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Here are some other examples of words that don’t work with “très” in French:

Don’ t use "très" with : …because it already has the meaning of:

Délicieux - "très bon"

Super / génial / formidable / merveilleux / grandiose / fabuleux - "très bien”"
Magnifique / superbe - "très beau"
Indispensable, vital - "très important" (see "essential")

Notes :
(1) Délicieux is used for the taste of food, or some physical sensations of well-being such as a
massage, a spa, etc.
(2) Magnifique is used for what your eyes see, for beauty.

How to say “very delicious” in French then?

So, how can you translate more precisely the meaning of “VERY delicious” etc., without using “très”?
In other words, how can you accentuate/emphasize these expressions in a way that will sound
French and not make your favourite teacher (me!) cringe ? 😉

The solution is simple: use the adverb “vraiment” (= really) instead.

A second option could be to use “absolument” (= absolutely).

•“Miam! C’est très délicieux!” → « Miam ! C’est vraiment / absolument délicieux ! »
(= Yum ! It’s really / absolutely delicious !)
•« Wahou ! C’est très magnifique ! »→ « Wahou ! C’est vraiment / absolument magnifique ! »
(= Wow ! That’s really / absolutely beautiful !)

Et voilà! So, tell me: how did you find this article? Don’t say “Très super!” 😉