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Ethnic Conflict Research Paper

Due: Monday, November 5

Ethnicity stirs human emotions that, under certain circumstances, can erupt into public display, civil
disturbances, even open political conflict. Your mission is to investigate the cause, nature, and extent of tension
in a location of your choice and to create a briefing on the conflict for the class. To demonstrate above and
beyond work, you would include maps, graphics, photos and links to relevant online sources. Make sure to
include the following:

 Ethnic groups that are involved

 Causes of the conflict (be specific- and remember, there are often multiple causes)
 An outline of major/notable events connected to the conflict
 How does this conflict relate to geography?  where does it occur? What is the special extent?
How does it manifest on different scales (local, regional, global)?
 How many people have been impacted? How have they been impacted?
 Relate to AP Human Geography (when it applies, so you don’t need ALL of these,
but some of them)  cultural aspects, cultural landscape, role of religion, international
organizations’ influence, social or economic or environmental consequences, migration trends,
impact on population, impact on borders

Ethnic Conflict Options

Armenia/Azerbaijan Indonesia (Aceh) Quebec (French Canada)
Burundi (current) Indonesia (Timor) Russia (Chechnya)
China (Tibet) Kashmir Rwanda (historical)
Cambodia Kenya Somalia
Central African Republic Kosovo South Africa (historical)
(ONGOING) Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites (Iraq) South Sudan (Current)
Congo DRC (ONGOING) Lebanon Spain (Basque, Catalonia)
Cyprus Mexico (Chiapas) Sri Lanka
Darfur/Chad & Sudan Myanmar (current) Syria (ONGOING)
(ONGOING) Nigeria (ONGOING) Uganda
Ethiopia/Eritrea (current) Pakistan Zimbabwe (ONGOING)
Guatemala (Mayans) Philippines (Mindanao)

Formatting Necessities:
This should be typed: Times New Roman size 12 pt font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins on the
paper. On the top right-hand corner should be your name, the date handed in, and the class period you
are in. Each page should have a page number also in the top right-hand corner with your last name and
page number afterwards.
There should be a separate paper for your bibliography – it must be in MLA format. You should have a
minimum of 4 sources

- Monday, Oct. 29  list of 4 sources, notes on research completed (graded for completion)
- Wednesday, Oct. 31  outline of paper, 2-3 images or maps saved on google drive
- Friday, Nov. 2  rough draft to hand in and workshop

FINAL DEADLINE: Monday, Nov. 5

Ethnic Conflict Research Paper RUBRIC

Historical Info No. This paper provides very brief and unclear history of the conflict. It
Does the paper include… the specific may be lacking multiple causation, multiple turning points, and general 12 or less
depth of content knowledge.
ethnic groups involved? at least 3
different causes of the conflict? Somewhat. This paper includes only a couple causes and/or only a
explain at least 3 different turning couple major turning points. The history is brief and demonstrates only a 15-20
points of the conflict? are the cursory understanding of the conflict.
historical components detailed and Yes, this paper clearly explains multiple causations of the conflict,
thorough? explains multiple different major turning points of the conflict, and 25
provides a well-rounded historical understanding of the conflict.

No, only one scale is mentioned briefly. 5

Explanation of Scale Yes, the paper gives information about 2 different scales, but one or both
Does this paper compare different
sections of information may be brief, demonstrating a cursory 10-14
understanding of the conflict looking at various levels.
scales and demonstrate how
changing scale helps understand Yes. This paper provides information about 2+ scales, and how the
complexities of the conflict? conflict can be understood looking at all of the scales. There may be an
explicit comparison of the scales, or referencing to the importance of
changing scales to better understand this conflict.

No. This paper addresses only 1 of the additional AP Human Geo topics
& does not demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the ethnic
conflict in regard to broader human geography concepts. The specific
15 or less
terms may be lacking, and the concept may only be vaguely implied.
AP Human Geo
Somewhat. This paper ties to a couple concepts aside from ethnicity, but
Connections does so without much detail or explanation. The specific terms may be
Does this paper address lacking, but are implied throughout the paper. This paper demonstrates a 20
consequences socially, economically, vague understanding of the complexity of the ethnic conflict in regard to
or environmentally of the conflict? broader human geography concepts.
Does this paper address other factors
Yes. This paper covers consequences, other factors involved in the
that have influenced the conflict?
conflict in addition to ethnicity, and looks at migration and/or 30
Does this paper look at migration population, however one or more of these are brief.
and/or population?
Yes. This paper explicitly addresses at least one consequence of the
conflict, as well as the role of other cultural factors on the conflict. This
paper ties this conflict explicitly to migration and/or population trends,
demonstrating an understanding of multiple facets of this conflict.
Above & Beyond Yes, there are some images and/or links, they demonstrate a base-level
Does this paper include embedded understanding of the conflict. They provide some enhancement.
links to images or embedded
images/maps that enhance the Yes, this paper not only has embedded links or images, but they are used
understanding of the conflict? strategically and enhance the overall paper. 10

Formatting & This paper has ALL correct formatting for a full 10 out of 10, has at
least 4 diverse resources and has correctly cited them in the bibliography /10
Bibliography using MLA format.

Total: _______________/ 100