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Mae ley Aaa ena American Indians of the Pacific Northwest - = i 5 | NM eae i pe ay | \* # ht Elizabeth von Aderkas « Illustrated by Christa Hook ( Sag, ELIZABETH VON ADERKAS. ‘grew up in Trinidad and England. She received her BA from the University of Manchester. A freelance writer and past contributor to Osprey Military Journal, now lives with her husband and children in Victoria, British Columbia. CHRISTA HOOK bogan her IMlustrating career in 1986, Her work hi tured extensively in the worlds of publishing and television, and herself as one ‘she has established Osprey's ‘most popular illustrators. Her trations combine the historian's attention to detail with the artist's sense of drama and atmosphere, and they are sought after tors worldwide. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION © The Coast and the Plateau before white contaet ~ the horse reaches the Plai ‘au ~ cultural divergence * Social organization and ceremonial - intertribal warfare and the impact of fi TRIBES OF THE NORTHWEST COAST * Northern Coastal tribes: Eyak, Tlingit, Tsimshian, Haida, Bella Coola, Haisla, Heiltsuk, Bella Bella, Ooweekeno, Kwakiut! * Central Coastal tribes: Nootka, North Coat Salish, Central Coast Salish, Makah ms ~ disease, and subjugation * Southern Coastal tribes: Southern Goa Clatskanie, Tillamook, Alse Siuslawans, Coosans, Athapaskans TRIBES OF THE PLATEAU * Tribes of the Salish country: Kootenai, Flathead, Pend Oreille, Shushwap, Lillooet, Thompson, Nicola, Oka Lakes, Colville, Kalispel, Wenatchee, Chelan, Sanpoil sh, Kwalhioqua, Chinoo! Kalapuyans, * Tribes of the Columbia River: Nez Perce, Coeur d'Alene, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Palouse, Warm Springs, Tenino, Yakima, Wasco Wishram © Southern tribes: Molala, Klamath, Modoc CHRONOLOGY CLOTHING, HOUSING & CANOES * Clothing: the Coast - the Platea * Housing: the Coast ~ the Pla * Canoes HUNTING, FISHING & TRADE * The Plateau: hunting - fishing * The Coast: hunting and fishing + Trade: the Plateau — the Coast RELIGION & CEREMONIAL LIFE © The Pl * The Potlatch WARFARE © The Coast = the Coast © The Plateau AMERICAN INDIAN WARS © Cayuse War, 1847 - Yakima War, 16 — Nisqually War 56 — Coeur d'Alene War, 1858 — Modoc War, 1872-73 Nez Perce War, 1877 SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY THE PLATES INDEX 10 an 15 19 24 36 44 44 48 Men-at-Arms - 418 OSPREY American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Elizabeth von Aderkas + Illustrated by Christa Hook 1° Martin Windrow