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ml ACRES EMEA A) Xiaomi Inc. October 30, 2018 Lyf, Ine, 185 Benry St, San Francisco, ‘CA94107, USA RE: Electric Scooter Sharing Business To Whom it May Concern: Xi2omi Inc, together with its affiliates and related companies (collectively “Xiaomi"), own the signs, symbols, trade names, rade dress, and trademarks and other property rights associated with our M65 electric scooter (collectively, the “Xiaomi Brands’). Through this cease and desist notice, we seek to put Lyft on notice that Xaomi may pursue legal action against Lyft relating to its unauthorized and unlicensed use or reference of Xiaomi Brands in Lyft's advertisements and publications of its shared scooter business. For example, Xiaomi brands are refered in Lyft’ brochure. (See attached Lyft's brochure). Xiaomi did not consent to associate our Brands with Lyft We also do not condone Lyft’s unauthorized modification or retrofitting of our electric scooters for general public use. Lyf’'s modification to any scooters originally manufactured by Xiaomi without our knowledge, participation, or approval undoubtedly exposes Xiaomi to serious legal risks and liabilities for consumer safety and product liability. Xiaomi will pursue legal action against Lyft if Lyft does not immediately cease to use, purchase, and modify Xiaomi electric scooters for public use Accordingly, Xiaomi hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist any use of our Brands land products. You are required to remove from your website, advertisement, publication, and services any and all products and materials related to or in any way associate Lyft with our Brands. In addition, you must cease and desist using or deploying any Xiaomi electric scooters that have been modified without our consent in public scooter rentals. Nothing contained herein is intended to constitute an election of any remedy to which Xiaomi may be entitled, nor does aomi or its affiliates waive any legal and equitable rights and remedies Which they might otherwise possess, all of which rights and remedies are hereby expressly reserved, We anticipate your prompt cooperation and compliance with these demands. If you have any questions, please contact us directly, Very truly yours, Xiaomi Ine. Attention: Vincent Yan (yangingwei@xiaomi com)

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