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09 Understanding Target Markets 17 Sharing on Facebook
04 Including Hashtags
10 Posting Past Shoots 18 Including Blog Post Links
07 Interacting with Followers
13 Maintaining Style 20 BONUS SECTION
08 Tagging Vendors & Clients
14 Creating a Content Calendar 21 CONCLUSION

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With 400 million active users every month, Instagram is an ideal

social media platform for you to share your images. As a wedding
photographer, you're constantly creating content every time you
shoot. Although your presence is necessary on Instagram to reach
a larger audience, finding followers who represent qualities of your
ideal clients can be challenging and time-consuming (especially if
your approach isn't strategic). As busy as you are, and with all of
the other projects you have, how can you carve out the additional
time needed to gain followers who are ideal clients?

Read our guide to discover how you can create a cohesive Insta-
gram strategy which allows you to quickly find and attract followers
who are perfect for you and your business. Through advanced
techniques, we share how you can quickly curate an audience of
ideal clients, encourage interaction through a consistent posting
schedule, and maintain your style as a wedding photographer.
Continue reading to learn what else you can do with your Insta-
gram business account to excite and entice your ideal clients.
“When I find
fashion and
accounts I love,
I follow
them, and
often take note
of the
they are using.”
- Melissa Jill

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When you are using Instagram for your business, it can be challenging to know exactly how to find an
audience that suits you as a photographer. Encouraging likes and shares on Instagram is key to helping
you reach a larger audience. From including relevant hashtags, interacting with followers, and tagging
clients and vendors from the wedding day, you can increase the number of followers you have on your
business account.

As you curate an audience, focus on the quality of followers rather than the quantity. If you attract
couples who do not fit the description of your ideal client, your following cannot do as much for your
business. Having plenty of followers is great, but ensuring you attract ideal clients who can help you
book more weddings assists you in moving closer to your goals

Including Hashtags
For you to reach and attract ideal clients on your Instagram business, using hashtags can be
instrumental in your efforts to reaching a larger audience. When you use keywords with hashtags
which are relatable to the photography industry, as well as your ideal clients, you begin to widen your
reach. If you are not sure where to start, try including “#weddingphotography” and
Advanced Tip:
Even though more
hashtags can help increase
your interaction, be
mindful about how many
you use. If not careful, your
post can quickly become
overwhelming (and unat-
tractive) to look at if there
are too many hashtags!

@MelissaJill 218 Likes

Both of these ensure you have a couple of hashtags that potential clients may be looking at and can
help you gain followers who are interested in your work.

For you to become recognizable on Instagram, create more unique and individual hashtags that relate
to you and your brand. When you develop branded hashtags, incorporate your business name, such
as “#JDWeddings” or “#LMBrides.” Wedding photographer, Melissa Jill, uses the hashtag
"#melissajillphotography" on her Instagram posts, which helps her brand become more identifiable.

Understanding exactly how many hashtags you should use on each post can set you apart from other
photographers on Instagram. How many hashtags do you currently use on each of your posts?
According to QuickSprout, using 11+ hashtags (per 1,000 followers) results in a 79.5% interaction
rate, and 9 hashtags (per 1,000 followers) results in a 49.5% interaction rate. Before including
hashtags on your posts, do your research and find out which are the most popular in your market.
Use this program to discover the top hashtags and which ones you are currently using on your

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Interacting with Followers

As you continue building an audience, mastering interaction on social media is crucial to maintaining a
group of loyal followers. When you communicate with your followers on Instagram, engagement rates
increase on your account and trust is formed. You’re already doing most of the work by initially posting
an image and text that will entice your followers; don’t miss out on higher engagement rates by
forgetting to engage with people who leave you comments! A gesture of replying back to a
compliment, question, or statement from one of your followers goes a long way; they will remember
how quickly you responded and will desire to comment on your photos more often.

International wedding photographer, Jessica Claire, interacts with her 26.7k (and counting!) followers
on Instagram and even shares quick tips. On a post from a past shoot, a follower inquired about her
back-lighting techniques. Instead of letting the follower guess how she used backlighting in the photo,
she responded and shared her expertise.

“I always tag
my clients and
vendors to give
credit and it has
helped me
tremendously. I
gain more
because of it,
and the people I
tag respect me
more.” - Jose VIlla

Taylor 5,575 Likes
Jackson Photography

Tagging Clients and Vendors

Tagging your clients in their engagement and wedding photos means the photo will live within their Advanced Tip:
Instagram account (and it makes it simple for them to show it to their friends and family). They even If your clients or vendors
have the option to reshare your image, which increases the number of Instagram users that see your you’re working with have
image and have the opportunity to follow you! any unique hashtags, be
sure to include these in
As well as tagging your couples, tagging vendors is crucial to building strong relationships and continu- the post as well. This will
ing to reach your ideal clients. How many vendors do you come into contact with on the wedding day? help expand your reach
Vendors are a large part of the wedding day, and likely have a following of their own on Instagram, so and have your images
your photos have the potential to be seen by thousands of clients you have never reached before. seen by more people.


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As with anything you do for your business, maintaining consistency on your Instagram business
account helps you attract ideal clients. Consistency refers to your brand message, sharing images your Advanced Tip:
target market is interested in, and developing a cohesive schedule for posting. Because Instagram’s Use Iconosquare to
users are growing at a rapid pace, and at least 70 million new photos are shared every day, your discover what’s working
account has to stand out from other photographers who are similar to you. best on your account and
what your followers are
Understanding Target Markets most interested in.
When you are choosing photos and additional content to feature on your Instagram account, are you
educated on who makes up your target market, and what they would prefer to see from you? Is your
ideal bride between the ages of 23-35? According to E-Consultancy, 41% of Instagram users are ages
16-24 and 25% are ages 24-34. Of the brides that fit your ideal client, make strategic decisions about
content you’ll share with them. Posting photos of past weddings shoots benefits potential, current,
and past clients. In your photos, tag the vendors whose work is featured so potential and current
clients (who are looking for vendors) get ideas of what they would like their day to look like. Your past
clients can benefit by remembering the fond memories from the wedding day.


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Cole Joseph Photography

Since you should build a connection with your clients through your content, decide how many of
your posts will feature personal photos, vendor-related content, and past wedding and engage-
ment images. Maintaining your posting schedule is key to connecting and attracting ideal clients
to your Instagram account. Whether you decide to post 10% personal photos, 40% vendor
images, and 50% wedding and engagement photos, or adjust the percentages to your preference,
finding your balance and staying true to it will continue to benefit you and your account.

After deciding what type of content to present to your ideal clients, determine exactly when you
will schedule your posts. Perhaps you notice your followers are most active at 11am and 5pm
every day, or are only attentive a few days out of the week. Look at other photographer’s Insta-
gram accounts to gain inspiration for your post schedule; but, ensure you only use them as an
example of what you could do (your target market may differ slightly).

Posting Past Shoots

As a wedding photographer, you create content every time you shoot a wedding. Because social
media moves so quickly, it’s crucial for your photo’s success to happen quickly. Developing a

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posting schedule within 48 hours of the engagement and wedding shoot ensures you're reaching out
to your couples while they’re still excited about their big day. Advanced Tip:
The best way to know
When choosing a photo to post after the wedding day, look for a “Wow” image of the bride and your ideal times and days
groom. This is an image which stands out from the rest and accurately represents your style as a to post images on your
photographer. Test out what works for you as far as times to post the first image. If you find posting Instagram account is by
late at night, or posting early in the morning is more beneficial for you, that’s the schedule you should testing. Try posting several
stick to. images at different times,
and analyze the number of
Quickly posting your most recent weddings shows your ideal clients what your style is and what you’ll Likes and Comments you
produce for them if they book you. You should also feature past shoots to mix up your content and to receive. After running
give yourself another opportunity to have your work shared, but limit them to certain days, such as multiple tests, you can
celebrating “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday.” Your most recent images show your followers start to determine your
what you’ll produce for them if they booked you right now. prime times for posting!


@Amy_Demos 567 Likes

Maintaining Style
As your clients look for a photographer for their wedding day, your specific style helps attract them
to your business. Maintaining your photography style on your Instagram business account is crucial in
establishing consistency on all of your sites (website, blog, and other social media platforms). Any
image you post on Instagram should represent who you are as a photographer.

Wedding photography duo, Amy and Jordan Demos, have Instagram business accounts
(@Amy_Demos and @Jordan_Demos) which represent their Signature Style. Each photo they post
has a lighter tone to them, helping them maintain their style and providing consistency for their

Think about posting to your Instagram account in the same way you would sharing images on your
website, blog, and other social platforms. Would you return your images to your clients without them
being color corrected and your additional edits added? Instead of using filters and editing tools on
Instagram for your images, upload your color corrected photos after they’ve been edited by a photo
editing company, such as ShootDotEdit.


@KatelynJames 1,436 Likes

Creating a Content Calendar

When you start to gather what you want to post on Instagram, are you organizing with a content calendar?
Similar to using a content calendar for your blog posts, your posting schedule can benefit tremendously
from a calendar. Instead of deciding what you’ll post the week or day of, a content calendar allows you to
plan as far as advance as possible. After deciding on what days and times you will post to Instagram,
choose what content should be placed on a certain day. Perhaps every Sunday, you share a personal
series, which contains photos of you and your activities. Every Tuesday, you post a photo from a recent
wedding as a sneak peek. And finally, every Thursday you celebrate “Throwback Thursday” and post a
photo from some of your older weddings.

A content calendar allows you to look at what content you have on deck and mark important dates, such
as anniversary dates of your past couples. By planning ahead, you can successfully post images that are
meaningful to clients, which can help increase the overall interaction on your account.

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As well as using a content calendar, you can set reminders for yourself in Hootsuite. If you schedule
your posts for Instagram in Hootsuite, when it’s time to publish that post, you’ll receive a reminder on
your phone. If you want to schedule your Instagram posts along with your other social posts, you can
use CoSchedule or IFTTT. Keeping yourself organized with tools to help you schedule your posts in
advance can help your business workflow move at a fast pace.

“I use Latergram to schedule posts and Iconosquare’s analytics

to understand when my followers are most engaged. I schedule
around those time frames (generally around 3pm and 8pm
daily), and that increases the odds that my posts will appear in
the “Top Posts” grid for each hashtag I use.”
-Melissa Jill
“I like to
and other shoots
the same day
the blog post is
-Katelyn James

@KatelynJames 1,482 Likes

Taylor Jackson Photography

Although Instagram is a large platform for you to share your content with ideal clients, there are
other social media networks which can assist you in reaching larger audiences. Your photos
represent who you are, so sharing them on as many platforms as possible increases the chances
you’ll meet clients who are perfect for you.

Virginia wedding photographer, Katelyn James, has an Instagram business account where she
provides her audience with gorgeous photos, colorful commentary, and compelling content (and
knows to share it on other networks).

Sharing on Facebook
Similar to Instagram, sharing images on Facebook is a great way to encourage sharing and interac-
tion on your posts. Sharing on both networks is simple; when posting to Instagram, choose the
option to also post your image simultaneously on Facebook before you publish it. Not only will
your Instagram followers see your photos, but you expand your reach by sharing on Facebook and
tagging your couple on both networks.

“We always tell
[our followers] in
the comments
they can find
more informa-
tion on our blog,
and then we let
them know that
the link to our
blog can be
found in our bio
(or we use the
@ScobeyPhotog 102 Likes

Including Blog Post Links -Ashley and

With any social media platform you use, your content should draw your followers to your Graham Scobey
website and blog. One of the best ways to invite followers to visit your blog is to share sneak
peeks of your upcoming wedding posts. Since you can only post one image at a time on Insta-
gram (unlike posting an album on Facebook), use this as an opportunity to gain the attention of
your followers. Let them know you’ll post the rest of the photos to your blog at a later date,
and they’ll have to check back to see the wedding images. Once you have updated your blog
with the new photos, post another photo of that specific wedding or engagement session to
the blog, and include “Link in bio” in your main text. From here, you can update your Instagram
bio to include a link to that specific session on your blog, allowing followers to view the rest of
the session. By doing this, you create anticipation on your Instagram account, and it allows
people to continuously check to see when you post new content.

Photographers Ashley and Graham Scobey share sneak peeks into their past shoots and inform
followers to access their blog for the rest of the images. This encourages clicks on their blog
posts and higher interaction rates from their followers.
Looking for additional
social media help?

Maximizing Instagram Media
Facebook Essentials Hacks

1. Send an email to past and present clients, as well as any newsletter subscribers, to
encourage them to follow you on Instagram.

2. Follow photographers and other business owners who have a similar style to you
to gain inspiration.

3. Post an image quickly after the wedding and have it simultaneously post to
Facebook so your couples can share it with their family and friends.

4. Constantly look for new hashtags that you can use on your images that will
attract new followers and ideal clients.

5. Develop a unique style and a regular posting schedule, so that followers know
what to expect from you. When new followers look through your personal feed,
they will see that your images are consistent and will be enticed to follow you,
especially if they are your ideal clients.

6. Promote your Instagram account on other social networks, such as Facebook,

Twitter, and Pinterest.

7. Keep your account exciting by continuously asking questions to promote inter-

action, and entice followers by telling them to check back for more images from
your most recent weddings.

8. Like and comment on photos from your ideal clients.

“For every 100 likes I did on random photos of other users

(whom I didn’t follow), I generated 21.7 likes on my photos
and 6.1 more followers. I did not have to follow people back
for this to work.”
-Neil Patel 20

Take a moment to look at your current Instagram business page. Is

it helping you reach your overall goals or placing your content in
front of your target market? Is your audience full of ideal clients or
do you have followers who cannot help you grow your business?
Are they engaged with your content, leaving comments and
sharing with their followers or do they occasionally like your posts,
but never really interact with you? Even if you have some followers
who are perfect for you and are engaged with your content on
Instagram, always make improvements and changes to your
account to continue your growth.

Understanding exactly who you are as a photographer, and who

your ideal clients are, assists you in creating an Instagram account
for your business which can help you reach a larger audience. Use
the tips we've shared in our guide, as well as the examples from
some of Instagram's top photographers, to create an updated
strategy for your business page. When you create a cohesive and
strong plan for your Instagram, you enable yourself to spend less
time working on your business and more time working on the
creative aspects of photography.