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Bosch 1800

(Operation and Change Over)

Bosch SVE 1800 MR is a German engineered fill and seal vertical packing machine
while producing two bags at a time. At United Detergents it is being used to produce 40 and 90
grams It is working on a max speed of around 400 bags per minute while here it is working from
110-140 bags per minute. At United Detergents there are 2 SVE 1800s lines and numbered as 3
and 4. It has one operator, two men for packing. The packing material is provided from Unilever
Pakistan’s selected suppliers and is delivered at the factory according to the requirements of
production which again is given by Unilever in the form of weekly production tasks.

The operation of the machine starts from reel at the back of the machine where it is
loaded on a shaft, the shaft can support a maximum weight of 40kg or a max outer diameter of the
reel of 650mm. The roller at the top of the reel helps in smooth motion of the reel which being
pulled by the pull belts (in this case being two) on the front. Whenever a new changeover is done
the operator has to first select the overprint for the bag from the over printer screen and press start.
The next thing he has to do is that he has to enter or if already saved select the recipe from the
screen of the Bosch the inputs for the recipe is the length of the bag, the width of the bag and the
forming depth size and the sealing time. The next thing is giving the input weight to the Yamato
Scaling machine and starting the machine with the machine ready to start the production. Now the
operator can give the command to start production but first the empty bags of the old packing
material should be taken out for the newly set new parameters. The machine will be tasked to give
out empty bags until the new reel starts and starts producing standard required for the production
and the machine will be stopped and tasked to produce filled bags. The weighing machine being
used is Yamato and it has 16 scales which are being used usually in the combinations of two for
fulfilling the required weight. Currently three scales are not working which are 2, 11, 15 number

Main Parts of the Machine and their Function:

 Yamato:
The Yamato scaling machine is being used along Bosch 1800 which is being used
for the right quantity of the powder being loaded in the bag. There are 16 scales in the
machine which the machine uses to drop powder in the packet. The weight is dropped in
the combinations of two scales usually. Currently there are three scales not working.
 Photocells:
The 1800 has just two photo sensor which marks the black mark.

 Vacuum Pump:
The vacuum pump helps when the reel ends and it doesn’t let film to move on and
saves time in case the operator is not at the spot.

 Long Jaws: The long jaws are responsible for the vertical seal and its temperature are
kept in the range of 145-165 degree centigrade.

 Horizontal Jaws: The horizontal jaws are responsible for the horizontal sealing the
lower horizontal jaws seal the upper the part and the upper seal the lower part of the bag.
The temperature of the horizontal jaws are kept between 140-160 degree centigrade.

 Knife Jaw: The Knife Jaw also helps in the cutting and separating of two bags and its
temperature is also kept similar to the horizontal jaws.

 Pulling Belts: Two belts at the front are responsible for pulling down the reel.

Health and Safety Standards:

The health and safety standards are
 The operator should not be wearing loose clothing and he should be in a uniform.
 Use of vacuum cleaner for the machine.
 The operator should not bypass any safety switch or panel.

Quality Standards:
 For End Consumer:
1. Wrapper Colour
2. Colour Text Print
3. Film Length
4. Seal Damage
5. Dust
6. Weight Limit
7. Filled
8. Opening
9. Seal Alignment
10. Seal Burn
11. Seal Damage
12. Tilted Wrapper
13. Coding Issue
14. Damaged Puncher

 For Retailer:
1. The Box or Flexi Weight
2. Box condition
3. Number of Packets

 The use of open blades can cause a serious injury and should be replaced with a proper
cutter or scissors.
 In the past few days the machine is idle for many hours due to non-availability of powder.
 Two or three people seen wearing jewelry and watches.

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