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SWC Lesson Reflection

Lesson Math - Oval Nada Arif

Adellean Altaher New World American Private
MST School

Class Kindergarten 1A Date 15-october-2018

Overall aim and context of the lesson

Let the students know the new shape and reviewing the previous shapes with them.

SWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Select (S):

In this lesson, I taught the students the shape of Oval which is new shape for them and show them how to
draw it. Also, I review the previous shapes with them that they take them before. I start the lesson by
giving them the week song, then I play a shapes song for them and they were engaged because in the song
there was something like a game which is they should show me where the circle or the square is, they do
understand the shapes.

Describe (D):

This lesson was for kindergarten 1 students, the lesson was in their classroom I used the circle time and
the activities areas with them. In this lesson, I was trying to achieve a goal which is let them recognize and
know the new shape with reviewing the previous shapes they take them before, and I achieve my goal, they
learn the shape and understand it and know how to draw it. Students were engaged in the lesson
especially when I start the lesson with the week song then playing the shape song on the computer because
in the song there was something like a game which is they have some things that have different shapes and
they should find the correct shape.

Analyze (A):

The students were engaged and do understand all of the shapes, also they understand the Oval shape
immediately and that was because they always review with them all of the shapes they are going to learn
in the semester but in one week they focus just on one shape so students can remember it. So when I taught
them the Oval shape they were understanding the shape and some of the students know the name of it from
before, so they recognize the topic. I used the shapes song and let the students to draw the shape on the
board to engage them with the lesson and were engaged.
Appraise (A):

The students know the shape already from before and they know the other shapes when I make a review
with them. They like the activities specially making flower with the Ovals activity, they also did like the
other activities and most of them tried all the activities.
My lesson meet my teaching goals, because at the end when I make the assessment for them they were
understand the shape and the name of it, they were able to recognize it when I show them the shape with
the other shapes.

Transform (T):

In the future, I might make more challenging activities for this lesson and more activities that could get
their attention more, I can let the students draw the shape on the air in the opening of the lesson, and I can
also read a story about shapes for them.
In this lesson, while I explaining the activities for them I didn’t make a sample for the flowers activities to
show them so they didn’t understand it well at the beginning, and I should make different tones of my
voice while teaching them. I hope in the next lesson I can improve my weakness and make a new things.