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Teacher’s Name: __CHRISTIAN GALLEGOS CENTENO Date: 12 /06 /2018.

LESSON DEVELOPMENT (Timing: _18__minutes)


Discuss the Have ss sit in circle. Introduce the topic by T - Ss

general topic
talking about describe the correct words in 1 min.
the correct pictures about shopping items.
Ask ss What often do you go shopping for

Predict the Have ss listen to the conversation then Ss - Ss

specific content predicts what is it about the audio with their
2 min.
partners and ss could create some question
about this.

Predict the Have ss work in pairs or face to face and Ss - Ss

structure discuss about the conversation with your 4 min
partner and if they have not understood the
audio it is repeated two time. Then describe
the main idea of the audio.

Gist listening Have ss get an overall Transcript the Ss - Ss

for overview content. Ask ss to get in pairs to complete 3 min
the activity: write the correct answer to
answer these questions with one word only.

Gist listening Have ss practice this conversation about Ss - Ss

for attitudes
audio in pairs then they share ideas in the 3 min
front about your conversation using a
correct intonation and pronunciation.
More careful Have ss fine-tune their understanding and Ss - Ss
listening for
recognizing the words not understood and 3 min
meanings main details of the audio then they
recognize the questions next to the person
who asked them into the audio.
Listening to Have ss listen the audio again to pick out t - Ss
pick out specific small language details. Then 2 min
specific small
learners share their ideas of what was
details learned today in the activity in front.