKM provides an end-to-end service from mine concept to
closure. We are particularly renowned for our leading expertise
Since 1983 over 850 analysers have been sold in 51 countries, in the feasibility, engineering and delivery of projects
mainly to the coal, power, cement and minerals industries. All involving:
analysers are designed and manufactured in Australia. A team
of service engineers manages the customised Product Support • Materials handling
Agreements to ensure optimised analyser peformance. • Mine infrastructure
Scantech has sales and service personnel based in Australia, • Mineral processing
North America, South America and Europe. Embedded in the way we do business is our focus on
sustainability and developing strategic, long-term relationships
Products and Services: with clients.
• COALSCAN 9500X elemental analyser
Global reach
• CM100 conductive materials moisture
• COALSCAN 2100 ash analyser With mining activities in Australia, Asia, UK/Europe/Middle
• CIFA350 carbon in fly ash analyser East, Chile, Peru and Brazil, SKM Mining & Metals has a truly
• COALSCAN 2800 ash and moisture global network of expertise to draw upon to ensure successful
outcomes for all clients.
• MINERALSCAN natural gamma analyser
• COALSCAN 1500 ash analyser Products and Services:
• TBM210 microwave moisture anlayser • Studies
• GEOSCAN elemental analysers • Sustaining Capital
• TBM230 deep bed microwave moisture • Engineering design & documentation
• IRONSCAN iron ore analyser • Safety
Primary Contacts: • “Project delivery, including EPCM”
• Sustainability advice and managemen
NAME: Silvere Compos
• Integrated mine infrastructure
TITLE: GM Marketing
• Specialist services
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3710 8402
• Materials handling
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3710 8400
• Minerals processing
FAX: +61 7 3710 8499
MOBILE: +61 439 685 005 Primary Contacts:
EMAIL: s.compos@scantech.com.au NAME: Peter Hopwood
NAME: Henry Kurth TITLE: Manager, Mining and Metals (WA, NT, SA)
TITLE: Sales & Marketing Manager TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9469 4400
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3710 8406 EMAIL: Mining@skmconsulting.com
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3710 8400 NAME: Tony Owen
FAX: +61 7 3710 8499 TITLE: Manager, Mining and Metals (QLD, NSW, VIC)
MOBILE: +61 400 076 090 TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3026 7100
EMAIL: h.kurth@scantech.com.au FAX: +61 7 3026 7300
WEB: www.scantech.com.au EMAIL: Mining@skmconsulting.com
WEB: www.skmconsulting.com

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Snowden SRA Information Technology

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Snowden is uncompromising in the delivery of the highest SRA Information Technology is a software development
quality technology solutions to the mining and related company focusing on the environmental reporting needs of the
industries. Snowden Technologies is an independent mining industry. SRA has a long association with miners,
information systems solution provider specialising in mining counting BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, BMA Coal
specific software solutions. and BHP Billiton Energy Coal amongst its long-term customers.
We use a multi-disciplinary approach, teaming up our SRA’s flagship product, EnviroSys, is a comprehensive
geologist, mining engineers and IT developers and analysts to enterprise platform for corporate sustainability reporting which
produce fully integrated solutions for clients. As independent provides maximum flexibility as a key design feature. EnviroSys
consultants we are familiar with all the major mining packages enables management and understanding of an organisation’s
with clients on projects ranging from exploration and resource total environmental footprint in an integrated way, handling
evaluation, risk assessments, mine planning and optimisation, energy, greenhouse gases, water, weather and all pollutant and
to mine data management and reconciliation. emission information equally well and providing integrated
reporting at a corporate level. EnviroSys is a comprehensive,
Snowden enables customers to extract real bottom line value web-enabled enterprise software platform for corporate
from their business through the application of a combination of sustainability management and reporting, providing integrated
expert technical skills across a range of technical areas, years reporting at a corporate governance level as well as facility
of practical experience globally, and an ongoing focused level and right down to the sample points. It collects and
investment in innovation. processes raw data for automated reporting, or it can accept
This unique approach combines world class industry expertise semi-processed data from higher in the supply chain,
and dedicated technology development resources to deliver depending on the needs of the organisation. EnviroSys is able
practical solutions to customers worldwide. to manage any type of monitoring data whatsoever, including
Snowden is well positioned to respond quickly and effectively also waste stream data, flora and fauna (biodiversity), noise,
to on site demands through a network of worldwide offices, energy consumption and others. It comes with a built in spatial
ensuring efficient global solutions delivered locally. interface for a map view of sampling sites and areas and has
configurable dashboards at the site and corporate level.
Products and Services: Automated data loads, alerting, report generation and
• Exploration Management distribution also feature.
• Sampling and QAQC
• Technical Reports and Due Diligence Products and Services:
• Business Improvement • EnviroSys (water)
• Risk Management • EnviroSys (greenhouse emissions)
• Coal • EnviroSys (energy)
• Geosciences • EnviroSys (pollutants)
• Mining Specific Software Solutions • EnviroSys (NPI)
• Geotechnical Engineering • EnviroSys (waste management)
• Training & Mentoring • EnviroSys (noise)
• Mining Engineering • EnviroSys (dust and fumes)
• Corporate Services • EnviroSys (location tracking)
• EnviroSys (radiation)
Primary Contacts: • EnviroSys (biodiversity)
NAME: Pips Kumleben • EnviroSys (weather)
TITLE: Marketing Manager
Primary Contacts:
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9213 9213
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9213 9213 NAME: Jim Rowe
FAX: +61 8 9322 2576 TITLE: Manager Business Development
MOBILE: +61 428 681 568 TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8941 7525
EMAIL: pkumleben@snowdengroup.com TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8941 7525
NAME: Rob Williamson FAX: +61 8 8941 7535
TITLE: Group General Manager – Technologies MOBILE: +61 428 377 381
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9213 9213 EMAIL: jim.rowe@sra.com.au
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9213 9213 NAME: Peter Greig
FAX: +61 8 9322 2576 TITLE: Manager SRA Environmental
EMAIL: rwilliamson@snowdengroup.com TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8227 2422
WEB: www.snowdengroup.com TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8227 2422
FAX: +61 8 8227 2433
MOBILE: +61 400 710 932
EMAIL: peter.greig@sra.com.au
WEB: www.sra.com.au

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Steinert Australia Pty Ltd StrataCrete Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Steinert Australian specialises in delivering Separation StrataCrete is a leading contractor in the application of sprayed
Technologies to improve the overall performance of your shotcrete ground support throughout the states and territories
operation. We design, manufacture and repair Magnetic of Australia and surrounding nations.
Separation Equipment, Sensor-based Sorting equipment and StrataCrete operates a range of robotic shotcrete placement
Industrial Magnets. Our focus is to provide technical guidance equipment including self-contained remote controlled units in
and a wide selection of product options to leading local and both coal and metalliferous mines.
International Mining, Quarrying and Recycling companies:
The ongoing success of StrataCrete is based on the ability to
• Tramp Material Detection & Removal Systems to Protect establish a team environment amongst its personnel and a
Conveyor’s, Crushers & HPGR’s, collaborative working relationship with its clients.
• Heavy Media Recovery & Iron Ore Beneficiation,
The owner and director of Stratacrete, Alby Loncaric has been
• Upstream Mineral Processing, Upgrade of Concentrator overseeing shotcrete operations for over 25 years. He started
Feed Stock Stratacrete Pty. Ltd. in 1999.
We draw on more than 115 years of innovation and ingenuity StrataCrete is a leading contractor in robotic application of
to Increase Production Yield, Improve Product Quality, Reduce sprayed concrete. It has a specialist division for the
Process Costs, or Improve Process Efficiencies. development and implementation of innovations in shotcrete
The Steinert equipment list includes: technology such as depth indicators, thickness scanning and
• Wet & Dry Low, Medium & High Intensity Magnetic early and mature insitu testing. It also conducts training and
Separators accreditation for nozzle-man and supervisors
• Induction, X-Ray, Colour & Near Infra Red Sensor Sorting Products and Services:
• Pro-Active depth indicators system for shotcrete thickness,
• Electro and Permanent Suspension Magnets Contracting shotcrete applications and Competency based
• Metal Detection Systems training modules for training in applications skills.
• Magnetic Drums/Pulleys • Shotcrete application and training for underground coal
Steinert Australia also invests in R&D with its parent, Steinert mining and metalliferous minerals and for civil works
Elektromagnetbau GmbH, in Cologne, Germany, where we are applications (roads and railways).
always engaged in delivering improved separation performance • Shotcrete Applications
and equipment reliability. • Competency Based Training
Products and Services: • Shotcrete Depth Control Systems
• Wet Low Intensity Magnetic Seps • Shotcrete Systems Auditing
• Wet High Intensity Magnetic Seps • Shotcrete Systems Management
• Metal Detectors Primary Contacts:
• Magnetic Head Pulleys NAME: Albert Loncaric
• Induction Sensor Sorters TITLE: Director
• Colour Sorting Systems TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3206 0892
• Wet Medium Intensity Magnetic Seps TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3206 0892
• Overhead Suspension Magnets FAX: +61 7 3206 0891
• Dry Magnetic Drums MOBILE: +61 419 776295
• Rare Earth Rolls EMAIL: alby@staracrete.com.au
• X-Ray Sensor Sorters WEB: www.stratacrete.com
• Eddy Current Separators
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Ezio Viti
TITLE: Business Development Manager
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 8720 0800
FAX: +61 3 8720 0888
MOBILE: +61 407 199 877
EMAIL: viti@steinert.com.au
NAME: Thomas Hudec
TITLE: Sales Engineer – Tramp Removal Systems
TEL (DIRECT): +61 3 8720 0800
FAX: +61 3 8720 0888
MOBILE: +61 418 199 220
EMAIL: hudec@steinert.com.au
WEB: www.steinert.com.au

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Sykes Group Pty Ltd Thiess Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Sykes Group is one ofthe world’s largest auto-prime pump Thiess is a leading mining, construction and services
manufacturers which has developed some ofthe most contractor. Our strength lies in our diversity—as a full service
advanced and efficient pumping systems. provider we offer total project solutions.
Sykes provides an unmatched combination of application and During the past 75 years, the company has played a pivotal
product expertise to meet your equipment needs. We role in promoting Australia’s resource sector and furthering
specialise in the design, manufacture and application of infrastructure development. Its mining projects have
standard and custom built equipment for some of the most encompassed a broad range of minerals including coal, copper
and uranium, nickel, gold, iron ore, silver, lead, zinc and
challenging applications in the world. We offer one of the
broadest selections of equipment technologies and product
Thiess has extensive experience in all forms of open cut mining
designs and are dedicated to helping our customers achieve
and dragline operations as well as dozer push mining. Its in-
the best performance, whatever the industry. house mine planning capabilities ensure that the extraction
Sykes Pumps are fully automatic priming pumps and do not process is fully-integrated into the overall mine plan to provide
require manual priming of the suction line or filling of a the most cost-effective extraction of ore and overburden.
priming tank in order to begin its normal operation. In The company operates a variety of coal and metaliferous mine
addition, the pump can run dry for extended periods due to the sites, moving more than three million tonnes of material per
oil bath mechanical seal assembly which allows priming with day. It also owns, operates and maintains one of the largest,
long suction hoses and suction lifts of up to 9 metres (28 feet). most diversified fleets of mining and construction plant in
As fluid levels fluctuate, the pump will ‘snore’ until the time Australasia.
liquid is available for the pump to fully reprime itself Thiess has the capability to mobilise a high-quality workforce
automatically. Fuel usage is minimised through the redesigned within tight timeframes to often remote locations, utilising best
hydraulic pump end, impeller and wear plates. practice recruitment and selection methodologies. All projects
Products and Services: have dedicated safety professionals who facilitate employee
• Quiet Solution Pumps consultation and risk management processes to integrate safety
• Auto Priming Solid Handling Pumps as part of day-to-day operations.
• Yakka With its long history of leading the introduction of new mining
• Olympic Pump Range methods, technologies and delivery techniques. Thiess delivers
• Pelican Dredge projects above the expectations of clients and finds innovative
• Himax Pump Range ways to minimise community and environmental impacts.”
• Trimwell Dewatering Equipment Products and Services:
• Diesel/Electric Drive Pumps • Resource evaluation
• Dragflow Submersible Pumps • Mine waste management
• Xtra Pump Range • Mine planning and optimisation
• Grindex Submersible Pumps • Utilities provision/relocation
Primary Contacts: • Project management, including mine
NAME: Chris O’Brien • Mining infrastructure development
TITLE: Group Product Manager • Coal and metalliferous mining opera
TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 4954 1424 • Mine rehabilitation.
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 4954 3333 Primary Contacts:
FAX: +61 2 4954 3303 NAME: Tom Cooney
MOBILE: +61 401 107 113 TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3002 9000
EMAIL: cob@sykesgroup.com FAX: +61 7 3002 9009
WEB: www.sykesgroup.com WEB: www.thiess.com.au
NAME: Thiess Services Pty Ltd
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3169 8300
FAX: +61 7 3846 0678
EMAIL: info@thiess-services.com.au
WEB: www.thiess-services.com.au

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Ultrasort Pty Ltd United Group Resources

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Leading supplier of robust and high-capacity sensor-based United Group Resources (UGL Resources) is a leading provider
sorting systems for the mining industry. of engineering, design, project management, construction,
shutdown, asset management and industrial maintenance
Products and Services: services to the Australian and international resources sectors.
• Application areas include: This includes the mining & mineral processing, chemicals, oil
• Industrial Minerals & gas (including LNG) and industrial processing industries.
• Base Metals In Australia, UGL Resources has over thirty five year’s
• Precious Metals experience and a workforce of over 3,000 employees. We have
• Fuel a number of operational centres and fully equipped and
• Gemstones accredited workshops strategically placed for efficient field
• Slag support. In addition, we have numerous crews working on sites
Primary Contacts: throughout the county to support our clients.
NAME: Hilton Gordon UGL Resources is part of United Group Limited (UGL), a
TITLE: Managing Director leading publicly listed (ASX 100) Australian engineering and
services provider employing approximately 30,000 people
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9457 8640
across the globe.
FAX: +61 2 9457 8650
EMAIL: sales@ultrasort.com.au Products and Services:
WEB: www.ultrasort.com.au • EPC Services – Major Projects
• Workshop Services
• Project Management
• Industrial Overhaul
• Steel Detailing
• Fabrication
• Shutdowns and Turnarounds
• Asset Management and Maintenance
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Craig Reimer
TITLE: General Manager, Mining and Minerals
(Project Delivery)
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 9219 5274
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 9219 5000
EMAIL: craig.reimer@unitedgroupltd.com
NAME: Clive Ross
TITLE: Executive General Manager, Asset Services
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3367 4233
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3367 4299
EMAIL: clive.ross@unitedgroupltd.com
WEB: www.unitedgroupltd.com

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Weir Minerals Australia Limited White Mining Limited

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Specialist in delivering and supporting slurry equipment White Mining Limited is now a corporate entity whose core
solutions and is recognised as a world leader in the design and business is to identify, design, develop and operate mineral
manufacture of pumps, mill liners, cyclones and slurry valves resource projects, principally coal, in Australia and overseas
for the mining and minerals processing industries
Products and Services:
Products and Services: • Technical and Commercial Evaluation of Coal Mining Project
• Centrifugal slurry pumps • Process and Plant Design of coal washery in Australia and
• Horizontal slurry pumps overseas
• Submersible slurry pumps • Engineering and Construction of modern opencast and
• Vertical slurry pumps underground coal mines in Australia and overseas
• Axial flow pumps • Planning and Execution of modern opencast and underground
• Dewatering pumps coal mines, coal washeries, implement on turnkey basis,train
• Positive displacement slurry pumps personnel and develop up to design capacity.
• Piston and piston diaphragm slurry pumps Primary Contacts:
• Dewatering pumps NAME: T.W. Duncan
• Slurry valves TITLE: Chairman
• Hydrocyclones TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9922 3777
• Wear resistant linings TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9922 3777
Primary Contacts: FAX: +61 2 9923 2427
NAME: David Dawson NAME: A. Roy
TITLE: Sales & Marketing Director – Australia/Asia TITLE: Director, International Mining
TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9934 5100 TEL (DIRECT): +61 2 9922 3777
FAX: +61 2 9437 4370 TEL (MAIN): +61 2 9922 3777
EMAIL: david.dawson@weirminerals.com FAX: +61 2 9923 2427
WEB: www.weirminerals.com EMAIL: aroy@whitemining.com.au

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Wilco Technologies Pty Ltd Worley Parsons Pty Ltd

Company Overview/Description: Company Overview/Description:
Wilco Technologies Pty Ltd is a South Australian based Worley Parsons is a leading provider of professional services to
company. Resin set bolting for underground mine strata control the resources and energy sectors and complex process
is our business. The company draws on over 18 years industries. Our services cover the full asset life cycle – from the
experience in underground mine development. Company creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance
director, Michael Williams, an experienced jumbo operator, operating assets.
knows the art of installing resin bolts.
Products and Services:
The Trajectaflex* Resin Firing System is designed to shoot a two • Engineering Service Alliances
pack synthetic resin capsule into a pre-drilled bolt hole for
• Process Plant Design
resin set bolting.
• Feasibility Studies
The Trajectaflex Resin Firing nozzle is unique. Its design • Base Metal Projects
revolves around a tension spring allowing it to flex, which • Industrial Chemicals Projects
gives perfect bolt hole alignment every time. Attached is a
• Technical and Commercial Projects
400mm long nozzle tip to pass through broken ground. Point
anchor or fully encapsulated bolts are easily obtained. The • Evaluation and Development
Trajectaflex System can be used where multiple strata • Engineering and Project Management
applications are required. A low maintenance, robust and • Light Metals Projects
simple design, the system is readily adapted to fit any make • Coal Projects
and model of jumbo drill without compromising its drilling • Pit to Port
capabilities. With a dual boom development jumbo the bolt Primary Contacts:
hole can be drilled with one boom while the other boom
inserts the resin capsules and the bolt. Significant reductions in NAME: Mark Southey
bolting cycle times have been recorded. TITLE: Managing Director Minerals and Metals –
The Trajectaflex Resin Firing System will reduce operator TEL (MAIN): +61 2 8923 6866
fatigue and chance of injury by minimising time spent off the
FAX: +61 2 8923 6812
work platform. The need for a jumbo operators offsider is also
significantly reduced. The Trajectaflex System offers increases EMAIL: mark.southey@worleyparsons.com
in safety and production. WEB: www.worleyparsons.com
Wilco Technologies provides a single specialized product
which is complimented by extensive operator training and
system support.
Products and Services:
• Trajectaflex Resin Firing System
• Training and Support
• Bolt Engaging Tools
Primary Contacts:
NAME: Michael Williams
TITLE: Managing Director
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8627 8055
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8627 8055
FAX: +61 8 8627 8083
MOBILE: +61 438 881 715
EMAIL: trajectaflex@bigpond.com
NAME: Clare Williams
TITLE: Secretary
TEL (DIRECT): +61 8 8627 8055
TEL (MAIN): +61 8 8627 8055
FAX: +61 8 8627 8083
MOBILE: +61 408 889 585
EMAIL: trajectaflex@bigpond.com
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Xstrata Technology
Company Overview/Description:
Xstrata Technology develops, markets and supports
technologies for the global mineral processing and metals
smelting and refining industries. These technologies include
ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ smelting processes, IsaMill™
grinding mills, the ISA PROCESS™ and Kidd Process copper
refining and winning technology, the Jameson Cell flotation
machine for mineral and oil sand flotation, and Albion Process
refractory leaching technology.
Xstrata Technology works with the client to provide a www.australianresourcesandinvestment.com.au
comprehensive, tailored solution involving an integrated
process and equipment design, detailed engineering, &
equipment supply, operator training, commissioning assistance
and ongoing process and maintenance support. Clients world
wide, get the latest technology based on technologies that
were originally developed for use in Xstrata’s own operations.  Now entering its third year!
Fundamental to Xstrata Technology is the high caliber people
who support the technologies, who have worked with the Australian Resources & Investment
technology in real plants, and have experience in production, is the mining industry’s most recent,
maintenance and management.
independent journal
Products and Services:
• Isasmelt
Published bi-monthly, Australian Resources &
• Isaconvert
Investment is dedicated to showcasing Australian
• Isa Process
• Kidd Process miners to the investment world. Featuring
• Isamill presentations from Mining Club meetings, extended
• Jameson Cell commentary from small and mid-tier miners and
• Albion Process perspectives from leading professionals in the field, it is
Primary Contacts: a key source of information on Australia’s resources
NAME: Brenton Burford sector.
TITLE: Senior Intellectual Property Co-ordinator The high quality, full colour publication is
TEL (DIRECT): +61 7 3833 8500 distributed free of charge to attendees at Sydney
TEL (MAIN): +61 7 3833 8500
Mining Club meetings, Melbourne Mining Club
FAX: +61 7 3833 8555
meetings, to a private subscription list and in digital
EMAIL: Bburford@xstratatech.com.au
WEB: www.xstratatech.com.au form to a private online subscription list at
Subscribers and readers include mining company
executives, and private and institutional investors, from
Australia and around the world.


Available by free subscription at
our Chinese language edition is
endorsed by the China Mining
A Chinese government body, the
China Mining Association promotes
Australian Resources & Investment to
its members and associates, comprising mining and
investment executives in China.
Our Chinese language edition is also supported by

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From China to Chile, from
Kolkata to Kentucky, Austrade
has the mining industry covered

Austrade’s Global Mining Team

Austrade helps Australian mining industry companies win overseas business

by reducing the time, cost and risk of developing international markets.
Specifically, Austrade provides:
• A dedicated global network of Austrade export advisers for the mining industry
• Help in selecting export markets & finding international partners
• Advice on the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme
• Attendance to international trade missions and exhibitions

View a list of Austrade’s international mining events at:

www.austradeevents.com.au/mining or
Contact one of Austrade’s dedicated mining Export Advisers
Clyde Paton – ph: (02) 9390 2788, email: clyde.paton@austrade.gov.au
Isaac Court – ph: (02) 4926 5907, email: isaac.court@austrade.gov.au
Hilary Boreham – ph: (07) 3364 7714, email: hilary.boreham@austrade.gov.au
Jim Nylander – ph: (08) 9261 7930, email: jim.nylander@austrade.gov.au

Tomorrow’s Shotcrete
Technology Today

Tomorrow’s Technology

StrataCrete is a leading international contractor in robotic application

of sprayed concrete. It has a specialist division for the development
and implementation of innovations in shotcrete technology such as
depth indicators, thickness scanning and insitu testing. It also conducts
training and accreditation for nozzle-man and supervisors.