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he o t on ot in SCHEDULE B (FEC Form 3) ITEMIZED DISBURSEMENTS Use separate schedules) for each category of the Detaled Summary Page FOR LINE NUMBER: [PAGE 182580 19921 {eseck only one) Pelee Celera ele [Any information copied fom euch Reports and Statements may not be sold o” used by ary person for the purpose of en stone for for commercial purposes, other than using the name and address of any poltical committee to solic contributions from such commie. NAME OF COMMITTEE (hn Full Beto for Texas Fal Name (at, Fst, Mido Talal ‘A. Hernandez, Jaime, Maling Address. 415 E Yandell Or Date of Disbursement Te) Te) Ce) ity ‘Sate E1Paco ™% 2p Coco ‘7a902-6222 page 0 Datiraaent Ganddate Name ‘ategory? “ype. ‘Amount of Each Disbursement this Period ‘Gee Sought Full Name (ast, Fst, Mile Waa , Payroll Data Processing Valin AdSre=5 4224 Henderson Bia Primary ‘ther (speci) -y ‘Disbursement For 2016 [i] cone! "Transaclion 107 VNHGSAAPSST Ly tere ton ty State [Zip Code , Tampa FL 33629-5611 ee eee eee al Cy Candidate Name Gategony | Amount of Each Disbursement this Period Type a Senate Primary [x] General "Tranoaction 1D : VNHOSAAPEST Pr ter bee [1 wee tom pve cc. Annunciation House Date of Disbursement ‘Malling Address $15 Myrtle Ave = =<—eor oan EIPaso ™ 79901-1511 ee ons icra Ey) fd ‘Canakdate Name Categen? | Amount of Each Disbursement this Petiod sm ota aes TW Senate Primary [x] General = |S toht SUBTOTAL of Disbursements This Page (options) ‘TOTAL Ths Period (ast page this Ine number only) FEC Schedule B (Form 3) Rovisod 0872016)