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coer (eee rr) @ 7 SO Oe Atte AMP 5102 METAL STAIRS TaN Lent FIFTH EDITION AM nd ONC aces re Lc NSAI De LUE Cesar OT Cea SON ge Og ht This manual was developed by representative members of the Architectural Metal Products Division (AMP) of the National Association of Architectural Metal Manutac- turers (NAAMM) to provide their opinion and guidance (on the design and specification of fixed metal stairs, This manual contains advisory information only and is, published as a public service by NAAMM and its AMP Division. NAAMM AND ITS AMP DIVISION DISCLAIMS, ALL LIABILITY OF ANY KIND FOR THE USE, APPLICA TION OR ADAPTATION OF MATERIAL PUBLISHED IN THIS MANUAL. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 82-80128 Copyright © 1959, 1971, 1974, 1982, 1992 National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers. ‘All Rights Reserved METAL STAIRS MANUAL FIFTH EDITION Published and distributed by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTURAL METAL MANUFACTURERS (600 SOUTH FEDERAL STREET... 0.0.20. .cccessesseneerecveveseeree CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60605,