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Victims were about to sleep when they heard a noise outside of their house

It was the accused telling victims good evening and telling them let them inside

Accused was let inside and told victims to lay down on the floor

Accused demanded father money to which he said they had none

When asked by accused if they recognize him, father answered yes and that they were his relatives,
Arturo Pecato shot him

The mother was then demanded money from which she refused to give and was beaten upon with the
butt of the guns by the accused.

The daughter, seeing her mother hurt gave the accused money

The accused left and the victims hid outside

The accused came back but only stayed an hour and left again.

The robbery was then reported the next day and arrested the accused

The accused were positively identified by victims

Accused had alibis stating that they were not at the scene of the crime which were corroborated by the
mother by one of the accused

Accused also stated that they had bad blood witht the victims and that this bad blood is now being
foisted by the defense as the motive of the Larongs in falsely accusing the appellants and testifying
against them

Issue: W/N Accused is guilty with robbery with homicide

Held: Yes

The bad blood theory cannot be used as it would take much more than just "bad blood," engendered in
the way revealed by the defense. . The Filipino psyche abhors such an irreverent and false
imputation, This abomination is especially true among rural and simple folks like the Larongs. It is
more likely that the Larongs had been impelled to testify against their relatives as a concomitant of
their quest for justice

The alibi being corroborated by the mother cannot also be appreciated as it was ruled in people v
romero It is undeniably tainted with bias for it springs from the natural desire of a mother to exculpate
her son from criminal liability. 80

More importantly, however, from the testimonies of the witnesses, both for the prosecution as well as
for the defense, it has been proven that the two appellants, Felix Pecato and Ereneo Peruda, reside
in places very near the scene of the crime.82 In fact, it would only take them less than a two- hour trek
from either place to the house of the victims. 83 Thus, there was no physical impossibility for the
appellants to be at the scene of the crime on the night of November 1, 1971
But above all, the defense was not able to rebut the positive Identification by Luciana Larong and
Uldarica Larong of the two appellants as among the four heavily armed men who shot and killed
Felix Larong, robbed them of P350.00, and mauled Uldarica, inflicting physical injuries in the
different parts of her body.

Finally the crime commited was robbery with homicide since Felix Larong resulted by reason or on
occasion of the robbery

If after the commission of homicide, robbery or theft was committed as an afterthought, then the
charge would not be a special complex crime.