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The ASM Course, which is approved by the DG Shipping, The Course provides proficiency at management level
prepares a student to successfully compete for the in the following areas:
Certificate of Competency (COC) examination as Master
of a Foreign Going Ship. 1. Indian Merchant Shipping Act; 1958.
2. Documentation.
3. Custom House Procedure.
OBJECTIVE 4. Stowaways, Piracy, Smuggling and other Custom
Offences. Drug and Alcohol Policy and its Enforcement.
By strictly adhering to the syllabus and guidelines of the 5. Master-Pilot relationship.
META Manual Vol. II; Appendix M-II/ 3A of D.G. 6. Economics of Sea Transport.
Shipping, Government of India, the course imparts 7. Shipping Practice.
knowledge, which goes beyond answering the question 8. Marine Insurance.
paper. The course further develops candidates to 9. International Institutions.
become world-class officers who are confident in taking 10. Control Procedures.
the responsibility as Master of a foreign going vessel. 11. Ship Management.
12. HRD.
The objective also includes explaining and imparting 13. Orals preparation.
information related to the new conventions and
regulations, as well as the latest developments in the
The written examination for this course is conducted
Maritime Industry.
by Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) at Mumbai,
Delhi, Chennai, Kandla, Kochi and Kolkata. However,
DETAILS the orals examination is conducted at Mumbai,
Chennai, Kandla, Kolkata and Kochi. The Certificate of
Duration : 1.5 MONTHS
Competency is subsequently awarded only to those
Eligibility :
candidates who have successfully met the following
1). Chief Mate COC.
2). A total of 36 months sea time AFTER 2nd Mate COC
1. Sea Service requirements.
2. Passed the written examination.
3). OUT of 36 months, MINIMUM 12 months AFTER
3. Completed all the relevant STCW courses.
4. Passed orals.
4). If sailed as Chief Officer, then 50% of THAT SEA TIME
ADDED (UPTO a MAXIMUM of 6 Months) and
Candidates will need to book their examination seats at
COUNTED to make the TOTAL to 36 MONTHS
respective MMD as mentioned above.
No. of Participants : 40
Course facilitators : Extra Master/Master Mariners/
Course venue : ARI, Delhi & SHAPE, Panchkula

For Course Booking and Schedule at Delhi Centre, please email us at coursebookings@ariworld.com
For Course Booking and Schedule at Panchkula Centre, please email us at aripanchkula@ariworld.com
Companies can opt for Block Booking.
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