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Consultant’s Comments:

Building 01 (Main production building):

1. Revise wind load assignment in FEM for both the direction. Follow BNBC for wind load calculation and
compare the value with wind load assignment in FEM.

Wind load assignment has been corrected accordingly as per BNBC.

2. Provide bolts/ stiffener/ plug welds in the retrofitting drawing to ensure the monolithic behavior of the
retrofitted members with new inserted plates.

Where applicable new steel plates will be installed along the existing one with
suitable adhesives (as mentioned in the retrofitting proposal). Moreover, plug
welds are proposed on the edges. These will ensure monolithic behavior. Proper
caution will also be taken during the retrofitting construction. Once the proposal is
accepted from Accord, relevant documents will be provided.

3. Some members are disjointed. Revise it. Revise mesh assignment in FEM properly.


4. Some structural members found overstressed in proposed retrofit FEM. Revise the remediation plan

All efforts have been taken to provide retrofitting plan for all identified members. Yet, there mught be
few members showing to require retrofitting due to the version difference of SAP2000 being used during
actual analysis and available to Accord. Please help us to identify such elements, if required to include
in the retrofitting plan.

5. Justify the feasibility of retrofitted sub-beam for using new plates on both the flanges.

No sub beam retrofitting is required due to the composite action actually exists are taken into account
this time.

Building 02 (Production shed):

1. Mismatch found between structural drawing’s sections (retrofit column & rafter), layouts (retrofit column
layout) & layout orientations with the FEM model. Provide bolts/ plug welds in the retrofitting drawing
to ensure the monolithic behaviour of the retrofitted members.

Mismatches are corrected and proper detailing to ensure monolithic behavior is also
provided for retrofitting detailing. Please note that only 01 structural element (column)
require retrofitting after reviewing the analysis file along with other documents.
2. Revise dead load assignment in earthquake loading. Revise wind load calculation for the windward roof
load. Revise the FEM model by solving warning messages in the analysis output.

DL assignment in EQ is revised. Wind load revised and warning message resolved

in the FEM model. Please note the previous model is exported to ETABs and
required modifications are made for ease of further review. Also, in doing warning
message correction for the Stadd.Pro file, because the number of warning was
very high, the model was imported in ETABS and relevant changes are made
making things easier to check for 100s of errors in the previously submitted model.

3. Assign member tension specifications for wire brace & repeat load command instead of load combination
for accurate analysis. Assign design parameter (Lz) for rafters in FEM. Assign design command for wall
brace or use other methods for section assignment.

Relevant changes, where needed for ETABS model, was also incorporated in the design.