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ourney to


“Innovation-driven Development
for Sustainable Cities”


About Congress Introduction

UCLG ASPAC Congress is a biennial event that brings together key development actors across Asian and s a region with stronger economic growth (Regional Economic Outlook: Asia Pacific, October
the Pacific countries. The Congress will be hosted by the Surabaya City Government and jointly organised 2017), Asia Pacific has been facing high rate of urbanisation. According to UN-Habitat
by United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC). It is expected that the Congress will Urban Indicators programme, over 60 percent of local governments don’t have appropriate
be an event for stakeholders to exchange ideas and experience and forge new partnerships to strengthen capacities, means and tools to understand urban dynamics and challenges with accurate data
community-of-practice on local government attainment of global agendas including Sustainable and information. Cities require a monitoring system that can track progress and identify setbacks using
Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA) in Asia Pacific region. new approaches and techniques in order to support the formulation of better informed policies. They also

This biennial congress is one of the most important activities of UCLG ASPAC. More than 1.000 participants require periodic assessments on their state of development and accurate tools to evaluate policy outcomes

gather from all over Asia Pacific and other regions, coming from major cities and regencies, representatives and the impact of specific plans and actions. Moreover, the monitoring and reporting of the Sustainable

from national governments, universities and research organisations, regional and international bodies, Development Goal 11 – Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable - and

non-government organisations and the private sector. the New Urban Agenda presents major challenges that other SDGs do not necessarily confront, even in
countries with the most advanced statistical systems. Effective monitoring and timely implementation of
The 7th UCLG ASPAC CONGRESS will offer participants the opportunity to take part in a large number
SDG 11 as well as other urban related SDGs requires a strong involvement from both local and regional
of activities, from the high level sessions highlighting recent urban development and innovations and
governments in reaching out to be more innovative. Doing so requires a concerted effort to institutionalise
its applications, to a range of other sessions and activities devoted to discuss the current and potential
urban development monitoring systems. The importance of innovation was also recognised by the 2030
challenges facing the urban future community.
UN Agenda for Sustainable Development in order to leave no one behind.

The thematic sessions and social programs of the congress, the variety of topics covered and the “globality”
he 7th Congress of UCLG ASPAC will be held under the theme of “Innovation-driven Development
of the event offer participants and exhibitors a wide range of opportunities to develop cooperation,
for Sustainable Cities” and cover issues that are crucial for cities and local governments.
partnerships and business linkages and to strengthen networking.
Innovations towards people-centered development will be highlighted, such as partnership
UCLG ASPAC and the City of Surabaya are delighted to invite you to take part in the 7th UCLG ASPAC
between local government and key stakeholders to boost local economy and revenue, enabling
CONGRESS, to be held in Surabaya from 12 to 15 September 2018. On behalf of the UCLG ASPAC and the
environment for local governments, and improve connectivity to enhance local strengths and the needs to
Surabaya Organising Committee, we welcome you to the City of Heroes Surabaya, Indonesia.
work well with the youth. Others are the promotion of public space including the competition on design
for and with the people, energy and urban mobility, child-friendly environment, and resilient cities and
regions. Pre Congress Sessions including competition and training will also be held.

Dr. (H.C.) Tri Rismaharini Dr. Bernadia I. Tjandradewi

Mayor of Surabaya UCLG ASPAC Secretary General
Public Space Design Side Events 7th UCLG ASPAC
Congress Agenda
Pre-Congress Seminar on Public Space
Competition Public Space Talk
Events and sessions
(May-Sept) conducted before (10 Sept) (11 Sept)
the Congress

Session Enabling Promoting
Reshaping Roles of
Innovation for Local Government in
A session which covers Environment for Partnership Session
broader range of content Sustainability Development Aids
Local Governments (13 Sept) (14 Sept)
related to sustainable (13 Sept) (14 Sept)
development and local (13 Sept)

City Energy & Climate How do I Implement
Action: How to Set Targets the Global Agenda
Training session where
there is knowledge and skill and develop a plan in my City
transfers by using tools or (12 Sept) (12 Sept)

Events Future Global Covenant Sanitation & AuthentiCITY Child Youth
Localizing Disaster
Sessions where participants Energy of Mayors Public Space Solid Waste Driven by Cultural Friendly Session
meet with development SDGs Risk Reduction
Mobility Launching (13 Sept) Management Heritage & Tourism Cities (14 Sept)
partners, share ideas & (13 Sept) (13 Sept)
build network (12 Sept) (13 Sept) (13 Sept) (14 Sept) (14 Sept)

DELGOSEA South & Southwest Culture in Women in Belt & Road 21st Century
TC Meeting Committee Standing Standing Local Government Local Government Local Maritime Cooperation
Guangzhou Meetings Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee Committee
(11-14 Sept) (12 Sept) (12 Sept) (12 Sept) (12 Sept) (12 Sept) (12 Sept)
The City Government of Surabaya’s plans to Col- This session aims to discuss the initiatives The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate &
revitalise the image of Gang Dolly into a center of Collaborative
Side Public Space creativity that can revive the local economy. In order
Governance for
tive Stronger
and innovation to create an enabling environ-
ment towards decentralisations, challenges and
Global Energy (GCoM) is an international alliance of cities to fight
Design Covenant
climate change by improving quality of life of their citizens.
to accomodate the society’s need and involve them
into the planning process, this competition invites Session nance for
Enabling opportunities for advancing these initiatives across
Asia Pacific countries. The speakers shall focus their of Mayors Through the GCoM South East Asia launching specifically
students from architecture or landscape architecture Environment helps coordinate and supports engagement with participa-
Stron- respective experiences on an enabling Launching ting cities in Asia. The targeted participants are internation-
in Indonesia, and possibly international students,
environment in the respective al and local governments particularly mayors, and city
to submit design proposal based on certain
This seminar will elaborate several criteria, that creates both space and This session aims to serve as a platform for Col- administrations who attending the
Leveraging Cities and local governments should take a trans- UCLG ASPAC Congress.
theories to create better cities. However, imple- place that are easy and fast to rethinking how to provide universal access to labora-
Seminar on disciplinary approach by working in partnership with a
tive Gover- in
menting those into practice involves factors such build, with low-cost maintenance. quality services while ensuring coherent decisions,
Public range of stakeholders and organizations to ensure inclusive, Public
as dynamics of policies, that can be very difficult developing integrated policies and increasing Sustainability
to be understood by people, even professionals effectiveness, transparency and accountability nance for safe and accessible public spaces for all. This session invites Space
Space Context civil society (taking into consideration indigenous people,
and academician. It aims to bridge the gap through the implementation of local innovation. Stron- women’s and grass roots women’s organizations), academia
between theory and practice, to achieve better
and the private sector to discuss government frame-
understanding for future public space
development and policy making Col-
Multi This session aims to serve as a platform for
works, planning and management aspects of
public space for inclusive implementation This conference is to bring together professionals,
for local government as part of to be announced. labora-
Stakeholder exploring effective partnership modalities such Knowledge
city resilient action strategy. Public of the SDG 11.7 and the NUA.
Sharing of academicians, researchers, government and non-govern-
tive Gover-For
Partnership as public, public-private and civil society part-
ment institutions to discuss and deliberate on challenges,
Space Sustainable Local nership in Asia and the Pacific and to discuss Urban Sanita-
nance for opportunities and strategies involved in urban sanitation,
Talk Development how cities and local governments can take full tion in Asian a particular focus on Asian countries. There will be sharing
Stron- benefits of multi-stakeholders partnership to Countries session by Local Governments from Indonesia, Nepal,
achieve sustainable development.
Bangladesh, and India (tbc) to provide broader
This session aims to serve as a forum for Col- knowledge of current development on urban
rethinking how development aid works and Reshaping
labora- The sanitation with objective to improve the
local government can incorporate in it. It will Roles Of Local related institutional, financial, and
also discuss the latest and pressing issues of
tive Gover-
Government regulatory framework policies.
development cooperation such as development nance
Towards for
assistance trends, the current aid architecture, Stron-Aid
local government and development aid,
This is a full-day training which aims at and coordination mechanism for
City Energy development funding. Col- Cities pursue different ways to strengthen its
providing cities and local governments with basic
Training & Climate
Action: How to
knowledge and tools to elaborating Sustainable labora-
Conclusion/ At this session, the results from
each plenary session will be produced and
Driven by cul-
identity and to make the most from what tourism can
Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). The tive Gover-
offer. However, negative impacts on local communities and
Events Set Targets
and Develop a
targeted participants are international and local
nance for
presented for endorsement from all
tural heritage their environment are not uncommon due to inadequate
policies or lack of implementation of policies to ensure that
governments, city administrations attending the and sustainable
UCLG ASPAC Congress, and practitioners Stron- tourism tourism does not do more harm than good to the locations
who interested in energy and and the community. This session will explore the
The training primarily aims to raise climate issue. experiences of cities in making their uniqueness
awareness about the overall importance of
How do I The session will discuss the concept of child friendly a key to local development, and how they
cities and local governments in the implementa- Implement cities and policy challenges that prevent the implementation protect this authenticity that is important
tion of the global agendas. It is an interactive and the Global of Child Friendly Cities (CFC). Child friendly issues in local level
Child to the citizens (as a basis of livability)
practice-oriented training in which middle/senior Agenda A call to bring together experts, practitioners, Future including child education, child right and development, child Friendly and visitors alike.”
government officers, high-level decision makers
and elected representatives, and other relevant
in my City and creative thinkers from the field of sustainable Energy Networking participation and protection are extensively discussed in the
networking event. It brings new policy insight on child friend-
cities with an interest in innovation, technology and Mobility: Project
local actors can take part. digitalisation, to collaborate on the development of Launching & Events ly cities for mayors, local government officials, ministrial
innovative solutions that meet the future of energy Networking agencies, and development practitioner from the
and mobility. Session South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and The session will enlighten local leaders and
Pacific region and strengthens their child distinguished representatives on the creation of
friendly cities networks. Youth enabling environment for youth to take part in the
The event aims to look at recent examples of city’s development; thus stimulate the emergence of
decentralization and local government reforms in Asia Session local innovation as driver for sustainable city.
and explores how the concept of intergovernmental
Localizing functional assignment has helped to clarify the role of local
SDGs governments for better service delivery. Representatives
from local government and local parliement, academia, and
government practitioners are able to join and share their
Speakers added daily. Schedule subject to change.
Speakers added daily. Schedule subject to change.
Committee Meetings
Statutory Meetings Session
Standing Vice President of the
Committee Republic of Indonesia
on Election of
South & Executive Director of
Executive Bureau
and Council UN Habitat Dinner
Mayor of Surabaya
Executive Publication Launching
Bureau Award Ceremony
TC Meeting
in Local
Elections for
Women Council and

in Local
Executive Art
Bureau Performance
Committee City Tour
General Tunjungan Walking Tour
Belt & Assembly
Road Kampung
Local Ketandan
Meeting and
Elections of Visit
Century 2018-2020


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booth specification details


Exhibition hours Exhibition rate STANDARD 25 Million

Specification :
• Size 2m x 2m
September 12, 2018 9:00- 17:00 STANDARD 2X2 25 Million • 1 Table
September 13, 2018 9:00- 17:00 PACKAGE 1 2X3 45 Million • 2 Chair
September 14, 2018 9:00- 17:00 PACKAGE 2 2X4 55 Million • Exhibitor Name
September 15, 2018 9:00- 17:00 • 1 Linghting 40 watt
• Carpet PACKAGE 2 55 Million
• Custom Booth
• Size 2m x 4m
SCHEDULES All materials used during the contracted period for exhibition, Specification :
• 1 Glass Table
booth materials / advertising and related materials must be • Size 2m x 3m
removed by the Exhibitor immediately after the exhibition’s • 1 Table
termination according to the terms and within the deadlines • 1 LED TV
September 10, 2018 September 15, 2018 • 2 Chair
established by the Organizer. Any Exhibitor materials left behind • Custom Exhibitor Name
• Exhibitor Name
All Exhibitors must complete the assembly and decoration of in the exhibition area will be considered abandoned and will be • Level Melamin Floor
disposed of by the Organizer, with no related costs being charged • 1 Linghting 40 watt
their booths at midnight September 11, 2018
to the Exhibitor in question. All proceeds (if any) of said disposal • Carpet
shall be retained by the Organizer, which is not required to
account for the proceeds to the Exhibitor in question.
Exhibitor’S hirinG ForM F1
Form required for booth hiring Registration Fee
I would like to reserve the booth identified below at the 7th UCLG ASPAC CONGRESS
Requested booth:

Exhibitor inForMAtion
Early Bird : USD 245 (Until July 21, 2018)
Name of Company
Participants from Developed Countries : USD 285
Person Responsible
Participants from Developing Countries : USD 100
Telephone / Fax
Accompanying Persons : USD 150
Local Participants : USD 100
*Registration Exemption: Keynote Speaker, Speakers, Sister cities of Surabaya City Government
Booth Number
Registration Fee should be paid by transfer to one of these bank accounts below:
nAME on booth hEADPiEcE
USD account
Bank details: 8000 8134 6940
Account name : United Cities and Local Governments
( ) No, I do not need the company name on the booth headpiece
Bank name and address: PT. Bank CIMB NIAGA, Tbk.
PAYMEnt Jl. Sunter Paradise Blok F20 No. 1-2, Jakarta Utara 14350, Indonesia
All payments relative to the exhibition should be made via credit card or bank transfer.
Person Responsible for the Request: …………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………… IDR account
Date:…………………………………………………..Signature: ……………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………… Bank details: 8000 8003 1000
Company Stamp:……………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Account name : United Cities and Local Governments
Bank name and address: PT. Bank CIMB NIAGA, Tbk.
Please fulfill the exhibition form online: uclgaspac2018.surabaya.go.id or send it to: secretariat@uclg-aspac.org Jl. Sunter Paradise Blok F20 No. 1-2, Jakarta Utara 14350, Indonesia
Booth reservation will not be considered final until approved by UCLG ASPAC and full payment is made. SWIFT CODE: BNIAIDJA

*Please write the remarks/note: Registration Fee to 2018 UCLG ASPAC Congress and email us the scanned of
Exhibitor badges payment transfer receipt to secretariat@uclg-aspac.org and cc to accountant@uclg-aspac.org.
1. Free badges
The EO will provide free Exhibitor badges per booth, valid from September 11 to 16, 2018. These badges grant access
to the exhibition area, coffee break area, cyber coffee and the opening and closing ceremonies. The free badges must
be requested with the completion and submission Registration Form 2 to UCLG ASPAC until Jun 6, 2018, according to
the desired modality (Exhibitor or Support).
2. Modalities Exhibitor
This badge is for direct employees of the exhibiting company.

3. Support
This badge is for support professionals or providers of services to exhibitors, who will be working in the booths during
the event, such as receptionists, waiters, cleaners, entertainers, among others. This is updated version as of 20 May 2018, for most updated information please refer to UCLG ASPAC Website
(www.uclg-aspac.org) or Congress Website (uclgaspac2018.surabaya.go.id).
UCLG ASPAC Surabaya City
Jakarta Capital City Government Office
(City Hall of Jakarta) Government  
Building E, 4th Floor Jalan Jimerto No. 25-27, Ketabang,
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 8-9 Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60295
United Cities and Local Governments Central Jakarta 10110, INDONESIA