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The School House of Charlotte, a Family Childcare Home,

Presents :

“In The House”


V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 O C T O B E R 1 , 2 0 1 0

 We hope you
had a fantastic

Labor Day!

Yikes! It’s flu

Let’s Keep It Clean
season! ……
In and effort to clean up The new electronic sheets
 It’s never too our *paper trail*, The School have been simplified to list During any given school day, you can
expect your child to be read to, have
early to teach House is turning a little the following: free-play, puzzle time, sing and
your children “GREEN”. We are making a dance, and play with friends. These
about the transition from paper Daily  Your child’s special details will no longer be listed individu-
importance of Sheets to electronic Daily interests for the day. ally on the daily sheet.
Sheets. This means one less  Our focus points on
 We encourage
thing for you to keep up with, learning for the day.
you to read and hopefully we’ll save a few
with your trees in the process!  Our physical activities for
little one for the day.
at least 20  Supplies that need to be
minutes every
 How much your child ate
during breakfast, lunch, “Let’s Keep It Clean!”
INSIDE and snack time. At TSH, we have a special chant
THIS ISSUE: Infants’ daily sheet will list that we say to help us “Keep It
details on bottle feeding Clean.” It goes like this…...
4th Quarter 1 and napping. “When you finish playing,...put
Theme your toys away. Let’s keep it clean
 Comments on time-out, ALL DAY!
What’s New 1 reasons to celebrate, and Let’s Keep It Clean!
in The House any other concerns. Let’s Keep It Clean!

Special An- 2

What’s New In The House?

Something 2

Show you 2
care ... .Let’s eat!

In the Fun 3 Going view what’s on the menu for the This will give parents an opportu-
House forward, a day. Go to ….. nity to pack a breakfast, or lunch
monthly menu www.tshevents.blogspot.com if you see something on the
Q. T. with 3 will be posted on menu that you know your child
the Fam the TSH special The new electronic menu will list doesn’t fancy.
events page. everything from breakfast to
Goofs and 3 snack time for each day. We will
Here, parents will be able to
Spoofs keep a variety of items in rota-
keep up with current events and
Smile for the 4 special announcements as well as tion throughout each month.
Paparazzi !

We Are Pleased to Announce…..

Mrs. Ayesha Morales children could have! We’re nurture. Call or visit our web-
is our new lucky to have her at The site to learn more about our
Teacher’s programs. Go to…
School House.
The School House strives to
She is a devoted
provide quality childcare for
wife and
children of all ages.
mother of 4;
her daughters, are Laurie and *A well-rounded education
Special Delivery!
Barbara, and her sons are *Nutritious meals *Safe and
Ishmael and Timothy. She is a The School House now
Mrs. Ayesha’s little accepts Infants starting at 12 clean *Fun and engaging activi-
former homeschooler who ties *CPR and First Aid Certi-
ones from left to right: weeks. Children younger than
brings with her commitment 12 weeks are accepted when fied * Non-smoking home
Barbara, Ishmael, to a wholesome education an older sibling is enrolled. * No Pets * Food Allergy
Timothy, Laurie along with the love, nurture The School House promises Awareness * References are
and patience that only a your delicate infant the highest
always available upon request.
mother of four rambunctious standard of patience and

Let’s Do Something New!

“Parents, don’t be
We’re introducing a few education.
surprised if you new elements into our Only our
school day! students
hear your little We will feature Music,
between the
one singing the Foreign Language, and
ages of 4 –
12 may
scales or saying Education.
participate in the Phys Ed
All students
hello to you in segment. All activities are
are eligible to participate in
FREE!.... You heard right,
Español.” these activities with the
they’re free and will occur
exception of physical
during normal school hours.

Show you care, do your share!

In keeping with our “Keep It Clean”, and make little ones about the impor-
Let’s Keep
“Green” theme, The it beautiful. Later in the tance of recycling and
It Clean! School House is adopting quarter, a field trip will be community service, and to
Let’s Keep a Greenway.
arranged for TSH families share with them the
It Clean! We’ve teamed up with
and friends who are inter- experience
Mecklenburg County’s
ested in volunteering a little of helping
Parks and Recreation,
bit of their time. Parents, the planet.
and chosen the Walker
this will be an excellent
Branch Greenway to help
opportunity to teach your



In the House
^ When
played with blocks scored higher on
language tests than kids who had no
“Free play,” as
scientists call it, is
Animals blocks. Perhaps the children with critical for
Attack blocks simply spent less time on becoming socially
by 2yr old unproductive activities such as adept, coping
with stress and
Aidan watching TV--but the end result building cognitive
Freeman was good for them in any case. skills such as
problem solving.
Imaginative and
“free play,” as
opposed to
These pictures were taken during your little one’s curios- games or
“free play”. The School House has ity. There’s learning in structured
all sorts of interesting animals, every activity. One study activities, is the
most essential
books, blocks and more to engage found that kids who

Q.T. With the Fam!

Quality Time
The time your
children spend
with you gives
them many
I Made a funny! A hunting we will go! benefits.
Spending time
Why was one shirt chasing the Here’s a great idea for a Pirate’s as a family
other shirt? I don’t know, why? treasure hunt at home: ARRRR! provides your
children with
Because they were playing tag! Search for as many things as you feelings of
What did the pony say after he can find that start with the letter love, support,
tripped: I don’t know, what? “A” or “A” sound. Make it a race! safety and
security. Read
I’ve fallen and I can’t giddy-up! Here’s a great book that you can together, and
What do you call a Happy Cow- find at your local library. “Captain laugh more,
boy? I don’t know, what? Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs”, courtesy of
The School
A jolly rancher! Your little one will love it!

Goofs and Spoofs

When Dooty Calls... You're a big girl (boy); yes, you are. Say Cheese!
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star. We’re putting up a
Sing a little ditty!...To the tune of
You're a big girl (boy); yes, you are. poster board in the
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. No more diapers. No more mess.
school room of silly
Use the potty. Yea! Success!
family photos. Email
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star.
Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star
You're a big girl (boy); yes, you are. your silliest family
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star. picture or bring it by
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star.
You're a big girl (boy); yes, you are. on your next visit.
You're a big girl (boy); yes, you are.
Use the potty; yes, you can Isaiah, Mrs. Teneia, and Mr.
Use the potty; wash your hands Your little ones will get a
Then you know to wash your hands
Wear the big girl (boy) training pants kick out of it every time Nate
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star.
Tinkle, tinkle you're the star. she glances up!
A Note from the Owner

“With a background in Early Childhood

Development and a passion for educating,
I am personally committed to giving each
child the one on-one-academic guidance
he or she deserves. I take teaching
seriously, especially during the most influ-
Where Kids learn, play, and grow. ential preschool years. Being a parent
myself, I’ve seen traditional daycares fall
Located in South Charlotte’s short on what I had hoped my child would
Berewick Community experience during a 9 or 10 hour day.
That’s why I’ve dedicated my time and
Just off of I485
energy to giving your child the best of both
We’re closer than you think! worlds; a well rounded education with all
the comforts and security of home. The
School House truly is a place where kids
Phone: 704-900-0780 can learn, play, and grow.
E-mail: tsh.edu@gmail.com
www.theschoolhouse.vpweb.com Sincerely,
Teneia Jones,
Owner and Teacher”

Don’t forget about our referral program. Forward this to someone you love who deserves quality child care.

What a beautiful School House family!