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Measuring Webercise with Ipad Construction lesson

A. Problem solving activity. Before we begin designing our two dimensional floor plans in
GeoGebra we must first do the following the problems to introduce ourselves to the
concept of budgeting, optimization, and measuring area in the world of 2D. Additionally
we will use the following program, GeoGebra Classic to graph each problem.

Problem 1. The cost of construction is 2 dollars for one square ft. Which is cheaper to construct, a room with a
length of 10 ft, a width of 8 ft, and height of 2 ft or a room with length 10 ft, width of 4 ft and a height of 4 ft?
(hint. calculate the area of all the walls including the floor then compare the measurements)

Problem 2. A water main for a street is being laid using a particular kind of pipe that comes in either 12-foot
sections or 20-foot sections. The designer has determined that the water main would require 12 fewer sections
of 20-foot pipe than if 12-foot sections were used. Find the total length of the water main.

Problem 3. We have a bed room, bath room, and kitchen. The bed room has the dimensions of 8 ft by 10 ft by 9ft.
The bathroom has the dimensions of 8 ft by 8 ft by 7 ft. The kitchen has the dimensions of 8 ft by 5 ft by 5 ft. What
is the area of the base of every room? How much ground do they cover altogether?
Problem 4. Determine the volume of each room in the previous problem by considering the height of every room.
Show all your work.

B. Digital Floor Plan Activity.

Now let’s use GeoGebra Classic to make our own digital floor plan. Your digital floor plan
must satisfy the following guidelines. First construct each room from below with given
dimensions, you can always change them later. Moreover, the whole house must have a total
area of 100 feet squared. While you do your constructions consider the unused space.
Master Bedroom must have an area of Guest room must have an area of 8 ft
15 ft squared squared
Bathroom 1 must have an area of 6 ft Bathroom 2 must have an area of 6 ft
squared squared
Living room must an area of 13 ft The dinner must have exactly an area
squared of at least 4 ft squared and at most 6 ft
The entrance must have an area of 1 ft The kitchen must have an area of 8 ft
squared squared
Next try to move the rooms around, to find the best possible way to decrease the amount of
unused space. We may also change the dimensions of a room, but it must still have the same
area. i.e a room with dimensions 2 ft by 6ft and a room with 3 ft by 4 ft have the same area of
12 feet squared but different dimensions.

You may find a student sample in the following site, it is located by the
GeoGebra classic resource.

After developing a rough draft of your digital floor plan use the following link to
construct a final professional floor plan.
C. Volume activity. Building a similar scale model in Minecraft
Before we determine volume of Geometric shapes we need to assess our previus knowledge on
volume. Use the following link to fill in the blanks and learn the applications of volume.
Fill in the blank.
1. The volume of an object is the _________________________it fills.
2. For any cuboid:
Volume = length × width × ____________
or Volume = area of cross-section × length
3. The volume of a container for liquids is often called its _____________.

Consider the following problems, they will help us develop our skills in measuring volume of
cuboids and the applications of volume.
Determine the volume of the following cuboids.
Problem 1.

Problem 2.

Problem 3.
Problem 4.

D. Minecraft interactive activity.

Click on the following link if you are using a notebook/laptop if you are using an ipad then
locate the app Minecraft lite in the app store. There should be a free demo version on the app

Build a house in Minecraft with a base of 150 square units with dimensions of length 15
square units and a width of 10 square units.

Our house is three dimensional, so it has a height of 4 blocks or 4 square units.

The house must include 3 rooms, a bedroom with a base of 8 by 8 square units, a bathroom
with dimension 3 by 5 square units, and a kitchen with dimension 6 by 3 square units.

You may place these rooms however you like you just need to make sure each room has walls
all around them.

While doing this activity keep in mind how many blocks you use and try to answer the
following question.

Would you use less blocks if the rooms are all touching the outer walls of your home?