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TP 13844 - Score Your Safety Technical Program

Evaluation and Co-
Culture ordination
Standards Branch
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publication, visit Transport Canada's Online Publications Safety Promotion
Employee Directory
This checklist was written by Professor James Reason and System Safety
presented at the 2000 Manly Conference. Reproduced with Offices
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In Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents, Dr.
Aviation Safety Letter
James Reason argues that three ingredients are vital for
driving a company’s safety engine, all of them the purview of Educational Packages
top managers: commitment, competence and cognizance—the Runway Incursions
three Cs. But managers come and go. This is a fact of life. So Prevention Tools
how does a company maintain a commitment to safety in the
face of personnel turnover, volatile market forces and Videos
economic reality? James Reason suggests that this is where an Supercooled Large
organization’s safety culture comes in to play! Dr. Reason Droplet Icing
states that “A good safety culture is something that endures Keep Your Eyes on
and so provides the necessary driving force.” To find out if your the Hook!
organization has or is well on its way to having a good safety
culture, Dr. Reason prepared the following checklist. Through the Overcast
Icing for General
HEALTH WARNING Aviation Pilots
High scores on this checklist provide no guarantee of immunity 406 MHz ELT
from accidents or incidents. Danger on the
Even the “healthiest” institutions can still have bad events. But
a moderate to good score (8–15) suggests that you are striving Weather to Fly
hard to achieve a high degree of robustness while still meeting Black-holes and Little
your other organizational objectives. The price of safety is Grey Cells
chronic unease: complacency is the worst enemy. There are no
A Simple Mistake
final victories in the struggle for safety.
Flying Without Flight
Check It Out
SCORING: Aviation Safety Award
YES = This is definitely the case in my organization (scores 1); Fatigue Risk Management
? = “Don’t know,” “maybe” or “could be partially true” (scores System (FRMS)
0.5); Pilot Decision Making
NO = This is definitely not the case in my organization (scores Simulator
Safety Management
1. MINDFUL OF DANGER: Top managers are ever mindful of Systems (SMS)
the human organizational factors that can endanger their Safety Study on Risk
operations. Profiling the Air Taxi
Sector in Canada
A Yes
SATOPS Final Report
B ?
C No

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