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Linear Modeling Rubric – Modeling Task

Level of Proficiency
Level 4 3 2 1 0
Exemplary Proficient Developing Emerging Insufficient
Criteria 1 The student shows and The student shows and The student’s explanation was The student gave little or no
explains clearly and explains how they developed hard to follow or redundant in focused explanation,
Communication thoroughly how they their trend line equation. some places. leaving too much inference
developed their trend line to the reader.
Key Question: Was I able to equation. The student uses adequate The student attempts to use
understand the student’s thinking forms of mathematical some appropriate forms of The student did not use
or did I have to make inferences The student uses appropriate representation. mathematical representation. appropriate forms of
about what they were trying to do? forms of mathematical mathematical
representation. representation.
Criteria 2 The student consistently uses The student uses appropriate The student uses some The student uses little or no
appropriate notation and notation and terminology with appropriate notation and appropriate notation and
Notation and Terminology terminology throughout their a couple of minor exceptions. terminology, but there are terminology.
work. several errors.
Key Question: Was I able to
follow the student’s work due to a
consistent and accurate use of
notation and terminology?
Criteria 3 The student formally defines The student informally The student does not The student does not define
the variables they are using to defines variables they are specifically define variables any variables
Mathematical Process develop their model. using to develop their model. for their model, but variables
(Including Technology) used to develop their model
are suitable.
Key Question: Was I able to
The student develops a model The student develops a model The student attempts to The student does not
understand how the student develop a model formulate a model.
developed and justified a model?
Criteria 4 The student thoroughly The student analyzes how The student briefly analyzes The student does not
analyzes how well the model well the model fits the data. how well the model fits the analyze how well the model
Mathematical Analysis fits the data. data, fits the data.

Key Question: Was I able to detect The student reflects in detail The student reflects upon The student attempts to The student does not
the student’s reflection on the upon whether their model and whether their model and reflect upon whether their reflect upon whether their
feasibility and validity of the model predictions make sense in predictions make sense in model and predictions make model and predictions make
within context? context context sense in context sense in context
Criteria 5 The student’s graphs, The student’s graphs Some of the student’s graphs, Few or none of the
equations and predictions are equations and predictions are equations and predictions are student’s graphs, equations
Results and Accuracy correct throughout the task. mainly correct throughout correct throughout the task. and predictions are correct
the task. throughout the task.
Key Question: Was I able to
ascertain that the student generated
correct results in the task to an
appropriate degree of accuracy?