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Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME 5ME6.2A - Automobile Engineering

Course Instructor: Vinod Kr. Verma

UNIT IV: Automotive Electrical System, Ignition System

PART-A (short answer)

1. Explain the 12V battery construction and its working with diagram?

2. List various types of batteries. How batteries are tested?

3. How battery is charge, explain with the help of complete circuit diagram?

4. What is magneto and coil ignition systems?

5. How automobile wiring is done? List various electrical instruments in automobile.

6. Explain the construction and working of electrical horn and fuel level indicator.

7. Explain the construction of head lamp? How much voltage it needs?

8. Explain regulation and rectification in electrical circuit of automobiles.

9. If battery is drain how automobile is started? Explain the logic behind it.

10. What precautions can be made while working with electrical system of automobile.

PART-B (Detail Answer)

1. Explain the construction working of starter motor of automobile with diagram.

2. Explain the construction and working of alternator with neat diagram

3. If an automobile is not starting, list various cause and remedies for the same in tabular form.

4. Explain various indicators present in dashboard of automobile.

5. If a person forget to switch off the lights for few days, what problem he can face and why?

PART-C (Field Assignment)

1. Check different two wheeler and four wheeler control panels. Mention various control, its
use, range and purpose. Specifically mention if they are monitoring or controlling device. Write
all of the in tabular form.