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2018 -19 Performing Arts Calendar v.


Mon Sept - June Friends of Performing Arts Quarterly, TBD 7 -8 :00 PM

Wed Sept - June Select Vocal Ensemble Every Wednesday 4:30 -6:30 PM
Tues Sept - June Jazz Band Every Tuesday TBD
Tue/Fri Dec - Jan - Feb Pep Band/anthem at basketball game Tuesdays (usually) 6 -8:30 PM
~ 2018 ~
Tues Sept. 4 First Day of School for students
Fri Sept. 7 First meeting for Theater all interested Theater 3pm
Wed Sept. 12 Auditions for SVE all interested B/C/O M-01 4:30pm
Auditions for Fall Theater all interested Theater 3-4:30
Fri Sept. 14 Jazz All-State applications due Band/Vocal interested students
Mon Sept. 17 Friends of Performing Arts 1st meeting all interested parents Music wing 7 -8pm
Mon Sept. 17 Concert Attire Measurement Clinic new music students Music wing 6 -8pm
Mon Sept. 17 Concert attire paperwork due New Music students
Tue Sept. 18 First meeting for Jazz Band all interested B/C/O M-02 5-7pm
Thu Oct. 4 Open House interested students 6:15 pm
Fri Oct. 5 All -State applications due B/C/O interested students
Sat Oct. 13 ASTA High School Orchestra Festival Orchestra UNH all day
Thu Oct. 18 GHS Fall Concert All Music GHS Theater 7:00pm
Thu/Fri Oct. 18-19 Fall Theater Production Cast & Crew Theater 7pm
Sat Oct. 20 Jazz All - State Auditions Band/vocal TBA TBA
Thu Oct. 25 October Music Fest Tri-M Manchester Radisson all day
Wed Oct. 31 Halloween Parade Band Goffstown Village TBA
Thu Nov. 1 (?) All New England Choral Festival SVE selected PSU all day
Fri Nov. 9 (?) Veterans Day Assembly All ensembes GHS Gym
Nov. 13-16 Musical Auditions all interested GHS Music 3:00pm
Fri Nov. 16 (?) UNH Band Extravaganza Band Band interested UNH 9-2pm
Sat Nov 17 All - State Auditions B/C/O interested Memorial HS TBA
Fri/Sat Nov. 30/Dec 1 A Children's Nutcracker GHS Dance Ens. GHS Theater 2&7:00
Wed Dec. 7 MVMS Music Concert (FYI) MVMS Gym 7:00pm
Thu Dec. 13 & 20 GHS Winter Concert all Music GHS Theater 7:00pm
TBD Elementary School Performance Selected GHS Theater TBA
~ 2019 ~
Fri Jan. 4 Granite State Invitational Music Festival selected Chorus Salem High School all day
Sat Jan. 12 NHBDA/NHMEA Chamber Festival auditioned 11/18/17) Timberlane HS
all day
Sat Jan. 26 UNH Choral Gala Concert SVE UNH - Durham all day
Th-Sat Feb. 7-9 NH Jazz All-State Festival (auditioned 10/21/17) Pinkerton all day
Sat Feb. 9 (?) PSU Dance Festival Dance Ensemble Plymouth State U all day
Fri‐Sun Feb 15 - 24 GHS Performing Arts annual Musical cast/crew/pit GHS Theater 2&7:00
Wed Mar. 6 MVMS Music Concert (FYI) MVMS Gym 7:00pm
Thu Mar. 7 GHS MIOSM Concert all Music GHS Theater 7:00pm
Sat Mar. 9 Large Group Festival all Music All music GHS all day
Sat March 23 String Fest (Tentative) Orchestra MVMS all day
Th -Sat Apr. 11-13 NHMEA Spring Conference (All-State) (auditioned 11/18/17) Concord H.S. all day
Thu Apr. 18 Spring Theater Show Cast & Crew Theater 7pm
Thu May 16 GHS Spring Concert all Music GHS Theater 7:00pm
Mon May 27 Memorial Day Parade Band/Color Guard Goffstown 8:00am
Wed May 29 MVMS Music Concert (FYI) MVMS Gym 7:00pm

Tue June 4 GHS Jazz/Pops Concert/Ice Crème Social GHS & MVMS Music GHS Theater 7:00pm
Fri June 7/8 Spring Dance Gala Dance GHS Dance Ens. GHS Theater 7:00pm
TBA Baccalaureate SVE TBA 7:00pm
TBA GHS Graduation Band/Orch/SVE St. Anselm’s 7:00pm
Dates followed by (?) are tentative at time of printing. June dates are subject to change due to snow days. Please check our website regularly for
updates - http://goffstown.k12.nh.us/GHS/ Click on Performing Arts!