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Section www.metropolis.org

Metropolis is the Metropolitan section of UCLG and the largest association

gathering the major cities from all over the world.

in Africa,

great cities and the Americas and
represents the metropolitan the Caribbean,
authorities of areas Asia and the Pacific
and Europe

As part of the global movement that advocates for democratic local

self-government, Metropolis recognizes that local governments are the
key actors to respond to the urban challenges of our century.

Main missions
1 Representing and giving 4 Contributing to metropolitan
international political visibility governance to reduce
to metropolitan interests metropolitan imbalance

2 Promoting reflection on 5 Promoting financial and

trends in the evolution of cities technical assistance to
metropolitan areas in developing
3 Finding innovative solutions countries
to metropolitan problems

Scope of work

Advocacy Learning, International Gender Equality Urban & Public

Capacity Building Cooperation Services
& Training Management