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Regenboog India Foundation

Sarasvathi Children’s Village

Main Menu

1. Admission Data Entry

2. Edit
3. Health Updating
4. Education Updating
5. Discharge Data Entry
6. Office Use
7. Searching
8. Report – Display & Print options

- Admission number
- Status (default fields – Orphan, Semi Orphan, Poor)
- Child name
- Photo (we can scan and store it in a folder and it should automatically call it)
- Sex (Male / Female)
- Date of birth
- Age (Should calculate automatically)
- Is the child physically challenged? (Yes / No)
- Identification marks - two
- Community (FC / BC / MBC / SC / ST)
- Caste
- Date of admission
- Date of leaving (only on discharge screen)
- Reason for admission
- Referred by (name, village and phone no)
- Father Name, age & phone no if available
- Father is whether alive or not? If yes where is he? If no, how did he die?
- Mother Name & age
- Mother is whether alive or not? If yes where is he? If no, how did he die?
- Father occupation, Income (if alive and living with them)
- Mother occupation, Income (if alive and living with them)
- Guardian name, age, relationship and profession
- Brothers (name, age, studying or working, where)
- Sisters (name, age, studying or working, where)
- Do the child have any special needs?

- Contact Person name & Person 2
- Street 1
- Street 2
- Village
- Post
- Taluk
- District
- State (default value is “Tamilnadu”)
- Contact Phone Number 1
- Contact Phone Number 2

- Height & Weight at the time of admission
- Vaccinations given?
- Any health issues since birth?
- Allergic to anything?
- Food habits?
- Does the parents have any diseases?
- Blood group (Can be selected from the menu)
- Medical examination date
- Medical examination results

- Studying class at the time of admission?
- School name and village
- Medium of instruction? (Tamil / English)
- Education update??? (after admission she has to admitted in some other
school later and how shall we do it?)

Documents received at the time of admission (Yes / No)
- Birth Certificate
- Community Certificate
- Ration Card Photocopy
- Aadhaar card no
- Destitute Certificate
- Death Certificates, if any
- Transfer Certificate
- Filled Application
- Request for admission
- Recommendation from village President
- If any, other certificates given

Few line spaces for anything except the above-mentioned fields

Whenever they take the child to hospital, they can enter the details. So that the
child’s health data can be preserved and useful for the future. Fields are as

- Date of treatment
- Child name
- Health problem
- Hospital name
- Attended doctor’s name
- Treatment given (observations, injections, tablets or tests taken)
- Date of cured


- Academic year (example 2015-16)

- Year wise remarks (for whether they won any competitions or got any
recognitions, certificates, etc.)
- Scholarship amounts, if any
- SSLC information (exam no, year of passing, marks)
- HSC information (exam no, year of passing, marks)
- College information (exam no, year of passing, marks)


- Date of discharge
- Time of discharge
- Reason for discharge
- Child handed over to whom? (name, relationship)
- Materials given to the guardian? (staffs can enter the complete details, so
we need like excel rows)


- FIR done by whom? (staff name & designation)

- Date of FIR?
- Photo’s
- Is CWC Certificates obtained? (Yes or no, if yes details)
- Details given to DCPO / DSW? (Yes or no, if yes details)

Report format:
- Display on Screen
- Export option to Excel
- Various report formats
o Master list (option to select the different fields)
o Age wise
o Area wise (Taluk or District)
o Class wise
o Caste wise
o Status wise
o School wise
o Children names, guardian name and phone numbers
o Complete Health data while leaving the children’s village
o Education data while leaving the children’s village

General questions:

- Often the Govt is asking for the certificates of the children. So is it possible
to have a fields against their certificates that we can store all soft copies of
their certificates in a folder and they can take a printout?

- Reporting display & print format should have the title of “Sarasvathi
Children’s Home, Managed by Regenboog India Foundation, 381,
Vediyappanur Village, Adi Annamalai Post 606604, Tiruvannamalai,
Tamilnadu (Registered under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000)

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