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NEW FOR 2019

Genesis G70

Jaguar I-Pace

FOR 2019!

Chevrolet Camaro
SS convertible
— Car and Driver
Details on every new
vol. 64, no. 3
vehicle on the market.
— In this Issue:
038 “Over every dip, turn, and
First Test
ACURA RDX A-SPEC SH-AWD straight, the G70 has
Physical graiti.
by David Beard amused, captivated, and
— even soothed us.”
040 —T O N Y Q U I R O G A , “ B E G I N T H E B E G I N N I N G ”
First Drive
Stop making sense.

by Daniel Pund

Prototype Drive
BMW seeks to make
its sports sedan
the ultimate again.
by Dave VanderWerp

Car Meets Road
On the third day, Genesis
created a 3-series
competitor, and it is
good. We take it to our
own little Eden.
by Tony Quiroga

First Test
The third-generation
Insight breaks with
hybrid tradition.
By looking normal.
by Bengt Halvorson

On the Cover
For 2019, all carmakers are
required to use paint colors
from the warm side of the
color wheel.
photography by John Roe

S E P/ 2 0 1 8 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . 0 0 3
Car and Driver
vol. 64, no. 3



May you build a house
from your kidney stones.
Features, continued 028. DANIEL PUND
An air-horn blast in a
funeral home.
070 084 096 030 . EZRA DYER
While we’re chatting, can
First Test First Test Comparison Test

The second-generation three-door Wedging itself into an over- Chevrolet Traverse RS, Mazda
amps up the performance but still crowded segment, the newest CX-9 Signature AWD, Subaru Upfront
relies on price to compete. Eclipse is yet another crossover Ascent Touring. 017 . 20 QUESTIONS
by Kevin A. Wilson for the masses. by Jared Gall Answers to your 2019
— by Greg Fink — automotive anxieties.

072 108 Etc.
First Drive 092 First Drive 009 . BACKFIRES
Our Danish modern
Jag’s serene electric crossover NISSAN KICKS A usable, versatile everyday car, chesterield comparo,
is the biggest threat to Tesla yet. And here’s another one: Nissan’s which is saying something. Bill S. Preston, Esq., and
by Eric Tingwall subcompact crossover is exactly Of7\U[=RN_YRf5bÜZN[ Carl Lewis’s Old Spice.
— what the world wants. Alas. — 112 . WHAT I’D DO
080 110 Gerry McGovern.
First Test First Drive
Sampling the company’s all-new Volvo stretches its long-roof
straight-six. And it sings. lineup.
by Josh Jacquot Of7RÜ@NONaV[V

004 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
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“The sheer range of the

Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 are
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Experience love
that lasts.

The 2019 Subaru Impreza. As the longest-lasting vehicle in its class,* it’s
versatile, reliable, and built to handle the long road ahead. And you know
you’re in good hands, coming from Kelley Blue Book’s Most Trusted Brand
for four years running.† Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

Impreza. Well-equipped at $18,595.**

Subaru and Impreza are registered trademarks. *Based on the average of vehicles in operation vs. new registrations for each model year using IHS Markit data as of December 2017 in the Non-
Luxury Traditional Compact segment for MY2008–2017. †2015–2018 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards are based on the Brand Watch™ study from Kelley Blue Book Strategic Insights.
Award calculated among non-luxury shoppers. For more information, visit www.kbb.com. Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. **MSRP excludes destination
and delivery charges, tax, title, and registration fees. Retailer sets actual price. Certain equipment may be required in specific states, which can modify your MSRP. See your retailer for details.
2019 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited 5-door shown has an MSRP of $27,090. Vehicle shown with accessory equipment.
The joyful noise of the
commentariat, rebutted
sporadically by Ed.

FAST AS YOU ing. Of course, it could

Some prankster have something to
switched my sub- do with the fact that
scription to Corvette when I was a kid in the
and Driver. Is Car and ’50s and early ’60s,
Driver still available? I loved chewing on the
Can you please switch tar they used to repair
me back? roads in SoCal.
—Dan Hitchcock —Craig Kent
Bothell, WA Tucson, AZ
We love devouring a
As a new owner of a great road, but you
2018 Corvette Grand might have pica—Ed.
Sport, I thoroughly
enjoyed the article on In the options section
the ZR1 at the Texas of the ZR1’s specs,
Mile [June 2018]. $100 is charged for
However, I was per- a Chrome Badge
plexed to read about package. Since when
the unpleasant petro- does one have to doesn’t factor in connections to . . . has none of the short- Just when I think
chemical smell in pay extra for chrome operating costs given the uniltered fury of comings of the others. you’ve grown up and
the interior. My new badges? Most folks the price diferen- combustion . . . the Your article on turbos jettisoned your biases,
Corvette sits in the would pay extra to get tial of premium over adrenaline spike of a inally explained it you prove me wrong
Arizona heat and I rid of them. regular gas. When car tachometer notching all to me in a clear, again. Eric Tingwall,
absolutely love the —Mark H. shopping, I’ve found . . . 8000 . . . rpm. uncluttered way. At in comparing the
interior smell! I even Elk Grove, CA dealers and literature We’re trading emotion my age, I don’t need Mustang EcoBoost
open the windows of ambivalent, touting for quickness.” No. No clutter! with the Camaro LT
my 2000 Camry that SPINNER regular but admit- can do. Deinitely not. —Larry Bergeson 1LE V-6, gets all tingly
shares the garage Thank you for your ting performance was My 2008 Honda Civic Lehigh Acres, FL about the Camaro’s
with my Corvette so dissection of turbo- better with premium. Si is a keeper. exhaust sound, as
that the smell will chargers [“Turbos Which was used in —Keith Beachy What we are not told though that’s the
seep into it. I ind it Are Red Hot,”June your tests? Martindale, PA in “Turbos Are Red most important thing
downright intoxicat- 2018]. Your test —Thomas Eighmy Hot” is what the long- about these cars. Per-
Bethlehem, PA First of, I’m old; 76 term consequences formance is virtually
When available, we this month. My irst of a smaller engine a dead heat between
test using the real car was a 1956 with a turbo will be the two [Straight-line
vehicle’s recom- MGA sporting a for long-term vehicle performance isn’t—
mended fuel. Turbo- Judson supercharger. owners like myself. Ed.], but what Mr.
charged engines will I loved that car, but it Two items in your Tingwall omits is that
run safely on regular. sounded like a Maytag turbo schematic give the Mustang costs
If detonation occurs, with a load of ball me pause: journal almost a whopping
the engine computer bearings in it. It also bearings instead of $12,000 less and
will dial back boost utilized a drip oiler to ball bearings and gets 5 mpg more
and retard the keep it lubricated. In an aluminum-alloy combined. Twelve
ignition, which will the ’80s, a Chrysler compressor wheel. grand is enough to
cost you some turbo appeared in I suspect that both the buy a lot of mulers
horsepower—Ed. my garage. When full smaller engines and and soundtracks. Isn’t
throttle was applied, turbos will be music it about time you got
On page 047 of the the car shot to the to the ears of dealer- over your Porsche/
June issue, you make curb (torque steer) as ships’ service-depart- Chevy bias?
this depressing obser- if it had been kicked ment managers. This —Steve Williams
vation about turbo- there. Now my son is progress? Cumming, GA
charged engines: has a turbocharged —J. Trent Corbett Settle down,
“We’re breaking Civic Si that lies and Chester, VA Williams. The only

Sic your dogs on us at: editors@caranddriver.com or join: backires.caranddriver.com S E P/ 2 0 1 8 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . 009

stay away from Dyer’s column on
anything too new or putting his own
Explained: High and Low diferent.
—Carl Jaekle
money down on one.
Third: Read the “Are
Your June 2018 article titled “Turbos Are Red Hot” explained Nesconset, NY We There Yet?” review
almost every aspect of turbos currently available with the As mentioned in the of the Model 3,
exception of sequential turbos. Will you kindly rectify this? road test, the range which seemed to
—Andrew MacAdam, Littleton, CO is based on our suggest that the car
A sequential arrangement typically uses two unequally 75-mph highway is underwhelming.
sized turbochargers to optimize low-end response and loop, where the 3 Two questions: Don’t
top-end power. The smaller turbo spools up quickly to achieved 84 MPGe, you guys share your
provide boost at low engine speeds. As rpm climb, the far from its stories before they
V[P_RN`V[T½\d\SReUNb`aOf]N``R`aUR`ZNYY_R`a_VP- 123-MPGe EPA go to print? Can Ezra
aVcRab_OV[RN[Q`]V[`aURYN_TR_ab_O\SN`aR[\bTUa\ highway estimate. get his money back?
]_\cVQRO\\`aS\_]RNX]\dR_@R^bR[aVNYab_O\PUN_T- Both this number I sure hope so.
V[TUNQVa`]R_S\_ZN[PRPN_Z\ZR[aV[aURμ&`ObaSRYY and the observed —Larry Angelilli
\ba\SSNc\_QbRa\]NPXNTV[TP\Z]YReVafN[QP\`aN` 200-mile range that Dallas, TX
ZN[bSNPab_R_`_RQbPRQab_O\YNTOf\aUR_ZRN[``bPU resulted from it were Dyer’s deposit is
as lighter impeller wheels, better bearings, twin-scroll achieved on a day fully refundable.
and variable-geometry turbines, and twin (parallel) when the tempera- He’s not as easily
turbocharging. Today, sequential setups are used only ture was 28 degrees ofended as most
\[NUN[QSbY\SQVR`RYR[TV[R``bPUN`:NgQNμ`@XfNP- Fahrenheit. When it Tesla fans and still
aVc1V[YV[RS\b_N[Qab_O\PUN_TV[Tμ`XV[T\SP\Z]YRe- comes to testing wants the car—Ed.
VafaUR2b_\]RZN_XRa/:D$"Qμ`/"$V[YV[R`Ve real-world EV range,
dUVPUb`R`S\b_ab_O\`'ad\Y\d]_R``b_ROY\dR_`V[ we’ve observed a Your Model 3 review
series with two high-pressure ones—Ed. diference of greater glosses over an
than 25 percent important detail—
between cold- and scheduled-mainte-
“TWO warm-weather tests.
We hope to get our
nance costs. Visiting
a Mercedes or BMW
QUESTIONS: hands on another dealership for sched-
uled service can add
DON’T YOU Model 3 in warmer
temps to test it up to a pretty penny
GUYS SHARE again. But why is it
that any halfway
depending on the
year and model,
YOUR STORIES critical, entirely making the initial
sticker price less
BEFORE THEY fact-based review of
a Tesla product relevant over years of

V-6 Camaro avail- Yet?” June 2018]. except for the part
GO TO PRINT? prompts a level of
name calling not
—Alex Moskalyuk
able at the time of Yikes then. Yikes now. about the poor CAN EZRA GET heard since Ali vs. Yorba Linda, CA
—Chuck Carnes handling and the
the test was a
$41,890 1LE, which Rockford, MI 200-mile range, HIS MONEY Frazier?—Ed.
has an identical
engine and gearbox
Think that’s scary?
One of our road
which literally no one
else has an issue with.
BACK? I SURE First: Saw my irst
Tesla Model 3 in
Just read the “Space
Oddities” wagon
to the base V-6 warriors looks Good trick knocking HOPE SO.” person today—was comparo in the June
Camaro that starts exactly like Bill S. 35 percent of the totally underwhelmed. issue. Had to laugh
at $28,395. For Preston, Esq.—Ed. Tesla’s range. How did Second: Read Ezra when I saw this
comparison, the you accomplish this,
slower Mustang The all-electric by driving around
EcoBoost starts at vehicle will continue Manitoba in the dead
$26,675—Ed. to be a niche item of winter with the heat
until it is able to on high and the
3’S COMPANY deliver everything windows open,
I’m probably the only currently expected perhaps? Also, I loved
person who sees a and available from the part about how

face on the front of its petroleum-fueled the Model 3 has a

every car, but the competition at a com- funny television set
leading edge of the parable cost. on the dash, sort of
Tesla Model 3 looks —Arnold Rosenstock its in with that 1970s
like Keanu in The Boca Raton, FL thinking process that
Matrix when Agent permeates the entire
Smith erases his Nice hatchet job. review. Anyway, stick
mouth [“Are We There Almost pulled it of, to what you know and

0 1 0 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8 Sic your dogs on us at: editors@caranddriver.com or join: backires.caranddriver.com

sentence: “It’s like the expert on compari- face. It’s cheap fun. improved with years suicide doors latch
whole car is lubricated son tests, Gladwell. Burnout time! of development, but and open inde-
with syrup.” I don’t In addition to fit and —Mark Sorani the ones we drove felt pendently of any
think you meant that finish, driver Newbury Park, CA twitchy at 85 mph other doors—Ed.
in a bad way. However, comfort, ergonom- and above. This was
I remember a review ics, and interior In “The Great Panther especially true when Wow, the straight-on
of a Buick, wherein styling, the Volvo Extinction,” the the winds were gusty, shot of the front of the
one of the nega- outscored the standard engine in the as was often the case Rolls-Royce Cullinan
tives on that car was Jaguar in rear-seat earlier cars is listed in West Texas. Yes, reminds me of some-
that the steering had comfort, exterior as a 4.9-liter. This oicially, the depart- thing. Oh, I get it. Now
“pancake syrup” in styling, as-tested long-produced engine ment policy was not to it just needs a cow
it. What is up with the price, fuel economy, was actually the 302- go more than 10 mph catcher.
ixation on syrup with and objective cubic-inch/5.0-liter, above the speed limit, —Rick Tibben
you guys? Why is it chassis perform- not a 4.9-liter. While but when respond- Nipomo, CA
good in the Mercedes ance. You can count Ford did use a 4.9-liter ing to a 911 call, or I choo-choo-choose
and bad in the Buick? this letter as an hour inline-six in its trucks, domestic violence this letter for
—Frank P. Sterner toward your it never used it in cars. (had a lot of those), publication—Ed.
Langhorne, PA 10,000—Ed. —Frank Ward or a burglar alarm in
It’s sort of like the Farmington Hills, MI a 1000-square-mile It looks as if Rolls-
diference between TURN OVER This old thing. Ward, county with only two Royce took a styling
drinking a glass of John Pearley Huf- Ford’s so-called 5.0 patrol units on the cue from the 2004–
syrup and having man’s story regarding V-8 displaces 4942 street, you tend to 2007 Chevrolet
some poured over the last remaining cubic centimeters, go a little faster. We Malibu Maxx when
your pancakes in CHP Crown Vic [“The which rounds to won’t talk about the it designed the rear
the age of Great Panther Extinc- 4.9 liters. The 5.0 brain-dead drivers hatch. And no, that is
enlightenment—Ed. tion,” June 2018] was “DID CAR number was wishful who wouldn’t pull over not a compliment, for
so cool for me and or get out of the way, either company.
How come no mention my 10-year-old son AND DRIVER marketing on Ford’s
part—Ed. even though the lights —Rick Mente
of the Buick Regal
TourX? It’s really
to read. We are and
have been avid fans
MERGE WITH Having been a deputy
and siren were on.
—Steve Pierce
Brecksville, OH

attractive and write- of these Police Inter- ELLE DECOR? sherif in Texas in the Austin, TX PARTNER IN CRIME
ups elsewhere (you ceptors, owning 16 1990s, I enjoyed your Best issue that I can
know, from other of them from police I MUST HAVE article on the Crown HEY, CULLINAN MAN remember [June
mags) were positive.
—Larry Schultz
auctions over the last
10 years. There are
MISSED Vic Police Intercep-
tor. I drove both the
The “Diamond for
the Rough” piece by
2018]. Mr. Phillips’s
heartfelt tribute to
Plymouth, MI still a few CHP Vics THAT. I LOOK old Caprice and the Mike Duf [June 2018] his friend and col-
on patrol in my area Crown Vic that the was very interesting league Aaron Kiley
The Buick’s power-
train and price put it of the 101 freeway, FORWARD TO department was and informative. That was touching, and
in a diferent
and we never miss
pointing one out:
THE INSTRU- phasing in to replace
the Chevy Caprice.
being said, there was
an overhead photo of
undoubtedly the world
lost a good person too
“Dad, Crown Vic!” MENTED DANISH Everybody liked the the Cullinan with the soon, especially at a
I was intrigued to see Most rewarding Caprice. The Crown caption, “The launch time when the world
you ranked the Volvo part of a long day at MODERN Vic, not so much. The of the Cullinan will needs more humor.
V90 wagon ahead
of the Jaguar XF—
auction is when our
$800 perfect-running
CHESTERFIELD Caprice was comfort-
able and felt more
bring the number
of vehicles avail-
—Lauritz Goodrich
Neenah, WI
even though, as you former LAPD car is COMPARO.” solid and stable, even able in the U.S. with
point out, the Jaguar rolled out to us and at 100 mph and above. rear-hinged suicide TRASHY
is a much better car the grin on my son’s Maybe the Crown Vic doors to ive, all of Really enjoyed Daniel
to actually drive— them Rolls-Royces.” Pund’s column about
because the Volvo I believe Mr. Duf was the treasure you ind
uses nicer interior of by one vehicle and in used cars [June
fabrics. Did Car and one manufacturer. My 2018]. Two true
Driver merge with BMW i3 has suicide inds I have had: In a
Elle Decor? I must doors. Just my $0.02. high-mileage 1988
have missed that. I —Norman Levi BMW M6, I found a
look forward to the Boca Raton, FL Squirrel Nut Zippers
instrumented Danish Your i3 and many cassette, a pair of
modern chesterield pickups have what Hunter S. Thompson–
comparo. are known as “van style gold aviators
—Malcolm Gladwell doors,” where you with yellow lenses,
New York, NY can’t open the rear and a Colorado
Editing a section of door without first gun-show exhibitor
this magazine opening the front badge. And in a 1993
doesn’t make you an door. Traditional Ferrari 348 formerly

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Win or learn; never lose. In our past 30 years of competition,
we’ve learned in every corner around just about every racetrack
in the world. That’s why, even when we don’t step on the podium,
if we’ve learned something, we consider it a victory. It’s why we
race, and it’s why we put engineers in the race car’s driver’s seat,
so they can craft cars from experience rather than algorithm. From
that driver-centric engineering approach, we’ve won many of the
world’s biggest races: the 24 Hours of Daytona, the 12 Hours of
Sebring, the top of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and IMSA
championships. And from all that learning comes this—the Acura
ARX-05—our purest expression of Precision Crafted Performance.

ARX-05 Race Car and RealTime Racing NSX GT Race Car shown. ©2018 Acura. Acura, NSX, and the stylized “A” logo are trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
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shovelfuls just to not about some- Eric Tingwall NEW YORK
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You’ve inspired me to piss him of. I’m so one’s sexual orienta- Design Director CHICAGO

make a list of all the glad men, women, tion, much less when Nathan Schroeder Integrated Sales Director
Rick Bisbee
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treasures (read: crap) and children stole his that person is gay. If Jef Sabatini Integrated Midwest Manager
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Senior Editor Tony Quiroga
I’ve found in used parking spot in Boston someone is gay, so be Reviews Editor Josh Jacquot Assistant Yvonne Villareal
Technical Editor David Beard DETROIT
cars over the years. I a few winters ago after it; they are the ones Associate Editor Annie White Group Advertising Director,
Associate Managing Editor Hearst Autos Marisa Stutz
never did understand he shoveled it out. who have to deal with Juli Burke Assistant Toni Starrs
the signiicance of —Frank Salvi it, not your readers. Carolyn Pavia-Rauchman Integrated Sales Director
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the miniature Buddha Walpole, MA Stick to what you do Editor, Montana Desk Integration Associate
John Phillips Michelle Nelson
I found in the 1974 best and leave that European Editor Mike Duf Assistant Olivia Zurawin
Mustang II. Mr. Dyer, I suspect crap to the psychol- Carolinas Editor Ezra Dyer DALLAS
PR 4.0 Media Patty Rudolph
Staf Photographer
—Ken Bussey that your $1000 ogy magazines. Marc Urbano —
Art Assistant Austin Irwin Sales Manager Brad Gettelinger
Sahuarita, AZ deposit is lost. Not —Lou Marinucci Road Warriors Zeb Sadiq, —
Maxwell B. Mortimer, Harry MARKETING SOLUTIONS
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the first noble truth new Ladas is probably What a wonder- Cliford Atiyeh, Csaba Csere, Amanda Luginbill, Eric Bratten
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of Buddhism, which a very good thing ful WIDD featuring Gregory, John Pearley Marketing Michael Texier
Hufman, Davey G. Johnson, Senior Manager, Integrated
is that unsatisfacto- for any serious car Hurley Haywood in Peter Manso, Bruce McCall, Marketing Michael Coopersmith
riness and sufering person. Perhaps the June issue. Open Jens Meiners, P.J. O’Rourke, Art Director, Group Marketing
Steve Siler, Tony Swan, Elena Martorano
exist and are Mr. Musk can create and informative, but James Tate, Dweezil Zappa

Marketing Coordinator
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universally yet another fantasy not preachy. It speaks Deputy Online Editor
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Director, Digital Marketing
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experienced—Ed. vehicle that he will well of his integrity Executive Online Editor Research Manager Peter Davis
Erik Johnson —
once again presell for and sensitivity (and Testing Director K.C. Colwell THE BLEND LINE
Senior Online Editors Executive Creative Director
It’s 4:52 p.m. I planned working capital. Hype Steven Cole Smith’s). Joe Lorio, Mike Sutton, Maury Postal
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on wasting the inal aside, he needs to Haywood is a great Online Editors Alexander Director, Digital Media Strategy
Stoklosa, Andrew Wendler Meagan Maginot
half-hour of the produce factual unit example of a man Associate Online Editors Senior Manager, Media Strategy &
Joseph Capparella, Greg Fink,
workday here in my costs to date. who lives by his own Tony Markovich
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Technology and Mobility Editor
kennel (cubicle). So —Leonard Mc Neil maxim: It’s not what Pete Bigelow
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Pund’s exposition of are. It would be nice Gasolines and diesel fuels Consumer Editor David Muller Advertising Services Director
appropriately in all Managing Online Editor Regina Wall
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ensures the consistency
ological inds in a Thanks for the Hurley could be as accepting; and integrity of our Kirk Seaman Operations Account Manager
instrumented testing Buyer’s Guide Senior Editor Chris Hertwig
range of autos had Haywood piece [What maybe someday. Deal procedures and numbers, Rich Ceppos —
Buyer’s Guide Managing Editor CIRCULATION
me LOLing under my I’d Do Diferently, with it. both in the magazine
Jennifer Misaros Executive Director, Consumer
and online. Buyer’s Guide Assistant Editors
breath so as not to June 2018]. I’ve loved —Jim Dwyer Drew Dorian, Eric Staford
Marketing William Carter

raise the ire of my day- cars since I was three Knoxville, TN Online Copy Chief
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Published by Hearst
Communications, Inc.
dreaming co-work- years old. It wasn’t Online Copy Editors
Laura Sky Brown,
300 W. 57th Street
ers. I once had a a decision I made. FINISHING MOVES Charles Dryer, Daniel Golson,
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1997 Buick Century I’ve also always been I was wondering what Online Staf Photographer President & Chief
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Within the next 10 years. .ZR_VPN[`
O\bTUa SRdR_ aUN[ & RYRPa_VP cRUV-
PYR` V[ ±aURV_ ¼_`a fRN_ \S ZRN[-
ingful sales—but that number has risen
`aRNQVYfRcR_ffRN_`V[PRaUR[6[$dR 0b__R[aYfZ\`aPUN_TV[T`aNaV\[`N_R P\[`bZR_V[aR_R`aV[2C`AUNaV[aR_R`aV`
O\bTUaWb`a`Uf\S±NPP\b[aV[T P\[PR[a_NaRQ \[ aUR P\N`a` dUR_R 2C` `a_\[T\[O\aUP\N`a`N[QV[]N_a`\SaUR
S\_NdU\YR]R_PR[a\S[RdPN_`NYR`AUR N_RV[P_RN`V[TYfP\ZZ\[(AR`YNUN`ORR[ South, but Midwesterners have been slow
]N`a SRd fRN_` UNcR `RR[ N P\__R`]\[Q- aUR Z\`a ]_\NPaVcR NO\ba ]YNPV[T SN`a to adopt them.
V[T OY\\Z \S [Rd PUN_TV[T `aNaV\[`± PUN_TV[TR^bV]ZR[aV[aURZVQQYR\SaUR ;\[AR`YN 2C` PN[μa b`R @b]R_PUN_T-
AR`YNμ` ]_\]_VRaN_f @b]R_PUN_TR_` N[Q P\b[a_f;NcVTN[a?R`RN_PUNPYRN[aRPU R_`ObaAR`YN02<2Y\[:b`XUN``NVQaUNa
aUR05.QR:<N[Q0\ZOV[RQ0UN_TV[T N[NYfaVP` ¼_Z ]_\WRPa` aUNa `NYR` \S 10 \aUR_Nba\ZNXR_`N_RdRYP\ZRa\b`RUV`
@f`aRZ10SN`aPUN_TR_`SNc\_RQOf\aUR_ SN`aPUN_TV[T b[Va` V[ aUR B@ dVYY T_\d [Rad\_X\SPUN_TR_`VSaURf`U\bYQR_aURV_
ZN[bSNPab_R_`AUROR`aX[\d[]b_cRf\_ S_\Z&]R_fRN_a\Z\_RaUN[$ SNV_ `UN_R \S aUR P\`a` N``\PVNaRQ dVaU
\S 00@ b[Va` V` 2YRPa_VSf .ZR_VPN aUR N[[bNYYfOf#;NcVTN[aNY`\]_RQVPa` installing and maintaining them. They
TR[μ`QVR`RY`RaaYRZR[a.`\S]_R``aVZR aUN["]R_PR[a]R_fRN_V[aUNa`NZRaVZR ]_\]_VRaN_f PUN_TV[T ]YbT \_ QRcV`R N[
aUR_RdR_R$!05.QR:<Y\PNaV\[`#" S_NZR/ba4_NUNZ2cN[`N]_V[PV]NYN[N- adapter, though the adoption of an indus-
00@`aNaV\[`N[Q!@b]R_PUN_TR_\ba- Yf`aNa65@:N_XVaPNbaV\[`aUNaN[Re]N[- a_f`aN[QN_QPUN_TV[T]\_a`RRZ`V[RcVaN-
posts in the U.S. `V\[ \S PUN_TV[T `aNaV\[` QR]R[Q` b]\[ OYRN`2C`NYR`P\[aV[bRa\T_\d

4. What are
the most
2. WHY DO WE STILL USE annoying


Where to start? How
about hyphenated
descriptors such as
0\`a.YVaUVbZV\[ONaaR_fPN[P\`a[RN_Yf( “irst-ever,” “fastest-
_R]YNPV[T\[Rd\bYQPNb`RZN[f.ZR_VPN[`a\ growing,” or
aUV[X`R_V\b`YfNO\ba]bOYVPa_N[`]\_aNaV\[.YRNQ “segment-leading,”
which always seem to
NPVQ\S_\bTUYfaUR`NZR]\aR[aVNYdVYY`Raf\bONPX be applied to
NO\ba.[QdUVYRNYVaUVbZV\[μ`T_RNaR_R[R_TfQR[`VafN[Q]\dR_ZNXRNY\a\S marginal products?
Unpairing “mobility”
`R[`RS\_]_\]RYYV[TUfO_VQ`N[Q2C`aUR\YQYRNQNPVQQRYVcR_`P\[`aN[ac\YaNTR\cR_ from its logical
NdVQR_N[TR\SaRZ]R_Nab_R`dVaU\ba[RRQV[TaURPN_RSbYaUR_ZNYZN[NTRZR[a object, “scooter,”
does not mean you
YVaUVbZV\[b[Va`PN[_R^bV_R3\_a\ NO`\_OR[aTYN``ZNaONaaR_VR`b`R should append words

YRNQNPVQPURZV`a_fOba`b`]R[QaURRYRPa_\YfaRV[NZNaZNQR\STYN``¼OR_`S\_ like “platform” or
“leet,” certainly not
ORaaR_PUN_TR_RaR[aV\[ZNXV[TaURZNSNc\_VaR\SaURP\YYRPa\_PN_d\_YQ in conjunction with
adjectives such as
“electric” or
Dogs can be
“unleashed”; creativ-
ity, not so much.
“unique,” does not
What little there is still goes toward repairing Va`TN`aNeb`V[TaURR^bVcNYR[aNZ\b[aa\TVcRaRNPU- take modiication.
And we would like to
the roads, but federal and state highway-fund R_`N_NV`R<aUR_`aNaR`N_RZ\cV[Ta\]_RcR[a`bPU reclaim “dynamic,”
_RcR[bR`±S_\Z ¼eRQ _NaUR_ aUN[ ]R_PR[a- _NVQ`QR`VT[NaV[TaU\`RSb[Q`S\_V[S_N`a_bPab_R\[Yf “design language,”
and “Nürburgring-
NTRON`RQ ]R_TNYY\[ aNeR`±UNcR[μa XR]a b] dVaU /baSRd`aNaR`UNcRQ\[RZbPUa\NQQ_R``N`RRZ- tested” from the
V[½NaV\[\_P\Z]R[`NaRQS\_Z\_RR¦PVR[acRUVPYR`. V[TV[RcVaNOVYVaf'RYRPa_VPcRUVPYR`<[Yf&UNcRR[NPaRQ cliché scrap heap.
Finally, nobody needs
Many states have started to adapt to this; 27 have 2CSRR`dVaU4R\_TVNPUN_TV[TaURZ\`a=Nf]R_ZVYR Amazon in-car
RVaUR__NV`RQ\__RS\_ZRQaURV_TN`aNeR``V[PR 6[ `PR[N_V\`YVXRaUR\[RV[<_RT\[a_NPXcRUVPYRZVYRNTR delivery, the loating
roof is not, and what,
6\dN N PR[a]R_TNYY\[ UVXR R[NPaRQ V[ " UN` N[QP\bYQORNdNfa\_R¼YY_\NQSb[QP\ßR_` really, is the difer-
already stepped up the timelines for hundreds of state The mother ship, the federal Highway Trust Fund, ence between
cross-shopping and
]_\WRPa`.[Q4R\_TVNμ`[Rd`f`aRZYV[X`aURTN`aNe V`Re]RPaRQa\ORV[`\YcR[aOfU\dRcR_2N_YVR_ shopping?
a\V[½NaV\[N[QNcRUVPYRμ`SbRYRP\[\Zf aUV` fRN_ =_R`VQR[a A_bZ] R[Q\_`RQ N "PR[a]R_
State highway funds have been easy to raid for bud- TNYY\[ V[P_RN`R a\ aUR Pb__R[a %!PR[a SRQR_NY TN`
TRa TN]` /ba <XYNU\ZN UN` _R]RNaRQYf QVcR_aRQ aNe±Q_NdV[TZbPU\]]\`VaV\[S_\ZUV`]N_af/baaUR
TR[R_NYSb[QZ\[Rfa\¼eVa`_\NQ`N[Q_RPR[aYf_NV`RQ PY\PXV`aVPXV[T6S[\aaUV`[\daUR[dUNa,.[QdUR[,

0 1 8 . F E A T U R E . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
5. Whatever happened
to ethanol?
The organic fuel has faded from the headlines, but it’s still in
America’s tanks. Most gasoline sold in the United States
contains some of the stuf. And while the government cut back
on its ethanol-blended-fuel mandate in 2015, ethanol remains a OTHER MANUFACTURERS
relatively afordable renewable resource with a higher octane
than conventional fuel, beneits that could help it stick around
even if federal regulations change.
“The main vision for ethanol in the future is as a blended
component in gasoline,” says Terry Alger, director of spark-
ignition engine R&D at the Southwest Research Institute in
San Antonio, Texas. “The auto companies are pushing hard to
increase the amount of octane out there. And they’ve sug-
gested potentially increasing the ethanol content [as] a very
easy way to get to the higher octane level.” As other, larger automakers get in on the
But that push will face the same old hurdle as biofuels EV game, Tesla’s market share is sure to
always have: economically growing the plants from which decline. Thanks mostly to low demand for
they’re derived. Researchers at Stanford are working to small cars in the U.S., the Chevrolet Bolt—
produce ethanol from atmospheric carbon dioxide using copper aUR¼_`aZNV[`a_RNZ2Ca\PUNYYR[TRAR`-
as a catalyst, but their process produces 15 other compounds la’s range claims—will probably play less
simultaneously with ethanol. Separating the good from the bad, of a role in the EV takeover than upcom-
notes one professor, gets expensive. ing crossovers such as the Volkswagen 8. Why
I.D. Crozz. On the luxury end of things, are the
aUR Wb`a_RYRN`RQ 7NTbN_ 6=NPR H`RR ¼_`a tailpipes
drive, page 072], though smaller than the on direct-
Model X, could take a big bite out of Tesla’s injection
slice of the EV SUV pie. cars often
What Tesla has going for it right now is stained
brand capital. Owning a Tesla is a badge of black?
green honor among the well-heeled. But, —
In the past, a black
says Navigant’s Sam Abuelsamid, it doesn’t tailpipe in a gasoline-
take much for that to change. Early adopt- powered car meant
one thing: a fuel mix
ers are much more tolerant of recurring that was too rich,
reliability problems than are mass-market causing unburned
hydrocarbons to coat
customers. Tesla’s reliability record thus the inside of the
far and its limited service network, which tailpipe. Today’s
engines run three-
can lead to long wait times for repairs, way catalysts to
aren’t traits that mainstream buyers are scrub any unburned
hydrocarbons that
YVXRYfa\a\YR_NaR6S\aUR_Nba\ZNXR_`\ßR_ escape the various
desirable, high-quality EVs at a competi- other emission-
control systems,
tive price, Tesla’s cachet may falter. leaving very few to
darken our tailpipes.
And yet, many
modern tailpipes are
blackened. According
to John Hoard, an
associate research
That would be Honda Motor Company, at 29.5 mpg overall, eking out a narrow victory over Mazda, 2016’s winner, scientist in the
mechanical engineer-
according to the most recent EPA report (which does not include brands with production below 40,000 vehicles). ing department at the
At the other end of the spectrum is Fiat Chrysler, at 21.5 mpg—although Fiat secured top brand honors, at 32.5 mpg. University of Michi-
gan, gasoline
30 engines, like diesel
engines, have a ten-
INDUSTRY AVERAGE: 25.2 dency to produce
25 particulate matter,
also known as soot.

20 Modern diesel
engines have particu-


late ilters to counter



15 this, and several



VW GROUP: 26.3

studies are underway



SUBARU: 28.4

to see if this treat-

MAZDA: 29.3

TOYOTA: 26.3
NISSAN: 28.4
HONDA: 30.2
ACURA: 24.8
DODGE: 21.0

ment would beneit

LEXUS: 24.4

BUICK: 23.6
FORD: 22.8
JEEP: 22.2

AUDI: 25.2
BMW: 25.1
MINI: 28.8

GDI engines, too.

GMC: 19.9
RAM: 18.4
FIAT: 32.5

KIA: 27.5

Automaker Brand (The EPA classifies Hyundai and Kia as separate corporations.)

11. What will
Ford give
up on next?

While running away
can sometimes be a
brave and farsighted
strategy, Ford’s
decision to stop
selling cars in the

U.S.—with the excep-
tion of the Mustang
and the Focus Active
has got us wondering
what the company is
likely to bail on next.
If you own a smartphone, The most
you already have pocket- obvious
candidate is
sized proof of China’s ability Lincoln. The
to make things. Yet even though brand’s sales
have been
China is the world’s biggest car mar- down, despite
ket, with nearly 24.2 million passen- the recent
release of the new
ger vehicles sold there last year, few of its products ers among local producers, which could create compa- Navigator. Lincoln
have managed to escape the People’s Republic. nies with the scale to compete globally. Geely was a sells only a single
model that isn’t just a
In part, that’s because not even Chinese buyers are relative minnow when it bought Volvo from cash- gussied-up Ford, and
particularly fond of Chinese cars. Many local auto- strapped Ford in 2010. Since then, it has tripled sales its struggles stand in
marked contrast to
ZNXR_`N_RRßRPaVcRYf]_\]]RQb]OfW\V[acR[ab_R` and leveraged Swedish expertise to develop an archi- the fortunes of
with Western manufacturers that are necessitated tecture that will likely also underpin Geely, Lotus, and Jaguar, Land Rover,
and Volvo, three
by government restrictions on manufacturing by Proton models. And it has launched its own pseudo- brands Ford sold for
foreign-owned entities, and these arrangements Western brand, Lynk & Co, which will use a Spotify-
essentially subsidize the home-brand vehicles. esque low-commitment leasing model aimed at millen-
But China looks set to end the requirement for nials who like car brands that sound like other car
aUR`RW\V[acR[ab_R`AUNaμ`YVXRYfa\PNb`R`\ZRZR_T- brands. Lynk & Co expects to reach the U.S. in 2021.

Ford has been associ-

since the ’30s, but
enthusiasm within the
company for its
Laser and adaptive-beam headlights that precisely brighten areas in the driver’s view are rolling out on continuation. Apart
luxury vehicles across Europe, but they’re illegal or dimmed down in the U.S. due to government regulations from the V-8s found in
low-volume Shelbys,
crafted in the sealed-beam, Scotch-at-the-oice era. Some of those rules need desperate revision, like the innovation has
one requiring 2.5-mph bumpers on the Bugatti Chiron. stalled, and the
ive-oh is almost
But the agency isn’t stuck in a complete time warp. In a rare syzygy of government, automakers, and usurped by the
tech startups, the latest safety innovations—automated vehicles and semiautomated driver-assist fea- 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6
in trucks and SUVs.
tures—aren’t blocked at all. Instead, the government is allowing companies to lood our cars with unchecked
software without a national standard or oversight.
In 2017, lawmakers in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate introduced legislation that
would allow each automaker to exempt tens of thousands of Level 3, 4, and 5 automated vehicles from Fed-
eral Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that have been in place since 1966. Some states require manufactur-
ers to obtain permits to test driverless vehicles on public roads, but others forgo those restrictions expensive World
altogether. Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation or issued executive orders Endurance Champion-
to either permit automated cars on the road or lay ship racing series,
which suddenly
the groundwork for future public tests, but even seems very far
automakers like Toyota admit there’s been “some removed from the
company’s core
irrational exuberance” toward the capability of cur- mission of maximizing
rent automation systems. Deregulation may be a SUV sales and talking
gnomically about
boon for some sectors of the U.S. economy, but the automation. With no
auto industry’s attitude toward safety has historically major anniversaries
on the horizon, now
prioritized cost savings over people (see Ford’s infa- might be a prudent
mous Pinto memo suggesting that settling with the time for Ford to pack
the GT back into its
victims of iery collisions would be cheaper than ix- Batcave for a few
ing the afected cars). In this case, some more plod- The squint of the headlights, the smirk in the grille; this decades and delve
once again into that
ding from our bureaucrats might be a good thing. driverless Fusion knows it’s getting away with something. big box of white lags.

0 2 0 . F E A T U R E . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
The All-New

Responds to the road faster

than your pupils can dilate.
Time is on your side in the all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon.
The available Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) adjusts
to the changing road in 20 milliseconds, giving you a more
dynamic handling performance and more eicient use of
engine power. Your brain, however, takes 30 milliseconds
to register the exhilaration. That’s eye-opening
performance in just a split second. Let’s Go Places.

2019 Avalon Touring shown with options in Wind Chill Pearl (extra-cost color)
with available Advanced Safety Package. ©2018 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Bentley, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce
couldn’t. Ferrari is set to follow. The
valiant rear guard is McLaren, and CEO
Mike Flewitt has said hell will develop
permafrost before the company makes
an SUV. Funny, Luca di Montezemolo
used to say that before he left Ferrari.

14. Has
the dual-
sion met
its match,

You might think
that’s the case,
given the recent
defections by the
Audi RS5 and the
BMW M5, which
switched from dual-
clutch transmis-
sions to ZF’s 8HP
automatics. That’s
also the opinion of
Andy Palmer, CEO of
Aston Martin, who
claims ZF’s 8HP is
lighter, cheaper, and
quicker than a dual-
clutch transmission.
“Ten years ago, [the
dual-clutch] still
looked like the
transmission of the
future. Now it is
starting to look like
the transmission of
the past,” he tells
us. But the DCT
inds refuge in
supercars. The
added length of a
torque converter
Two words: shift quality. The 8HP trans- Aston Martin, BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Jaguar Land can be prohibitive in
mission from German supplier ZF is quick Rover, and the Volkswagen Group. Beyond perform- a mid-engine archi-
tecture, and precise
enough to serve sports cars and grace- ance, the eight-speed’s appeal is rooted in its versatile launch-control
ful enough for large luxury sedans, and it combines modular design. It can accommodate a maximum programs provide an
advantage in accel-
those elements of speed and smoothness whether it’s torque output from as low as 162 pound-feet up to 770. eration. And engi-
installed in an Aston Martin, a Rolls-Royce, or a Jeep. It is compatible with a variety of all- and four-wheel- neers maintain that
a good dual-clutch
Albert Dick, vice president of car powertrain tech- Q_VcR`f`aRZ``bPUN`N[V[aRT_NaRQPR[aR_QVßR_R[- ’box does shift
nology at ZF, says the 8HP’s deeply satisfying shifts are tial or a two-speed transfer case. The ability to swap quicker. “For our
kind of product, it’s
rooted in factors ranging from the quality of the sole- the torque converter for an electric motor, as BMW about a really fast
noids to the manufacturing methods to the control has done, allows automakers to develop hybrid vari- shift, which the
software. They’re also a product of a fundamental ants with minimal changes to the drivetrain. And the element of a dual-
design that determines how the four planetary gear- commonalities among all 8HP gearboxes allow com- clutch gearbox helps
us with. We think
sets, three clutches, and two brakes in every 8HP gear- panies to share core elements between vehicles as dif- that’s still got a
box are parsed into eight forward ratios. All one-gear ferent as the Dodge Demon and the Ram 1500, mini- decent speed advan-
tage,” says Marcus
and two-gear shifts use just two shifting elements: one mizing development costs. “We keep the same power Waite, chief engi-
opens, another closes. The 8HP also executes certain ½\daU_\bTUNYY\SaU\`RN]]YVPNaV\[``\dRPN[PN__f neer of the McLaren
multigear shifts in this manner; witness the leaps from over the calibrations, the software, all of those tools
sixth gear to third and even eighth to second. that keep that transmission shifting smoothly,” says
In 2017, some 3.5 million 8HP transmissions were Eric Burnett, chief engineer for eight-speed, rear-
built for a laundry list of manufacturers that includes wheel-drive transmissions at Fiat Chrysler.

0 2 2 . F E A T U R E . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
ORY\d aUR bYa_N`a_V[TR[a 2b_\]RN[ aN_TRa`
for 2020 by a factor of 10 in a real-life environ-
ment. That should clear the tech for use here
as well, as U.S. emissions regulations are sig-

It’s a bold claim, given that Bosch was
entangled in VW’s diesel scandal. How was it
achieved? There are several requirements,
says Bosch: The cars need to be compliant
So far, Dieselgate fallout has cost the Volkswagen Group around dVaUaURYNaR`a2b_\]RN[RZV``V\[`YNd``\aURfZb`aOR¼aaRQ
$30 billion and their piece of the U.S. diesel market. And it tem- with a urea tank. They need fast-reacting turbochargers—the
porarily cost former VW execs Wolfgang Hatz and Rupert model Bosch tested used a small, low-friction turbine wheel that
Stadler their freedom; both now await trials in Germany. Bosch, could quickly hit its optimal operating speed—and robust
though, is holding out hope that the scandal won’t cost diesel thermal-management support for the exhaust aftertreatment
its future. The supplier has shown tech- system. Cool temperatures in the selective-catalytic-reduction
nology that it claims will solve the emis- circuit, where the urea is injected, are associated with increased
sions problem once and for all—or at emissions. So Bosch designed its new system to reach optimal
least until world governments set their temperature more quickly and to stay hot even under low load,
next round of emissions regulations. such as after coasting downhill or sitting at a stoplight.
Using a combination of existing fuel- Cars equipped with the new technology could be on the mar-
injection technology, turbochargers, and ket in two to three years, says Bosch, just in time to meet the next
thermal management, the company says tightening of regulations. But the sting of betrayal from Diesel-
it has pushed nitrogen-oxide emissions gate might be the bigger hurdle. As Gilles Le Borgne, executive
cVPR ]_R`VQR[a N[Q URNQ \S ^bNYVaf N[Q R[TV[RR_V[T Na aUR =@.
See how diferent this prototype Group, tells us: “Diesel is going to be cleaner than gasoline. It has
exhaust system is from the one in your
Passat TDI? Trust Bosch; it is. won the technical battle. But it may have lost the political one.”

16. WHAT

Skyactiv-D sequentially turbo-

charged 2.2-liter inline-four. KIDNEY:
That engine has yet to materi-
alize here. More than one LIVER: Car and Driver does
Mazda representative has told $135,000 not recommend
us that the company had a selling organs on
the black market to
choice between making the fund the purchase
of a Porsche, not
diesel drive the way a Mazda even a GT3.
should and making it meet U.S. BONE
emissions standards. It chose MARROW:
neither. Since the 2016 L.A.
auto show, the diesel has been
slated for an appearance in the
CX-5 instead. As of this story’s
approval and conditional EGGS:
approval by the California Air
Resources Board. No one is SPERM:
talking about how it will drive. $75 $50,000
Not as long as you might think. Manufacturers such as
Fiat Chrysler, Ford—with its B-pillar keypads, always a
fan of novel entry means—and Jaguar Land Rover are
currently exploring the use of facial recognition, rather
than a key fob or a smartphone, to gain entry to a vehicle
entertainment, and climate-control settings. Tying a
face to an automobile entails a complicated web of
privacy and security risks, but if those liabilities
are resolved, this technology could appear on a
Because, in a world of copies, fakes, and
remakes, your face is one thing that remains
unique, even if you’re an identical twin.


Not exactly. But the way manufacturers approach them is changing. The bell-
wether is Detroit, where attendance topped%S\_aUR¼SaU`a_NVTUafRN_
in 2018. (The record of 838,066 was set in 2003.) Yet Mazda and Volvo were
AWOL this year, and Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have said they are bailing as well.
This trend has nothing to do with Michigan’s miserable January weather. Eleven
brands skipped the Frankfurt show in 2017. Even more will be sitting out Paris this fall,
including Ford, Nissan, and Volkswagen. Rather, the abandonment of auto shows has
everything to do with media and message. The era of smartphones, social media, and data
as BMW put it when announcing its withdrawal from Detroit, “exploring alternative plat-
forms and formats.” So Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds replace gimmicky pre-
sentations, directly addressing the target market, complete with performance metrics.
Automakers can hog the spotlight by introducing a new model on YouTube. Or by placing
19. Why are so many an image-enhancing concept in a video game—as many did with the Vision Gran Turismo
shifters so stupid now? series for PlayStation’s racing franchise—saving them from having to bend any real metal.
— While money is a consideration—a stand at an international extravaganza can cost
There’s great irony in the fact that using elec-
trons to select drive is often slower and less upward of $10 million—automakers would spend to the limits of their resources if their
intuitive than pulling a stick three clicks and

driving away. Yet here we are, in the world of ZR``NTR`dR_R[μaP\Z]RaV[TdVaUN½b__f\S\aUR_`.P\Z]N[fb[cRVYV[TN[Rd]_\QbPa

shift-by-wire, where knobs, buttons, and wants what PR folks call “100 percent share of voice” (i.e., the spotlight). This often still
return-to-position levers are doing away with means renting out space in halls, just ones beyond the normal auto-show circuit. A num-
the functional, proven PRNDL lever.
Like it or not, the new tech, which gives ber have embraced CES (formerly, the International Consumer Electronics Show) in
carmakers the freedom to design all manner of recent years, including Mercedes, which
shifter interfaces, is here to stay. According to
the manufacturers we spoke with, design free- cited the “rising complexity of our indus-
dom, space considerations, and integration of try” for its decision to leave Detroit.
automated features such as self-parking and
auto-of functions are driving the move to When the car companies take their
shift-by-wire and its nonstandardized inter- toys and go home, shows like Detroit will
faces. None of those carmakers could quantify
how much space their dystopian shifters actu- ORP\ZRZ\_RYVXR`U\d`V[/bßNY\0YRcR-
ally save, yet they are supplanting the easy-to- land, and Omaha. Yes, they have them in
use PRNDL faster than you can say “Put it in
drive.” Give us a PRNDL. Get of our lawn. those places, but only locals and the deal-
ers who stage them care. Auto shows will
go on, but the era in which car companies
and the media play along in staging tradi- At the auto show of the future, the displays won’t be
tional new-car spectacles is at an end. as fancy, but you’ll still be able to kick lots of tires.

0 2 4 . F E A T U R E . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8

The superior technology we put inside every Interstate battery means you get
high performance, great reliability, exceptional recyclability, and long life—all
backed by a generous warranty.
The Columnists and lick it?” Again, how much censure is
heaped upon the louts here? Plus, it takes
forever to shout, so if the evildoer is mov-
John Phillips // In the face of care- ing quickly, I wonder if he’ll hear much
Z\_R aUN[ ²DUf Q\[μa f\b ¼[Q N `]\a³
less driving, whatever happened and it’s possible that’s precisely what he’s
to indiferent cursing? You know, YVXRR[P\b_NTRZR[a
cursing without the shopworn heard a local shout, “Sit on your gearshift
F-bomb? When a truck backed Iditarod, almost across the street from
into the grille of my mom’s Cadil- `bPX`ZRNaONYY`³AUNadN``U\baRQOfZf
S_VR[Q N[Q Q\T Zb`UR_ /VYY 0\aaR_ dU\
lac, she said, “Well, isn’t he fresh?” dN`_VTUaaUR[Q_VcV[T\b_Y\[TaR_Z:R_-
PRQR`/R[g:9! /_Va`a_N]]RQV[QR`-
At the time, I believed it was her ]R_NaRa_N¦P`\ZRaVZR``U\ba²0U_V`a\[
only curse apart from “Jesus, Johnny,” =Naμ`N_aR_VR`³
which she uttered so often I thought I had .PP\_QV[T a\ @RQN_V` aUR /bYTN_VN[`
QbNY¼_`a[NZR`:V[Qf\bNaaURaVZR6 N_R]N_aVNYa\²:Nff\bObVYQNU\b`RS_\Z
also thought that Labor Day—all those pic- f\b_XVQ[Rf`a\[R`³6Sf\bμcRRcR_]N``RQ
nics, you know?—was meant to celebrate a stone, you know what aptness is here
:fSNaUR_dN`N[NcfcRa`\UR`b_RYf <[R\SaUR?\ZN[VN[`μSNc\_VaR`±N[Q
]\``R``RQ ]V^bN[a ]_\SN[Vaf FRa Qb_V[T you may want to skip ahead for a moment,
his road rages, the worst he ever shouted because this trends toward the unappetiz-
was “Cowboy!” and, once or twice when ing—goes: “I dragged my balls across your
his entire nervous system immolated, mother’s memorial cake, from cherry to
²7NPXN``³ 6 a_VRQ a\ Re]YNV[ a\ UVZ aUNa PUR__fN[Qa\RNPU\SaURPN[QYR`³>bVaR
those words were not by themselves likely a road map of humiliation, I’d say, but not
a\NYaR_aURcVYYNV[μ`ORUNcV\_ dVaU\ba Va` P\b[aR_]N_a V[ .ZR_VPN A\
:f0N[NQVN[S_VR[Q/_VN[5VPXRf\[PR wit: Former C/Ders Don Sherman and
drove to the Watkins Glen Can-Am race David Gluckman were comparing a tor-
Riley sedan, which, incredibly, we thought dVaU 6?@ AURf `a\]]RQ a\ aNXR [\aR` .
dN``bNcRNaaURaVZR8RVaUORTN[PUbT- man who disagreed with their spirited
ging Gallo during Friday’s practice, and, in driving rolled up in a Chevy Avalanche, got
his personal race to lap himself, continued out, pulled down his trousers, and rubbed
_VTUa aU_\bTU @b[QNfμ` ZNV[ RcR[a .a UV`T_\V[NYOb[QYRNY\[T4YbPXZN[μ`Q\\_
which point he was reduced to three words V[T aUN[ OYN`]URZ\b` :NfOR UR dN` N ²AUNaμ`Zf[ba`\[f\b_PN_³UR`NVQAUR[
V[N[fX[\d[YN[TbNTR'²B]f\b_N``³@\ ON[XR_6[ZfRe]R_VR[PR0N[NQVN[`b`b- UR`]Va\[@UR_ZN[μ`/RRaYR;RVaUR_\S\b_
it was perhaps predictable that, on the NYYf`U\ba²F\bdU\_R³]_\[\b[PRQdVaU Tbf`Y\\XRQNaUVZ;\aNTYN[PR7b`aXR]a
drive home, when the customs agent two syllables, as in HOO-er aNXV[T[\aR`
asked, “Citizen of what country?” Keith ²F\bμ_R`\`U\_af\bUNcRa\YVRQ\d[a\ Sherman, in fact, was legendary for
lurched to a facsimile of sentience and comb your hair” was former managing V[QVßR_R[PR V[ aUR SNPR \S U\`aVYVaf 5R
`U\baRQ²B]f\b_N``³ RQVa\_@aRcR@]R[PRμ`SNc\_VaR5R]V[[RQVa once drove a four-wheel-drive car up a hill
David Sedaris, in Esquire, one of our \[ZRNaaURdURRY\SNAR`YN?\NQ`aR_\[PR to demonstrate its prowess for camera-
sister publications, surveyed foreign pro- It stuck with me because it’s illogical, yet man Aaron Kiley, and the owner of the
SN[VafbaaR_RQOfS\YX`Pba\ßV[a_N¦P6[ f\b_TbaT_N`]`aURV[`bYaVZZRQVNaRYf land that Sherman was right then furrow-
Copenhagen, they shout, “Why don’t you In the Netherlands, Sedaris found that V[TPNZR\baa\UNcRNd\_Q@UR_ZN[Y\d-
run around in my ass?” It’s an odd request QV`RN`R`d\_XRQN`Pb_`R`²0U\YR_N`bS- ered his window and listened in silence as
that would seemingly make the accuser as SR_R_³dN`]\]bYN_NY`\²PN[PR_`Yba³/ba the landowner deployed the F-word as
b[P\ZS\_aNOYRN`aURNPPb`RR when he asked if “diabetes [slut]” would `bOWRPacR_ON[QQV_RPa\OWRPaAUR[@UR_-
seven years, I once was driving behind a UNQa\ORaR_ZV[NY some lunch?”
ZN[dU\dN`QVaPURQV[a_N¦P\[aUR1\[ 6[aURSNPR\Sa_N¦PaUbT`aUR.b`a_V- @UR_ZN[ dN` _VTUa .SaR_ " fRN_` \S
CNYYRf=N_XdNf5R`U\baRQ²DUfQ\[μa N[``\ZRaVZR``U\ba²DUfQ\[μaf\b¼[Q driving, I can report that the cruelest
you pay my mortgage?” Again, more amus- a spot on my ass that you would like to lick Pb_`RV`[\Pb_`R1V`N]]\V[aV[TV`[μaVa,

026 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8

and many more!

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The Columnists with curios. It looks like a folk-art installa-
tion, which I suppose it is. Or like a partic-
ularly bad set for a play, left out to bake in
Daniel Pund // I’m not feeling the sun. It looks like what an alien might
build if you described a human habitation
well. To my right, out the rear-side through a Hungarian translator.
I might have chalked it up to a halluci-
window of a Chevy passenger nation if I hadn’t seen dozens and dozens
of others on my ride along Ruta 23. Some
van, I can see pinpoints of white are as small as a toy poodle’s doghouse.
Some are covered in bottles of Cristal beer,
light floating along, like tiny holes ¼cRYVaR_WbT`\Svino tinto]YN`aVP½\dR_`
in my vision. I look over to the left bags of chewy fruit candy, and crosses.
Always crosses. One has been enclosed in
and they’re not there. I glance a glass case; it looks like a display counter
that got lost on the way to Macy’s.
back to the right and, dammit, Another, located near a curve in the road
they’re still there, twinkling. I choose to ing guardrail, features a small pickup
stop looking to my right. I’m blaming the truck. Demolished, it appears to have tum-
U\b_`\S ½VTUa`Vaa\\Xa\TRaa\aUV` OYRQ6aμ`[\aUN_Qa\¼Tb_R\baaURON`VP
spot in the Atacama Desert in northern outline of the tragedy that unfolded here.
Chile, the single driest, starkest place I’ve ;RVaUR_V`VaUN_Qa\¼Tb_R\badUNaaUR`R
laid my now failing eyes on. I’m certainly assemblages, these installations, are.
dehydrated. My brain might be launching They’re memorials at the site of someone’s
itself into a migraine with aura. Maybe I’m death, like the crosses or wreaths you
`a_\XV[T\ba6]_Nf6Q\[μaPNaPUNdUVß\S might spot along the roadside in the
burnt toast. I choose not to mention any of United States.
this to my fellow passengers. We’re all But these animitas, as they’re called in
URNQRQa\Q_VcRaUR.bQV>%H`RR¼_`aQ_VcR Chile, are more than just memorials, more
page 040] in San Pedro de Atacama, a low- than just reminders of the dangers inher-
slung, dirt-street town about 90 miles up ent in human-vehicle coexistence. They
the road. There’s cheesy ’80s American become, for the people of this overwhelm-
]\]_\PX\[aURcN[μ``aR_R\(NYYdVYYOR¼[R ingly Catholic nation, a religious site, a
Outside the van, the world appears window into the afterlife. At the place
entirely still. There’s not a cloud on the where the body and the soul are violently,
enormous blue dome of a sky, not a single unjustly torn apart, the soul is believed to
poof of water vapor obscuring the IMAX linger. The soul is metaphorically housed
presentation. There are snow-dusted in this building. The word animitas is
mountain peaks in the distance. The way derived from ánima, a Spanish word for
they hover on the horizon, it’s impossible buses and, of course, the white dots and— soul or spirit. This practice is not sanc-
to tell how far away they are. Nearer us is what the hell?—a day-glo-orange-peach tioned by the Catholic Church. But in a
just dust. Dust of a uniform, lifeless terra- structure appears to my right. It’s a sort of sense, it’s like making saints of everyday
cotta color. It occurs to me as a dweller of eye-popping pergola plopped down in the folks who have died. People might ask the
the temperate suburbs of the Northern vast nothingness, the visual equivalent spirit to intercede between them and God.
Hemisphere that, if I’m seeing this, a of an air-horn blast in a funeral home. A These places are carefully tended, and so
search party should probably have already sheet of corrugated metal rests atop the aURfN_RV[NdRV_QdNf`VT[V¼R_`\SYVSRV[
been organized. YVTUaYf ObVYa S_NZV[T .[ b[VQR[aV¼NOYR this barren place as much as they are mon-
But this route from Calama to San commodity car sits in front of it, propped uments to death.
Pedro de Atacama is populated. Mostly, it up by its belly on a small plinth, its wheels I’m not a religious man. I am just a guy
seems, it’s populated by big rigs and tour QN[TYV[TNP\b]YRSRRa\ßaURQb`aAUR_Rμ` in a van with what I assume is a seismic
N _V\a \S TN_V`U ]YN`aVP ½\dR_` V[ S_\[a headache building. But though I want to
There’s a vulnerable-looking little tree stop and crawl around each of these
planted to the right of the car. A living tree! shrines, I can’t bring myself to. I would feel
And a couple of large plaques that read YVXRNTU\bY6aμ``N[PaV¼RQT_\b[Qa\`\ZR-
“EN MEMORIA [unreadable] JAVIER one. Instead, I try to remind myself that

[unreadable].” Below them is an open when I get behind the wheel of the Q8 test
`URYcV[Tb[Va]NV[aRQaUR`NZR½b\_R`PR[a vehicle the next day, I should look twice
color as the structure’s frame, stocked before passing.

Scores of roadside shrines dot the landscape of the

Chilean desert. Javier’s is unusually elaborate.

028 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
The Columnists 6aμ`YVXRNPN_dVaUNY\a\S`RNa`N[QVa½VR`
at 500 mph. And, no, silly, you don’t do the
driving! As with MegaCar and Linked
Ezra Dyer // Welcome to my MegaCar, the vehicle is controlled by an
THEODORE talk. It’s like a TED co-AI for redundancy. You’ll book your
seat online, show up at the appointed time,
talk, but longer. You won’t be and then wait in an open-concept seating
area where you can conveniently charge
bored, though, because I’m going f\b_]U\[ROf`VaaV[T\[QV_afPN_]Ra[Rea
to the concrete pillar where they put the
to address a subject that nobody one outlet.
Once aboard the Flying MegaCar,
ever thinks about: the future. Spe- you’re in for a treat. You can have the free
cifically, the future of driverless available for purchase as long as you don’t
cars. Step inside my mental VR, ran out of those on the last leg from
Topeka. Sometimes one of the AI atten-
where you’ll take trips in which you don’t dants is a little bit sassy and says some-
“drive” at all. I know it sounds like fantasy, thing like, “If you’re traveling with small
but I predict that this scenario will be children, what were you thinking?” and
]\``VOYRdVaUV[¼cRfRN_`6PNYYaUV`UV`a\_VP everyone will laugh because they’re not
moment the “disruption eruption,” and, `b]]\`RQa\`Nf`abßYVXRaUNaObadRμ_RNYY
yes, I trademarked that, just like Pat Riley in a good mood because we’re going to
did with “three-peat.” Vegas. I’m not sure how Flying MegaCar
DRORTV[\b_a_V][RN_N[\¦PRObVYQ- companies will deal with passengers’ lug-
ing, at a social rideshare convergence zone. gage, but I’m sure they’ll come up with
This is where travelers gather to await the some kind of process that will make every-
arrival of a MegaCar, a large shared-mobil- O\QfP\[`V`aR[aYf`NaV`¼RQ
ity device that can transport perhaps 40 After our rideshare air-drive, we arrive
_VQR_` AUV` XV[Q \S R¦PVR[Pf V` ]\``VOYR at the toughest challenge in automation,
because many commuters travel between the “last mile” dilemma. That’s where the
regular destinations, thus enabling daily Convenient Active Response System
MegaCar rides along what we’ll call a (CARS) comes in. You’ll summon CARS
“route.” Riders can pay for a trip with on your phone, and within minutes a
MegaCar Coinz, which are just like dollars mobility module will pull up. Theoreti-
but more disruptive. MegaCars are cally, you could get any kind of mobility
“driven” by sophisticated AI systems that module, but in practice it will be a silver
can automatically avoid obstacles, detect Hyundai Elantra piloted by Kiril. Since
pedestrians, and communicate V2V via RNPU .6 PUNbßRb_ V` QVßR_R[a f\bμYY OR
yelling. Each AI pilot module will have its _R`V`aN[PRN[QaURNOVYVafa\a\aNYYf½NaaR[ NOYRa\_NaRRNPU\Sf\b_0.?@Re]R_VR[PR`
own name, like Gary or Bernice. Depend- a penny. Imagine that you’re on your way cVNN`aN_`f`aRZ1VQ8V_VYTRaV[Re]YVPNOYf
ing on the demeanor of your fellow ride- from Boston to New York, traveling at 150 agitated because he thought you slammed
share members, you should probably not Z]UdUVYR`V]]V[TNP\ßRRN[Q`a_RNZV[T the door when you got in? Like, hey, I’m
make eye contact on the MegaCar or get ;Ra½Ve±NYYdVaU\baRcR_a\bPUV[TN`aRR_- pretty sure I’m not going to hurt your
on Bernice’s last nerve. ing wheel. It’s hard to believe, but I think Elantra, but while we’re chatting, can you
AUR:RTN0N_Q_\]`b`\ßNaNaU_RR dRμ_RPY\`R_a\aUV`_RNYVafaUN[f\bRe]RPa turn down the Diplo? Some of these AIs,
person common-seating apparatus that’s Remember that, in 2006, nobody thought you don’t know how they ever made it out
emblazoned with an advertisement for digital music would ever be possible, but of beta. But for the most part, many of
personal-injury lawyer Chet Flincher, who then Microsoft released the Zune. You them drive just like human beings who had
specializes in class-action ingrown-toe- know the rest of that story. a late night last night.
nail malpractice. From here, we take a Our Linked MegaCar journey contin- So, are you ready for the big twist? The
`U\_adNYXa\NYN_TR__VQR`UN_RP\[½bR[PR ues, sometimes underground and some- trip I just described is not possible and
hub. This transportation campus, if we times practically through people’s yards, never will be. I was just messing with you.
may, is the terminus for a system of modu- before arriving at our destination, an even You know why that one company is called
lar Linked MegaCars with their own dedi- Ob`VR_Z\OVYVaf`\YbaV\[P\Z]YRe6ZVTUa Waymo? Because convincing computers to
cated roads. Each passenger module is lose you here, but try to suspend your drive is way mo’ hard than they thought.
]Uf`VPNYYf P\[[RPaRQ a\ N ¼eRQ ]NaU- QV`ORYVRS N` 6 QR`P_VOR \b_ [Rea Z\QR \S Now let’s all go out to the parking lot and
dNfcVNZRaNYQV`P`dUVPU\ßR_Y\d_\YYV[T travel: the Flying MegaCar. That’s right. rip donuts in my Camaro.

030 . C A R A N D D R I V E R . S E P/ 2 0 1 8
The most trusted
name in cars is
now the most
trusted place for



Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline is engineered with triple-action protection for optimal
engine performance. Unsurpassed protection against gunk, unbeatable protection against corrosion
and our best protection against wear. It’s no wonder we’re the official fuel of Car and Driver.

New Cars, Trucks, and
SUVs for 2019
Break It Down N
M N New
To get a snapshot of D
M Minor trim changes
U Unchanged
the size and health of D Dead

various vehicle types U

within the U.S. auto

market, we compiled

data culled from the
following 53 pages.
The size of each
graph segment is
based on the number NEXT YEAR’S
of models that its SUVs MODELS
each description. BY CATEGORY CA RS

Car and Driver
D U SEP/2018

ook, we’re as prone to wallowing in dystopian aren’t like those compliance vehicles automakers slapped together
fantasies as anyone. We, too, were once mopey, so they could sell cars in California. You know, those dorky things
nerdy teenagers immersed in doom the way a fetus is immersed in that had fake grilles patterned to look like circuit boards? Forget
today anyway, Mom? Running around in circles?! It’s futile! Gah!” bers. But it’s the onslaught of competitors, inspired by Tesla’s suc-
But we are, for the most part, adults now, and we have seen sun- cess, that is going to make things truly interesting. Have a look at
light a few times. You say the world will be a network of mind-con- the electric Jaguar I-Pace [see “A Comforting Silence,” page 072].
trol nodes and we will be pigs in cages on antibiotics? Sure, sure, 6aμ`N`a_N[TRN[QNYYb_V[TcRUVPYR.[QVaμ`aUR¼_`aV[NdNcR\SdUNa
¼[R1N[[f1\b_9V`aR[Y\[TR[\bTUa\aUR_RYR[aYR``ObggP\ZV[T we anticipate will be compelling electric vehicles from the likes of
\ba\S@VYVP\[CNYYRfN[QDN`UV[Ta\[10N[QS_\ZcN_V\b`PN_- Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche, among others. Cars that you needn’t
ZNXR_`aUNa[\d_RSR_a\aURZ`RYcR`N`:\OVYVaf@\YbaV\[1V`_b]a- be an electric-car evangelist to desire.
R_`N[Qf\bμQORP\[cV[PRQaUNadRμcRNY_RNQfR[aR_RQaUR_NaZNgR And, yes, sports-car and sports-sedan brothers and sisters, a
of automated transport. But do you know how many vehicles on the variety of tallish, wagonish crossover things are taking over the
following pages are fully driverless? Zero. None. market. But then again, Hyundai’s Genesis brand bursts onto the
And that’s out of hundreds. Sure, an increasing number of cars scene with its third sedan, and this one, the G70 [see “Begin the
and trucks today carry driver-assistance systems, which are occa- Beginning,” page 060], cares not at all about command seating
sionally helpful but are often just gimmicky nuisances. But that’s positions or lower-body cladding. It’s a sports sedan, pure and (rel-
VaAUR_RN_RgR_\Nba\[\]\Q`\[aURZN_XRaObaaUR_RN_RPb_- atively) simple. BMW appears to understand what has been lost in
_R[aYfZ\_RaUN[NQ\gR[`a_RRaYRTNYcRUVPYR`S\_`NYRaUNa]_\QbPR the last generation of the 3-series and is aiming to rectify it [see “Past
700 or more horsepower. And you, dear reader, get to deploy that Forward,” page 046]. And the Toyota Supra is back (or soon will be).
horsepower in any way you deem appropriate. Good sense not But SUVs needn’t be the car enthusiast’s bogeyman; only the bad
required. Maybe you’ll unload the full allotment of horses at a track ones should be. There are now many that drive with such brio that
day on your local road course. Maybe you’ll use it to melt the asphalt we can pretty much forget about their form factor and just enjoy the
\baV[S_\[a\S1NV_f>bRR[<_]\``VOYff\bμYY¼_RVaQV_RPaYfV[a\ drive. Here we mean vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadri-
the nearest tree. It’s entirely your choice. foglio, the Mercedes-AMG GLC63, and the Porsche Macan.
But what about those little automotive hair shirts, electric vehi- So, buck up! We might eventually have to eat each other for sus-
cles? Well, the EVs coming to market in the next couple of years tenance. But that’s not likely to happen for a long while. Enjoy.

New Cars, for 2019

Bentley Continental GT Acura MDX

The List.
2019, with sales starting begin in late 2019. Aston
sometime in 2020. will limit worldwide pro-
— duction to 155 cars, at
DB11: The V-12 coupe is which point we fully
DETAILS OF E ACH BR AND’S 2019 -MODEL-YE AR LINEU P BEGIN HERE now called the DB11 AMR expect the electric RapidE
AND RU N THROUGH ALL THE DRIVES AND TESTS IN THIS SECTION. (for Aston Martin Racing) will be laid to rest along-
SIGNIFICANT CHANGES MERIT THEIR OWN ENTRIES; MINOR TRIM to better distinguish it side the gas-ired version.
NOTED AT THE END OF E ACH BR AND’S RU NDOWN. DON’T BE SUR- cars. The AMR augments Vantage: Introduced as a
PRISED IF YOU FIND SOME 2020 MODELS IN HERE, TOO—WE UNCOV- 2018’s twin-turbo V-12 late-2018 model, the
ERED A LOT OF LONG -R ANGE INFORMATION IN OU R REPORTING . DB11 with another all-new Vantage joins the
30 horsepower (for 630) new DB11 to rejuvenate
and reinements to its the core of Aston Martin’s
Acura Alfa Romeo AMR, the Superleggera transmission, exhaust, lineup. Built on a bonded-
— — gets its own skin and suspension. It adds aluminum structure that
ILX: While we’ve heard Stelvio: Buyers can now forward of the A-pillars another 8 mph to the top shares some panels with
tell that a minor refresh save about 100 pounds and a new decklid and end, for 208 mph, and the DB, this Vantage is
will bring new front and and $2000 by opting for rear fascia. Extensive $25,000 to the bottom both stifer and lighter
rear fascias to Acura’s a rear-wheel-drive Stelvio. deployment of carbon line, bringing the base than its predecessor. It’s
smallest sedan for 2019, The 280-hp turbocharged iber helps cut 154 price to $244,086. The also more powerful,
the needed clean-sheet inline-four is unchanged, pounds from the curb V-8–powered coupe and thanks to an AMG-
replacement based on and the ZF eight-speed weight, and the new convertible are sourced twin-turbo
the universally lauded automatic remains the bodywork adds down- unchanged. 4.0-liter V-8 that puts out
10th-gen Civic remains as only transmission option. force front and rear. A — 503 horsepower and
elusive as the yeti. Rear drive is only avail- reprogramming of the Rapide: This year is the 505 pound-feet of torque.
— able on base and Sport computers unleashes internal-combustion Those are increases of
MDX: An optional A-Spec trim levels; the Ti and— another 4.4 psi of boost Rapide’s swan song, one 83 and 159, respectively,
sport-appearance sadly—the 505-hp from the same turbos it sings with the old natu- over the last Vantage’s
package for all-wheel- Quadrifoglio remain all- used in the DB11 AMR, rally aspirated V-12 that naturally aspirated V-8.
drive nonhybrids includes wheel-drive only. spiking output to 715 Aston has replaced or The engine is backed by a
gray 20-inch wheels, a — horsepower. Given the canceled in every other rear-mounted ZF eight-
revised front fascia, Unchanged: Giulia/ updates, the DBS’s model. All 2019 Rapides speed automatic, though
body-colored lower sills, Quadrifoglio, 4C Spider $308,086 base price will be dubbed AMR, with a seven-speed manual
larger exhaust inishers, Dead: 4C coupe seems like a reasonable Aston cranking the V-12 should be announced by
and black and dark- upcharge over the DB11 up to 580 horsepower, an the end of 2019. Aston
chrome accents. Unique AMR’s, reasonable increase of 30 from last also sources the Van-
gauges, pedals, steering Aston Martin being a relative term. year. Carbon-iber trim tage’s infotainment
wheel, and red or black — — and special design pack- system from Mercedes,
seat upholstery serve as DBS Superleggera: DBX: The brand’s SUV will ages signify to others at which is a smart move.
A-Spec signiiers inside. This new DB replaces be built on the same Rapide owners’ meetings These things consume an
— the Vanquish S at the architecture as the DB that yours is the 2019 altogether inordinate
RDX: see irst test, top of the Aston line. coupes, likely using the model, of which only 210 share of development
page 038 Built around the same AMG V-8 that’s also found will be sold worldwide. budgets these days.
— aluminum structure as in the DB11 and Vantage. — —
Minor trim changes: NSX the DB11, and using the We expect the production RapidE: Deliveries of the Dead: Rapide S,
Unchanged: RLX, TLX V-12 from the DB11 version to bow in late electric Aston sedan will Vanquish S

Audi A7

turbo 2.9-liter V-6 with a launch, the 626-hp W-12

conventional eight-speed will be the only engine
automatic and a rear- ofered. Its 664 pound-
sively redesigned its mid- that span the width of biased version of Audi’s and 568 pound-feet of feet of torque routes
sizer in the same fashion the car; sequential turn all-wheel-drive system. torque (rather than 664). through an eight-speed
as other recent Ingolstadt signals and a pop-up The hatch also gets the It also trims about 100 dual-clutch automatic (a
makeovers, meaning it rear spoiler add some rest of the RS5 kit, includ- pounds—most of it from Bentley irst) and is sent
has a few new creases theater to this extro- ing the all-important the Bentayga’s nose—but entirely to the rear wheels
and subtle sheetmetal verted ive-seater. widebody fenders and RS that won’t bring the total unless slip is anticipated;
bulges but looks much — interior, plus a bonus much under 5700. It’s at then the all-wheel-drive
like the outgoing model. A A8: A busy model year at seatbelt in the back, least as lively as the W-12, system can send as much
335-hp V-6 with a single Audi also sees a new lag- making the Sportback a though, with a sportier as 38 percent to the
turbocharger nestled ship riding on the same legit ive-seater. exhaust note and more fronts. A new air suspen-
between its cylinder MLB Evo platform as — eager turn-in. Bentley’s sion, abetted by the
banks now drives all four lesser Audis. As in the A6 R8: Late in the 2018 48-volt Dynamic Ride active anti-roll bars from
wheels through a seven- and A7, a 335-hp turbo model year, Audi intro- active-anti-roll-bar the Bentayga, helps make
speed dual-clutch auto- V-6 with the 48-volt duced the limited-pro- system is optional here, the GT a livelier handler.
matic. As in its platform- system handles combus- duction R8 V10 RWS (for and carbon-ceramic Inside is the traditional
mates, the A7 and A8, a tion, although the A8 gets Rear Wheel Series). Sacri- brakes are newly avail- festival of quilted leather,
48-volt hybrid system a traditional eight-speed icing the front diferen- able. The V-8 should cost polished chrome, and
with a 0.5-kWh lithium- automatic. Possibly tial, multiplate clutch, and about $35,000 less than dramatic wood veneer,
ion battery handles making an appearance in prop shaft drops curb the W-12. For those who but the electronics are
stop-start tasks while the U.S. car is an active weight by a claimed don’t use cylinder count now fully modern, with a
helping to mask turbo lag. suspension, one that uses 110 pounds and the price to judge their self-worth, 12.3-inch central touch-
Inside, Audi’s new MMI cameras to scan the road by about $25,000, the plug-in hybrid pairs screen. The company
infotainment system ahead and electric making this the lightest a 3.0-liter V-6 with an has yet to show the new
dominates the luxurious motors to raise and lower and least expensive R8. electric motor. The emis- Conti in convertible form,
cabin with two touch- each wheel by a couple Just 320 coupes (out of a sions-free driving range but we expect one to
screens to control every- inches, especially useful production run of 999) is expected to be around arrive here next spring,
thing from climate control in side-impact collisions. will come to the U.S., so 30 miles, and when it’s around the same time as
to a roster of cloud- Only the long-wheelbase don’t be surprised if it’s time to plug in, why not the coupe.
informed apps. Now version of the A8 makes it already sold out. do so stylishly, with an —
coupled with Audi’s stateside, with as little as — available Philippe Starck– Mulsanne: Bentley is
Virtual Cockpit digital $84,795 putting a new Minor trim changes: designed charger? celebrating its centennial
gauge cluster, the new one in your driveway. The A3/S3/RS3, A4/S4, A5/ — with a Mulsanne W.O.
A6 is as much about Level 3 automation S5, Q5/SQ5, Q7, TT/S/RS Continental GT: The Edition, the highlight of
pixels as petrol. system that allows eyes- Unchanged: Q3 Conti GT gets its most which is that each one
— of-the-road driving on Dead: A3 e-tron, S6, S7/ comprehensive redesign has, displayed in its rear
A7: Like its plainer traic-choked highways RS7, S8 since its 2004-model- center console, a slice of
sedan sibling, the in other markets won’t be year debut. An all-new the crankshaft from an
hatchback A7 gets over- available on U.S. cars. chassis sees the engine 8-Litre Bentley, a model

hauled for 2019. Styling — Bentley move rearward by some that W.O. Bentley person-
and hardware follow Q8: see irst drive, — ive inches, lightening the ally designed and that is
suit, with more and page 040 Bentayga: The high-glitz load on the front wheels said to have been his
sharper character lines — SUV will soon be available and allowing designers to favorite. The company
and the same turbo- RS5: A Sportback model in the U.S. with a trio of dramatically trim the will build a total of 100
charged V-6 powertrain. joins the coupe for 2019. powertrains, as a front overhang, which W.O. Editions.
Interior updates— Hardware is unchanged, twin-turbocharged V-8 greatly improves the —
including the dual- meaning a 444-hp twin- and a plug-in hybrid join model’s proportions. At Unchanged: Flying Spur
Fight mehdiocrity.
Hybrids used to be so meh. Thankfully, with standard Honda Sensing®—a suite of safety and driver-assistive features—
available Apple CarPlay™* integration and a 51-mpg city rating†, the all-new Honda Insight is anything but.

Physical Graffiti
Don’t be fooled by its slick looks; the RDX A-Spec delivers value,
not speed. _by David Beard

Acura is replacing the visually and

dynamically bland last-genera-
tion RDX, recasting the small
crossover as a striking, purposeful thing.
The A-Spec model tested here looks better
than a frosty Asahi with a side of gyoza. It
features blacked-out accents, gray 20-inch
wheels, and bazooka tubes for tailpipes. The
interior matches the sheetmetal’s allure
with polished-metal pedals, contrast stitch-
ing, and no-cost red leather with black suede
inserts. Black leather is also available. Good-looking over the last gen, but this ute’s 0.81 g still
But while we dig the A-Spec’s looks, the body, first-rate trails almost everything else in the class, 2019 Acura RDX
performance is more B- or C-spec. Acura engine, well- and the new tires howl when pushed. They A-Spec SH-AWD
needs to free up the RDX’s hardware to do finished interior. only manage a 177-foot stop from 70 VEHICLE TYPE: front-
Touchpad engine, all-wheel-drive,
its best work. Beneath the aluminum hood’s Z]U±NY`\\[aURb[QR_dURYZV[TR[Q\S 5-passenger, 4-door
cutaneous horns is Honda’s turbocharged tribulations, stif aUR `RTZR[a±N[Q aUR `\Sa O_NXR ]RQNY hatchback
2.0-liter inline-four, replacing the previous ride, lethargic makes smooth stops tricky. $46,495
RDX’s 3.5-liter V-6. Its 272 horsepower is transmission. The structure is stronger than before, BASE PRICE: $46,495
ENGINE: turbocharged
down seven compared with the outgoing ObaaUR¼_Z`b`]R[`V\[ab[V[TN[QV[PU and intercooled DOHC
engine, but torque swells 28 pound-feet over the six-cylinder’s peak wheels send impacts into the cabin. Adap- 16-valve inline-4,
aluminum block and
to max out at 280. The new four sounds great, even if it is an audio tive dampers, included only on the top-level head, direct fuel injection
track streamed into the cabin. A paddle-shiftable 10-speed man- Advance package, would be a welcome addi- DISPLACEMENT:
122 cu in, 1996 cc
ages gearshifts smoothly if a bit lethargically. tion to the A-Spec. POWER:
The generous torque curve moves the 3997-pound SUV around A single 10.2-inch display replaces the 272 hp @ 6500 rpm
a\d[Rß\_aYR``Yf6[@]\_a=Yb`Z\QR±0\ZS\_a@]\_aN[Q@[\d previous RDX’s dual infotainment screens, 280 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
N_Rf\b_\aUR_PU\VPR`±N[QdVaUaURNPPRYR_Na\_]_R``RQa\aUR and there’s a new gimmick to control the TRANSMISSION:
10-speed automatic with
¼_RdNYYaURNYYdURRYQ_VcR?1E_RNPUR`#Z]UV[##`RP\[Q` revamped system. Just below the push-but- manual shifting mode
N[QaUR^bN_aR_ZVYRV["/\aU¼Tb_R`N_RNcR_NTRS\_`ZNYYYbe- ton shifter [see “Why Are So Many Shifters DIMENSIONS
WHEELBASE: 108.3 in
ury crossovers, but the increased number of shifts doesn’t do this So Stupid Now?” page 024], the True LENGTH: 186.8 in
ute any favors. Compared with the last-gen RDX, this new one Touchpad Interface makes the execution of WIDTH: 74.8 in
HEIGHT: 65.7 in
requires an extra 0.4 second to reach 60 mph. even basic tasks feel counterintuitive. The PASSENGER VOLUME:
When driven with mild aggression, the RDX A-Spec feels swift inclusion of a volume knob and tuning but- 104 cu ft
on its feet and is quick to change direction. The steering is direct tons is the system’s only saving grace. 30 cu ft
N[QYV[RN_N[Q@]\_a=Yb`Z\QRNQQ`NYVaaYRdRYP\ZRURSa.Pb- With LED headlights, adaptive cruise CURB WEIGHT: 3997 lb
ra’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive can shunt up to 70 percent control, lane-keeping assist, and a pile of
of the engine’s torque to the rear; from there, a torque-vectoring other amenities for $46,495, the Acura RDX C/D Test Results
QVßR_R[aVNY PN[ `R[Q  ]R_PR[a \S aUNa a\_^bR a\ RVaUR_ `VQR A-Spec undercuts competitors from Audi, 6.6 sec
SH-AWD does an excellent job assisting turn-in, but, ultimately, BMW, and Lexus by thousands of dollars. ZERO TO 100 MPH:
18.1 sec
it’s good hardware wasted. When pressed, an aggressive stabili- While the A-Spec branding is an overprom- ZERO TO 110 MPH:
ty-control system governs any genuine fun. Wider 255/45R-20 ise, the RDX is full of highly impressive 23.3 sec
Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires help increase skidpad grip by 0.04 g `abß6aWb`a[RRQ`a\ORYVOR_NaRQ 5–60 MPH: 7.0 sec
15.2 sec @ 93 mph
TOP SPEED: 113 mph
(governor limited)
177 ft
SKIDPAD: 0.81 g*

HWY: 23/21/26 mpg
C/D OBSERVED: 20 mpg
*Stability-control inhibited.

038 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018



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First Drive. 2019 Audi Q8


040 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
To the coldly rational among us, a vehicle
such as the 2019 Audi Q8 is just silly. But nobody
likes the coldly rational because they are invari-
ably a drag. Take it elsewhere, Spock.
The Q8 is, in the words of its maker, “the
fusion of an elegant four-door luxury coupé with
a large SUV, and with echoes of an Audi icon—the
Ur-Quattro.” Huh. That’s sure to drive automo-
tive taxonomists up a freakin’ wall—even those
who know that Ur-Quattro refers to the original
Quattro coupe from the 1980s. But take a look at
the Q8 and you’ll know exactly what it is. It is a BMW X6 analogue,
a less elephantine Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe, a spiritual successor
to the Acura ZDX. It is a German-car fan’s Range Rover Sport. It is
ciency for the sake of style. We don’t necessarily hate that concept.
We like the Mercedes S-class coupe, which is nearly the length of a
minivan but seats only four, and that is way sillier than this Audi.
AUR_R N_R `\ZR `NP_V¼PR` f\bμYY ZNXR dUR[ PU\\`V[T aUR >%
over, say, the mechanically similar Q7. First, money. Audi has not
yet revealed a U.S. price for the Q8, but its newest truckish thing
surely will start higher than the $53,875 base-level Q7 when it goes
on sale in October. It skips the Q7’s turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-
four and instead will be powered exclusively by a 335-hp turbo-
charged 3.0-liter V-6. The Q7’s upgrade engine is an older, super- a half lower and its overall length is a few inches shorter, even
charged 333-hp 3.0-liter V-6. It’s highly likely the Q8’s sticker will though it rides on the same wheelbase. Whether you need as much
exceed that of the $60,375 V-6 Q7 and approach the $66,245 PN_T\`]NPRN`aUR>$\ßR_`V`N^bR`aV\[\[Yff\bPN[N[`dR_
required for an all-wheel-drive BMW X6. If you want to buy an even The Q8 compensates with a score sheet fat with positive attri-
more expensive version of the Audi, wait for the forthcoming SQ8. butes. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB Evo platform, the
@RP\[Q f\bμYY `NP_V¼PR `RNaV[T PN]NPVaf A\ UVTUYVTUa Va` Q8 rides on the same basic aluminum-intensive structure and sus-
not-a-mommymobile status, the Q8 has only two rows of seats pension systems as the Q7 and also the Bentley Bentayga, the Lam-
instead of the Q7’s three. But let’s face it: The Q7’s third row is no borghini Urus, and the Porsche Cayenne. Using the same platform
great shakes. The Q8 might well be used by families with small chil- as those high-end performers is like buying a modest house in an
dren, but it doesn’t necessarily carry the mark of Desitin upon it. exceptionally tony neighborhood. Audi never misses a chance to
As a Q8 owner, you might be kicked out of the carpool for not driv- point out that the Ur-Quattro was a design inspiration for the Q8.
ing a bus that will accommodate an entire kindergarten class. This Okay. We guess. There is the way the taillights are bridged by a long,
is a hardship we would be willing to bear. OYNPXPR[aR_]VRPRAUR_RV`N`YVTUa`bTTR`aV\[\SO\efdURRY½N_R`
Third, you’ll give up cargo capacity. Do you think the gray But that’s about as much Ur-Quattro inspiration as there is to be
2eNPaB@`]RPV¼P¼Tb_R`N_R[μaNcNVYNOYR grille surround looks
cheap? Audi feared you found on the vehicle. Instead, the Q8 has its own look, its own
for the Q8 yet, but it has somewhere around might. So U.S.-market stance. Designers widened the grille compared with the Q7 and
10 cubic feet (or roughly 15 percent) less Q8s with the S-line
package will sport a ZNQRaURURNQYNZ]``^bV[aAUR_RYNaVcRYfY\d_\\½V[RZNXR`aUR
total cargo volume than the Q7. That’s black one instead. Q8 seem exceptionally wide, and it appears to hover over its
because the Q8’s roof is almost an inch and optional 22-inch wheels (20s and 21s are also available).
The Q8 is less aesthetically adventurous
than its two primary competitors, the X6
and the GLE coupe, but it is more hand-
some, and by some margin. It looks more
like a sporty SUV than an oddity for the
sake of oddness. The same could be said for
the Q8’s roomy, airy interior. Even the rear-
seat passengers will feel as if they have
space to stretch out, with more than ample
leg- and headroom. Up front—thanks in
large part to the two-screen infotainment
system also seen in the new A6, A7, and
A8—the interior is as sleek and uncluttered
entirely convinced two touchscreens are
better than one screen and a control knob,
and we do sincerely miss the precise switch-
gear that was once the hallmark of an Audi
interior. We’ll need more time with the sys-
tem in order to pass judgment on its menu
logic, but we will say it responds to com-
mands quite quickly.

042 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
The vehicle itself doesn’t feel exceptionally quick. But one [RcR_½\Naf .[QORYVRcRb`\b__\baRdN`
caveat: Audi held its press launch in the Atacama Desert of north- 2019 Audi Q8 [\ ]_R``Q_VcR PNXRdNYX DR a_NcR_`RQ
ern Chile, and our route took us as high as 14,000 feet through the VEHICLE TYPE: front- plenty of washboard gravel paths and undu-
Andes Mountains. Considering the lag-inducing and power-rob- engine, all-wheel-drive, lating, broken pavement, and even in Sport
5-passenger, 4-door
OV[TRßRPa\S`bPUaUV[NV_]R_S\_ZN[PRV`Z\_RaUN[NZ]YRDR hatchback mode, the Q8 never harshed our mellow.
noted, however, a longish delay in the torque delivery after we gave $64,000 (est) The higher-performing SQ8 no doubt will
Va`\ZRORN[`DUR[Q_VcV[TNaPY\bQURVTUa]YN[f\b_]N``R`dRYY POWERTRAIN: be the choice for those who desire a less
V[NQcN[PRDRμYYTRaONPXa\f\bdVaUNZ\_RQR¼[VaVcRN``R``ZR[a turbocharged and
intercooled DOHC comfortable ride.
dUR[dRQ_VcRaURcRUVPYRPY\`R_a\`RNYRcRYDRμcRORR[VZ]_R``RQ 24-valve Miller-capable As has been the case with a few other
with this turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 in previous drives of other 3.0-liter V-6, 335 hp, recently unveiled Audis, not all of the high-
369 lb-ft + AC motor, 9
models equipped with it; it is smooth if not exactly sonorous in this hp (combined system, est-tech wizardry will be available in the
application, too. It’s bolted to the ubiquitous and excellent ZF eight- 335 hp, 369 lb-ft; 0.5- B@cR_`V\[`.ZR_VPN[>%`dVYYOR\ßR_RQ
kWh lithium-ion battery)
speed automatic, and all Q8s come standard with full-time all- TRANSMISSION: with the same level of quasi-automated
dURRYQ_VcRSRNab_V[TN_RN_dN_Qa\_^bROVN`DRQVQ\[YfcR_fYVTUa 8-speed automatic with
manual shifting mode Q_VcR_N``V`a `abß N` aUR 2b_\ cR_`V\[
\ß_\NQV[TObaRcR[\[`bZZR_aV_R`aURNYYdURRYQ_VcR`f`aRZ DIMENSIONS including automated lane centering and
WHEELBASE: 117.9 in
coped well with the sandy conditions we experienced. All-season LENGTH: 196.3 in
adaptive cruise control. And U.S. vehicles
tires are standard for the U.S. market, ensuring plenty of capability WIDTH: 78.5 in will have LED headlights, but they won’t
HEIGHT: 67.1 in
on even the gnarliest pea-gravel driveways. CURB WEIGHT: 5000 lb
have the trick matrix functionality avail-
AUR>%`dRQ_\cRdR_R¼aaRQdVaU\]aV\[NYNQWb`aNOYRURVTUa PERFORMANCE able in Europe. (The matrix system can
NV_`]_V[T`(N`aRRY`]_V[T`b`]R[`V\[dVaUNQWb`aNOYRQNZ]R_`dVYY ZERO TO 60 MPH:
be standard. Step up to the air springs and you can raise the body 5.6 sec shape the light pattern around oncoming
for a maximum of 10 inches of ground clearance. Packaged with the 14.6 sec a_N¦P]RQR`a_VN[`N[QaURYVXRA\]aVR_
air springs is a rear-wheel-steering system, 1/4-MILE: 14.3 sec Q8s sold in the U.S. will have all of the nec-
TOP SPEED: 130 mph
Surprisingly and on narrow Chilean desert roads, the FUEL ECONOMY
essary matrix-lighting hardware installed,
comfortable broad-of-beam Q8 felt unnaturally nimble. EPA COMBINED/CITY/ however, so once Audi gets clearance from
HWY: 22/20/26 mpg
ride, sleek and This is no canyon carver, of course, but it (C/D est)
regulators, it says it will add the software to
roomy interior, manages curving roads with little drama open up the system’s full capability. Also,
not goofy- N[Q_R`]RPaNOYR]NPRDR`b`]RPaaURaUV[ the Q8 is equipped with a 48-volt hybrid
looking like YNfR_\SN_aV¼PVNYVafO_\bTUa\[OfaURYVTUa system that, in other markets, allows the
most of its ilk. feel-free steering and pivoting rear wheels V-6 to take brief naps when the vehicle is
More money will not be a concern to most owners. P_bV`V[T6[aURB@Vaμ`]_RaafZbPUWb`aN
than the Q7 for Oddly, for a vehicle intended to be so stop-start system.
less utility and much sportier than the family truckster But who wants to get bogged down in
only slightly upon which it’s based, the Q8 rides beauti- details? The Q8 is supposed to be about
more power. fully. Even on the 22s, the Q8 is supple and broad strokes and style, right?

New Cars, for 2019 BMW M2

The List.

BMW i8
BMW pack that increases the inch on tweaked springs and an electronically con-
— EPA-rated electric-only and dampers, and ball trolled limited-slip rear
i3: The slow-selling and driving range from 14 to joints replace the rubber diferential. Pricing for
slow-looking little electric 17 miles. Pricing for the bushings in the rear sus- the six-cylinder starts at
car got a boost early this coupe starts at $148,495, pension. The standard $61,695, and the V-8 will
year when the i3s went on and droptop versions M5 is still available. The command $76,745 when
sale. This sportier model begin at $164,295. Competition costs an the new X5 arrives at
wears slightly wider tires — additional $7300. dealerships in November.
(although they’re still M2: Replacing the — —
good for cutting pizzas) conventional M2 is the X4: Now in its second X7: BMW inally joins the
BMW i3s and stifer springs, M2 Competition. A supersized-SUV market
generation, this utility-like
dampers, and anti-roll parts-bin special, it’s vehicular thing is a little with the three-row X7. The
bars. It’s also lower by 0.4 powered by an inline-six larger than before. The mechanical basics should
inch compared with the plucked from the M4 X3-based “sport-utility sound familiar: All-wheel
standard carbon-iber and detuned to 405 coupe” ofers two drive and an eight-speed
cube. A high-output elec- horsepower, down 20 on engines: The xDrive30i automatic are standard,
Played Out tric motor increases the M4 but still an gets a 248-hp turbo- and muscle is provided by
BMW previously ofered horsepower to 184 and improvement of 40 over charged inline-four, while a turbocharged 3.0-liter
Apple’s CarPlay a la torque to 199 pound-feet, last year’s M2. Trans- the sportier M40i uses a inline-six or a twin-turbo
carte for $300. Every gains of 14 and 15, mission choices are a 355-hp turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8. Air springs
other manufacturer that respectively, over the six-speed manual and inline-six. Torque in both and adaptive dampers
enables the interface base model. The cost for the optional seven- models routes through an are standard while an of-
doesn’t charge specii- all this sportiness is speed dual-clutch auto- eight-speed transmission road package similar to
cally for the feature. $48,645. A range- matic. A carbon-iber to a standard all-wheel- the X5’s and active anti-
BMW now includes it for extending two-cylinder strut-tower brace drive system. The X4 is on roll bars are optional. The
one year, with an $80 gasoline engine can be shared with its big sale now with base X7 goes on sale in the
annual subscription fee added for an additional brother fortiies the pricing of $51,445 for the spring with a starting
after that. BMW custom- $3850. BMW forums are front structure, and an xDrive30i and $61,445 price north of $70,000.
ers are said to be rejoic- rife with speculation that electronically con- for the M40i. —
ing in the streets. all i3 models will get a trolled limited-slip dif- — Z4: The third-gen road-
larger battery pack in ferential and larger X5: Though the overall ster has zero in common
the near future, but BMW brakes better manage appearance isn’t greatly with its ancestor but a fair
has not conirmed such the newfound power changed, the X5 has amount in common with
crazy talk. and speed. The M2 undergone a complete the new Toyota Supra,
— Competition starts at overhaul and is larger in alongside which the Z4
i8: BMW began selling a $59,895, an increase of every exterior dimension. was developed. We know
roadster version of the i8 $4400 over last year. A revised all-wheel-drive that the base turbo-
this spring as a 2019 — system is standard, with charged inline-four and
model, applying that car’s M5: Only one year into the base xDrive40i optional blown inline-six
mechanical updates to the current generation, powered by a 335-hp will route torque through
the coupe. Changes 600 horsepower is no turbocharged 3.0-liter a ZF eight-speed auto-
Car and Driver include a stronger elec- longer enough. The M5 inline-six. The uplevel matic. What we don’t
SEP/2018 tric motor, which bumps Competition turns up the xDrive50i gets a 456-hp know is which versions—
the horsepower by 12 to power to 617 and gets a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8. if any at all—might be
369, and a larger, 11.6- revised exhaust system. An of-road package adds available with a manual
044 kWh lithium-ion battery The ride height drops 0.3 underbody skid plates transmission. Production
New Cars, for 2019 Drivelines.
Trucks, BMW
SUVs BMW 8-series

We had barely started\b_¼_`aP\[aRZ-

]YNaVcR`dV`U\SaUR[Rea `R_VR`N_\b[Q
aUR ]NYNaR ORS\_R aUR ½Nc\_` `aN_aRQ
_\YYV[TV[ .`dRRN`RQN_\bTUYf%"]R_PR[aP\Z-
]YRaR]_\a\af]R\ba\S /:Dμ`; _Ob_T_V[T`b]-
]\_a TN_NTR, aUR PN_μ` _R`\YbaR aNba[R`` dN`
N]]N_R[adVaUV[aUR¼_`a"SRRaaRYRT_N]UV[T a\
dNaR_RQ-Q\d[]_RQRPR``\_6aWb`aSRYa right.
The List. will begin in November. Minor trim changes: /baU\dQVQdRTRaa\aUV`]\V[adUR_R/:D
B MW B U G AT TI Figure on a starting price Alpina B6, Alpina B7, M4, V[cVaR` b` a\ Q_VcR N ]_\a\af]R V[ \_QR_ a\ P\[-
of around $50,000 for X1, X3, X6/M, 2-, 5-, and cV[PRb`aUNaVa`PN_`N_R\[PRNTNV[`]\_af,5N`
Q: Are They the 30i model powered 7-series aUR P\Z]N[f X[\d[ S\_ `aV__V[T Q_VcR_`μ `\bY`
Not Men? by the 2.0-liter four- Unchanged: X2, 4-series, ZV`]YNPRQVa``dVggYR`aVPX,
A: They Are cylinder and climbing 6-series/M6 Gran Coupe, . `ZNYY P\ZS\_a' AUR _R`a_bPab_RQ PUN``V`
toward $70,000 for the 6-series Gran Turismo QVcV`V\[V`URNQRQOfN[RdaN`aRZNXR_7\`cN[
six-cylinder M40i. Dead: M3, M6 convert- .`5Rμ`aUR_RNYQRNYY\TTV[TaU\b`N[Q`\S; _-
— ible, X5 M, 6-series con- Ob_T_V[T YN]` Qb_V[T UV` aVZR d\_XV[T \[ S\b_
3-series: see proto- vertible/coupe TR[R_NaV\[`\SaUR `R_VR`3_\ZN`U\_a`aV[aNa
type drive, right .bQVURPYNVZ`P_RQVaS\_aUNa[\`RURNcfO_N[Qμ`
8-series: At launch, Bugatti \[ aUV` PN_ P\QR[NZRQ 4 V[ ! N[Q Vaμ`
Divo: The most recent BMW’s grandest, the — PYRN_ S_\Z aUR QRR]_\\aRQ adRNXV[T aUNa UV`
(and most New Wave) new 8-series, will be Chiron: A mélange of aRNZ dN` dRYY NdN_R aUNa aUR ]_RcV\b` `R_VR`
example of Bugatti’s ofered as an M850i small changes—lighter UNQ Y\`a a\\ ZbPU \S Va` _\NQaNZV[T NYYb_R
penchant for naming its xDrive coupe. (Other wheels, stifer dampers, CN[ .` `Nf` aUR \cR_dURYZV[T ]_V\_Vaf dN` a\
cars after semiobscure powertrains and a con- carbon-iber anti-roll VZ]_\cRaUR μ`Qf[NZVP`Obaa\Q\`\dVaU\ba
golden-age race-car vertible will follow.) In bars, retuned steering, `NP_V¼PV[T_VQRP\ZS\_a
drivers. In this case, for BMW code that means and a brake-based AURfNPUVRcRQaUNadVaUNS\Pb`\[aURSb[QN-
Albert Divo. it’ll use a twin-turbo torque-vectoring ZR[aNY`_NaUR_aUN[dVaUaRPU[\Y\TVPNYa_VPXR_f
4.4-liter V-8—making system—sharpens the /:DPYNVZ`Va]N_RQ]\b[Q`S_\ZaUV`YNaR`a
523 horsepower and Chiron’s handling in the dVaU\baN[fZNW\_ZNaR_VNY`bO`aVabaV\[`AUR
553 pound-feet of new $3.3 million Sport PR[aR_\ST_NcVafV`!V[PUY\dR_N[QaURa_NPX
torque—and that it will model. The extra quarter- V[PUR`dVQR_<cR_NYYa\_`V\[NY`aVß[R``V`b]
send power to all four mil over the standard "]R_PR[aNYaU\bTU`\ZRY\PNYN_RN`±`bPUN`
wheels, in this case Chiron is easily justiied aUR`a_baa\O\QfV[aR_SNPR±N_RN`ZbPUN`"
through an eight-speed by one improvement, ]R_PR[a`aVßR_ .Y`\UNYSNTNV[N`_VTVQV`aURS_\[a
Veyron: Named for automatic. Laser though: carbon-iber `bOS_NZRdUVPUCN[.``Nf`NYY\dRQUV`aRNZa\ B U G AT T I I M A G E S B Y K E Y S T O N E- F R A N C E / G E T T Y A N D C E N T R A L P R E S S / G E T T Y

Pierre Veyron, a French headlights, adaptive windshield-wiper arms. V[P_RN`R aUR Ob`UV[T _NaR` VZ]_\cV[T `aRR_V[T
driver and Divo’s friend. dampers, active anti- — SRRQONPXdVaU\ba[RTNaVcR;C5P\[`R^bR[PR`
roll bars, rear-wheel Divo: Before the cream 6aμ` aUR SNZVYVN_ `a_baS_\[a N[Q ZbYaVYV[X_RN_
steering, and an elec- sits out too long, you `b`]R[`V\[N__N[TRZR[aOba[\]VRPR`PN__f\cR_
tronically controlled must whip it into a 40-car, S_\ZaURYN`aTR[R_NaV\[ .Y`\SNZVYVN_V`/:Dμ`
limited-slip rear difer- $5.9 million coachbuilt P\[aV[bRQOYNPXN_a`b`R\SZRaVPbY\b`Yf`UN]RQ
ential will be standard special. The Divo lays a ObZ]`a\]`N`N_VQRab[V[TRYRZR[a
equipment. Options will unique body over Chiron DR Q_\cR \[Yf N `V[TYR P\[¼Tb_NaV\[' N
include a package that mechanicals, tweaked S\b_PfYV[QR_ VdVaUaURRVTUa`]RRQNba\ZNaVP
Chiron: Named after renders the roof and with a focus on cornering, N[Q aUR : @]\_a `b`]R[`V\[ N[Q O_NXR` /:D
Monegasque racer exterior details in low weight, and high ]_\ZV`R`NSRdZ\_RU\_`R]\dR_b]S_\Z!%a\
Louis Chiron. carbon iber and one downforce. Divo with an i ""N[QNSRdQ\gR[Z\_R]\b[QSRRa\Sa\_^bR
that ofers a gear selec- invokes Albert Divo, the b] S_\Z "% a\ &" S\_ Va` ab_O\ YVaR_ aUV`
tor and infotainment French racer who piloted aVZR N_\b[Q 5R_R : @]\_a ZRN[` `aNTTR_RQ
control knobs made Bugattis to two victories &V[PU :VPURYV[ =VY\a @]\_a !@ aV_R` YN_TR_
Car and Driver from glass. The 8-series in Targa Florios in the O_NXR` dVaU S\b_]V`a\[ S_\[a PNYV]R_` cN_V-
SEP/2018 will appear in show- 1920s, presumably while NOYR_NaV\ `aRR_V[T N[Q S\_ aUR ¼_`a aVZR \[ N
rooms in December, channeling Devo with [\[:PN_N[RYRPa_\[VPNYYfP\[a_\YYRQYVZVaRQ
with a starting price of an e. Get straight. Go `YV]QVßR_R[aVNYAURR[TV[RR_``NfN[\aUR_[\[
046 $112,895. forward. Move ahead. :PN_¼_`aV`aURb`R\S@]\_a]NPXNTR°`]RPV¼P

Past Forward
Clearly just as disappointed as we were with the last one, BMW seeks to
make its next 3-series the ultimate again. _by Dave VanderWerp

bushings, while the increase in spring rates

between Sport and non-Sport is twice that
of the F30, and BMW increased the damp-
ing rates for the 3-series by 15 to 20 percent
at high piston speeds.
Shocks that have an additional hydrau-
lic element to curtail large suspension
The fronts work only on rebound whereas
the rears alter the compression, and they
third of the way into the suspension’s travel. These shocks—BMW the autobahn performs its scenery-blurring routine at 155 mph.
wouldn’t name the supplier—will be on every G20 3-series, save Fortunately, the variable-ratio steering is the simple type, achieved
for the ones with the electronically controlled dampers of the by narrower tooth spacing at the center of the rack, so there’s no
optional Adaptive M Suspension. Over the Nürburgring’s most Z\[XRf Z\aV\[ NßRPaV[T Va /ba aUR N_RN Wb`a \ßPR[aR_ SRRY`
abrupt attitude changes, they feel almost as miraculous as magne- slightly too light and underdamped in both Comfort and Sport
torheological dampers in their ability to quell body motion. modes. With the steering calibrator in the passenger’s seat with a
DVaUV[N[U\b_μ`Q_VcR\SaURμ?V[TV`NObßRa\S_\NQ`b_SNPR` laptop, we went out and tried to dial in something we found prefer-
almost as extensive as the variety of meat on the area’s dinner able, although we’re not sure we convinced the team we were right.
menus. “We call this section the rally stage,” says Van As, referring At its limit, the 3-series isn’t at all tail happy, and with the
to an extremely tight and immaculately paved section, before goad- four-cylinder, it can’t be readily balanced with power. But handling
ing us into attacking it at ten-tenths. A couple of towns over is a doesn’t culminate in terminal understeer, either. This is not a track
PUNYYR[TV[T_VQR`RPaV\[dVaUb[QbYNaV\[`aUNacN_f`VT[V¼PN[aYf car, after all, and the engineers freely admit that they don’t tune
across the lane; the new 3 practically swallows it whole, impressively based on the ’Ring; it’s merely a cross-check.
resisting side-to-side head toss while remaining exquisitely taut and For some reason, the 2.0’s engine note sounded way more elec-
solid. .[QZN[faUV[T`QVQ[μa[RRQ¼eV[T'AURO_NXR`P\[aV[bRa\ tronically enhanced than it does in the current model, becoming
OR`a_\[TdVaUN¼_ZOVaRN[QaUR`RNa`dVaURßRPaVcRNQWb`aNOYR obnoxiously fake in Sport mode. No one on hand could tell us
lateral bolstering, retain their supportive embrace. whether this is the intended direction, but we hope BMW comes to
Which brings us to steering, one chassis area that, although its senses. Also odd was the transmission’s reluctance to hold gears
certainly improved, is less than perfect. Van As says one key lesson in response to vigorous driving.
electric power steering—such as automatic self-centering—tends the interior layout mimics that of the new 8-series, including a digi-
to mute feel. This time around, they worked more on the underly- tal display with nontraditional speedo and tachometer gauges that
V[T XV[RZNaVP` N[Q a\ T\\Q RßRPa ?\NQ each wrap in a U shape around its periphery, and a start button
Is it an alien space- texture has infested the wheel. The steer- relocated to the center console.
craft? A sarcophagus? ing ratio is slightly quicker than before but The 2019 330i will launch early next year, a couple of months
A mutant potato?
There’s simply no dRYY\ßaUNa\SaURPb__R[aXV[T\S veer, the ahead of the six-cylinder 340i, which will be a 2020 model. Much
way to tell what might Alfa Romeo Giulia, due to a desire to make Z\_RdVYYORP\ZRPYRN_dUR[aURPNZ\P\ZR`\ßNaaUR=N_V`Nba\
lie under that swirly
contact paper. the 3-series friendly to pilot at sustained show this fall. Based on what we sampled at the Nürburgring, we’re
elevated speeds. And it is friendlier, even as looking forward to a full pour.

 Accurately and completely lines

the interior carpet

 Material provides soft touch top,

rigid core strength and bottom
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New Cadillac XT4

The List.

Buick Cadillac coming in 8.4 inches compact Equinox and the

— — shorter than the XT5, is three-row Traverse. The
Envision: Instead of last CT6: Cadillac’s revised Cadillac’s newest cross- Blazer isn’t a bad-looking
year’s six-speed, a nine- top-shelf sedan will debut over, the XT4. What isn’t thing, and it is notably
speed automatic now the brand’s twin-turbo- new is Cadillac’s habit more aggressive than the
bolts to the optional tur- charged DOHC 4.2-liter of splitting the difer- Ford Edge and Nissan
bocharged 2.0-liter inline- V-8 [see “GM’s DOHC ence between its Murano with which it will
four, which sees a torque Do-Over”] in its new products’ German com- compete. It shares its
bump from 260 pound- V-Sport model; Cadillac petitors. Size-wise, the standard 193-hp 2.5-liter
Look, Ma! feet to 295. Its 252-hp estimates it will produce XT4 its between sub- inline-four with the GMC
No Hands! rating is unchanged. A 550 horsepower and compacts like the BMW Acadia. GM’s corporate
Super Cruise, Cadillac’s naturally aspirated 2.5- 627 pound-feet of torque. X1 and compacts like 3.6-liter V-6 is optional
semiautomated driver- liter four remains the GM’s 10-speed automatic the Audi Q5. Powered by and funnels 305 horse-
assistance system, will base engine. Cosmetic routes torque to a stand- a 237-hp turbocharged power through a nine-
be available on every nips and tucks consist of ard all-wheel-drive 2.0-liter inline-four speed automatic.
Cadillac by 2020, revised front and rear system, which uses a paired to a nine-speed —
according to the fascias, the overall efect mechanical limited-slip automatic transmis- Camaro: For the irst
company. Expect to see one of tasteful injectables rear diferential. With sion, the XT4 is avail- time since its rebirth in
the hands-free technol- rather than a full facelift. styling cues from the able with front- or 2009, the Camaro is
ogy trickle down to other The Envision SUV looks Escala concept, all CT6s all-wheel drive. The taking a tentative step
GM brands after that. We pretty much like its old get a revised nose, dark latter system, optional away from its 1969
can’t wait to not drive self, just more rested. trim, and new 20-inch on every trim, will ofer design inspiration. Now,
the next Chevrolet Trax. — wheels. Expect a starting the ability to fully instead of a vaguely
Minor trim changes: price between $85,000 decouple the rear drive- retro nose, it has, well, a
LaCrosse, Regal and $90,000. shaft to bolster fuel big blotch of black
Sportback — economy. Cadillac esti- grille, at least on SS
Unchanged: Cascada, XT4: Filling a huge mates front-drive ver- models. Lesser 2019
Enclave, Encore, Regal dollar-sign-shaped hole sions will be good for 30 Camaros are less, er,
GS/TourX in the lineup, and mpg on the highway. aggressively black, with
CUE, Cadillac’s infotain- a body-colored bridge
ment system, will get spanning the darkness.
GM’s DOHC Do-Over new life via a rotary con- Chevrolet also itted

C A M A R O A N D X T4 P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J O H N R O E , S I LV E R A D O P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y A . J . M U E L L E R
GM hasn’t sold a dual-overhead-cam V-8 since 2011, when it stopped using the troller. The XT4 will more-ovoid taillights on
4.6-liter Northstar. But the architecture returns in the Cadillac CT6 V-Sport, now start just under $36K. all Camaros. The eight-
downsized to 4.2 liters and fed by twin turbochargers housed in its vee. The — cylinder SS model joins
direct-injection engine will be available in two outputs: the V-Sport version, pro- Unchanged: ATS/ATS-V the ZL1 in ofering a
ducing an estimated 550 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque; and a detuned coupe, CTS/CTS-V, 10-speed automatic,
variant running less boost, estimated to yield 500 horsepower and 553 pound-feet. though this one is a
Final SAE-certiied outputs are still pending for both versions, as are many details. lighter-duty version of
But we do know it has a 90-degree vee angle and wet-sump lubrication, and that it what’s in the 650-hp
uses a forged-steel crank and rods. Its monster. Chevrolet has
twin-scroll turbos are integrated Chevrolet also expanded its
into the cast-stainless-steel — track-worthy 1LE treat-
exhaust manifold and use Blazer: And then there ment from the V-6 and
lightweight titanium- were six. Six Chevy SUVs, V-8 Camaros to the tur-
aluminide turbine wheels that is. The Blazer is back, bocharged four-cylinder
good to 170,000 rpm. and it is nothing at all like 2.0T model. The kit,
the K5 Blazers you available only with the
remember or any other manual transmission,
Blazer the company includes the SS’s FE3
has produced over the suspension as well as
decades. This reintro- Brembo front brake cal-
SEP/2018 duced SUV has two rows ipers, 20-inch summer
of seats, is a crossover, tires, and coolers for
and is lobbed into the the powertrain and the
054 vast puddle between the limited-slip diferential.
Chevrolet Camaro SS

Corvette: No, the mid-

engined Corvette isn’t
here—yet. In the mean-
time, we get the 755-hp
Corvette ZR1 in targa and
droptop forms. The
changes from the Z06’s
650-hp LT4 to the ZR1’s
small-block V-8 are charged 1.4-liter inline- charged 2.0-liter keeps tered on the driver’s mildly restyled bumper
enough to warrant a four gas engine or a its nine-speed automatic. chest, rather than and tweaked headlights,
name change to LT5 turbo-diesel 1.6-liter four. The hybrid version ofset toward the vehi- a new infotainment
while raising the car’s top The six-speed manual remains with no power- cle’s centerline. The system, and the option
speed to a claimed 212 transmission option for train changes. engine lineup grows for low-speed automated
mph. We haven’t con- both is gone, leaving only — from 4.3-liter V-6, 5.3- emergency braking.
irmed that claim yet, but a six-speed automatic for Silverado 1500: liter V-8, and 6.2-liter —
we have proved through the former and a nine- Who needs aluminum V-8 options to include a Suburban: As the Tahoe
our test data that the ZR1 speed for the latter. bodies? Chevrolet sure diesel-burning turbo- did last year, the
is not really quicker, grip- — doesn’t, claiming to charged 3.0-liter inline- Suburban gains an RST
pier, or stoppier than a Malibu: The Malibu have cut up to 450 six and a gas-ired Performance package
Z07-equipped Z06. Still, it enters 2019 wearing a pounds out of its turbocharged 2.7-liter with a 420-hp 6.2-liter V-8
marks the front-engined more expressive face redesigned Silverado inline-four. GM’s new engine, a 10-speed auto-
Corvette’s zenith; to assembled from new pickup while keeping it Delphi-sourced matic transmission,
unlock the next level of headlights, a pair of wide- clothed mostly in steel. cylinder-deactivation adaptive dampers, and
performance, the breed mouth grilles, and Old beer cans are rein- feature [see “Fractional 22-inch wheels. Custom-
will need to move its angular marker lamps. carnated only in the Gains,” page 059], ers can further specify
engine rearward. Inside, Chevrolet Chevy’s hood, doors, which can shut down all Brembo brakes and a
— upgrades the tech suite and tailgate, while the but two cylinders as Borla side-exit exhaust.
Cruze: Chevrolet’s latest to include an 8.0-inch expected generation- conditions dictate, is —
Infotainment 3 software— touchscreen with Info- over-generation standard on the 6.2- Minor trim changes:
yes, it’s named “Infotain- tainment 3 and an dimensional increases liter V-8 and available Colorado, Express, Volt
ment 3”—graces the optional 8.0-inch mean every cab and with the 5.3-liter. Unchanged: Bolt EV,
dashboard and is essen- gauge-cluster display. cargo box combination — Equinox, Impala,
tially the Bow Tie’s take Entry-level 1.5-liter is larger than before. Spark: A tiny list of Silverado 2500/3500
on Cadillac’s newest CUE Malibus now use a contin- For the irst time in changes hits Chevrolet’s HD, Sonic, Tahoe,
setup. Power still comes uously variable transmis- decades, the truck’s smallest U.S.-market Traverse, Trax
from either a turbo- sion, while the turbo- steering column is cen- ofering, including a Dead: City Express

Silverado 1500
New Ferrari Portofino


— ming, and Torque — aggro car in Ferrari’s
488 Pista Unchanged: Paciica, Reserve function for Portoino: Unveiled current lineup. When it
300 priming the super- last year and now going arrives in the U.S. this
charger with boost. A on sale in the U.S., the winter, the limited-pro-
dual-scoop hood, $214,533 Portoino is duction Pista will have a
Dodge revised wheel designs, Ferrari’s least expensive price tag somewhere in
— and new inishes distin- model. A restyled Cali- the area of $350K.
Challenger: Possibly guish the 2019 Hellcat fornia T with an all-new —
There are currently more in a bid to appease models, which still ofer name, the Portoino is Unchanged: GTC4Lusso,
than a dozen production Hellcat owners who feel the choice between a built on a lighter, stifer 488GTB/Spider, 812
cars making at least 700 outpecked by last six-speed manual and version of the existing Superfast
horsepower, a once- year’s 808-hp SRT an eight-speed auto- platform. So it’s still a Dead: California T,
inconceivable output for Demon (840 horses on matic. Like the Demon, four-seat hardtop LaFerrari Aperta
a factory ofering. And 100-octane fuel), though, the Hellcat convertible with a
that doesn’t even include Dodge is introducing Redeye is only ofered twin-turbocharged V-8.
tuner cars or vehicles the Challenger SRT with the automatic. Power is up to 591 Fiat
from boutique makers Hellcat Redeye, which Various trim and equip- horses (39 more than in —
such as Pagani: packs a version of the ment updates, such as the California T). The 500/c: As of this summer,
Demon’s supercharged the R/T Scat Pack’s Portoino is also more the 500 hatchback and
• Aston Martin DBS 6.2-liter V-8 developing new power-bulge hood attractive than the the 500c convertible have
Superleggera (715) 797 horsepower and and available widebody California, which looked been powered by a 135-hp
• Bugatti Chiron (1500) 707 pound-feet of setup, dot the rest of like something out of a turbocharged 1.4-liter
• Chevrolet Corvette torque. Unlike the the 2019 Challenger live-bait store. inline-four. Performance-
ZR1 (755) barely street-legal lineup. Pricing for the — brake hardware and a
• Dodge Challenger Demon, the Redeye can standard Hellcat starts 488 Pista: This more sport-tuned suspension
SRT Hellcat/Redeye/ be had in both the Chal- at $61,745, with the powerful version of the also became standard
Demon (717/797/808) lenger’s regular and Redeye commanding a mid-engined 488 packs a equipment. As if the rear
• Dodge Charger widebody conigura- stout $72,745. 710-hp V-8 that makes an spoiler, body-colored
SRT Hellcat (707) tions and will roll on — additional 49 horses front and rear bumpers,
• Ferrari 488 Pista (710) treaded performance Minor trim changes: versus the standard car. and fog lamps weren’t
• Ferrari 812 tires instead of almost- Charger, Durango, Revised aerodynamics, strong enough indications
Superfast (789) slick drag radials. The Journey reduced curb weight, and of their sportiness, each
• Jeep Grand Cherokee Power Chiller air-condi- Unchanged: Grand a retuned chassis make also gets a new Turbo
Trackhawk (707) tioning setup carries Caravan the Pista (the Italian word badge stuck to its rear.
• Lamborghini over from the Demon to
Aventador S (730) cool the 6.2’s intake
• McLaren Senna (789) charge. Per SRT’s reck- Dodge Challenger
• McLaren 720S (710) oning, the Redeye is SRT Hellcat Redeye
• Porsche 911 GT2 capable of returning a Widebody
RS (700) 10.8-second quarter-
mile at 131 mph.
Non-Redeye Hellcats
also receive an output
boost of 10 horses and
six pound-feet of
torque, for totals of 717
and 656; all Hellcat
Car and Driver Challengers now come
SEP/2018 standard with Line Lock
burnout software, as
well as the Demon’s
056 After-Run Chiller,
What owners say about V1...
Bill P., Phoenix, AZ
Where’s the radar? An arrow lights
up, pointing either Ahead, to the
Trust ...V1 earns it
side, or Behind. And, amazingly,
it’s never wrong. one ambush at a time.
Arnie R., Atlanta, GA Harold B., Houston, TX
So easy to operate, a box with one
knob. No need to poke around at On my way home this afternoon I was
full-arm’s reach for little buttons the following another detector user. I could see
size of rice grains.
red blinking in his windshield as we went
Glenna R., Dallas, TX past the first radar. Thinking the danger was
Love the arrows! Where’s the behind, Mr. Ordinary Detector User hit the gas.
radar? They tell me every time.
A detector without the arrows is Uh-Oh. V1’s Radar Locator was showing two
like a car without headlights. arrows, one pointing toward the trap now
behind, and a second arrow ahead. The “2”
Chas S., Charlotte, NC
Situation Awareness you can trust. on the Bogey Counter confirmed we were
With the Radar Locator arrowing being double teamed.
toward threats, and the Bogey
Counter telling how many threats Sure enough, Mr. O. D. User cruised into the
you face, V1 makes defense easy. second trap up the hill at 15 over and got
Cal L., Trenton, NJ
himself a blue-light special.
I’ve owned my V1 since 2001, and V1 points to every trap. I trust it completely.
I’ve had it upgraded twice. I trust
the arrows to point out every radar
trap. When I know where, I know
how to defend.
Tells how many:
Radar hiding within a
Ed H., Las Vegas, NV
How can anyone not be smitten by
the Arrows? Radar ahead needs a Reads instantly.
different defense than radar behind.
When I know where, I know what
to do. When I put the threat behind
me, the arrows confirm it. Without
the arrows, you’re guessing.

Rob R., Sacramento, CA

Turns On/Off, adjust
This is the slam dunk best radar volume, press to mute. Beside
detector. No databases to keep
updating, or other “features” I’ll Scans behind for radar.
never use. Instead V1 tells me the
important stuff—the Bogey Counter
tells you how many threats within More LEDs glow as radar Behind
range and the red arrows tell where
they are.

© 2018 VRI

Call toll-free 1-800-331-3030

쏋 Valentine One Radar Locator with Laser Detection - $399
쏋 Carrying Case - $29 쏋 Concealed Display - $39
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Radar Fanatic 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Valentine One is a registered trademark of Valentine Research, Inc.
New Cars, for 2019

Ford Mustang
Ford Ranger

Ranger: Ford is oicially

reentering the mid-size-
- pickup segment in the
U.S. with a modiied
version of the Ranger
that’s been on sale else-
where for several years.
Changes to the truck’s
frame, body, and interior
prepare it for domestic-
market duty. Extended-
Renegade, receives the outgoing Edge Sport), bumps the 5.0-liter V-8 and crew-cab variants will
new turbocharged 1.3- routed through an by 20 ponies for a total be ofered but with only
liter four-cylinder, it’s a eight-speed automatic of 480. Late in the 2018 one engine: a turbo-
safe bet the 500X mini- and all-wheel drive. A model year, Ford also charged 2.3-liter four-
ute will as well. Expect the sportier suspension added a track-focused cylinder paired with a
naturally aspirated 2.4- tune is standard, and $6500 Performance 10-speed automatic and
liter four to become the options include 21-inch Package Level 2 for GT either rear- or four-wheel
model’s base engine. summer tires and models, with dramati- drive. Luckily, plenty of
Car Death We’re betting that upgraded brakes. cally wider Michelin variety exists within the
Watch updated fascias will also — Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, trim levels, which include
Much ink has been accompany this mid- Fusion: More active- aerodynamic tweaks, everything from basic XL
spilled about Ford’s cycle refresh. safety features are stand- stifer springs, and models to luxed-up
decision to discontinue — ard, and designers thicker anti-roll bars. Lariats to FX of-road ver-
nearly all its passenger- Minor trim changes: 124 tweaked the front and There’s also a new Cali- sions. A Ranger Raptor
car nameplates in the Spider/Abarth rear fascias. The plug-in- fornia Special package appears to be in the
United States, but when Unchanged: 500 Abarth, hybrid Fusion Energi for the GT with its own cards, too, but we’ll have
are the cars actually 500c Abarth, 500e, 500L gets a larger battery that array of stripe mark- to wait a bit longer for it.
gone for good? increases its estimated ings. Four-cylinder —
electric-only range by Stangs can now be had Transit Connect: A
C-Max: Production Ford four miles. with a dual-mode thrifty turbo-diesel 1.5-
ended earlier this year. — — exhaust, and manual- liter inline-four joins the
Focus: Production ended Edge: The optional F-150 Raptor: Updated transmission GTs now lineup, promising 30 mpg
earlier this year, and 3.5-liter V-6 is gone, Fox dampers now incor- have a rev-matching on the highway and about
there will be no 2019 leaving a turbocharged porate electronically con- system. Upgrades to 200 pound-feet of torque.
Focus. Next year, Ford 2.0-liter inline-four with trolled adaptive valves, the GT350 seemingly A gas 2.0-liter four-cylin-
will bring a crossover- 250 horses (up ive and a slightly more make the harder-core der replaces the 2.5-liter
ized version of the from last year) and 275 advanced Trail Control GT350R irrelevant, as (leet buyers can still get
new-generation Focus pound-feet of torque as system replaces Hill the standard Shelby the old engine). Both new
hatchback to the States the sole engine. It Descent Control. There gets aerodynamic engines get an eight-
called the Focus Active. mates to an eight-speed are also newly available improvements, new speed automatic and an
Taurus: Production will automatic and either Recaro front seats, a new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup engine stop-start system.
end by March 2019. front- or all-wheel drive. wheel design, and a few 2 tires, larger anti-roll Newly available tech
Fiesta: Production will The front and rear ends other minor visual bars front and rear, includes several active-
end by May 2019. look a bit diferent, too, changes inside and out. softer rear springs, and safety features, wireless
Fusion: Should be here a and there are many new — new calibrations for the phone charging, and a
few more years before standard active-safety- Mustang/Shelby steering, ABS, stability Wi-Fi hotspot. Ford also
production ends. tech features. The Edge GT350/R: Several new control, and MagneRide freshened the front end
also has an ST badge versions keep us occu- adaptive dampers. A and tweaked the interior.
now, and we’re told that pied while we wait for touchscreen and auto- —
Ford Performance was the full-bore Shelby matic climate control Minor trim changes:
legitimately involved in GT500 to arrive. For now come standard. Escape, Expedition,
the development of this one, the Bullitt is back, The R is unchanged, but Explorer, Fiesta, F-Series
hi-po crossover. A twin- and it’s just about the at least it remains Super Duty, Transit
Car and Driver turbo 2.7-liter V-6 sits same as it ever was. lighter than the stand- Unchanged: EcoSport,
SEP/2018 underhood making 335 Available in Dark High- ard GT350 due to its Fiesta ST, Flex, F-150, GT,
horsepower and 380 land Green—or black if carbon-iber wheels and Taurus
pound-feet of torque you want to be less pre- its lack of a rear seat Dead: C-Max, Focus/
058 (20 horses and 30 dictable—it costs and air conditioning. Electric/ST/RS
Ford Edge ST

standard.) The engine changes to the 2019 changes. All 2019 Pilots could really use is a
— lineup is as compelling as model, but the company come standard with LED two-row SUV that’s
G70: see road test, it is in the Silverado; it would be silly to not make headlamps and Honda’s smaller than a Pilot
page 060 includes a new turbo-die- the overstyled Civics driver-assistance but larger than a CR-V,
— sel 3.0-liter inline-six and (sedan, hatch, Si, and features. Upper-level and rumor is we’ll see
Minor trim changes: a turbocharged 2.7-liter maybe even Type R) look versions come with one of those in the very
G80, G90 gas inline-four in addition more like the handsome CabinTalk, an in-car near future.
to the 4.3-liter V-6 and new Insight. Here’s to public-address system —
updated 5.3- and 6.2-liter hoping. One might rea- that allows parents to Minor trim changes:
GMC V-8s [see “Fractional sonably expect the sedan scream more quietly at HR-V
— Gains”]. and coupe versions to be children in the third Unchanged: Accord,
Sierra 1500: According — the irst to receive row, as they might in a Clarity, CR-V, Fit,
to the company, the new Minor trim changes: updates since they were minivan. What Honda Odyssey, Ridgeline
Sierra full-size pickup is Acadia, Savana, Terrain, the irst on the market.
some 360 pounds lighter Yukon/XL —
than the old one. And the Unchanged: Canyon, Insight: see irst Fractional Gains
last Sierra as well as its Sierra 2500/ 3500 HD drive, page 066 With GM’s new Dynamic Fuel Management, the 5.3- and
corporate sibling, the — 6.2-liter V-8s in the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC
Chevrolet Silverado, were Pilot: Stung by criti- Sierra can run on as few as two cylinders to save fuel
already trim by big-truck Honda cism that its three-row during light-load driving. DFM is more sophisticated than
standards. But, yes, Ford; — SUV looks and feels too current cylinder-deactivation schemes that switch
GMC sees your aluminum Civic: The 10th-gen Civic, much like a minivan, between just two or three operating modes. It allows
body panels and raises which arrived in sedan Honda aims to toughen 17 diferent operating patterns, which GM calls iring
you a CarbonPro cargo form three years ago, is up the Pilot for 2019. fractions. Two-cylinder operation occurs with a iring
box. This option shaves about ready for a New front and rear fraction of 1/4, meaning one out of every four cylinders
62 pounds by incorporat- facelift—or “minor model fascias and a new grille ires before the pattern repeats. Here’s the mind melter:
ing carbon iber into the improvement,” in indus- should help, at least These patterns aren’t always tidy factors of eight. The
construction of the box. try parlance. Honda isn’t visually. There are no engines also run iring fractions such as 6/7 and 5/9,
(A steel cargo box is talking about the speciic powertrain or chassis during which the exact cylin-
ders that are ired change Active Non-Active
with every 720 degrees of Firing Fraction 5/9
crankshaft rotation. Cylinder Number
Honda Pilot
The concept behind DFM 1 8 7 2 6 5 4 3
is to provide the appropriate 1
torque for any driving situa- 3
tion using the number of 4

iring cylinders rather than
the throttle. Running with the 7
throttle open wider improves 8
combustion efficiency in the
cylinders that do ire and Firing Fraction 6/7
reduces the engine’s pumping Cylinder Number
1 8 7 2 6 5 4 3
losses. The payof is small, at 1
least in EPA testing. Both V-8s 2
receive only a 1-mpg bump in 3

their city ratings, and that’s 5
with the added advantage of 6
big weight reductions. 7
Car Meets Road. 2019 Genesis G70 vs. Forest Highway 95

Begin the

060 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
BeginningOn the third day, Genesis
created a 3-series competitor,
the G70, and it is good. We take
it to our own little Eden.
_by Tony Quiroga
_photography by Marc Urbano

Try to keep this on the down low. There’s a
road about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles
that is nearly empty every weekday, and it’s one of the
best any of us has driven. Oh, and here’s a map and
directions, but, again, let’s just keep this between us.
Come on, be cool.
Forest Highway 95 begins west of Frazier Park, a
pine-scented hamlet perched nearly a mile high in the
@N[2ZVTQV\:\b[aNV[`Wb`a\ß 6[aR_`aNaR"1_VcR
13 miles past Frazier Park on Cuddy Valley Road and
you’ll pass right over the San Andreas Fault, where
aUR =NPV¼P N[Q ;\_aU .ZR_VPN [ ]YNaR` `aN[Q Na N QzaR[aR S\_ aUR
moment. But the real earth shaker is ahead. There’s no Forest Highway
95 sign, so keep an eye out for the Mil Potrero Highway as you cross
Mil is Spanish for “thousand,” and a potrero is a large clearing or
an overwhelming urge to have a picnic, or you think, “Hey, a horse
would look great there,” chances are you’re looking at a potrero.
While there probably are a thousand places along this highway to
ury brand, the G70 has a serious shot at giving Genesis some sports-
and 184.4-inch length give it roughly the same dimensions as the seg-
ment’s progenitor, the BMW 3-series. Built on the same rear- or all-
wheel-drive platform as the Kia Stinger, the Genesis snips almost three
inches from the wheelbase of its hatchback cousin and is about half a
foot shorter, too. Like the Stinger, the G70 can be had with either a
turbocharged 255-hp 2.0-liter inline-four or our test car’s twin-
option for the 2.0-liter.
. `U\_a S_\[a \cR_UN[T OYb[a SNPR N[Q NZ]YR QN`Ua\NeYR
length—the distance from the base of the A-pillar to the front-wheel
center—give the G70 the proportions, if not the appearance, of an Alfa
thick boneline that begins in the front fender Silly Genesis! Appar-
and runs the length of the car. Have you heard ently it doesn’t know
that, in the modern
Coco Chanel’s advice about removing one item premium-car segment,
before leaving the house? Well, the Genesis all knobs, gauges, and
switches are to be
design team hadn’t, because there’s a gratu- replaced by screens.
itous copper-tinted-chrome boomerang stuck

062 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
The Name Game


6 It goes by Forest Highway 95, CALIFORNIA
Mil Potrero Highway, and Hudson
4 Ranch Road, but we’d call it some LOS ANGELES
of the most scenic and entertain-
N 2
ing 29 miles of asphalt you’ll ind SAN DIEGO
in the world, and it’s only an hour
DISTANCE, 29 MILES and a half north of Los Angeles.

Bitter Creek
Wildlife Refuge Highest Point:
6093 feet Road Name: Forest Highway 95/
Mil Potrero Highway

Road Name: Hudson Ranch Road

Pine Mountain Club

Mil Potrero
and Cuddy
Valley Road

on the front fender. Misstep aside, the G70 Looks like muscle, and the eight-speed automatic begins to hold on to lower
allures from every angle and treads the line a sports sedan TRN_`=NQQYR`\[aUR`aRR_V[TdURRYNYY\dS\_ZN[bNYP\[a_\YN[Q
between elegant and menacing. As men- and acts like the G70 won’t upshift or revert to automatic mode if it detects cor-
aV\[RQVaUN`NdUVß\SaUR4VbYVNObaNY`\N one, too; power nering. Even in Sport mode, the transmission isn’t programmed
`PUZRN_ \S 6[¼[VaV >" .[Q fRa N`VQR flows freely; aggressively enough and inevitably selects too high a gear when left
from the Bentley-like wings of the Genesis interior design to its own devices.
badge, there’s nothing in particular a law- executed right; If you’re going to encounter a car on this 29-mile drive, it’ll hap-
yer could point to and shout, “Intellectual settles down ]R[V[aUR¼_`a¼cRAURfYRNQa\=V[R:\b[aNV[0YbON`ZNYYP\Z-
property infringement!” when asked. munity whose log buildings house a couple of restaurants. It’s also
AUR¼_`a¼cRZVYR`\S:VY=\a_R_\ZVTUa Unneces- the last chance for gas for about 30 miles. A late-’90s Chevy Silver-
have you shouting expletives prefaced by sary brake- ado refuses to pull into a turnout, so our attention turns to the
“holy” as the road climbs and falls through based handling G70’s interior. Unlike most of its competition, the G70 doesn’t have
multiple derivatives of and variations on “aid,” short a controller between the seats to operate its infotainment system.
Laguna Seca’s famous corkscrew. We move on rear-seat Instead, there’s a responsive 8.0-inch touchscreen with redundant
the G70 out of Comfort and switch the legroom. buttons to quickly select various functions—audio, phone, naviga-
Q_VcRZ\QRa\@]\_aAURQNZ]R_``aVßR[ Look who tion, and vehicle settings. In front, soft leather seats have lateral
slightly, the steering requires a bit more joined the club. O\Y`aR_`aUNaPN[OR`Raa\V[½NaRdUR[RcR_f\b`RYRPa@]\_aZ\QR

And it’s not just the seat that wraps the driver. The center stack is Even past 6000 feet, the G70’s twin turbos ensure that there’s
canted to bring its screen and switchgear closer as well. It’s envel- no discernible loss in power. A hint of turbo lag is the only evidence
oping and intimate, but not spacious. Neither is the rear seat. The of unnatural aspiration—well, besides the unnatural hit of 376
60/40 split-folding bench is supportive and headroom is adequate, pound-feet of torque at 1300 rpm. The V-6 easily calls up big num-
but legroom is lacking. bers in the head-up display. But while altitude doesn’t appear to
Getting stuck behind another vehicle on Mil Potrero is no rea- NßRPa\ba]ba`\ZRaUV[TQ\R``RRZNYVaaYR\ß6[aR`aV[T\b__RN_
son to fret. Freedom is on the other side of Pine Mountain. While drive G70 Dynamic Special Edition ran to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds,
the occasional camper or motorcyclist is seen on this stretch, it’s 0.3 second behind the 150-pound-heavier rear-drive Stinger. Our
rare. On a Monday morning, we don’t come across a single vehicle ^bN_aR_ZVYRa_N]`]RRQ\S#Z]UdN`¼cR\ßaUR@aV[TR_μ`a\\
a_NcRYV[TV[\b_QV_RPaV\[.Y\[TdVaUa_N¦PaUR]V[R`N[Q]VP[VP dUVPU]\V[a`a\NYNPX\S]\dR_DRμ_RRNTR_a\aR`aNQVßR_R[a4$
spots vanish a few miles west of Pine Mountain. The road tightens to see if those numbers improve.
as it cuts into the mountain, and sage supplants pines. Without any Hudson Ranch’s tight corner combinations highlight the G70’s
fanfare, Mil Potrero ends and becomes Hudson Ranch Road. Sun- chassis tuning. It keeps roll in check, and the spring rates and damp-
dried asphalt rises skyward. The G70 traces a ridge above two V[TQR½RPaaURd\_`aQV]`N[QZVQP\_[R_fV]`aUR_\NQPN[aU_\dNa
valleys that stretch to the rest of the San Emigdio range. As the it. The Dynamic Special Edition comes with staggered Michelin
clouds edge closer, the real fun begins. Pilot Sport 4S tires that provide a stable and impressive 0.95 g of


1000 RPM
IN GEAR (rpm)
WHEEL SIZE ......................... F: 8.0 x 19 in R: 8.5 x 19 in


1 .......... 3.67 ........... 5.8 ................ 39 mph (6700)
.......... 2.40 ........... 8.8 ................ 59 mph (6700)
.......... 1.61 ............ 13.2 .............. 88 mph (6700)
WHEEL CONSTRUCTION ..................... cast aluminum
TIRES: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
F: 225/40ZR-19 (93Y) R: 255/35ZR-19 (96Y)
AS TESTED ....................................... $50,000*
BASE ............................................................... $50,000*
.......... 1.19 ............ 17.8 ............... 119 mph (6700)
.......... 1.00 ........... 21.2 .............. 142 mph (6700)
.......... 0.83 ........... 25.6 .............. 167 mph (6500)
WHEELBASE ........................................................ 111.6 in
7 .......... 0.64 ........... 33.1 ............... 160 mph (4850) LENGTH ............................................................... 184.4 in
VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 8 .......... 0.56 ........... 37.9 .............. 150 mph (3950) WIDTH .................................................................... 72.8 in
5-passenger, 4-door sedan HEIGHT .................................................................. 55.1 in
OPTIONS: none CHASSIS FRONT TRACK ..................................................... 62.8 in
AUDIO SYSTEM: satellite radio; minijack, USB, and unit construction with a rubber-isolated rear subframe REAR TRACK ........................................................ 63.1 in
Bluetooth-audio inputs; Android Auto and Apple BODY MATERIAL: aluminum and steel stampings GROUND CLEARANCE .......................................... 5.1 in
CarPlay interfaces; 15 speakers
ENGINE rack-and-pinion with variable ratio and variable PASSENGER VOLUME ................ F: 53 cu ft R: 41 cu ft
twin-turbocharged and intercooled V-6, aluminum electric power assist TRUNK VOLUME ................................................. 11 cu ft
block and heads RATIO ...................................................................... 12.5:1
BORE X STROKE ......... 3.62 x 3.30 in, 92.0 x 83.8 mm
DISPLACEMENT .............................. 204 cu in, 3342 cc
COMPRESSION RATIO ........................................ 10.0:1
TURNS LOCK-TO-LOCK ........................................... 2.2
TURBOCHARGERS....................... Honeywell MGT1446 F: ind, strut located by 1 lateral link and 1 diagonal link, ZERO TO SECONDS
MAXIMUM BOOST PRESSURE ....................... 17.2 psi coil springs, 2-position electronically controlled 30 MPH ...................................................................... 1.8
VALVE GEAR: double overhead cams, 4 valves per dampers, anti-roll bar 40 MPH ...................................................................... 2.6
cylinder, variable intake- and exhaust-valve timing R: ind; 2 diagonal links, 2 lateral links, and a 50 MPH ...................................................................... 3.6
REDLINE/FUEL CUTOFF .................. 7000/6700 rpm toe-control link per side; coil springs; 2-position 60 MPH ...................................................................... 4.7
POWER .......................................... 365 hp @ 6000 rpm electronically controlled dampers; anti-roll bar 70 MPH ...................................................................... 6.0
TORQUE ...................................... 376 lb-ft @ 1300 rpm 80 MPH ...................................................................... 7.6
BRAKES 90 MPH ...................................................................... 9.5
DRIVETRAIN F: 13.8- x 1.2-in vented disc, 4-piston ixed caliper 100 MPH ..................................................................... 11.7
TRANSMISSION: 8-speed automatic with manual R: 13.4- x 0.9-in vented disc, 2-piston ixed caliper 110 MPH .................................................................... 14.3
shifting mode STABILITY CONTROL ... fully defeatable, traction of, 120 MPH ..................................................................... 17.4
FINAL-DRIVE RATIO ...................... 3.54:1, clutch-type launch control 130 MPH .................................................................... 21.3
limited-slip diferential 140 MPH .................................................................... 26.7

064 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
stick. While the steering doesn’t bristle with the feedback of a sports tings, the transmission slips into neutral when coasting to boost
car, it gels with the suspension’s responses. Like all great sports fuel economy. We recorded 20 mpg in nearly 500 miles, but we saw
sedans, the G70 provides a back-and-forth dialogue through the as high as 25 mpg on 129 miles of freeway driving. EPA numbers of
controls, and its consistent reactions to inputs urge you to press %PVafN[Q#UVTUdNfSNYY`U\_a\SP\Z]RaVa\_`μ
harder. When it is time to slow down, the G70’s Brembo brakes can As we go to press, Genesis hasn’t announced the G70’s most
stop it from 70 mph in 164 feet. One gripe: Rolling into the throttle important number: the price. A base 2.0-liter version should start
while exiting a corner awakens the Dynamic Torque Vectoring Con- around $34,000 when the G70 hits dealerships this month. Re-cre-
trol system, which clamps the inside rear brake to induce a slightly ating our fully loaded Dynamic Special Edition test car will likely
unsettling yaw that sends a twitch through the rear end. Remember require a $50,000 check. Limited to 400 units, the Special Edition
grabbing your Big Wheel’s brake, the one that made it spin out? The comes with the G70’s most aggressive chassis tune, tires, and
same principle applies here. The goal is to reduce understeer and Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control, which may explain its overt-
redirect the car’s nose inward. But it’s too abrupt and is unnecessary ness. Our nits are pretty minor. We could do without the copper
V[NPUN``V`aUNaV`\aUR_dV`R]_RPV`R½bVQ`NaV`SfV[TN[QRNTR_a\ chevron on the fender and handling hinkiness introduced by the
]YRN`R@UbaaV[T\ß`aNOVYVafP\[a_\YQV`NOYR`aUR`f`aRZObadRYVXR brake-based vectoring. That’s pretty much it.
having a safety net on Hudson Ranch. After 29 miles and a few name changes, we reach the end of
About 20 miles in sits the Bitter Creek The G70 should be Hudson Ranch Road. The G70 has proved to be a true sports sedan
National Wildlife Refuge and the last of the slightly quicker than
the heavier Kia Stinger, that is up to the challenge posed by one of our favorite roads. Over
aVTUa `abß 5\ZR a\ NO\ba % 0NYVS\_[VN with which it shares its every dip, turn, and straight, the G70 has amused, captivated, and
condors, the 14,097-acre site is set in rolling 365-hp twin-turbo
3.3-liter V-6. But our even soothed us. But maybe we’re not done after all. Instead of
hills bleached blond by the relentless sun. example was not. QR`PR[QV[TV[a\:N_VP\]N\[@aNaR?\baR##dRab_[N_\b[QDR
AUR _\NQ ½NaaR[` 0\_[R_` N[Q `a_NVTUa` want more. A U-turn makes this terminus another genesis.
pull farther apart. Actual horses dot the
landscape. All is serene inside and out. Even
in Sport mode, the ride remains civil. A mere
65 decibels intrude at 70 mph, and it’s barely
louder at 90 mph. The G70 begins to show
Va` Ybeb_f `VQR Rß\_aYR``Yf P\QQYV[T N[Q
gliding across the land. Should you want to
turn up the volume, the G70 comes with an
Active Engine Sound feature that brings
more of the engine into the cabin by playing
it through the Lexicon audio system’s 15
speakers. In our wide-open-throttle test,
aUR_Rμ` [\a ZbPU \S N QVßR_R[PR ORadRR[
Noise levels fall further with the drive
mode set to Comfort or Eco. In these set-

ROLLING START, 5–60 MPH .................................. 5.2

TOP GEAR, 30–50 MPH .......................................... 2.5
TOP GEAR, 50–70 MPH ........................................... 3.2
1/4-MILE ....................................... 13.3 sec @ 106 mph
TOP SPEED .................. 167 mph (drag ltd, mfr’s claim)

ROADHOLDING, 300-FT-DIA SKIDPAD .......... 0.95 g
UNDERSTEER .................................................... minimal
$ X 1000




Genesis has built a


SHORTEST STOP ................................................. 164 ft

NE ,

sports sedan that drives


LONGEST STOP .................................................... 168 ft

well in its own right,

FADE RATING .......................................................... none


although the G70’s

EL 1/4

WEIGHT luster fades when


looking only at how its



CURB .................................................................... 3847 lb



PER HORSEPOWER ............................................. 10.5 lb

objective data

compares to its rivals’.


DISTRIBUTION ............................... F: 53.1% R: 46.9%





CAPACITY ........................................................... 15.8 gal

EDITION 4.0 4.4 4.8 5.2

OCTANE ........................................... 91 (recommended)
365-HP 3.3-L V-6,
EPA COMBINED/CITY/HWY .............. 21/18/26 mpg
0–60 MPH

8-SP AUTO 94 96 98 100

C/D OBSERVED ................................................. 20 mpg



400-HP 3.0-L V-6,


IDLE ....................................................................... 37 dBA


FULL THROTTLE ................................................. 77 dBA


70-MPH CRUISING ............................................ 65 dBA


365-HP 3.3-L V-6,

D, A G,



SK 00- DHO

BMW 340i

3 OA

1 .0

70 R A K

320-HP 3.0-L I-6,

–0 IN



*Includes performance- CURB WEIGHT,

tested by T O N Y Q U I R O G A enhancing options. Genesis LB
in California City, CA price is estimated. 065

Looks Good Enough to Drive

The 2019 Honda Insight breaks with hybrid tradition. By looking normal. _by Bengt Halvorson

Remember the aughts, when sales

of the appliancelike Prius thrived
amid soaring gas prices and end-
less endorsements from eco-conscious
V-12 German sedans? Well, that picture
gets fuzzy in 2018, as gas prices remain
relatively low and stable and those abstain-
ing from big-displacement vehicles have
instead joined the Cult of Elon.
makers about soon increasing the number Sedan this car feel connected to the driver at lower
of hybrids it makes, yet it acknowledges styling, Civic speeds, delivering almost instantaneous 2019 Honda
that the hybrid-car formula—high mileage, bones, excel- response to any prod of the accelerator, Insight Touring
low ownership costs, an aero-optimized lent city with the gasoline engine cutting in inter- VEHICLE TYPE: front-
motor, front-engine,
Kamm-back shape, and styling that pro- drivability. mittently. It works surprisingly well, front-wheel-drive,
claims virtuous consumption—is starting Tight rear returning EPA fuel-economy ratings of up 5-passenger, 4-door
to lose ground in the sales charts. So it’s headroom, a\""Z]TPVafN[Q!&UVTUdNf.[QV[aUR PRICE AS TESTED:
QRPVQRQa\T\NQVßR_R[a]NaUdVaUVa`& occasional city, where hybrids have the most to gain, $28,985
BASE PRICE: $28,985
Insight by bypassing the stigmatized engine drone. the Insight has excellent drivability. POWERTRAIN: AC
pocket-protector cues and making the <[NdV[QV[TP\b[a_f_\NQVaμ`NQVßR_- motor, 129 hp, 197
lb-ft + DOHC 16-valve
primary pitch the model’s quietness, comfort, and sophisticated ent story. The engine is only mechanically Atkinson-cycle 1.5-liter
feature set. And it happens to earn up to 52 mpg combined. coupled to the drive wheels under hard inline-4, 107 hp, 99 lb-ft
(combined system, 151
3\_ab[NaRYfaUR&6[`VTUaQ\R`[μaP_VON[faUV[TS_\ZaUR acceleration and when cruising at near- hp; 1.1-kWh lithium-ion
former Fit-based Prius rival of the same name. This time around, highway speeds. Energetic driving occa- battery)
the Insight borrows its svelte exterior measurements (and its sionally produces a labored engine note, 1-speed direct drive
underpinnings) from the Civic but with softer sheetmetal contour- which rises and falls slightly out of sync DIMENSIONS
WHEELBASE: 106.3 in
ing. On the whole, the Insight takes a more grown-up approach. You with acceleration. With a fully charged bat- LENGTH: 183.6 in
d\[μa¼[Q_RN_dURRY`XV_a`YV]`]\VYR_`b[b`bNY`VQRZV__\_`\_ tery, the dash to 60 mph takes 7.7 seconds WIDTH: 71.6 in
HEIGHT: 55.5 in
T_VYYR`UbaaR_`UR_R±NYaU\bTU5\[QNPYNVZ`aUNaaUR6[`VTUaSRN- (8.8 with a depleted battery). Outside of a PASSENGER VOLUME:
tures its smoothest production-vehicle underbody ever. test track, a strong accelerator-pedal detent 98 cu ft
By using the Civic as the starting point but laying in hardware about three-quarters of the way in keeps 15 cu ft
S_\ZaUR.PP\_QUfO_VQ5\[QNP_RNaRQdUNaμ`]\`VaV\[RQa\ORN you from accidentally tapping into full CURB WEIGHT:
3072 lb
great sedan for easygoing commuters. Under the hood is a version acceleration and the most raucous engine
of its two-motor hybrid system [see “A Simple Plan”] originally `\b[Q`5VaaUR@]\_aObaa\[\[R\SS\b_ C/D Test Results
\ßR_RQV[aUR.PP\_QUfO_VQUR_RdVaUN[.aXV[`\[PfPYR"YVaR_ drive modes, the others being Normal, ZERO TO 60 MPH:
7.7 sec
V[YV[RS\b_ZNXV[T$U\_`R]\dR_N[Q&&]\b[QSRRa\Sa\_^bR Econ, and EV) and you get sharper torque ZERO TO 100 MPH:
While the system produces a combined 151 horsepower, it’s the delivery plus supplemental speaker sounds 23.8 sec
a_NPaV\[Z\a\_±&U\_`R]\dR_N[Q&$]\b[QSRRa±aUNaZNXR` that turn the cacophony into something 33.6 sec
PY\`R_a\NPYN``VP5\[QNR[TV[R[\aR 1/4-MILE:
16.2 sec @ 86 mph
Much of what’s dynamically charming TOP SPEED: 114 mph
about the current Civic, its superb ride and (governor limited)
handling, carries over unadulterated to the 183 ft
Insight. At 0.83 g, the hybrid grips the skid- ROADHOLDING,
pad with roughly the same level of tenacity 0.83 g*
as a standard Civic sedan. The tune of the FUEL ECONOMY
suspension—with struts in front and a mul- HWY: 48/51/45 mpg
but the Insight is still willing to be hustled 43 mpg

along a pockmarked back road. The brake *Stability-control

]RQNY V` ¼_Z N[Q _RN``b_V[T N[Q ORaaR_
blended than a lot of hybrids’ are in the last
few feet of a stop. The Insight takes 183 feet
to come to a standstill from 70 mph, several
more than a Civic sedan. That might be due
to the Insight’s 3072-pound curb weight,
about 150 more than the Civic’s.

066 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
one of the keys to the Insight’s great stance,
12-VOLT ABSORBENT GLASS it’s also the reason for one of the car’s pinch
points: rear headroom that’s tighter than in
other compact sedans. Fortunately, owners
d\[μa UNcR a\ `NP_V¼PR PN_T\ c\YbZR a\
accommodate the hybrid. Honda packages
N[Q aUR _RN_ `RNaONPX` ½V] S\_dN_Q ½Na
leaving a reasonably large pass-through.
You’ve probably picked up that Honda’s
strategy here is to make the Insight appeal-
ing beyond its mileage numbers, so it’s also
laid in the goodies. Infotainment is vastly
improved, with easy Android Auto and
them operates, either connected or not, on Apple CarPlay connectivity for EX and
a ixed ratio. It’s an idea that seems almost Regenerative braking is available via the Touring trims, plus a real volume knob and
perversely simple. steering-wheel paddles: The left increases physical (not screen-based) controls for
In the latest (third-generation) version of the force, the right decreases it. Annoy- HVAC, heated seats, and other features.
this hybrid system, also used in the 2018 ingly, to get it to stick for more than a single LaneWatch—a rear-facing camera on the
Accord hybrid, Honda employs the same clutch braking event, you’ll need to have the vehi- passenger’s-side mirror that activates with
design, but nearly everything else has changed. cle in Sport mode. the right turn signal—is included in all but
It’s eliminated rare-earth metals from the Inside, the Insight has the same look the $23,725 LX, and even that has the
motors and added oil cooling via a hollow shaft. and warm ambience as the new Accord. Honda Sensing suite with items such as
In the Insight, the Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder Honda cut road noise compared with the NQN]aVcRP_bV`RP\[a_\Ya_N¦P`VT[_RP\T-
is a 1.5-liter (down from 2.0), and the battery Civic through structural changes, more nition, lane-keeping assist, and automated
pack is 1.1 kilowatt-hours versus 1.3. To help sound deadening, and acoustically insu- emergency braking. Honda plans to elec-
pull of the hybrid’s low hoodline, engineers YNaRQTYN``6aNY`\¼aNPaVcR[\V`RPN[PRYYN- a_VSfad\aUV_Q`\SVa`TY\ONY½RRaOf 
mounted the car’s 12-volt absorbent glass mat tion to all versions of the Insight. If conventional styling is the new normal
battery at the front of the center console—the There’s a bit of room cancellation as for Honda hybrids, it’s a move in the right
“most appropriate battery layout” for collision well. While carrying over the low “four- direction—one that shows Honda is willing
concerns, says Honda. Q\\_P\b]R³_\\½V[R\SaURPb__R[a0VcVPV` to give in, somewhat, to fashion.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Nexo

iable are the eiciency

improvements Ininiti
claims in all driving situa-
tions, including at wide-
open throttle, versus a
commensurately power-
ful V-6.

QX60: Ininiti’s luxe
version of the Nissan
— powered Kona, all-wheel horsepower is optional. and six-speed manual. Pathinder SUV will do
Elantra: Hyundai is drive isn’t ofered. Hyundai will soon ofer Hyundai says the engine more to prevent, warn,
hitting the Elantra — a diesel 2.2-liter inline- will make up to 275 horse- assist, and intervene for
sedan’s refresh button Nexo: With the Nexo, four as well. Santa Fes power, though we’re more drivers than ever before
for 2019. It’ll be distin- Hyundai for the irst time equipped with the taken by the idea that the thanks to an available
guished by new front and deploys hydrogen-fuel- diesel will also have an Veloster N has been ProAssist active-safety
rear fascias as well as a cell technology on a exclusive third-row seat nursed into existence by package.
redesigned hood and stand-alone platform that ups the passenger ex-BMW M guru Albert —
trunklid. Automated unrelated to an existing capacity to seven and Biermann. Q50: The turbocharged
emergency braking and member of its lineup. This confuses that naming — 2.0-liter inline-four is now
lane-keeping assist are fuel-cell electric has six business all over again. Minor trim changes: limited to the most basic
now standard on the mid- cubic feet more cargo — Sonata trim level of Ininiti’s
level SEL trim and above. space than the Tucson- Tucson: Hyundai revises Unchanged: Accent, sports sedan. Also, some
The engine lineup—a 2.0- based model it replaces. the Tucson’s engine Elantra GT, Ioniq packages have been
liter four-cylinder, a tur- Hyundai downsized its lineup, replacing the reshuffled and the
bocharged 1.4-liter four, fuel-cell stacks and turbocharged 1.6-liter hyper-technoid hybrid
and the Sport model’s revised the onboard inline-four (and its atten- Infiniti model is dead. That one
turbo 1.6-liter four—goes hydrogen storage tanks dant dual-clutch auto- — won’t be missed.
largely unchanged. The to minimize their intru- matic) with a 181-hp 2.4- QX50: Completely rede- —
Sport trim remains distin- sion on the Nexo’s interior liter. A 164-hp 2.0-liter signed for 2019, the Q60: As with the Q50
guished by its more pow- space, while also extract- four remains as the base handsome and reined sedan, Ininiti will restrict
erful turbo four, multilink ing greater performance engine, and all Tucsons QX50 went on sale this use of the turbocharged
rear suspension, and and eiciency from those now use a torque-con- spring. It’s a comfortable, 2.0-liter inline-four to the
zestier chassis tuning, systems. Total driving verter six-speed auto- quiet, and luxurious entry-level trim of this
though its subtle visual range is about 370 miles, matic, available with compact SUV that, like two-door. And Ininiti dis-
upgrades are now more which should be useful front- or all-wheel drive. many of its ilk, is some- continued the 300-hp V-6
so, making it look even for exploring California, Hyundai subtly revised what boring to drive. Sport version, leaving the
more like lesser trims. the only state with even a the Tucson’s exterior and What sets it apart is the 400-horse Red Sport to
— patchy network of hydro- interior details. Lane- world’s irst production carry the sporty torch.
Kona: Hyundai adds a gen stations, and the only keeping assist and auto- variable-compression- —
full-electric version of the state in which Hyundai mated emergency ratio engine. The 268-hp Minor trim changes:
Kona mini-ute it intro- will sell the Nexo. braking are newly stand- turbocharged inline-four QX30, QX80, Q70
duced just last year. — ard across the lineup. is incredibly complicated: Dead: Q50 hybrid, Q70
Thanks to its huge, 64.0- Santa Fe: The ive- — There’s an electronically hybrid
kWh battery, the electric seater formerly known Veloster: see controlled joint between
Kona gains entry into the as the Santa Fe Sport is Veloster Turbo R-Spec the crankshaft and the
250-mile club (as in, 250 replaced by an all-new test, page 070 connecting rods that Jaguar
miles of driving range). and just-plain Santa Fe, Following the Veloster changes the displace- —
A 201-hp electric motor whereas last year’s sev- and Veloster Turbo later ment by up to 27 cubic F-Pace: Jag’s habit of
spins the front wheels: en-seat Santa Fe goes this year is the irst centimeters. By EPA stuing its supercharged
unchanged but switches U.S.-bound product of standards, the engine 5.0-liter V-8 wherever it
to the Santa Fe XL Hyundai’s budding N per- nets the QX50 27 mpg its arrives at the inevita-
moniker. A slick new formance subbrand, the combined with front- ble: a crossover. The
visage marks a sharp Veloster N. This asym- wheel drive and 26 with $80,985 F-Pace SVR
Car and Driver departure from the old metrically doored front- all-wheel drive. It’s a lot of makes 550 horsepower
SEP/2018 Sport and carryover XL. wheel-drive hatchback complication to gain just and should notch 60 mph
A 185-hp 2.4-liter inline- holds plenty of promise 1 mpg combined more in less than four seconds,
four is standard, and a with its turbocharged than the Audi Q5 2.0T. the better to hang with
068 turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, available Less immediately quanti- the Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Infiniti QX50

Quadrifoglio and the Mer- interior can be adorned

cedes-AMG GLC63. with nicer trim materials,
— and there’s an extra three
I-Pace: see irst cubic feet of storage in
drive, page 072 the cargo hold, thanks to Jaguar XE SV
Project 8
— a lowered load loor. The
XE: Leapfrogging big news, though, is
the BMW M3 and Mer- under the hood, where an
cedes-AMG C63, Jaguar optional 270-hp turbo- Wrangler: Larger, Mild (Hybrid) Mannered
turns its small sports charged 2.0-liter inline- smarter, and more The belt alternator-starter hybrid, irst seen in the
sedan into a proper four can be mounted. The accommodating, the 2007 Saturn Aura and Vue and sometimes known as a
track car with the standard 2.4-liter four JL-generation Wran- mild hybrid, is just now coming into its element thanks
592-hp XE SV Project 8. and the optional 3.2-liter gler made its debut for to the 48-volt electrical architecture that’s quickly
The supercharged V-6 are still available. All 2018 as the latest take becoming a de facto standard. Compared with 12-volt
5.0-liter V-8 appears three mills pair with a on the quintessential electronics, 48-volt systems allow for higher power
again in the Project 8 nine-speed automatic. open-top of-roader. with greater efficiency and lower transmission losses.
and funnels its torque Front-wheel drive is A 285-hp 3.6-liter V-6 As 48-volt hardware proliferates, automakers are
through a ZF eight- standard, and there is standard, and a banking on economies of scale to reduce costs even
speed and an all-wheel- remain three diferent 270-hp turbocharged further for these hybrids, which connect a small
drive system with an all-wheel-drive setups of 2.0-liter inline-four with motor-generator to the engine via a belt.
electronically con- varying capability. 48-volt hybrid assis- Fiat Chrysler’s version of the 48-volt alternator-
trolled rear diferential. — tance is optional. A starter, called eTorque, comes standard on the new
Upgrades over suburb- Renegade: This tiny 3.0-liter diesel V-6 will Jeep Wrangler’s optional turbocharged 2.0-liter
spec XEs include ball- Jeep-ish box receives a join the lineup next inline-four. It’s also found in the 2019 Ram 1500,
jointed rear suspension mid-cycle update for year. An eight-speed where it’s standard with the V-6 and optional with the
links, adjustable spring 2019 that brings restyled automatic and a six- V-8. Drawing energy from a small-capacity lithium-
perches, a big wing, car- front and rear bumpers speed manual are both ion battery, the 48-volt system allows longer engine-
bon-ceramic brake and lighting elements, as available, as is a full- of periods for the stop-start system, recaptures
rotors, and carbon-iber well as some minor trim time all-wheel-drive energy via regenerative braking, and provides
fenders, hood, and and equipment updates. system on Sahara momentary spurts of torque to assist the gas engine.
bumpers. The company The turbo 1.4-liter four is models. For maximum Two tensioners keep the belt taut whether the electric
says this is both the out, replaced by a turbo- trail domination, machine is acting as a motor or a generator, and a
fastest Jaguar ever to charged 1.3-liter four. The though, you’ll want the DC-to-DC converter allows the 48-volt system to keep
lap the Nürburgring and manual-transmission Rubicon. The Wrangler the conventional 12-volt system charged. A similar
its quickest passenger option also is out; all Ren- pickup should inally be setup is spreading across Audi’s portfolio as
car to hit 60 mph, at egades will come with released in early 2019. refreshed models adopt the brand’s turbocharged
3.4 seconds. Just 300 nine-speed automatics. — 3.0-liter V-6, and Mercedes-Benz is itting its new
Project 8s will be sold The existing 2.4-liter Minor trim changes: inline-six [see “Meet the New Six: Mercedes’ M256,”
globally, allowing inline-four will serve as Compass, Grand page 081] with a 48-volt electric motor sandwiched
Jaguar to charge the the base-level engine. Cherokee between the engine and transmission.
ludicrous sum of
$188,495 for each.
— Jeep Wrangler
Minor trim changes:
E-Pace, F-type, XF, XJ



Cherokee: One in Jeep’s

seemingly endless bufet
of small sport-utes, the
Cherokee receives a
modest rework in the
form of a revised front
end that features a less
freaky-looking headlight
arrangement. The rear
end also gets toned, the

The Value Problem

Hyundai’s second-generation Veloster amps up the performance but still
relies on price to compete. _by Kevin A. Wilson

Someday soon, we expect a Hyun-

dai to top its class without trad-
ing on great value as its primary
attribute. This is not that day. Touting a
multilink rear suspension in place of its
predecessor’s torsion-beam axle, plus a
nicer interior and a more muscular appear-
ance that belies an underlying weight-loss
program, the second-generation Hyundai
Veloster Turbo R-Spec performs well but
ish that put the Honda Civic Si and Volks- Performance The setup makes good use of the Miche-
wagen Golf GTI on our 10Best Cars list. per dollar, dis- lin Pilot Sport 4 tires, serious performance 2019 Hyundai
6a`N`fZZRa_VPNYaU_RRQ\\_P\[¼Tb_N- tinctive design, rubber that’s standard on the driver- Veloster Turbo
tion and hyena-like stance mark the more sophisti- focused R-Spec trim tested here. Like the R-Spec
Veloster as a coupe variant of the conven- cated than the Civic Si, the R-Spec comes only with a six- VEHICLE TYPE: front-
engine, front-wheel-
tional Elantra GT hatchback, analogous to first gen. speed manual gearbox; it’s the same as the drive, 4-passenger,
the role the late VW Scirocco played in rela- Lust ends at Elantra’s stick but enhanced with a stand- 3-door hatchback
tion to the Golf. Hyundai made it a little value calculus, ard B&M short-shift kit. $23,910
more practical for 2019 by expanding cargo nothing-special Weight paring and sticky rubber help BASE PRICE: $23,785
ENGINE: turbocharged
volume from the old Veloster’s scant 16 steering, weird this R-Spec scoot to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and intercooled DOHC
PbOVPSRRaa\RVTUaZ\_RaUN[f\bμYY¼[Q doors. where the ’16 needed 6.7. Skidpad grip 16-valve inline-4,
in a Civic Si coupe. It’s a neat bit of packag- aluminum block and
jumps to 0.95 g from 0.85, and stopping head, direct fuel injection
ing, considering the wheelbase hasn’t changed and the car is a shade from 70 mph takes only 151 feet versus 173. DISPLACEMENT:
shorter than the original. Inside, there are improved grades of plas- 97 cu in, 1591 cc
That puts it in a league with the 205-hp Si POWER:
tic and fabrics while contrast stitching on the seats and color and 220-hp GTI [see “Tale of the Tape”]. 201 hp @ 6000 rpm
accents on the dash and steering wheel make the cabin considerably But track numbers won’t tell you that the 195 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
more interesting to look at than the Elantra GT’s. Veloster’s steering lacks on-center preci- TRANSMISSION:
6-speed manual
The Veloster Turbo shares its new rear suspension and carry- sion, even in its heftier Sport mode; that it’s DIMENSIONS
over 201-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four with the Elantra GT not especially eager to rotate despite the WHEELBASE: 104.3 in
LENGTH: 166.9 in
@]\_a AUR `b`]R[`V\[ ObVYQ` \[ aUR \_VTV[NY dVaU Z\_R _R¼[RQ assistance of brake-actuated torque vector- WIDTH: 70.9 in
UN[QYV[TN[QN`Z\\aUR__VQRRcR[dVaUaURAb_O\μ``aVßR_N[aV ing; or that its shifter, while improved, still HEIGHT: 55.1 in
roll bars and dampers. Aluminum suspension components reduce feels muddy next to the delightful Honda’s. 90 cu ft
unsprung mass and contribute to this car weighing 39 pounds less Our test driver cited the car’s superb at-the- CARGO VOLUME:
20 cu ft
aUN[aURYVTUaR`a¼_`aTR[CRY\`aR_dRaR`aRQN#?NYYf2QVaV\[ limit balance on the skidpad, but that only CURB WEIGHT: 2816 lb
applies after speeds get scary fast out on the
road. This puppy just isn’t as playful as its C/D Test Results
toylike appearance suggests. ZERO TO 60 MPH:
6.2 sec
The R-Spec is only available one way: ZERO TO 100 MPH:
`abßRQ dVaU `aN[QN_Q R^bV]ZR[a±921 15.6 sec
headlamps, an 8.0-inch touchscreen, auto- 32.7 sec
mated emergency braking, and lane-keep- ROLLING START,
5–60 MPH: 6.7 sec
V[TN``V`a±S\_ $%"AUR5\[QN`aN_a`Na 1/4-MILE:
!&&"aURCDNa$#"AURON`VP`UR_R 14.7 sec @ 97 mph
TOP SPEED: 145 mph
are so close to excellence that we’re looking (drag limited, C/D est)
forward to the upcoming 275-hp Veloster N, BRAKING,
70–0 MPH: 151 ft
which will add adaptive damping with mul- ROADHOLDING,
tiple driving modes. We’re hoping Hyun- 300-FT-DIA

SKIDPAD: 0.95 g
dai’s new N performance division gets all FUEL ECONOMY
its sums right, and not just the one that EPA COMBINED/CITY/
HWY: 29/26/33 mpg
starts with a dollar sign. C/D OBSERVED:
28 mpg
Tale of the Tape
The Veloster Turbo R-Spec makes a strong case for itself on numbers alone. With better steering feel and an improved
shifter, it would challenge our favorites. Base price Horsepower 0–60 mph Braking, 70–0 mph Skidpad
Honda Civic Si ........ ................................... $24,995 . . . . . 205 hp . . . . . . . . . 6.3 sec . . . . . . . . 159 ft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.97 g
Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec ............... $23,785 . . . . . . 201 hp . . . . . . . . . 6.2 sec . . . . . . . . 151 ft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.95 g
Volkswagen Golf GTI ................................ $27,265 . . . . . . 220 hp . . . . . . . . . 5.9 sec . . . . . . . . 154 ft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.94 g

070 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
First Drive. 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

A Comforting

072 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
Jaguar’s serene electric I-Pace is the biggest
threat to Tesla yet. _by Eric Tingwall

There are currently 13 electric vehicles the I-Pace becomes utterly serene. Acoustically insulated front side
on sale in America. But if you want to have any glass and full-frame doors hush wind noise. At light loads below 30
hope of making it to the summer cabin and home Z]U aUR 6=NPR ]\dR_` \[Yf \[R Z\a\_ a\ \]aVZVgR R¦PVR[Pf
again on a single charge, your choices shrink to Engineers chose to make it the rear one to reduce noise and vibra-
just four. And options dwindle further depending tion in the cabin, which is pleasantly free of squeaks and rattles.
seen in a Chevrolet Bolt EV. Seven years after the higher of two regenerative-braking settings, adequate to negotiate
Nissan Leaf resurrected the electric car, true com- ZN[fa_N¦P`VabNaV\[`dVaU\ba`YVQV[Tf\b_S\\aa\aURYRSaAUR
]RaVaV\[NZ\[T2C`aUNaPN[P\cR_Z\_RaUN[ initial travel of the brake pedal increases the regen deceleration to
miles on a charge is still virtually nonexistent. a maximum of 0.4 g before the friction brakes engage. Pedal mod-
AUNaPUN[TR`dVaUaUR$!&"7NTbN_6=NPR ulation is predictable, and the transitions from regenerative to fric-
arriving in dealerships this month. It signals the most direct chal- tion braking and back are seamless, though we would prefer more
YR[TRa\2Y\[:b`Xμ`b]ZN_XRa`a_N[TYRU\YQdVaUNZN[bSNPab_R_ ¼_Z[R``N[Q`U\_aR_a_NcRY
aUNaUNcRUR_Ra\S\_RORR[AR`YNRePYb`VcR`NZ\[T2C`6=NPR]_VP- road mode and lower it 1.6 inches for ingress and egress. Above
V[T`aN_a`"ORY\daURAR`YN:\QRYE$"1dUVPUUN`N]_\- 65 mph, the I-Pace also hunkers down 0.4 inch to improve aerody-
of electric-vehicle introductions from luxury marques, including &XDU ONaaR_f N[PU\_V[T Va` URSa aUR 6=NPR ]YN[a` Va`RYS V[
.bQV:R_PRQR`/R[gN[Q=\_`PUR corners. Low-rolling-resistance 18-inch tires come standard, but
silence of battery-powered propulsion. Sir William Lyons certainly cRUVPYRaUV`YN_TRN[QURNcf[RRQ`1_VcV[T\[aURV[PUdURRY`
had something else in mind when he established those principles with the available adaptive dampers, we noticed a gentle wallow in
aV\[\SaURZV[aURO_N[Qμ`UV`a\_fAd\Z\a\_`±\[R]R_NeYR± RcVQR[adVaUaURV[PU_\YYR_`
give the I-Pace all-wheel drive and the easy speed that comes with We also motored up a rough and steep two-track and around a
&!U\_`R]\dR_N[Q"]\b[QSRRa\Sa\_^bR@^bRRgV[TaURNPPRY- race circuit in southern Portugal, not because owners will do these
erator whisks the I-Pace forward with alacrity, particularly from aUV[T`ObaORPNb`RaUR6=NPRPN[AUR7NTbN_NP^bVaaRQVa`RYSdRYY
PVaf`]RRQ`AUR6=NPRμ`!%]\b[Q`Q\`RRZa\dRVTU\[Va`V[VaVNY in both environments. We saw no conspicuous power degradation
`a_NVTUaYV[R_R`]\[`R`aU\bTUN[Q]YN[aV[Tf\b__VTUaS\\aQ\R`[μa \cR_\b_aU_RRYN]`\SaUR&ZVYRP\b_`R
TR[R_NaRaUR`a\ZNPUab_[V[T`U\PX\SAR`YNμ`9bQVP_\b`Z\QRDR The I-Pace’s cab-for- AURYN`aaVZRdR]baN:\QRY@\[Na_NPX
Re]RPaaUR7NTa\[\aPU#Z]US_\ZN`aN[Q`aVYYV[!"`RP\[Q` ward, quasi-SUV style aURAR`YNP\bYQ[μaP\Z]YRaRNSbYYYN]dVaU-
might not be to every-
1b_V[T NPPRYR_NaV\[ aUR 6=NPRμ` `]RNXR_` RZVa N dUV_ aUNa one’s liking, but it’s out reducing power output.
increases in pitch as speed builds, sounding a bit like Steven Spiel- a damn sight better- Guided by the powertrain packaging,
looking than the
OR_Tμ`YRcVaNaV[TNba\[\Z\b`]\Q`S_\ZMinority ReportAUROR`a bloated Tesla Model X. 7NTbN_QR`VT[R_`]bYYRQaUR6=NPRμ`T_RR[-
]N_a\SaUV``PV¼aURNaR_V`aUNaVaPN[ORab_[RQ\ßNadUVPU]\V[a house forward and pushed the wheels to the

074 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
corners. These proportions make the Jag
look like a small hatchback in many pic-
tures, but the scale grows in person, partic-
ularly when you realize how tall the hood is.
Wearing the optional 22-inch wheels, the
tires stand 30 inches tall. The I-Pace’s
wheelbase is more than two inches longer
than that of a BMW X5 while its overall
length is slightly shorter than the X3’s. The
package also allows for a shoebox-sized
frunk (or, in British English, a “froot”). It’ll
That big grille serves the Jaguar brand
identity more than it does the powertrain,
the I-Pace’s heat exchangers. The grille’s
rounded top edge directs air beneath the
hood, out the scoop, over the windshield
and roof, and under the rear wing to calm
aUR NV_½\d P\ZV[T \ß aUR aNVY \S aUR PN_
Jaguar claims this airstream also works to
there is no rear wiper. The boxy rear end—
anyone remember the BMW 318ti?—is an
aerodynamic appeasement that helps the
low as 0.29.
tall sill and a high step-in to the wide and
`]NPRS\_NQbYa`ObaVa`Y\d`U\_aN[Q½Na state of health until that point. Chevrolet Serenity
cushions were clearly designed with chil- 2019 Jaguar warranties its battery to 60 percent health, now, roomy
dren in mind. The conventional center con- I-Pace N[Q AR`YN Q\R`[μa QR¼[R N ZV[VZbZ interior, better-
sole concentrates most controls into two VEHICLE TYPE: acceptable performance but does allow for than-adequate
front- and mid-motor,
screens—a 10.0-inch unit and a lower 5.5- all-wheel-drive, unlimited miles within the eight-year time range and
inch screen primarily used for climate 5-passenger, 4-door frame. While the early-build I-Paces used performance.
hatchback Slothlike
functions. Both units follow recent Jaguar BASE PRICE: $70,495
for the media launch displayed excellent
tradition by being painfully slow at every- MOTORS: 2 permanent- ObVYQ ^bNYVaf aURf dR_R[μa dVaU\ba ½Nd infotainment
magnet synchronous
thing they do, from the startup sequence AC, 197 hp, 256 lb-ft; One car reported a high-voltage short and responses,
to switching tasks to responding to taps. combined output, refused to power on when a driver pushed fragmented
394 hp, 512 lb-ft
The infotainment system, along with the BATTERY: liquid-cooled
the start button. Less alarming, another charging
telematics module and battery-manage- lithium-ion, 90.0 kWh car’s window became stuck in a half-open network.
ment software, can receive over-the-air 1-speed direct drive position. In theory, the relative simplicity
b]QNaR` S_\Z aUR U\ZR \¦PR Oba `bPU DIMENSIONS of a battery-electric car should help Jaguar boost its subpar reliabil-
WHEELBASE: 117.7 in
patches seem unlikely to unlock the much- LENGTH: 184.3 in
ity ratings, but we continue to encounter troubling electrical issues
needed responsiveness. WIDTH: 74.6 in in Jaguars to this day. We could blame it on something in the walls
HEIGHT: 61.3 in
Jaguar, like the rest of the established PASSENGER VOLUME:
at Browns Lane, but that plant hasn’t been used for more than a
auto industry, has no answer to Tesla’s 96 cu ft QRPNQR(NYY6=NPR`N_RN``RZOYRQOf:NT[N@aRf_V[.b`a_VN
Supercharger network. All I-Paces come 26 cu ft
Assuming these electrical concerns are just preproduction hic-
equipped with SAE CCS ports for DC fast CURB WEIGHT: 4800 lb cups, the Jaguar I-Pace sets the new standard for luxury electric
charging, but owners will have to negotiate (C/D EST)
a fragmented and incomplete network of ZERO TO 60 MPH: sharp driving dynamics. It’s a welcome addition of style and desir-
4.5 sec
third-party providers only to access slower ZERO TO 100 MPH:
ability for the EV market, which has often fallen short in those
charging than Tesla owners enjoy. While 13.0 sec areas. But if you’re still anticipating that the arrival of any new elec-
1/4-MILE: 13.3 sec
the I-Pace can accommodate 100-kW DC TOP SPEED: 124 mph
tric vehicle will undo a 15-year-old car company, it’s time to let go
charging, the existing infrastructure—out- FUEL ECONOMY of that fantasy. The Tesla-killer is a myth. A phantom. A four-
side of Tesla’s 120-kW equipment—oper- HWY: 87/86/89 MPGe
wheeled chupacabra. That’s true even as the I-Pace establishes
ates almost entirely at outputs far below (C/D est) itself as the best electric vehicle to date. A Tesla competitor? Abso-
that. Of course, the vast majority of 240 miles (mfr’s est) lutely. Will it suck the life out of Tesla sales? Unlikely.
charging will take place at owners’ homes, No single electric vehicle will inspire tens of thousands to aban-
where a full charge of the I-Pace’s lithi- don their Tesla-centric Twitter handles and turn their backs on
um-ion pack will require almost 13 hours Musk. The threat to Tesla comes from the sum of forthcoming
with 240-volt, 32-amp service. EVs developed by experienced automakers, built in well-oiled
Jaguar takes the burgeoning standard factories, and sold by nationwide dealer networks. With the EV
of an eight-year/100,000-mile battery war- market blooming into a microcosm of the automotive industry, less
ranty a step further by asserting that the SN[NaVPNYObfR_`dVYY_RN]aUROR[R¼a`N`P\Z]RaVaV\[VZ]_\cR`aUR
battery will maintain a 70 percent or better 075 breed. The Jaguar I-Pace does just that.
New Cars, for 2019

Land Rover Range

Rover SV coupe

The List. Kia 365-hp twin-turbo- Intended to reestablish carbon-iber elements

KIA MASER ATI — charged V-6 it shares with the Aventador as the as the coupe. Pony up
Forte: Longer, wider, and the Stinger. Kia’s own alpha dog, the Ultraventa- $314,654 and it’s yours
taller than before, the eight-speed automatic dor will get something to enjoy.
Forte expands its ability pairs with a torque- close to 800 horsepower —
to comfortably accom- vectoring all-wheel-drive from its 6.5-liter V-12. It Urus: Easily viewed with
modate passengers. An system. A 12.3-inch will also feature active a cynic’s eye as a ploy to
additional 3.2 inches of touchscreen infotainment aerodynamics and increase sales, the Urus is
length and a 15-cubic- system is new, while the receive a healthy dose of Lambo’s second-ever
foot trunk make Kia’s existing (and optional) Sant’Agata’s weight- production SUV, the irst
compact sedan one of the 12.3-inch instrument trimming forged- Lamborghini to feature
largest in its segment. A cluster carries over with composite carbon iber. turbocharging, and a
Supplanting 147-hp 2.0-liter inline-four new graphics. We expect Price? Somewhere north kissing cousin to the Audi
God, or Dog: remains the only engine pricing to start between of $600,000. Q8, Bentley Bentayga,
Co-Pilot360 available, but this version $60K and $65K. — and Porsche Cayenne.
Lincoln has bundled its of Kia’s Nu powerplant — Huracán: The lesser Plot twist: The Urus is
suite of active driver adds an estimated 3 mpg Minor trim changes: Lambo adds the open- actually excellent. There’s
aids under the name combined when paired Sedona, Sorento air Performante Spyder a 641-hp twin-turbo-
Co-Pilot360, as Ford with the Forte’s new Unchanged: Cadenza, to its roster. As in the charged V-8 under the
does, and it’s made the continuously variable Forte Koup, Forte5, Niro, coupe, the Spyder’s hood, and its muscle and
package standard in transmission. Think Optima, Rio, Soul, mid-mounted 5.2-liter snarling aural signature
several models. It $18,000 to start. Sportage, Stinger V-10 makes 631 horse- are Lambo-appropriate.
includes adaptive cruise — power and 443 pound- The interior, for its part,
control, blind-spot K900: Kia’s big, classy feet of torque, screams “Supercar!” with
warning with cross-traf- sedan is redesigned, but Lamborghini increases of 29 and 30, a lip cover for the ignition
ic alert, lane-keeping you wouldn’t know it at a — respectively, from the switch, lots of carbon
assistance, forward- glance. Wider and longer Aventador: The lagship lowly non-Performante iber, and a jet-throttle-
collision warning, auto- than the model it Lamborghini will be Huracáns. Naturally, the style shift lever. Up to 87
mated emergency replaces, the new K900 replaced soon, but irst Spyder version gets the percent of engine torque
braking, and automatic also trades its naturally comes a coda hellbeast same sticky tires, can be shuttled to the
high-beams, among aspirated V-6 and V-8 that will be called SVJ retuned dampers, active torque-vectoring rear
other features. engines for a single (for Super Veloce Jota). aero, and lightweight axle, which imbues the
Urus with handling
acumen that belies the
Lincoln Aviator
fact that it’s an SUV. If
you have a couple of kids
but aspire to live like Russ
Hanneman, the
$200,000-plus Urus is
the utility for you.

Car and Driver


Lamborghini Huracán
Performante Spyder

Land Rover version of the sleek Velar has undergone minor charged engines, a
— with the Jaguar F-Pace reinements, too, and — 245-hp 2.0-liter inline-
Range Rover: Coming SVR’s 550-hp super- every LC now comes with Aviator: As indicated four or a 335-hp 2.7-liter
later this year is the charged V-8. a Wi-Fi hotspot. by the concept that V-6, each mated to an
Range Rover P400e HSE — — made its debut earlier eight-speed automatic
PHEV, which will get a Minor trim changes: Dis- RC: It’s been four years this year, the Aviator with push-button shifting.
13.1-kWh battery pack covery, Discovery Sport, since Lexus’s sports nameplate is returning. Lincoln’s Black Label
allowing it to go up to 31 Discovery Channel, Dis- coupe irst arrived on the Whereas the old 2003– interiors are again on the
miles on electric power. A covery Kids, Range Rover scene, and the time is ripe 2005 Aviator looked like options list, with this
114-hp electric motor will Evoque for a mid-cycle refresh. a Ford Explorer in year’s themes being
provide pure-EV capabil- Dead: Range Rover Lexus hasn’t announced pancake makeup, the Chalet, Thoroughbred,
ity and will couple with a Evoque convertible any plans to modify the new version is more akin and Gala. Fun fact:
296-hp turbocharged RC, but we’d bet our lunch to a slimmer, trimmer Lincoln Nautilus Chalet is
2.0-liter inline-four to money that design Navigator. It rides on a Esperanto for “Ford Edge
produce a combined Lexus tweaks and modest new longitudinal-engine that won the Powerball.”
398 horsepower and — power bumps for the RC’s platform (as will the —
472 pound-feet of torque. ES: Don’t let the sharp- engines are on the way. next Explorer), and a Minor trim changes:
Pricing starts at $96,145, edged redesign and new — plug-in hybrid will be MKZ
or $1100 more than a F Sport trim fool you—the RX/L: The RX is among the powertrain Unchanged: Continental,
Range Rover HSE with a ES is still a cushy com- unchanged for 2019, but oferings. Nearly all of MKT, Navigator
supercharged V-6. In its muter. This generation an L model was a late what Lincoln shows in
ongoing quest to ind the sits on the Toyota New addition to the 2018 the concept makes the
price ceiling of the SUV Global Architecture and lineup. On sale since jump to production, Lotus
market, Land Rover is shares its basic dimen- January, the L is 4.4 including three rows of —
introducing a limited- sions and powertrains inches longer than the seats and adaptive Unchanged: Evora
edition two-door version with the Avalon. A comfy standard RX and includes damping that takes its
of the Range Rover called ride and a quiet, plush a two-seat third row, best cues from a forward-
the SV coupe. Only 999 interior are the hallmarks for occasional use by facing camera. Maserati
will be made, and they’ll of the ES, though short-legged passengers. — —
be largely hand-built. In F Sport models have — MKC: Lincoln evidently Levante: Maserati is
addition to special paint 19-inch wheels and avail- UX: New to Lexus’s lineup couldn’t wait for the trying the more-power
and trim, the SV coupe able adaptive dampers. A for 2019, this minute-ute upcoming 2020 redesign method to move more big
will come with a 557-hp long list of active-safety compensates for its size to make the MKC look metal this year. Not one
supercharged V-8 and a features comes standard, with an angular, extro- more like a member of the but two versions of the
price of about $300,000. including automated verted design. The UX, family, so the 2019 model Levante SUV now pack
— emergency braking and Lexus’s smallest SUV, gets reconstructive facial Ferrari’s twin-turbo V-8.
Range Rover Sport: Like bicyclist detection. features the brand’s dis- surgery. Adding pedes- The GTS gets a 544-hp
its big brother, the Range — tinctive spindle grille, trian detection to the version of the 3.8-liter,
Rover Sport will get a LC: Despite being all-new rides on the TNGA plat- forward-collision-warning while the Levante Trofeo
hybrid powertrain good just a year ago, the LC form, and comes with system is pretty much the turns it up to 590 horse-
for 31 miles of electric receives several power- either a 168-hp 2.0-liter extent of the changes. power. Both make the
range and a mouthful of a train and suspension inline-four or a 176-hp — same 538 pound-feet of
name. We’d suggest modiications this year. hybrid with all-wheel Nautilus: The Ford Edge– torque and have their sus-
simply telling your sales- Changes in the 500 drive. F Sport models based MKX sets sail as pensions upgraded to
AV I AT O R P H O T O G R A P H B Y A . J . M U E L L E R

person you’d like the model include updates to have a unique suspension the Nautilus, as Lincoln better handle increased
Range Rover Sport the 10-speed automatic’s tune and larger wheels. scraps another MK-what- speeds. The GTS will start
plug-in. Prices will start shift programming, The UX goes on sale in ever nameplate. The at $121,475, with the
at $79,295. improved ride comfort December. Nautilus adopts the Trofeo landing at
— (achieved by expanding — brand’s Continental-look $171,475.
Range Rover Velar: the range of the adaptive Minor trim changes: face, as well as a host of —
Aside from some minor dampers), and better GS F, IS, RC F new driver aids [see “Sup- Minor trim changes:
trim and interior changes, feedback from the steer- Unchanged: GS, GX, LS, planting God, or Dog: Quattroporte
we expect a next-year ing wheel and brake LX, NX Co-Pilot360”]. Under the Unchanged: Ghibli,
arrival of a performance pedal. The hybrid system Dead: GS450h hood is one of two turbo- GranTurismo
New Cars, for 2019

Mazda CX-3
GT 4-Door

600LT: see irst look,


720S/Spider: Will a 720S
Spider arrive in the irst
half of 2019? Magic 8 Ball
says: Outlook good. Will it
be just as spectacular as
the coupe? Signs point to
yes. Will it look very much
like an expensive Italian
loafer? It is decidedly so.

Unchanged: 570GT,
The List. Mazda prehensive updates, its four for its Grand Touring 570S/Spider
MA ZDA MINI — 2.0-liter inline-four now and Signature trims. The
CX-3: On the occa- spins out an additional 26 engine’s 250 horsepower
Lean, Mean sion of the CX-3’s ponies, for a total of 181 (227 on regular fuel) rep- Mercedes-
Not just the most power- mid-cycle update, at 7000 rpm on its way to resents a 63-hp increase Benz
ful Miata, the ’19 version Mazda gifts its baby-ute a 7500-rpm redline over the naturally aspi- —
also has the best weight- two more horsepower (versus 6800 before). rated 2.5-liter in lesser AMG GT 4-Door: As
to-power ratio in the (for a total of 148) for Torque output inches models and is buttressed Obi-Wan might say, “This
model’s long history. its 2.0-liter four. It also from 148 to 151 pound- by 310 pound-feet of is not the AMG CLS-class
gets a nicer interior, feet at 4000 rpm. torque at 2000 rpm. All you’re looking for.” The
enhanced sound dead- Outside the engine room, models beneit from uninventively named,
ening, and minor styling new niceties include a enhanced noise isolation adventurously styled
changes. telescoping steering and a retuned suspen- AMG GT 4-Door ills in for
— column, an available sion. And Apple CarPlay the discontinued CLS63
CX-5: The long-awaited brown softtop, and arrives for 2019. while expanding Benz’s

Skyactiv-D diesel engine, revised cupholders. low-cut-sedan format

a sequentially turbo- Despite the changes, along upmarket and
charged 2.2-liter inline- Mazda says the revised McLaren sportier vectors. The
four [see Backires, roadster weighs only — redesigned CLS-class is
“Explained: High and seven pounds more than Senna: As fast as it is six-cylinder only. Though
Low,” page 010], should the old one. uncomely, the most that swept-roof sedan
inally arrive in 2019. — consequential McLaren and this one look similar—
We’ve been expecting it in 3: It’ll be a quiet several production car since the and both are E-class
the CX-5 since late 2016 months for Mazda’s F1 is a $960,000 track based—the AMG GT
(the engine was irst C-segment sedan and toy for speed enthusiasts 4-Door cribs its front and
announced for our hatchback. But before the who aren’t playing rear styling from Afalter-
market back in 2012). It’s middle of next year, we around. A 789-hp twin- bach’s two-door sports
inally gotten our govern- will see a new 3 with turbo 4.0-liter V-8 hurls car and ofers eight-cylin-

ment’s approval, so any Mazda’s intriguing Sky- this carbon-iber feather- der trims dubbed GT63
day now . . . activ-X engine, a gas 2.0- weight forward while and GT63 S. Below the
— liter inline-four that will tremendous downforce— 577-hp GT63 and 630-hp
CX-9: see comparison use a modiied form of 1764 pounds at 155 GT63 S models sits the
test, page 096 compression ignition. mph—and Pirelli P Zero 429-hp six-cylinder GT53,
Android Auto and Apple Mazda says it’ll improve Trofeo R tires keep it which overlaps heavily
CarPlay come to Mazda’s fuel economy by 20 stuck to the tarmac. The with the CLS53.
2000 handsome family hauler, percent and boost torque 500-car run has already —
1990 MODEL YEAR 2019
which also gets revised by 30 percent compared been allocated, but sharp C-class: A revised elec-
damper tuning and addi- with the 3’s existing elbows and pockets tronic architecture raises
tional NVH measures. 2.0-liter. deeper than the Mariana the C-class’s active-
— — Trench could get you onto safety game to E- and
Car and Driver MX-5 Miata/RF: Power is 6: Midway through the the list for the non-street- S-class levels and allows
SEP/2018 hardly what deines the 2018 model year, the legal Senna GTR, details for a new, larger infotain-
Miata [see “Lean, Mean”], shapely mid-size Mazda 6 of which are still being ment display and digital
which is not to say more adopted the CX-9’s turbo- sussed out at company gauge cluster. Externally,
078 isn’t welcome. With com- charged 2.5-liter inline- headquarters. the ’19 C-class family is
First Look: McLaren 600LT
The McLaren 675LT was a quicker and more extreme version of the already rapid 650S. Likewise, the
600LT is set to become the 570S’s rope-sinewed hellion sibling. An extra 30 horsepower brings McLaren’s
familiar twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-8 to 592. But other changes are even more compelling. In addition to a track-
tuned suspension, McLaren gave the car an aerodynamic makeover, resulting in a huge rear difuser that
necessitates a new top-exit exhaust system. That, in turn, means the vast ixed wing needs a heat-resistant
coating to withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Peak downforce is 220 pounds at 155
mph, but McLaren is even prouder of the mass it shaved from the already svelte 570S. With every light-
weight option selected, the 600LT should check in around 3000 pounds. Few buyers are likely to forgo the harboring fantasies of
air-conditioning and entertainment systems to achieve that igure, but even with those comforts on board, hacking through jungles
the LT will be lighter than its rival. The 600LT’s pounds-to-pony quotient also means it has efectively or clambering over the
jumped a segment in terms of performance. With a predicted quarter-mile time in the low 10s, the 600LT ruins of society can rest
will keep pace with the Ferrari 488GTB and McLaren’s own 720S. Company insiders say it can carry more easy: The G retains its
corner speed than the 675LT, despite costing around $100,000 less. Deliveries start later this year. complement of locking
diferentials and low-
range gearing.

S-class: Updated just last
year, the S-class family of
luxury freighters regains
a hybridized sedan
variant, the plug-in
S560e, for 2019.

Sprinter: Mercedes-
Benz’s Sprinter van
enters its third generation
with a sleeker face—don’t
worry, the rest of it is still
as boxy as an Amazon
warehouse. A battery-
electric eSprinter variant
will follow. Mercedes will
add a gas engine for the
U.S. market, and the
Sprinter will ofer familiar
2.1-liter inline-four and
3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesels
at launch. As before, rear-
and all-wheel-drive con-
igurations are available.
Body-style options
include panel and pas-
senger vans and chassis
distinguished by updated CLS-class: see test of tric architecture powers it has an independent cab iterations, as well as
headlights and taillights the CLS450, page 080 an electrically assisted front suspension, and if a Richard Scarry pickle-
and new bumpers front Above the 362-hp supercharger (dubbed EQ you peer closely enough, car version. At long last,
and rear. Entry-level CLS450 sits the 429-hp Boost). Total output is a you’ll notice some of its the Sprinter inherits
C300 models beneit AMG-badged CLS53. substantial 429 horse- body panels have been modern cabin electronics
from a new turbocharged — power and 384 pound- rounded of. Both and connectivity, as well
2.0-liter inline-four with E-class: Not only do the feet of torque. For the changes are stabs at as a host of available
14 more horsepower than E450 and E53 badge irst time, the AMG treat- modernizing the SUV’s active-safety features.
before (for 255 total). The names feature larger ment is available on the on-road drivability and —
six-cylinder powering the numbers than the six-cyl- two-door E-class vari- aerodynamics. A signii- Minor trim changes:
Mercedes-AMG C43 gets inder E400 and E43 they ants, as the mid-level E53 cant weight reduction is GLA-class, GLC-class,
a 23-hp boost to 385 respectively replace, each coupe and convertible. an attempt to improve the GLS-class, Metris,
ponies, while the is accompanied by signii- Every 53 model uses G’s ’70s-era fuel SLC-class
eight-cylinder C63 inher- cant power upgrades. AMG’s new all-wheel- economy, though the Unchanged: AMG GT,
its the C63 S model’s The E450’s twin-turbo- drive system. U.S.-market engine roster CLA-class, GLE-class,
electronically controlled charged V-6 essentially — still consists solely of SL-class
limited-slip diferential. splits the diference G-class: The G-wagen powerful V-8s. “Base”
Both C63s get a nine- between the outgoing might appear to be the G550s use a 416-hp twin-
speed automatic in place E400’s and E43’s tunes, same refrigerator on turbo 4.0-liter, while the Mini
of the seven-speed and leaping from 329 horse- wheels as before, but this AMG-tuned G63 —
wear AMG’s latest corpo- power to 362. On the SUV is actually all-new. squeezes 577 ponies Minor trim changes:
rate grille featuring verti- E53’s all-new 3.0-liter For the irst time in the from the same engine Clubman, Convertible,
cal slats. inline-six, a 48-volt elec- model’s 40-year history, architecture. Those still Countryman, Hardtop

Inline Paean
Mercedes-Benz’s 2019 CLS450 is powered by the brand’s all-new
straight-six. And it sings. _by Josh Jacquot

The refiring of its new 3.0-liter rpm redline, the new powerplant sings the
inline-six, which goes virtually creamy harmonies of inline-six balance.
unnoticed in stop-start opera- Peaking at 362 horsepower, it’s not a power
tion, is likely the Mercedes-Benz CLS450’s monger—those who need more can opt for
most endearing quality. Yet the seamless- the 429-hp AMG CLS53—but coupled to its
ness of this most casual of operations is but nine-speed automatic transmission and
a prelude to the engine’s full performance. 4MATIC all-wheel drive, the six provides
6aV`N`dRRaURN_a\SNaUV[T']N_a½bVQV[ab- `b¦PVR[a TN`RYRPa_VP `U\cR a\ NYY\d aUR
VaVcR_R`]\[`R(]N_aRß\_aYR``Z\aVcNa\_\S CLS450 to reach 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and
steel and aluminum. Some cars have reac- bust through the quarter-mile in 13.2 sec-
tors under their hoods. Some simply have onds at 107 mph. That’s 0.3 and 0.4 second
engines. This one has a just-right selection quicker, respectively, than the 2018 E400
of bits that move in facile unity to get you 4MATIC coupe we recently tested, which
dUR_Rf\bdN[aa\T\DRμ_R[\aVQYR½NaaR_- dN`¼aaRQdVaU/R[gμ` &U]adV[ab_O\
ers of every new engine, but this one—this 3.0-liter V-6.
return to six in a row for Mercedes—is The CLS, you’ll likely remember, is the
something genuinely special. originator of the four-door-coupe move-
AURRYRPa_V¼RQZVYYH`RR²:RRaaUR;Rd ment and is intended to be a more chic ver-
Six: Mercedes’ M256”] delivers follow- `V\[±Oba[\aNZ\_RNTT_\\[RH`RR.:4
f\b_S\\a _R`]\[`R S_\Z Wb`a \ß VQYR a\ GT 4-Door, page 078]—of the bread-and-
deep into its midrange. The torque mesa butter E-class sedan on which it is based.
rises at an early 1600 rpm and doesn’t FRaRcR_`V[PRaUR¼_`aTR[09@N]]RN_RQV[
descend until 4000. But even at its 6250- the U.S., in 2005, the fashion-for-function

Above middle: There

are three seatbelts in
the back row of the new
CLS, but if the three
rear passengers are
full-size adults, zero of
them will be happy.

080 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
Va` aUV_Q T\_\b[Q aUR 09@!" `UN_R` Va` "$V[PU dURRY- 2019 Mercedes-
ON`R±b]"V[PUR`S_\ZaUR%Z\QRYμ`±dVaUaUR2PYN`` Benz CLS450
_RN_URNQ_\\ZN[Q_RN_YRT_\\Z9\[Ta\_`\RQ`VeS\\a`aNßR_` VEHICLE TYPE: front-
`a_bTTYRQdVaU\badN_QcV`VOVYVafS_\ZaURQ_VcR_μ``RNadUVYR engine, all-wheel-drive,
5-passenger, 4-door
¼cRS\\a`VeR_` _bOORQ aUV[[V[T UNV_ \[ aUR _RN_ URNQYV[R_ sedan In AMG 53
5\dRcR_aU_RR`RNaORYa`[\dP\ZR`aN[QN_QNP_\``aURONPX\S $99,000 (est) the M256
aUV`09@N¼_`aS\_aURS\b_Q\\_P\b]R BASE PRICE: makes 429
$74,000 (est) horsepower.
3VcR Q_VcR Z\QR`±2P\ 0\ZS\_a @]\_a @]\_a =Yb` N[Q POWERTRAIN:
6[QVcVQbNY±_NZ]b]aUR09@μ`Qf[NZVP_R`]\[`RN[Q`aVß[R`` turbocharged and
aU\bTU RcR[ @]\_a =Yb` V`[μa N XVQ[Rf ]b[V`UR_ 2P\ Z\QR intercooled DOHC Meet the New Six: Mercedes’ M256
24-valve 3.0-liter
R[NOYR`aUR09@a\`NVYdVaUVa`P\ZOb`aV\[R[TV[R`Uba\ßNa inline-6, 362 hp, 369 lb-ft It’s been 19 years since Mercedes sold an inline-six
+ AC motor, 21 hp, 184
`]RRQ`b]a\Z]U1\d[`UVSaV[TaUR[V[R`]RRQZN[bNYYf lb-ft (combined system, in the United States, but that ends with the intro-
V`[\T_RNaW\f`V[PRdVaU`\ZN[fTRN_`\[\ßR_f\bμYY`a_bTTYR 362 hp, 369 lb-ft; duction of the 3.0-liter M256 found in the 362-hp
0.9-kWh lithium-ion
a\X[\ddUVPU\[Ra\PU\\`RN`f\b_¼[NYQR`aV[NaV\[/baaUR battery) CLS450 and the 429-hp AMG CLS53. The M256 will
_RcZNaPURQQ\d[`UVSa`dVYYZNXRf\bSRRYT\\Q3YNZO\fN[a TRANSMISSION: also appear across the E-class line and in the AMG
9-speed automatic with
N`Va``afYV[TZNfORaUR09@SNc\_`P_bV`V[T\cR_UNZZR_V[T manual shifting mode GT53 4-Door. Inline-sixes are smoother than V-6s
6aμYYTRaf\bdUR_Rf\bdN[aa\T\^bVPXYfObaVad\bYQ_NaUR_TRa DIMENSIONS and Mercedes knows this, but manufacturing
WHEELBASE: 115.7 in
f\baUR_RPNYZYf LENGTH: 196.4 in
eiciencies are the biggest factors behind the
3VaaRQdVaU\]aV\[NY&NV_`]_V[T`VaV`b[SNgRQOf]N_X- WIDTH: 74.4 in switch. Because the M256 is part of an engine
HEIGHT: 55.3 in
V[TY\a `]RRQ ObZ]` /ba S_RRdNf Re]N[`V\[ W\V[a` RcR[ V[ PASSENGER VOLUME:
family that shares the position of its transmission
0\ZS\_aZ\QRN_RZ\_Rb[`RaaYV[TaUN[aURf`U\bYQOR<[aUR 93 cu ft mounting flange, those engines can be mounted
_\NQ aUR 09@μ` `aRR_V[T ]_\cVQR` Wb`a 12 cu ft in the same position in various models, saving
Darling of R[\bTU V[S\_ZNaV\[ a\ TbVQR Va ]_b- CURB WEIGHT: 4405 lb manufacturing costs.
an engine, QR[aYfNaZ\QR_NaR`]RRQ`.[QaU\bTU Both Mercedes’ and AMG’s versions of the
impressive grip Va` NPPb_NPf V` UVTU aUR_Rμ` [\aUV[T C/D Test Results engine use a twin-scroll turbo and are assisted by a
and balance, V[`]V_V[TNO\baaURURYZμ`P\ZZb[VPN- 4.7 sec 21-hp, 184-lb-ft motor-generator, which supplies
did we mention aV\[._\b[QaUR`XVQ]NQU\dRcR_aUR ZERO TO 100 MPH: power to and receives it from a 48-volt electrical
11.5 sec
the engine? YNPX\SQNaNQVQ[μa`RRZa\ZNaaR_N`aUR ZERO TO 120 MPH:
system. The motor, housed between the engine and
Still a !!"]\b[Q S\b_Q\\_ \_OVaRQ dVaU 17.3 sec transmission, adds motive force to the powertrain,
practicality `b]R_OONYN[PRN[Q_RZN_XNOYRNQWb`a- 5–60 MPH: 5.6 sec
recharges the battery via regenerative braking, and
killer, over- NOVYVafNa& T0_RQVaS\_aUNa[bZOR_ 1/4-MILE: restarts the engine while sailing and after stop-
13.2 sec @ 107 mph
shadowed by T\R`YN_TRYfa\aUV`ReNZ]YRμ`4\\QfRN_ TOP SPEED: 129 mph
start events. A 0.9-kWh battery stores the juice for
the CLS53. 2NTYR3.`fZZRa_VP `bZZR_aV_R`N (governor limited) both versions of the engine. The higher-power
[\P\`a\]aV\[@aVYYaURPN_μ`#$S\\a 167 ft M256 adds an electric supercharger capable of
`a\]S_\Z$Z]UV`[μaT\V[Ta\QV`Y\QTRN[fQR[ab_R` ROADHOLDING, 6.6 pounds of boost downstream of the turbo.
DURaUR_aUR09@V``b¦PVR[aYfORNbaVSbYa\Wb`aVSfaURP\Z- SKIDPAD: 0.93 g
With the electric compressor handling transient-
]_\ZV`R`VaN`X`f\ba\ZNXRV`YN_TRYfN`bOWRPaVcRZNaaR_=R_- FUEL ECONOMY response duties, Mercedes optimized the turbo on
UN]`aUR09@μ`OVTTR`aPUNYYR[TRP\ZR`S_\ZVa`Q\[\_Z\QRY HWY: 25/22/29 mpg
the AMG engine for power at higher engine speeds.
AUR2PYN```RQN[UN`P\ZRNY\[TdNf±O\aUcV`bNYYfN[Q]_NT- (C/D est) Undersquare dimensions—an 83.0-mm bore
ZNaVPNYYf±`V[PR aUR VQRN \S N S\b_Q\\_ P\b]R dN` UNaPURQ 21 mpg and 92.4-mm stroke—coupled with 90.0-mm
;\dNQNf`aUR`aN[QN_Q2PYN``V``bPUN`a_\[TNYYN_\b[QR_ bore-center spacing produce a relatively short
aUNaVa``RQN[P\b]RP\[cR_aVOYRN[QdNT\[`afYR`YN[QRQ\[ length for a 3.0-liter inline-six. Both variants use an
\b_/R`aYV`aS\_%.[2!!:.A60`RQN[`aN_a`NO\ba electric water pump and A/C compressor, eliminat-
"8YR``aUN[N09@!"!:.A60N[QTVcR`f\bNZ\_Rb`NOYR ing the need for an accessory drive, which further
_RN_`RNaT\\QS\_dN_Q`VTUaYV[R`N[QN_TbNOYfR^bNYcV`bNY shortens the engine to accommodate the added
Q_NZN.[Q`aN_aV[TNO\baaURaVZRf\b_RNQaUV`aUR.:42"  length of the motor-generator. The inline package
`RQN[ dVYY OR NcNVYNOYR dVaU aUR !&U] cR_`V\[ \S aUR 09@μ` also saves cost by substantially reducing the total
ZNT[V¼PR[aV[YV[R`Ve9Raf\b_RfR±N[QURVTUa±ORaURWbQTR parts count.


Nissan Altima

car’s regenerative Eclipse Cross: see C-pillar. Like some other word is that Nissan will can do. We expect
braking typically irst test, page 084 purveyors of mid-size begin selling a refreshed roughly 20 miles of elec-
becomes two-pedal — sedans, Nissan is nixing Maxima by the end of this tric-only range.
driving near walking Outlander/PHEV: the V-6 option it has year, with tweaked front —
speeds. That’s because Mitsubishi’s best seller long ofered, but its and rear fascias and Macan: Next year,
motor voltage decreases gets a new grille, an replacement isn’t much some additional content. Porsche gives its small
with motor rpm to the updated interior with new like those of competi- It won’t be a complete SUV a refresh, which
point that it can’t be front seats, and a retuned tors. Sure, it’s a turbo- rework of the car, though. includes new wheels and
stepped up above the suspension. The long- charged 2.0-liter inline- — revised front and rear
battery’s voltage. With delayed plug-in-hybrid four, but Nissan borrows Murano: Shortly after fascias, but the biggest
nowhere to stash the range topper made its this variable-compres- the updated Maxima goes change is inside the
low-voltage electricity, debut midway through sion-ratio engine from on sale, we anticipate a cabin. The completely
most EVs cancel regen- the 2018 model year, but the Ininiti side of the similarly revised version redesigned instrument
erative braking and it’s already receiving an house. It makes 248 of Nissan’s two-row panel features Porsche’s
simply coast for the overhaul. The version horsepower and 273 crossover to arrive with newest—and somewhat
inal few mph. we’ll see here won’t be pound-feet of torque. A updated styling inside convoluted—infotain-
The Nissan Leaf’s getting the drivetrain 188-hp 2.5-liter inline- and out. ment interface, like that
standard e-Pedal feature upgrades of the model four is standard. Hoping — found in the Panamera
changes that. With that can be had in Europe to woo Snowbelt deni- Minor trim changes: and Cayenne. The refresh
e-Pedal active and the (a new engine, battery, zens, Nissan is ofering Armada, Frontier, NV will start with the base
driver’s foot removed and electric-drive optional all-wheel Cargo/Passenger, Path- Macan and spread across
from both pedals, regen- system), just the same drive—a rarity in the inder, Rogue, Rogue the range to include the
erative braking slows revisions as the non- class—with the base Sport, Sentra, Titan/XD, S, GTS, and Turbo models
the Leaf at 0.20 g. As the hybrid Outlander. engine. All Altimas will Versa/Note by 2019’s end.
vehicle comes to a crawl — use CVTs. Certain trims Unchanged: GT-R, —
and the motor’s ability to Minor trim changes: also get a full load of NV200, 370Z Panamera: We fully
slow the car fades, the Mirage/G4, Outlander driver-assistance expect the details of the
Leaf’s friction brakes Sport systems. new Panamera GTS to
automatically blend in to — Porsche emerge in the coming
maintain the same rate Kicks: see irst test, — weeks, but until then,
of deceleration. E-Pedal Nissan page 092 Cayenne: Rounding out know that it is coming and
will hold the vehicle in — — the SUV’s range is the will be available by mid-
place on grades as steep Altima: Unlike some Leaf: Nissan already plug-in Cayenne E-Hybrid. 2019. As one would
as 30 percent once the carmakers, Nissan is not introduced the irst full It its a 335-hp turbo- expect of a Porsche with
vehicle stops, all without yet ready to give up on rework of its electric car, charged 3.0-liter V-6, a the GTS suix, the Pana-
the driver ever touching the sedan. It sells gobs the Leaf, for the 2018 sizable electric motor, mera GTS and long-roof
the brake pedal. of Altimas. And so, for model year. According to and a 14.1-kWh battery GTS Sport Turismo—does
2019, the company has the EPA, it gets 151 miles pack with only a small that make it a Gran
reworked its main- of range out of its 40.0- sacriice in cargo capac- Turismo Sport Sport
stream mid-size four- kWh battery. By year’s ity, down to 23 cubic feet Turismo?—will get chassis
Car and Driver door to do battle with end, we expect the Leaf from 27. Porsche says the tweaks for the corner-
SEP/2018 the recently redesigned to be available with an E-Hybrid will be quicker carving crowd. Porsche’s
Honda Accord and optional battery pack of the line than the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6
Toyota Camry. The stretching that beyond 434-hp Cayenne S. Elec- will go to work here, too,
082 Altima makeover comes 200 miles. tric motoring will not be with a small bump beyond
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 083

Porsche Cayenne

the Panamera 4S’s 440 thing else. An open roof

horsepower. will be the best way to
— hear the GT3’s 4.0-liter
718 Boxster/Cayman: to date. We expect 520
A late addition to the horses, give or take. A
2018 model year, the 718 hard tonneau cover will
GTS variants bundle most complete the look. This
of the available go-quick limited-edition model
bits into a package that will be the inal version better with the atmo- the standard 3.6-liter buyers, the truck is
includes a version of the S of the 991 generation sphere, an available of- V-6 and an extra 130 largely unchanged from
models’ turbo 2.5-liter before the forthcoming road package ups the pound-feet for the the 2018 model but will
lat-four sporting a 15-hp 992 911 arrives. And, Ram’s capability in the optional 5.7-liter Hemi only be available in lower-
bump for a total of 365. yes, it has a six-speed rough, and an optional V-8. The nonhybrid level trims and a law-
The price premium over manual. At the other 12.0-inch Uconnect Hemi remains available, enforcement spec. Ram
an S is less than $12,000, end of the special-911 touchscreen is a mondo and we also expect the hasn’t announced yet
which is actually a spectrum is the 911 canvas for smeared in- 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 when it will stop produc-
bargain—at least by Carrera T. Introduced as gerprints. Ram’s coil- to return to the lineup in tion of the old 1500.
Porsche standards. a late-2018 model, this spring rear suspension the 2019 calendar year. —
— no-nonsense perform- is still standard, with All engines continue to 2500/3500 HD: The
911: Let’s say you’re ance Porsche starts four-corner air springs pair with an eight-speed release of a new light-
that rare bird for whom with the base Carrera. as an option. Maximum automatic. Those duty pickup means that
none of the 20-some- A shorter inal drive for payload and towing holding out for the Ford similarly revised heavy-
odd versions of the manual-transmission capacity are up, to Raptor–ighting Ram duty versions are not far
rear-engined 911 is a cars, lighter side and 2300 and 12,750 1500 Rebel TRX will behind. Ram has yet to
perfect it. You’ll be rear glass, a sport sus- pounds, respectively. have to keep the release details of its new
relieved to hear that pension, and optional Along with optional RamTrucks.com page big rigs, which should
Porsche has more rear-wheel steering are adaptive cruise control, open for an unspeciied make their debut around
options for you. And the highlights. lane-departure warning, amount of time, but at the end of 2018, but
they’re all gonna ly. The and forward-collision least Ram actually plans expect them to feature
911 GT3 RS combines mitigation, the 1500’s to build it. many of the same interior
the track-ready GT2 RS Ram tech factor is bolstered — improvements as the new
chassis with a naturally — by a 48-volt hybrid 1500 Classic: Not to be 1500, as well as similar if
aspirated 520-hp 4.0- 1500: Released in system that combines a confused with the new tougher styling and
liter lat-six (up 20 on early 2018, the all-new lithium-ion battery and truck, the 2019 1500 increases beyond the
the GT3). At roughly 2019 Ram 1500 brings a a motor-generator in Classic is the previous- current HDs’ maximum
$190,000, the GT3 RS stifer frame, a host of place of the alternator, generation Ram 1500 payloads and towing
is about $100K less high-tech updates, and enabling stop-start with Classic fender capacities.
expensive than the GT2 a claimed curb weight capability and a brief badges to denote its —
RS. Plus, the GT3 RS, at up to 225 pounds but signiicant boost in emeritus status. Aimed Minor trim changes:
its 9000-rpm redline, lighter than the old engine torque: an addi- primarily at leet custom- ProMaster, ProMaster
makes the sweetest truck. New styling plays tional 90 pound-feet for ers and entry-level City
sounds this side of a
Cosworth DFV. For RAM 1500
another $18K, Porsche
will it the Weissach
package, which cuts
13.4 pounds thanks to
the carbon-iber roof,
anti-roll bars, steer-
ing-wheel trim, and

gearshift paddles.
Coming early next year
is the return of the 911
Speedster. Unlike the
997 Speedster, which
was based on the
Carrera GTS, this 991
variant is more a con-
vertible GT3 than any-

Penumbra Rumba
Wedging itself into an overcrowded segment, Mitsubishi’s
Eclipse Cross is yet another crossover for the masses. _by Greg Fink

Reality often falls short of expectations. On-screen heroes aV\[\S:Va`bOV`UVμ`ab_O\PUN_TV[TaNYR[a`N[QVaReUVOVa``\YVaaYR

become real-life villains, Tinder dates rarely look like YNTaUNaVaP\bYQ]N``S\_N[Nab_NYYfN`]V_NaRQZVYY.P\[aV[b\b`Yf
aURV_]_\¼YR]VP`N[QaUR%:Va`bOV`UV2PYV]`R0_\`s cN_VNOYR a_N[`ZV``V\[±aUR \[Yf \]aV\[±V` ab[RQ dRYY R[\bTU
V`N`PY\`RV[`]V_Vaa\aUR\_VTV[NY:Va`bOV`UV2PYV]`R`]\_a`P\b]R a\ORb[\Oa_b`VcR@VZbYNaRQ`UVSa`]_RcR[a]_\Y\[TRQ]R_V\Q`\S
as Green Eggs and Ham is to the Kama SutraAU\`RRe]RPaV[TN`bP- R[TV[RQ_\[RdUVYRRVTUa]_R`Ra_NaV\`N_RNcNVYNOYRNaaUR`YN]\S
PR``\_a\aUR^bVPXN[Q`]b[Xf¼_`a\_`RP\[QTR[2PYV]`RdVYYOR aUR`UVSaYRcR_\_V[aURa\]\SaURYV[R@29N]NV_\S]NQQYR`
`\_RYf QV`N]]\V[aRQ Of aUR 2PYV]`R 0_\`` dUVPU V` R``R[aVNYYf N @aVYYaUR2PYV]`R0_\``d\[μadV[N[f`a\]YVTUaQ_NT`<b_NYY
!!"aUR2PYV]`R0_\```Y\a`ORadRR[aUR<baYN[QR_@]\_aN[Q #Z]UN[Q# a\`P\\aS_\Z"a\$Z]U±"N[Q%`RP\[Q
AUR2PYV]`R0_\``]_V\_VaVgR`\[_\NQP\ZS\_a\cR__R`]\[`VcR Va`Z\`aQV_RPaP\Z]RaVa\_`'aUR7RR]0\Z-
UN[QYV[T@\Sa`]_V[T`N[QcNTbRP\[a_\Y`ZNXRVaZR``f\[adV`aV[T ]N``aUR;V``N[?\TbR@]\_aN[QaUR@bO- 2018 Mitsubishi
aN_ZNPN[QaURO\Qf_\YY`b[P\ZS\_aNOYfdVaUaUR`NdV[TdURRY N_b0_\``a_RX Eclipse Cross SE
aURNYYdURRYQ_VcR`f`aRZ±`aN[QN_Q\[NYY Fluid, b[QR_ aUR 2PYV]`R 0_\``μ` UNaPU AUNa engine, all-wheel-drive,
5-passenger, 4-door
ObaaURON`Ra_VZdUR_RVaμ`\]aV\[NY±dVYY responsive ZNaPUR`aUR?\TbR@]\_aObaSNYY``U\_a\S hatchback
b`RaUR_RN_NeYRμ`O_NXRON`RQa\_^bRcRP- engine; aUR0\Z]N``$PbOVPSRRaN[QaUR0E"  PRICE $28,310

toring to make the most of the limited grip tranquil back PbOVPSRRaAUR2PYV]`R0_\``V`N_TbNOYfN BASE PRICE: $27,715
$#TNß\_QRQOfaUR%V[PU/_VQTR`a\[R seat; priced ORaaR_a\\YS\_UNbYV[T]R\]YRaUN[aUV[T` ENGINE: turbocharged
and intercooled DOHC
Y\d_\YYV[T_R`V`aN[PR_bOOR_ right. N[Q Va` `aN[QN_Q #! `]YVaS\YQV[T _RN_ 16-valve inline-4,
Hiding behind the handsome face of Not a driving OR[PU`RNaV`N]YRN`N[a]YNPRa\dUVYRNdNf aluminum block and
head, port and direct fuel
NYY S\b_ 2PYV]`R 0_\`` a_VZ` V` N [Rd " partner, an the miles thanks to its sliding bottom, injection
91 cu in, 1499 cc
QV_RPaV[WRPaV\[R[TV[RV`N]\YV`URQ_R½RP- name only. AUR NPP\ZZ\QNaV\[` NY`\ OR[R¼a S_\Z N POWER:
Z\QR_[QN`UO\N_QQR`VT[dVaUN`aN[QN_Q 152 hp @ 5500 rpm
$V[PU a\bPU`P_RR[ ZbYaVZRQVN `f`aRZ 184 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm
5VTUR_a_VZ`\ßR_:Va`bOV`UVμ`YNaR`aV[S\- continuously variable
aNV[ZR[a `Rab] dUVPU V[PYbQR` .[Q_\VQ automatic with manual
.ba\N[Q.]]YR0N_=YNfP\Z]NaVOVYVafN`RP- shifting mode
\[Q B@/ ]\_a N[Q N 9Reb`YVXR a\bPU]NQ WHEELBASE: 105.1 in
P\[a_\YYR_\[aURPR[aR_P\[`\YR6aμ`V[abV- LENGTH: 173.4 in
WIDTH: 71.1 in
aVcRR[\bTUa\b`RN[Q_R`]\[Q`_RNQVYfa\ HEIGHT: 66.5 in
95 cu ft


23 cu ft
. `Z\\aU ]\dR_a_NV[ N[Q N `]NPV\b` CURB WEIGHT: 3496 lb
S\_ObfR_`\ScRUVPYR`YVXRaUV`AUR2PYV]`R C/D Test Results
0_\``WNZ`Va`RYSV[a\N`]NPRdRd\bYQ[μa ZERO 8.6 sec
TO 60 MPH:


Oba Va Q\R` `\ dVaU _RN`\[NOYR P\Z]R- 30.2 sec
aR[PR±RcR[ VS Va dVYY [RcR_ YVcR b] a\ aUR 46.3 sec
expectations set by its name. 5–60 MPH: 9.2 sec
16.7 sec @ 83 mph


Middle Men
Hy pa

118 mph (drag limited)

Ni Volk in 1 ubis 1.5 erok

un ss


a S son
M Nis Toy i Ou 169


GM .1

-5 Sub Eq

The Eclipse Cross


an swa 2.3 hi O

Ho e 1

i T 73. bar 173


178 ft

Ro ge

uc 0

nd 68.

and several similarly


gu n T
ish Ro C-H nde


aH 4






ar uin oyo da C

18 ua

sized competitors
cli e S

M ssa




SKIDPAD: 0.76 g





or x &


are part of






ish ks


u C .4

er ep 4 1 80.6

an emerging
po 71. ort



18 Ch

HWY: 25/25/26 mpg



yu ia S 1.3


Fo 175





segment that



C/D OBSERVED: 22 mpg











ills the gap


Ko l 16




na 3.0




between the largest



1 .1



subcompact cross-


overs and the smallest

compact ones. SEGMENT 1 SEGMENT 2 SEGMENT 3
160.0 LENGTH, IN 186.0

084 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
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purpose, including, without limitation, the marketing of products or services to such customers.

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Ultra High Performance Summer 50 sizes in 16"-20"

Developed for drivers of sports cars, modern muscle cars and performance
sedans who want responsive handling, high-speed cornering grip and trac-
tion in warm, dry or wet conditions. The tread pattern features StabiliTread Technology,
creating a wider footprint with even contact pressure to maxi-
mize grip and tire life. Wide, high-angle notches help resist
hydroplaning and provide confident grip in wet weather.


Ultra High Performance All-Season 55 sizes in 16"-22"

Developed for drivers of sports cars, coupes and sedans looking for all-season per-
formance prowess in the dry and wet. A silica-enhanced tread compound and wide,
circumferential grooves provide wet traction and hydroplaning resistance, while
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Large, stable shoulder blocks enhance lateral grip

through turns and a continuous center rib provides
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17 18

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O.Z. Alleggerita HLT O.Z. Alleggerita HLT O.Z. Hyper GT HLT O.Z. Hyper XT HLT O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT O.Z. Rally Racing Advanti DST Storm S1
16 17 18 16 17 18 17 18 19 20 22 19 20 17 18 19 15 16

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AVID Ascend GT
Grand Touring All-Season

Designed to deliver the quiet and luxurious ride expected

from a grand touring tire combined with responsive
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traction in wet and wintry conditions. Angled
grooves and wide, lateral notches help
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shoulders and inboard rib create biting edges
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ADVAN Neova® AD08R

Extreme Performance Summer

The high-grip tread compound utilizes a macromolecule polymer

blend for increased rigidity and resistance to wear, with extra-wide
unibloc shoulders to increase cornering stability
and steering response. Three large circumferential
grooves and HydroArc Channels in the shoulders
resist hydroplaning, and the addition of Micro Silica
enchances wet grip.

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Kicks in the Smalls

Here’s another one: Nissan’s Kicks subcompact crossover is exactly what
the world wants. Alas. _by John Pearley Huffman

Itsy-bitsy crossovers are the entry-

level rage. Arriving right after the
Ford EcoSport and Hyundai’s
Kona is the 2018 Nissan Kicks. It’s got Versa
in its genes, 125 horsepower under its hood,
and, when spec’d with the available two-
tone paint, a bit of Shamu in its aspect. Or
some Creamsicle.
All North America–market Kicks come
from a Nissan factory in Mexico, but this
twerp’s family tree is planted in Brazil,
where it’s been on sale since 2016. Nissan’s Heavy right and, in SV and SR models, a digital
studio there did the initial styling work, tech load in panel to the left that can display a tachom- 2018 Nissan
with Nissan Design America in San Diego a lightweight eter. Back-seat passengers won’t be stretch- Kicks SR
N``V`aV[T N[Q aUR ¼[NY `URR[ N]]YVRQ V[ package, a ing out much, but they won’t be gnawing on VEHICLE TYPE: front-
engine, front-wheel-
Japan. In the United States, the Kicks slots better CVT, aURV_X[RR`RVaUR_6aμ`N[R¦PVR[aPNOV[S\_ drive, 5-passenger,
into the gap left by the departed Juke, but keen pricing, four, with 25 cubic feet of cargo space 4-door hatchback
it’s not identical. totally adorbs behind the 60/40 split-second-row seat, but $23,025
At 169.1 inches long over a 103.1-inch styling. Vaμ`QR¼[VaRYf`VgRQS\_aURORTV[[V[TQ_Vc- BASE PRICE: $21,265
ENGINE: DOHC 16-valve
wheelbase, the Kicks is 6.7 inches longer Soft on ers and young families its price targets. inline-4, aluminum block
than the Juke, with an additional 3.5 inches power, no all- The base S trim starts at $18,965, with and head, port fuel
between the axles. And the Kicks lacks both wheel drive, the midrange SV at $20,665 and the SR line injection
the Juke’s available all-wheel drive and, a better CVT is topper at $21,265. Even the S includes a 98 cu in, 1598 cc
alas, its turbocharger. Where the Juke’s still a CVT. forward-collision-warning system with 125 hp @ 5800 rpm
turbo four made 188 horsepower, the automated emergency braking, along with TORQUE:
115 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
8VPX`μ` R[TV[R \ßR_` #  YR`` .a YRN`a Vaμ` YVTUaR_ \cR_NYY( Na ##  a 7.0-inch display screen at the top of the TRANSMISSION:
pounds, the Kicks SR tested here is 303 pounds lighter than a Juke center stack. Both the SV and SR get continuously variable
NISMO RS. The Kicks’s 1.6-liter mill produces 115 pound-feet of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with the DIMENSIONS
torque at 4000 rpm, and the only transmission is a continuously SR’s equipment including LED headlights WHEELBASE: 103.1 in
LENGTH: 169.1 in
variable automatic—a recipe for droning frustration. But Nissan’s and a spoiler for vitally needed aerody- WIDTH: 69.3 in
Xtronic CVT now has simulated shifts that aren’t crisp but also namic stability. The SR trim also boasts HEIGHT: 62.4 in
aren’t completely awful. That combined with the relatively low Nissan’s Intelligent Around View Monitor, 94 cu ft
curb weight results in a pleasantly not-quick thing that requires which uses multiple cameras to stitch CARGO VOLUME:
9.7 seconds to hit 60 mph. As in the Versa, there are struts up front, 25 cu ft
together a 360-degree view of what’s CURB WEIGHT: 2663 lb
a torsion-beam suspension in back, and reasonably brisk steering. around the car while it’s backing up. An
The upper trims’ 205/55R-17 tires aren’t aggressive, but they’re impressive Bose sound system is available C/D Test Results
quiet about their work. on the SR but, surprisingly, no trim level ZERO TO 60 MPH:
9.7 sec
The exterior is trendy, but the interior is more classically tai- \ßR_` N `b[_\\S @aVYY aUR 8VPX` _R½RPa` ZERO TO 100 MPH:
lored. Piano-black trim on the console and on the outboard vents what the world wants right now, and it’ll 36.6 sec
accents the so-called Gliding Wing dash (yes, Nissan actually probably sell by the skazillions. So what if 5–60 MPH: 10.9 sec
refers to it that way), under which is an analog speedometer to the the actual kicks it provides are meager? 1/4-MILE:
17.5 sec @ 80 mph
110 mph (drag limited)
190 ft
0.83 g*
HWY: 33/31/36 mpg

29 mpg

*Stability-control inhibited.

092 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018

We’ve got the

match for that.

O .E .MR.




With 60,000 original OEM

colors and over 300,000
custom mixed formulas,
THE WELL-DRESSED WRIST we always deliver the
Masculine, innovative, cultured and curated—elevate your look with the right perfect match.
combination of materials and styles from the Esquire Men’s Jewelry Collection.
TOP TO BOTTOM: Antique-Look Rounded Box-Link Bracelet in Gunmetal IP over
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Rolls-Royce Cullinan

182-hp naturally aspi-

rated 2.5-liter lat-four
and a CVT to drive all four
wheels. The ifth-gen
model rides on Subaru’s
Global Platform, shared
with the Ascent, Cross-
trek, and Impreza.
A wheelbase stretch
improves rear-seat room,
and there’s more cargo
space than before, too.
The List. Rolls-Royce decanter, and glass- Subaru —
ROLLS- ROYCE — ware. That option also — WRX STI: Much to
Cullinan: Much of the includes a bulkhead Ascent: see compari- the chagrin of buyers of
Rolls-Royce Phantom’s and glass partition to son test, page 096 the exclusive 2018 Type
stateliness derives from seal of the cargo — RA model, all STIs get
its upright posture, but area from the occu- Crosstrek: Subaru is many of that car’s
next to the new Cullinan pants. Prices start just giving this whole Cross- tweaks, including the
SUV, the sedan looks as under $330,000. trek-hybrid thing another stronger pistons, new
if it’s been chopped — go. This time, it’ll be of the intake, and high-low


and sectioned in a hot Unchanged: Dawn, plug-in variety, using a exhaust that bring ive
rodder’s garage. Tower- Ghost, Phantom, Wraith boxer four-cylinder extra horses to the
ing seven inches over combined with a Toyota- turbo 2.5-liter four, for a
the Phantom, the Culli- supplied hybrid drive- total of 310. In addition
nan struts into show- Smart train. Few additional to risible punctuation,
rooms and carpeted — details have emerged, the limited-edition
climate-controlled EQ Fortwo: Last year, but it’s hard to imagine Series.Gray model
Rollin’ Heavy garages around the this EV became the only that this hybrid won’t be brings gray-blue paint
Think an SUV is too world in early 2019. Smart available in the more impressive and and gloss-black wheels
gauche for Rolls-Royce? Built on the same plat- U.S. For 2019, the coupe advanced than the half- to both the WRX
Think again. Beginning form as the Phantom, and cabrio drop their baked efort from earlier and the STI, and the
in 1914, Rolls supplied the Cullinan likewise Electric Drive suixes and in the decade. Type RA’s Bilstein
120 Silver Ghost chassis uses the same twin- adopt the EQ moniker to — dampers to the latter.
to become armored turbo 6.7-liter V-12, here it in with Mercedes- Forester: The manual —
vehicles, complete with making 563 horse- Benz’s new electriied transmission is gone, and Minor trim changes:
a turret housing a power. ZF’s eight-speed subbrand. These tardi- so is the XT’s turbo- Impreza, Legacy,
Vickers machine gun. automatic routes grades are otherwise charger, leaving all rede- Outback, WRX
T.E. Lawrence used torque to all four unchanged. signed Foresters with a Unchanged: BRZ
several in his campaign wheels. Standard air
against the Ottoman springs allow for three
Turks in the Middle East. inches of ride-height
adjustability, enabling a
modicum of what the
company swears is of-
road capability. We were Subaru WRX STI
there when Rolls CEO
Torsten Müller-Ötvös
uttered the words
“dune bashing.” The
standard seating setup
accommodates ive.
Alternatively, buyers
may opt for a two-seat
Car and Driver second row, which both
SEP/2018 divides and fuels quar-
reling heirs with a DMZ
complete with a cham-
094 pagne fridge, whiskey



SIDE OF T-RexTape.com
THE STORY ©Shurtech Brands, LLC 2018/76520

The Car and Driver Road Patrol 1080P Full

HD Dash Cam—easy-to-install and featur-
ing the latest technology, it’s now easier
than ever to Protect Your Side of the Story.

C D C- 6 4 6 , $ 1 59.9 9




Comparo. Three-Row Crossovers


Price: $45,610 • Power: 250 hp Price: $45,670 • Power: 260 hp
Torque: 310 lb-ft • Weight: 4352 lb Torque: 277 lb-ft • Weight: 4583 lb
C/D observed: 19 mpg C/D observed: 17 mpg

096 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018

Price: $43,990 • Power: 257 hp To place Subaru’s new Ascent in the
Torque: 295 lb-ft • Weight: 4324 lb
C/D observed: 21 mpg three-row-crossover pecking order, we
take it to Canada. _by Jared Gall
_photography by Marc Urbano

It doesn’t matter if you’re a person or #U] ab_O\PUN_TRQ !YVaR_ ½NaS\b_ V` aUR \[Yf NcNVYNOYR
a corporate entity or even one of the dogs in its com- engine. This being Subaru, it routes its torque through a CVT to
mercials: Chances are, Subaru is riding a better all four wheels.
streak than you are. As this is written, it’s been out- Or maybe Subaru didn’t really jump into this market with two
doing itself in sales for 79 consecutive months. The SRRa:NfORVadN`Z\_RYVXR&SRRa6a_\b[Q`b]NPP\_QV[Ta\
last time most of us improved for more than six and @bON_b=?AUR\aUR_`VT[V¼PN[aYf[RdR[a_fa\aUV``RTZR[aaUR
a half straight years was before puberty. And now, redesigned-for-2018 Chevrolet Traverse, outdoes the Ascent
the brand is poised to ensure that streak continues with an extra 14 cubic feet of space for people and crap and 7.5
with its new three-row crossover, the Ascent. Z\_RV[PUR`\S\cR_NYYYR[TaU9VXR@bON_b0URcf\ßR_`Nab_O\-
Forget the weird-looking, half-sized Tribeca the charged four-cylinder, but these four are in a line and only avail-
company peddled here from 2005 to 2014; the able with front-wheel drive. Every all-wheel-drive Traverse is
Ascent is a full-commitment, full-size three-row SUV that jumps powered by a 3.6-liter V-6. Faced with the choice of engine parity
into the segment with both feet. At 196.8 inches long, 76.0 wide, and or powered-wheel parity, we tried to think like the segment’s
71.6 tall, it’s within inches of the segment’s best-selling Ford shoppers. When we regained consciousness somewhere around
Explorer. The Explorer, we’ll note, isn’t here because it lost a com- aUR ¼SaU V[[V[T \S N AONYY TNZR±P\cR_RQ V[ ARQQf 4_NUNZ`
parison test seven years ago and hasn’t changed much since. Neither crumbs, hands sticky from what we assume was a leaky juice box,
are many of this segment’s other heavyweights, because they, too, b[NOYRa\_RZRZOR_VSaUR`a\cRdN`\[±dR]N[VPXRQN[QPU\`R
UNcRY\`aP\Z]N_V`\[aR`a`Z\_R_RPR[aYfaUN[aURfμcRORR[`VT[V¼- aURS_\[aQ_VcRS\b_PfYV[QR_A_NcR_`R?@4\aaNPbaONPX\[aUR
PN[aYf_RS_R`URQ .[Q`\aUR.`PR[aSNPR`\ßNTNV[`aaUROR`a\SVa` SbRY`]R[Qa\S_RRb]`\ZRPN`US\_N`ZN_aU\ZR`f`aRZ6[NQQV-
competitors, and the other newest. tion to blacked-out exterior trim, the RS comes with 10-speaker
The Ascent begins at $32,970, but for this test, we procured a Bose sound, leather seats (heated up front), and somewhere
Touring model, which leaves the ordering mainframe so fully loaded, between 38 and 83 other trinkets you might care about that we
there are no factory options, only post-assembly bric-a-brac screwed don’t have the patience to list.
\_TYbRQV[]YNPRNSaR_aURbaR_\YY`\ßaURYV[RV[9NSNfRaaR6[QVN[N At the other end of the size spectrum is our reigning cham-
Adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, three-zone ]V\[V[aURaU_RR_\dP_\``\cR_`RTZR[aaUR:NgQN0E&6aμ`
automatic climate control, and an absurd 19 cupholders are standard smaller inside than most competitors, but it’s the one entry in
on all Ascents; the Touring adds keyless entry and ignition, brown this class that seems engineered for a driver. Exhibit A: Mazda’s
leather upholstery with contrast stitching, a two-row sunroof, 4CRPa\_V[T 0\[a_\Y N YVaaYR OVa \S ]\dR_a_NV[ ]_\T_NZZV[T
heated and ventilated front seats, and piles of other goodies. A that imperceptibly cuts torque from the turbo 2.5-liter inline-

098 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
four the moment the steering wheel turns. 2018 CHEVROLET 2018 MAZDA CX-9 2019 SUBARU
of ever so slightly shifting load forward for
^bVPXR_ `UN_]R_ ab_[V[ /bfR_` N_R[μa PRICE AS TESTED $43,990 $45,610 $45,670
BASE PRICE $43,595 $45,310 $45,670
LENGTH 204.3 in 199.4 in 196.8 in
aUR P\[¼QR[PR Va VZ]N_a` DVaU URNaRQ WIDTH 78.6 in 77.5 in 76.0 in
¼_`a N[Q `RP\[Q_\d `RNa` Nba\ZNaVP HEIGHT 70.7 in 69.0 in 71.6 in
WHEELBASE 120.9 in 115.3 in 113.8 in
dV[Q`UVRYQdV]R_`dVaUURNaRQ_R`a`N[QN FRONT TRACK 67.3 in 65.3 in 64.4 in
URNaRQ`aRR_V[TdURRY±]Yb`\aUR_YR``U\a REAR TRACK 67.0 in 65.2 in 64.2 in
`abß±\b_NYYdURRYQ_VcR0E&@VT[Nab_R INTERIOR VOLUME F: 61 cu ft M: 55 cu ft F: 55 cu ft M: 51 cu ft F: 60 cu ft M: 52 cu ft
R: 41 cu ft R: 30 cu ft R: 36 cu ft
aNYYVRQ!"# CARGO BEHIND F: 98 cu ft M: 58 cu ft F: 71 cu ft M: 38 cu ft F: 86 cu ft M: 47 cu ft
R: 23 cu ft R: 14 cu ft R: 18 cu ft
DR [\`RQ \b_ a_V\ [\_aU NY\[T 6$" TOWING
b[aVYdR_N[\ba\S:VPUVTN[aUR[P_\``RQ MAX 1500 lb 3500 lb 5000 lb
AS TESTED 0 lb 0 lb 0 lb
V[a\ <[aN_V\ ORPNb`R dR Y\cR Q\bTU[ba`
ENGINE turbocharged DOHC turbocharged DOHC turbocharged DOHC
dRS\b[Q5VTUdNf""#N_RZN_XNOYfdRYY 16-valve inline-4 16-valve inline-4 16-valve lat-4
ZNV[aNV[RQ "ZVYR `a_RaPU \S QV_a _\NQ 122 cu in (1998 cc) 152 cu in (2488 cc) 146 cu in (2387 cc)
POWER HP @ RPM 257 @ 5500 250 @ 5000 260 @ 5600
aUNaZVTUaReV`a`\YRYfa\V[QbYTRaUR_NYYf TORQUE LB-FT @ RPM 295 @ 3000 310 @ 2000 277 @ 2000
driver fantasies of goons in family haul REDLINE/FUEL CUTOFF 6500/7000 rpm 6300/6000 rpm 6000/5900 rpm
R_`FRNUdRX[\daUNaaU_\dV[T`VQRdNf` LB PER HP 16.8 17.4 17.6

roostertails of gravel into the woods is not DRIVELINE

TRANSMISSION 9-speed automatic 6-speed automatic CVT
ReNPaYf dUNa aUR`R cRUVPYR` N_R S\_ /ba DRIVEN WHEELS front all all
dRμcR ZNQR Va aUV` SN_ dVaU\ba ZbaaR_V[T GEAR RATIO:1/ 1 4.69/5.5/39 1 3.49/5.6/34 LOW: 3.23/6.0/35
MPH PER 1000 RPM/ 2 3.31/7.8/55 2 1.99/9.9/59 HIGH: 0.47/41.4/130
aUR:d\_QDRμ_RT\V[Ta\QR]Y\fVa[\d MAX MPH 3 3.01/8.5/60 3 1.45/13.5/81

6S f\b [RRQ aU_RR _\d` f\b _RNYYf `U\bYQ 4 2.45/10.5/74 4 1.00/19.6/118
5 1.92/13.4/94 5 0.71/27.7/132
Wb`a Obf N ZV[VcN[ /ba VS f\bμ_R T\V[T a\ 6 1.45/17.7/124 6 0.60/32.7/132

Q\`\ZRaUV[Tf\b`U\bYQ[μaQ\f\bQNZ[ 7 1.00/25.7/131
8 0.75/34.3/131
well better enjoy it. 9 0.62/41.4/120

FINAL-DRIVE RATIO:1 3.49 4.41 4.44

SUSPENSION F: struts, coil springs, F: struts, coil springs, F: struts, coil springs,
anti-roll bar anti-roll bar anti-roll bar
R: multilink, coil springs, R: multilink, coil springs, R: multilink, coil springs,
anti-roll bar anti-roll bar anti-roll bar
BRAKES F: 12.6-in vented disc F: 12.6-in vented disc F: 13.1-in vented disc
R: 12.4-in vented disc R: 12.8-in disc R: 13.0-in vented disc
STABILITY CONTROL partially defeatable, traction of partially defeatable
traction of
TIRES Continental Bridgestone Ecopia H/L Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S
CrossContact LX20 422 Plus 245/50R-20 102H M+S
255/55R-20 107H M+S P255/50R-20 104V M+S


0–30 MPH 2.5 sec 2.3 sec 2.8 sec
0–60 MPH 6.8 sec 7.0 sec 6.9 sec
0–100 MPH 18.0 sec 20.4 sec 19.0 sec
0–120 MPH 31.2 sec 37.0 sec 32.8 sec
1/4-MILE @ MPH 15.3 sec @ 93 15.5 sec @ 89 15.5 sec @ 92
ROLLING START, 5–60 MPH 7.3 sec 8.1 sec 7.6 sec
TOP GEAR, 30–50 MPH 3.4 sec 3.6 sec 3.9 sec
TOP GEAR, 50–70 MPH 4.8 sec 4.9 sec 4.9 sec
TOP SPEED 131 mph (gov ltd) 132 mph (gov ltd) 130 mph (gov ltd)

BRAKING, 70–0 MPH 174 ft 178 ft 176 ft
300-FT-DIA SKIDPAD 0.84 g 0.83 g* 0.80 g*
610-FT SLALOM 39.4 mph* 41.3 mph* 38.8 mph*

CURB 4324 lb 4352 lb 4583 lb
%FRONT/%REAR 57.3/42.7 55.3/44.7 54.3/45.7
CG HEIGHT 27.0 in 26.0 in 26.5 in

TANK 19.4 gal 19.5 gal 19.3 gal
RATING 93 octane 93 octane 87 octane
EPA COMBINED/CITY/HWY 22/20/26 mpg 23/20/26 mpg 22/20/26 mpg
C/D 1000-MILE TRIP 21 mpg 19 mpg 17 mpg

NO. OF 9- X 14- X 22-IN
BOXES, BEHIND F/M/R 38/19/6 25/11/2 33/17/5
LENGTH OF PIPE 145.3 in 134.0 in 142.8 in
LENGTH X WIDTH 84.0 x 48.0 in 80.0 x 40.0 in 83.0 x 46.0 in

IDLE 40 dBA 38 dBA 40 dBA
70-MPH CRUISE 68 dBA 66 dBA 67 dBA 099
tested by D A V I D B E A R D and E R I C T I N G W A L L in Chelsea, MI *Stability-control inhibited.
voluminous as the Mazda’s front. Accord-
ing to the numbers, the Traverse has only a
three-cubic-foot advantage over the Ascent
to the third row, only the Chevy could
accommodate three adults by the D-pillars
without any of them complaining. Mazda
in the wayback.
But it is frustrating that Chevy installs
er’s- and passenger’s-side second-row seats.
On the driver’s side, a lever collapses the
seatback onto the bottom cushion, leaving
third-row occupants to navigate around the
folded seat. In addition to that functional-
ity, the passenger’s-side captain’s chair has a
Chevrolet Traverse RS Ladies in diferent area codes may simply second lever that leans the seatback forward
be in rows one and three. If only the U.S.A.’s largest automaker and slides the whole thing toward the front.
could find some more money to spend on interiors. A pretty, big box This is the more convenient portal—and
for hauling people who aren’t fussy. the way both sides of the Subaru work. It’s
great that the second-row captain’s chairs
3. Chevrolet Traverse RS provide a walk-through space for small peo-
General Motors’ Chi-platform SUVs—the ple that obviates the need to fold the seats in
Traverse, Buick Enclave, Cadillac XT5, and many third-row-ingress situations, but it’s
GMC Acadia—sell quite well, especially hard to imagine any other company being
TVcR[ aUR `aVß V[U\b`R ]R\]YRUNbYV[T so tight as to not install that slide-forward
competition the Chevy and GMC face in mechanism on both sides. Fire more bean-
the Tahoe and Yukon. With the redesign counters, GM.
cycle that began with the 2017 Acadia, GM Online editor Andrew Wendler wrote of
violated not only one of the core principles the Traverse that it “feels trucky . . . a famil-
of business, but a maxim so accepted as a iar, comfortable vibe, like something
universal truth that some of our more naive involving water skis and grilling is gonna
`aNßR_` aU\bTUa Va dN` N P\[`aVabaV\[NY happen before the weekend is over.” He also
amendment: Don’t mess with success. GM compared it with an Astro van. It just drives
split its old Lambda-platform utes, shrink- big in this crowd. And the ride isn’t all that
ing the Acadia and letting the Traverse great: Over single bumps, the Traverse suf-
swell even larger. fers from more wheel judder than either of
And it is yuge inside. Its second row is as aUR \aUR_ ad\ cRUVPYR` <cR_ bTYVR_ `abß

Chevrolet went big, very big indeed with the Traverse. It delivers the most space for passengers and cargo,
in every coniguration, in this test. But a minivan’s space is still better and more easily accessible.

100 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
Just as we were thinking, “You know, the Ascent’s interior is comfortable, ergonomically sensible, well put
together, and calming,” its driver-assistance system would beep, then beep again, and again, and . . .

aURQVßR_R[PRV`Z\_R`aN_X5R_RN[QaUR_R dNf\S¼[QV[TV[aR_R`aV[T_\NQ`/baVSdR
\[""#dR_N[V[a\`a_RaPUR`\SZVYQdN`U- UNQa\V[cR[a`\ZR\aUR_Re]YN[NaV\[dRYY
`]RRQaUR0URcfμ`dU\YR`a_bPab_R`UbQ- 6[[\[R\SaUR`RcRUVPYR`P\bYQdRSbYYf
V[TS\_YN[QV[TAUR@bON_bμ`Q\\_`_NaaYRQ Q\d V[ dUVPU aUR .`PR[aμ` `f`aRZ d\bYQ
`YVTUaYf AUR :NgQNμ`, ;\a RcR[ N UV[a \S V[aR_cR[R dVaU `bOaYR O_NXR N]]YVPNaV\[`
[\V`R\_Z\cRZR[aF\bμQaUV[XaURfdR_R dVaU\ba`UbaaV[TaURSb[NYYaURdNfQ\d[
]V[TV[T\ßaUR0URcfμ`b[QR_PN__VNTRN[Q a\ UNcR _RNY Sb[ ]R[QbYbZV[T aUR @bOVR
dURRYdRYY`ORa_NfRQNYNPX\S`\b[QQRNQ- S_\Z ab_[ a\ ab_[ N` aUNa YVaaYR \_N[TR
AUR A_NcR_`Rμ` V[aR_V\_ a\\ SRRY` R_RQS_N[aVPNYYfDUR[]b`URQaUR@bON_b
aUR_Rμ`N[RQTRYb_XV[T`\ZRdUR_RV[UR_R Subaru Ascent Touring If you want to get dumb, it will indulge you
aUNa f\b P\bYQ Pba N ¼[TR_ \[ /\aU aUR more than most; generous seating space. The ungainly Forester
:NgQNN[QaUR@bON_b`U\dPYRN_RcVQR[PR does not get prettier when you make it bigger, the Traverse is roomier.
\S PN_R N[Q Re]R[QVab_R V[ aURV_ V[aR_V\_ You’d think Subaru had done this before. Well, done this successfully.
_VR` Oba aUR A_NcR_`R dN` \b_ [bZOR_`
NaV\[ N[Q O_NXV[T N[Q \[ aUR `XVQ]NQ
ObfR_` N` V[aR_V\_ c\YbZR N[Q VS `]NPR V`

2. Subaru Ascent Touring

A_baUSbYYf dR R[QRQ b] \[ 5VTUdNf ""#
ORPNb`R `RN_PUV[T 4\\TYR :N]` S\_ aUR
In the sort of use these vehicles are aURONPX_R`aYVXR`\ZR\[R`Ub¤V[TNY\[TN
FINAL RESULTS more likely to encounter, the Ascent is skyscraper ledge. Not exactly a comfortable
also satisfying. Its ride strikes a nice bal- way to pass the miles. Or wait for Batman.
ance of cush and control, and quick steer- We opined less warmly about Subaru’s
ing makes it feel responsive without aRPUObßRadUVPUV`\cR_XVYYa\N_VQVPbY\b`



being nervous. Our rally-fantasy antics degree. One example: In its default setting,


X- 9

so taxed the brakes that, at another stop, the adaptive-cruise-control system emits a




CE reviews editor Josh Jacquot pulled up the beep every time it detects a vehicle in front




anchor and puttered down the road for of it and again when it loses sight of each




a mile to cool what he described as “a one. Think about how that plays out on a


PNZ]¼_R³ aUNa UNQ R_b]aRQ S_\Z aUR crowded highway. Dig into those settings
RANK 1 2 3 right-front corner. Critically, the brakes and you can disable it, but that’s just dumb.
VEHICLE stayed strong and the pedal never went Should something beep every time a spark
DRIVER COMFORT 10 8 8 8 the slightest bit soft. plug does its job?
SECOND-ROW COMFORT 5 4 5 5 Our drivers agreed that the Subaru On the plus side, not only is there not a
SECOND-ROW SPACE* 5 4 4 5 had the best driving position, with excel- beep for every ignition event, there’s none
THIRD-ROW COMFORT 5 2 3 4 lent visibility all around, even to the rear.
THIRD-ROW SPACE* 5 1 3 5 of Subaru’s usual boxer-four coarseness,
CARGO SPACE* 5 1 3 5 Where the Mazda can feel cramped and RVaUR_ AUR 0CA ²`UVSa`³ aU_\bTU SNbe
FEATURES/AMENITIES* 10 6 10 4 the Chevy just big, the Subaru feels com- ratios, and while the act won’t fool anyone in
INTERIOR STYLING 10 9 9 6 pact without compact sightlines. And if the know, it does keep the gearless ’box from
REBATES/EXTRAS* 5 1 0 1 you keep your attention trained on the calling attention to itself. And the Ascent is
AS-TESTED PRICE* 20 19 19 20 interior, the Subaru also impresses with the only vehicle here with shift paddles.
SUBTOTAL 1 10 82 86 85
rich materials and smart design. The That counts for a point. Half, at least.
ACCELERATION* 20 19 19 20 tone brown, tan, and black interior was 1. Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD
FLEXIBILITY* 5 2 3 4 ]N_aVPbYN_Yf]YRN`V[TN[QRcR[aUR½\\_ Appreciating the Mazda CX-9 is as easy as
FUEL ECONOMY* 10 8 6 10
ENGINE NVH 10 9 8 8 mats were a pretty splash of color that, turning on the radio or adjusting the air
TRANSMISSION 10 9 6 7 with their earth-tone reed-look cabana conditioning. Every knob moves with cali-
SUBTOTAL 55 47 42 49
weave, should dutifully hide actual brated precision that imparts a feeling of
CHASSIS splashes and stains. Our opinions were quality. If inconsequential pieces like these
PERFORMANCE* 20 19 18 19
split on the driver’s seat, however. Two of OR[R¼aS_\ZaN[TVOYfaU\bTUaSbYR[TV[RR_-
BRAKE FEEL 10 8 8 8 our three jurors voted it the best, while ing, just imagine the care that went into the
HANDLING 10 9 9 6
RIDE 10 9 9 7 the third complained that the adjustable larger systems.
SUBTOTAL 60 54 51 47 thigh support left too little stationary Actually, you don’t have to imagine it—
EXPERIENCE cushion, forcing him to scooch against evidence of the Mazda’s engineering depth
FUN TO DRIVE 2 5 19 21 15

TOTAL 250 202 200 196

*These objective scores are calculated from the vehicles’
dimensions, capacities, rebates and extras, and/or test results.

102 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
Yes, the CX-9 wins another one. Yes, we know that it is one of the smallest SUVs in its class. And, yes, we
know some don’t think dynamics matter in three-row SUVs. However, we are not yet sick of all the winning.

NO\b[Q` AUR 0E&μ` R[TV[R aR`aV¼R` a\ `aN[Qb]OVaNO\baNV_]YN[R`²6aμ`NdU\YR

how the company empowers its engineers tiny world on the airplane . . . tiny table
to make smart decisions, and not just aUR_RaV[fP\Z]baR_RcR_f\[Rμ`V[aURYVaaYR
P\`aRßRPaVcR\[R`6aμ`b[V^bRNZ\[TZ\Q- cramped seat, tiny food, tiny utensils . . . ”
ern turbo fours for its extreme prioritiza- :NgQNμ`cR_`V\[V`aV[fQ\\_`NaV[f`RP\[Q
aV\[ \S Y\dR[Q a\_^bR dUVPU ORaaR_ row, cramped seats, and a tiny passageway
ZNaPUR` aUR R[TV[Rμ` \ba]ba Pb_cR a\ aUR to the tiny third row. The CX-9 is best
b`NTR ]NaaR_[` \S Z\`a P_\``\cR_ ObfR_` suited for families that are small, either in
AUR A_NcR_`R ORaaR_RQ aUR 0E& V[ \b_ stature or in head count.
\O`R_cRQ SbRY RP\[\Zf Oba aUNaμ` ]N_aYf @\dUNaμ`VaQ\V[TV[¼_`a]YNPR,6[aN[TV-
RcR_\[\b__NYYf_b[``\dRQVQ[μa]b`UVa NSNZVYfcRUVPYRf\b`Nf,/baVSNYYaUNaZNa-
The CX-9 didn’t allow as much play as the tered were practicality, these would all be
Ascent did before stability control inter- ZV[VcN[` AUNa aURf N_R [\a `Nf` ObfR_`
cR[RQ Oba dR `aVYY ¼Tb_RQ \ba U\d a\ pick and choose their priorities. So do we.
long as we held a steering input, it would ment. We choose the Mazda.
allow mild rotation to continue. With that
in mind, we took some pretty weird lines Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD The build quality and polish of a luxury
through corners, turning in later and let- vehicle, (some of) the spirit of the Miata. The gymnastics of logic
ting excess rotation compensate, using required to proclaim the smallest family hauler the best one. The
mild throttle inputs to tweak our heading. smallest family hauler is the best one. Deal with it.
But the moment we countersteered, the
portcullis came crashing down and the fun
stopped immediately.
in part because of G-Vectoring Control’s
competent limit handling is a safety fea-
ab_R @Nf f\bμcR T\a aUR XVQ` N[Q NYY f\b_
worldly belongings loaded up, and you’re
apocalyptic swarm of super tornadoes. The
CX-9 will get your family farther from the
aU_RNa 6aμYY NY`\ Z\_R P\Z]RaR[aYf Nc\VQ
your neighbors’ cat, for which they’ll thank
you, or a deer, for which you’ll thank you.
Of course, the Mazda’s big downside is
that, once you reach safety, you’ll be start-
`abßV[`VQR6a_RZV[Q`b`\SaUNa@RV[SRYQ 103
New Cars, for 2019

Tesla Model 3 Volkswagen Arteon

The List. Tesla backed by an eight- is standard, and Toyota tease. Firm details remain
TESL A VOLVO — speed automatic and a will ofer multiple all- few and far between, but
Model 3: Tesla began hybrid system that uses wheel-drive systems. we know that the rear-
building its compact- a 2.5-liter inline-four Nonhybrid all-wheel- drive Supra was engi-
sedan EV in July 2017, but and a two-motor CVT drive-equipped Limited neered alongside the
it took nearly a year to transaxle for a com- and Adventure trims get BMW Z4—primarily by
ramp up production. bined 215 horsepower. brake-based-torque- the Germans—and will
During that time, the only The hybrid powertrain vectoring and rear-axle- share much with the new
Model 3s reaching cus- is available on all but disconnect systems. Bimmer roadster. Beyond
tomers were rear-drive the top Touring trim Hybrid four-wheelers size and proportions, the
Anticipation cars with long-range 80.5- and is good for up to an use a more powerful two should look quite dif-
Fatigue kWh batteries (good for EPA-rated 44 mpg electriied rear axle. ferent. The Supra will
“We enjoy the 310 miles) and $50,000 combined. Gas-powered models go launch as a coupe with a
excruciating, starting prices. Tesla — on sale at the end of the nose-cone front end; the
slow-burn added all-wheel drive to Corolla: see irst year. The hybrids follow BMW will be a roadster
titillation of a the order sheet in mid- drive of the Corolla in the spring. with a pair of superwide
prolonged 2018, carrying a $4000 hatchback, page 108 — nostrils up front. In
reveal as much premium and a Dual — Sienna: Previously avail- keeping with Supra tradi-
as the next Motor badge—underlined Prius: Toyota has able on LE, XLE, and tion, the new one will be
weirdo, but the for maximum neighbor clammed up on details, Limited trims, all-wheel powered by an inline-six
Toyota Supra shaming. The ultimate but expect a mid-cycle drive can now be had on to start. Sorry, Supra
has crossed Model 3 is the Perform- refresh later in the model the mid-level SE model. purists; a four-cylinder
into that ance model, which does year. The base L trim remains option is likely and both
annoying zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 — front-drive only. Amazon engines come from BMW.
realm where seconds, according to RAV4: Toyota’s Alexa and Apple CarPlay We know an eight-speed
it’s beginning Tesla, and adds another best-selling model gets interfaces are now stand- automatic will be ofered.
to feel as if the $11,000 to the price tag. a full ifth-generation ard across Toyota’s The availability of a
actual car The standard-battery makeover. The pseudo minivan lineup. manual, however, is no
can’t possibly cars with a 220-mile of-roader now has a — sure thing. Expect to get
be good range, the ones that cost longer wheelbase, wider Supra: We enjoy the your irst full peek at the
enough to just $36,000, are still stance, stifer struc- excruciating, slow-burn new Supra early next
justify the part of Tesla’s plan. Just ture, and more than a titillation of a prolonged year, with sales likely
tease.” don’t expect them until half-inch of additional reveal as much as the beginning in the spring.
the irst quarter of 2019, ground clearance. Two next weirdo, but the —
right when the feds start powertrains will be Toyota Supra has crossed Yaris: The model for-
phasing out the tax credit ofered: a 2.5-liter into that annoying realm merly known as the Yaris
for buying one, as Tesla inline-four and the same where it’s beginning to iA, which was a sedan, is
has now passed the engine combined with feel as if the actual car now the Yaris sedan.
200,000-cumulative- electric hybrid hard- can’t possibly be good With the new name come
EV-sales trigger. ware. Front-wheel drive enough to justify the minor trim changes.

Minor trim changes:
Model S, Model X
Toyota RAV4


Avalon: As with
previous versions, the
ifth-generation Avalon
sedan is a stretched-
out, more luxurious
Camry. And like the
Camry, the Avalon now
Car and Driver comes with oddly
SEP/2018 aggressive exterior
styling. There are two
powertrain options: a
104 301-hp 3.5-liter V-6
Toyota Avalon

Hatchback models Notable here is VW’s and ofer turbocharged

receive pedestrian-spot- tickets. Even the hatch- Digital Cockpit, which, on is, of course, standard. conventional and hybrid
ting automated emer- back styling and optional upper trims, replaces an While the regular S60 powertrains. An EV
gency braking. all-wheel-drive system analog instrument cluster continues to serve version is a distinct
— that make it functionally with a 10.3-inch display. sybarites looking for possibility.
86: The 86 gets a sprin- crossover-ish won’t Borrowing the Golf’s MQB cushy Euro premiumness —
kling of performance attract showgoers eager platform gives the Jetta a oblique to the German V60: see irst drive,
goodies for 2019. Nope, for a more commanding sound chassis, although mainstream, enthusiasts page 110
no turbocharger. Instead, view ahead and theater- the carryover turbo- get the gracelessly —
the Special Edition like rear seating. charged 1.4-liter inline- named S60 T8 Polestar V60 Cross Country: Of
receives an adjustable — four aspires to nothing Engineered. That one course they’re going to do
rear wing, stifer springs Golf: The turbocharged more than frugality. At packs a T8 powertrain this. Expect it by next
and dampers, and 18-inch 1.4-liter inline-four from least VW lets you have a juiced to 415 horsepower, spring and for it to once
wheels wrapped in grip- the Jetta takes over for six-speed manual instead as well as adjustable again be a lifted and clad
pier Michelin summer the 2018 model’s 1.8-liter, of the eight-speed auto- Öhlins dampers, six- version of the regular
rubber. A TRD perform- dropping horsepower matic, but only in the piston Brembo front V60 wagon.
ance-exhaust system from 170 to 147 and $19,440 base model. brakes, and a strut-tower —
ampliies the engine note. maximum available — brace yanked from the XC40: This stylish,
And Brembo brake cali- torque from 199 to 184 Minor trim changes: Polestar 1 coupe. It’ll be reined, and charming
pers are itted to eighty- pound-feet. It bolts to Atlas, Beetle, Passat, available exclusively via mini-ute went on sale
six the 86’s momentum. either a six-speed manual Tiguan the 24-month Care by earlier this year as a 2019
— or an eight-speed auto. Unchanged: e-Golf, Golf R Volvo subscription model. Power comes
Minor trim changes: — Dead: Tiguan Limited service; the monthly pay- from a turbocharged
C-HR, Highlander, Mirai, Golf Alltrack/Sport- ments cover 15,000 inline-four in 187-hp T4
Prius C, Tacoma, Tundra, Wagen: Front-drive annual miles, insurance, and punchy 248-hp T5
4Runner wagons get the same new Volvo and maintenance, and strengths; front drive is
Unchanged: Camry, engine and transmissions — you can swap cars after a the only option with the
Land Cruiser, Prius Prime, as hatchbacks, but all- S60: After eight years, an year. It is limited to just former while all-wheel
Sequoia wheel-drive models keep all-new S60 mid-size 20 examples in the U.S. drive is standard with the
Dead: Prius V the 1.8-liter four with sedan inally arrives. for the 2019 model year, latter. The XC40 isn’t the
23 extra horses. Bonus: Spun from the company’s although greater quanti- sportiest thing, but it
The top Alltrack SEL trim Scalable Product Archi- ties may be available for handles capably and is
Volkswagen now ofers a manual tecture, it’s being assem- 2020. There will also be a one of our favorite small
— transmission. bled at a freshly con- Polestar Engineered V60 luxury crossovers.
Arteon: In our Broadway — structed South Carolina wagon eventually. —
musical adaptation of Golf GTI: VW plays the factory that will eventu- — XC60: The base T5 is now
Dieselgate, the new mid- nostalgia card with a ally also produce copies V40: A new V40 small available with front-wheel
size Arteon is not throw- special Rabbit Edition of the XC90 SUV. The wagon is happening soon drive, and lots more stuf
ing away its shot. It uses GTI, an appearance starter S60 is the T5, with and is likely coming to gets baked in from the
its chiseled good looks, package that will be a 250-hp turbocharged America—the prior-gen- start, especially in the
low stance, and plucky *cough* limited to 3000 inline-four and front- eration long-roof never R-Design and Inscription
turbo 2.0-liter inline-four examples *cough*. All wheel drive; the lineup crossed the Atlantic— trims. Those both now
to remind the American GTIs get a 10-hp infusion, then moves through T6 even though Volvo won’t have upgraded audio,
public what’s great about bringing the total to 230. (super- and turbocharged yet conirm when it will go power-folding second-
cars, thus redeeming its Our esteem grows in inline-four, all-wheel on sale or even that it row seats, proximity
disgraced brand. But in similar proportion. drive, 316 horsepower) exists. Both it and a start, a power liftgate,
the real world, this pricey — and T8 (super- and turbo- potential S40 sedan and automatic parking
four-door coupe will be a Jetta: Redesigned to charged plug-in hybrid, sibling will use the functionality.
hard sell, just as the CC it resemble a mini Passat, all-wheel drive, 400 Compact Modular Archi- —
replaces was. A 268-hp the Jetta ofers an equip- horsepower) versions. tecture found under the Minor trim changes:
engine and an eight- ment list worthy of its Base prices range from XC40 small SUV, feature S90, V90/Cross Country,
speed automatic won’t bigger sedan sibling. $36,795 to $55,395, and front- and all-wheel drive, XC90

Warm Hatch
Toyota’s new Corolla hatchback is a usable, versatile everyday car.
And that’s saying something. _by John Pearley Huffman

The Toyota Corolla hatchback—

which replaces the iM model for
2019—is not luxurious, and it
isn’t really sporty, but it’s pretty good-look-
ing despite its big, toothy grille. It’s a front-
wheel-drive hatchback in the same vein as
the Volkswagen Golf. Is our tender world
still interested in a hatchback that isn’t pre-
tending to be a crossover ute or a GTI clone?
Give Toyota points for honesty.
Behind the grin is the TNGA platform
that underpins much of Toyota’s car lineup.
6aμ`N½ReVOYRN_PUVaRPab_RaUNaμ``a_VPaYfP\[cR[aV\[NY'@a_ba`U\YQ cNYcRaVZV[TN[QA\f\aNμ`1!@SbRY`f`aRZ
up the nose and a multilink suspension 2019 Toyota that combines both port and direct fuel
Unpreten- supports the tail. The 103.9-inch wheel- Corolla V[WRPaV\[1R`]VaRVa`UVTU 'P\Z]_R`-
tious yet base is a tenth of an inch longer than a hatchback sion ratio, it will run on regular 87-octane
good-looking, Volkswagen Golf’s, with the 169.9-inch VEHICLE TYPE: front- pig swill. While 168 is 21 horses better than
engine, front-wheel-
rev-matching overall length stretching 2.3 inches beyond drive, 5-passenger, the 147-hp turbocharged 1.4-liter in the
manual the VW. The Corolla sedan, though, enjoys 4-door hatchback 2019 VW Golf, the VW engine has a thick
BASE PRICE: $20,910
transmission, a big advantage in rear legroom over this ENGINE: DOHC 16-valve
advantage in torque production. The
not a cross- two-box version—so if you’re an Uber inline-4, aluminum block Corolla hatch’s four peaks at 151 pound-
and head, port and direct
over. driver, shop accordingly. fuel injection feet at a zingy 4800 rpm while the Golf’s
Wait-for-it The Dynamic Force 2.0-liter inline-four DISPLACEMENT: turbo generates 184 pound-feet at 1400
121 cu in, 1987 cc
torque delivery, is rated at 168 horsepower, which is neither POWER:
rpm. Both manual and automatic gear-
smallish back that dynamic nor terribly forceful. It’s a 168 hp @ 6600 rpm boxes are available. The manual is a
seat. dual-cam, 16-valve engine with variable 151 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm sweet-shifting six-speed with an automat-
TRANSMISSIONS: ic-rev-matching feature like serious sports
6-speed manual,
continuously variable cars have. Out of place as it may seem, the
automatic with 1 ixed rev matching works well. There’s also an
ratio and manual shifting
mode all-new CVT [see “Fix It”], which works
DIMENSIONS seamlessly and with vastly more linear
WHEELBASE: 103.9 in
LENGTH: 169.9 in
initial pedal response.
WIDTH: 69.9 in 6[`VQR RcR[ aUR ON`R @2 a_VZμ` S_\[a
HEIGHT: 57.1 in
seats are well shaped and adjustable six
84 cu ft dNf` AUR E@2μ` YRNaUR_ N[Q SNO_VP S_\[a
18 cu ft seats are heated, and the driver’s seat has
CURB WEIGHT: 3100 lb eight-way power adjustments. The rear
seat in both is a 60/40 split-folding job. The
ZERO TO 60 MPH: ZNW\_ V[`a_bZR[aNaV\[ V[ aUR E@2 V` N
8.3–8.7 sec
7.0-inch digital screen bracketed by a
26.5–26.9 sec tachometer and fuel and temperature
1/4-MILE: 16.3–16.7 sec
TOP SPEED: 115 mph
FUEL ECONOMY 4.2-inch screen to the right of the speedo.
HWY: 31–36/28–32/
Both models get an 8.0-inch touchscreen
atop the dash center stack, and Apple Car-
ard. Android Auto is a no-show.
Fix It Toyota is getting the hang of electric
Toyota is facing down the biggest criticism leveled against power steering, and the Corolla hatchback’s
the ever-slurring CVT: the disconnect between engine speed `R[`VaVcR`f`aRZ_R½RPa`aUNaAUV`V`NP\Z-
and road speed during acceleration. The Corolla hatchback posed small car that rides well, communi-
is the irst application of its Dynamic Shift-CVT, which uses a cates accurately with the driver through its
ixed-ratio launch gear to get the car moving and then leather-covered steering wheel, and is just
transitions drive torque to the belt and pulleys for CVT powerful enough to be entertaining. It’s
action. Its wider ratio spread, smaller and lighter pulleys, NY`\ Nß\_QNOYR AUR @2 ZN[bNY `aN_a` Na
and narrower belt angle all contribute to a claimed 6 percent & N[Q N[ E@2 dVaU aUR 0CA
improvement in fuel eiciency over the outgoing CVT. demands $25,010. Take that, world.

108 SEP/2018
Laser Measured

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Volvo stretches its long-roof lineup with the V60. _by Jeff Sabatini

The V60, Volvo’s newest station Not-So-Spartan Tartan

wagon, is in most ways a more Volvo will ofer the V60 with its City
]RaVaRN[QU\]RSbYYfZ\_RNß\_Q- Weave interior, a no-cost option
able V90. Inside, it has all the studied glitz providing cloth inserts for the seats
of its larger sibling: the 9.3-inch portrait- and doors. It is charming and upscale
oriented touchscreen, the stitching on the in the same way the Volkswagen GTI’s
dash and doors, the gorgeous wood trim Clark plaid seats are. It may look a bit
with metallic accents, and the ignition like couch upholstery, but it’s still a
switch in the center console with a knurled refreshing point of diference from all
drive-mode selector beside it. Even Bowers the leathers, fake leathers, and down-
& Wilkins’s trademark yellow speaker right cheap polyester seat materials
cones peer forth from behind similar semi- currently on the market. Other car-
gloss metal grilles. makers should take notice.
Gothenburg’s designers gave the new
wagon its sleek look by lowering its ride All the gives up nearly seven inches to the V90, and
height and shortening its front overhang style and this cuts into the size of its luggage hold. 2019 Volvo
compared with the outgoing V60. The new luxury of its But more-vertical rear glass maximizes V60
one is larger yet appears less bloated. At bigger sibling, PN_T\`]NPR`\aURC#PN[\ßR_&PbOVP VEHICLE TYPE:
front-engine, front-
187.4 inches in length, it is 4.9 inches longer, efficient and feet against the V90’s 34. or all-wheel-drive,
with a 3.8-inch wheelbase stretch, and it sits generous Both wagons sit on Volvo’s Scalable 5-passenger, 4-door
2.0 inches lower. A prominent character cargo space. Product Architecture and share the corpo- BASE PRICE:
YV[RaU_\bTUVa`_RN_SR[QR_`URY]`QVßR_R[- Fades rate powertrain options. So the T6 uses $42,000 (est)
ENGINES: turbo-
tiate the new V60 from the V90 and gives when pushed, both a supercharger and a turbocharger to charged and inter-
the car an athletic stance that was missing twin-charged make 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet cooled DOHC 16-valve
2.0-liter inline-4, 250
from the stubby old model. The V60 still howl. of torque from its transversely mounted hp, 258 lb-ft; super-
2.0-liter inline-four. Mated to an eight- charged, turbocharged,
and intercooled
`]RRQ Nba\ZNaVP Va dVYY OR \ßR_RQ RePYb- DOHC 16-valve 2.0-liter
sively with all-wheel drive. The T5 drops inline-4, 316 hp,
295 lb-ft
the supercharger; its 250 horses and 258 TRANSMISSION:
pound-feet will drive the front wheels only. 8-speed automatic with
We estimate the V60 will hit 60 mph in 5.3 manual shifting mode
seconds with the T6 engine, 0.3 second WHEELBASE: 113.1 in
LENGTH: 187.4 in
quicker than the V90. Although we found WIDTH: 72.8 in
the V60’s cabin to be better insulated from HEIGHT: 56.4 in
the unpleasant wail of the twin-charged 95 cu ft
engine, its mill still feels overtaxed. CARGO VOLUME:
Like the V90, the V60 uses control arms 29 cu ft
in front and a multilink suspension in the 4000–4150 lb
rear. The larger car’s air springs are not (C/D EST)
5.3–6.2 sec
lent body control. A surprising amount of 14.1–15.0 sec
_\NQ SRRY ¼YaR_` b] aU_\bTU aUR `aRR_V[T 13.9–14.8 sec
wheel, and at moderate speeds, it seems TOP SPEED:
140–155 mph
rate sports sedan. But this impression van- EPA COMBINED/
CITY/HWY: 25–28/
ishes just as quickly as the front tires’ grip 21–24/31–36 mpg
when the car is pushed.
The V60 doesn’t go on sale until early
2019, so you have plenty of time to save your
kronor. Volvo is being tight-lipped about
¼[NY ]_VPV[T N[Q aUR b`bNY ]_\a\P\Y±
adding just a grand or two to the current
Z\QRYμ`  &!" `aN_aV[T ]_VPR±ZNf [\a
apply in this case. The outgoing V60 comes
order of magnitude nicer.

110 New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for 2019 Car and Driver SEP/2018
Group, and I didn’t have the top job somebody from the past, it would
What I’d Do Diferently and I’ll admit I was quite ambitious. be Julius Caesar, provided it wasn’t
Ford was a huge organization and I the day he got assassinated.
Gerry McGovern, 62 wanted to take Lincoln back to If you hadn’t been a designer,
what it had been in its heyday, what would you have done?
Land Rover’s design boss tells us about something that was truly out there Something creative. Architec-
his fascination with ancient Rome, his and inspirational. ture has always fascinated me—
So what went wrong? the built environment as opposed
battles with engineers, and the future for We were ighting a system. We to the natural environment. For
the brand beyond SUVs. created all these concepts and got me, design was always a vocation. I
interview by M I K E D U F F
great accolades for them, but was working class and had the
turning them into production desire to make money, but that
reality against what was the Ford wasn’t the most important bit. It
system was a huge task . . . I don’t was the creativity that inspired me
want to disrespect Ford. They gave and still does. I’m at the point
me a great opportunity, and there where I don’t really need to work
were lots of great people there. But anymore, but there’s still a big
what was difficult was the whole job to do here. As long as I stay it,
decision-making process—com- I’m going to irritate them for as
mittees, boards, subcommittees. long as I can.
You found your way back to What would you change if
Land Rover in 2004, becoming you could?
head of design in 2006. How I suppose if I look back, I’ve
much do you think your depart- been quite forceful. Maybe I’d have
ment has contributed to the been a bit nicer to people along the
brand’s expansion? way. I can be single-minded, but
Land Rover was a bit of a you’ve got to be able to give the
sleeping giant. I believe very knocks as well as take them. In this
strongly that although capability is industry, everyone has a view
at the core of everything we do, it’s about design. Once you’ve got a
not the only thing. In the past, model in the studio, everyone will
we’ve talked about it so much, it’s pop up with an opinion, from the
alienated our potential for growth. managing director downward. Of
Ultimately, we have to create truly course, you don’t see them around
desirable products, and you’ll when there’s a blank sheet of paper
know that again when the new or a lump of unformed clay.
Defender comes—I didn’t even
need to be asked about that, did I?
That car will be incredibly capable CUSTOMER SERVICE
but also incredibly desirable. When Visit service.caranddriver.com or write to
Customer Service Department, Car and Driver,
we launched the Evoque, we had P.O. Box 37870, Boone, IA 50037 for inquiries,
requests, changes of mailing and email
C/D: You started at Chrysler in that for because they would have people saying, “You’re ruining the addresses, subscription orders, payments, etc.
the U.K. and got to spend time in laughed at us. The problem was brand!” At the end of the day, I’m a CAR AND DRIVER® (ISSN 0008-6002), VOL. 64,
NO. 3, September 2018, is published monthly,
Detroit in the ’70s. How was that that it had a hydraulic suspension. commercial designer and I’m 12 times per year, by Hearst Communications, Inc.,
300 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
for a working-class English kid? On a sports car, the wheel-to-body trying to make the business Steven R. Swartz, President & Chief Executive Officer;
William R. Hearst III, Chairman; Frank A. Bennack,
GM: It was a strange experience. relationship is critical. The wheel successful. Jr., Executive Vice Chairman; Catherine A. Bostron,
Secretary. Hearst Magazines Division: David Carey,
It was the summer of 1978, and arch should cup the wheel. The Ever get bored with designing President; John A. Rohan, Jr., Senior Vice President,
Finance. © 2018 by Hearst Communications, Inc.
Detroit is nice in the summer. You chief engineer said there would be only SUVs? All rights reserved. Trademarks: Car and Driver is a
registered trademark of Hearst Communications,
couldn’t help but be in awe of the a little bit of variance in ride height I think we need to be lexible. Inc. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY, and
additional mailing offices. Canada Post International
Publications mail product (Canadian distribution)
scale of the place, and the design- because of the suspension, but There are certain things I could sales agreement no. 40012499. Editorial and
Advertising Offices: 1585 Eisenhower Place, Ann
ers there were brilliant illustrators, when the irst cars came out, they show you that would make your Arbor, MI 48108. SUBSCRIPTION PRICES United
States and possessions: $13.00 for one year;
true artists, at a much higher level looked like 4x4s. I’d measure them, eyes fall out at what Range Rover Canada, add $10.00; all other countries, add $24.00.
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Car and Driver will, upon
than we had in the U.K. It was like and there would sometimes be a could be. If Bentley and all the rest receipt of a complete subscription order, undertake
fulillment of that order so as to provide the irst
being in a future world for me. six-inch gap; they looked hideous. I can do SUVs, why can’t Range copy for delivery by the Postal Service or alternate
carrier within 4–6 weeks. MAILING LISTS From
Then, when I went back 20 years think that’s where my mistrust of Rover do a car? time to time, we make our subscriber list available
to companies who sell goods and services by mail
later, to Lincoln, it felt like it had engineers started! On a tangent, is it true you’re that we believe would interest our readers. If you
would rather not receive such ofers by postal mail,
stepped back, not forward. Why did you take the Lincoln- fascinated by ancient Rome? please send your current mailing label or an exact
copy to Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 37870,
After Chrysler, your move Mercury job in 1999? Yes, because I believe in Boone, IA 50037. You can also visit preferences.
hearstmags.com to manage your preferences and
opt out of receiving marketing ofers by e-mail. Car
to the Austin Rover Group in Because they paid me a load of reincarnation. I think that I was a and Driver assumes no responsibility for unsolicited
material. None will be returned unless accompanied
the U.K. must have been a money! No, to be serious, because legionnaire in a past life. I can by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Permissions:
Material in this publication may not be reproduced
big change. I wanted to get international remember being three or four and in any form without permission. Back Issues: Back
issues are available for purchase in digital format only
The irst car I did was the MGF, experience, get out of my comfort seeing a picture of a Roman soldier from your app store of choice. POSTMASTER Send
all UAA to CFS. (See DMM 507.1.5.2); NON-POSTAL
which was done for peanuts. We zone. I was already running Land and instantly gravitating toward it. AND MILITARY FACILITIES Send address corrections
to Car and Driver, P.O. Box 37870, Boone, IA 50037.
never told the press what we did Rover, but it was part of the Rover If I could come back for one day as Printed in the U.S.A.

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The 2018 Nissan Rogue®

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