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Kateogori A-2.3.

Mengkaji hubungan antara jisim plastisin dengan inersia

Diagram 1 1 shows a fisherman starting his fishing journey in the morning. Diagram 2
shows the fisherman returned with a boat loaded with fish. On his return journey, he
found that it is more difficult to stop the boat.

Diagram 1 Diagram 2

You are required to conduct an experiment to study the relationship between mass and
the period of oscillation. Then you are required to prepare the report of experiment
which has :

(a) one suitable inference.

(b) one hypothesis that could be investigated.

(c) The aim of the experiment.

(d) The variables in the experiment.:

Manipulated variable:
Responding variable:
Constant variable:

(e) apparatus and materials.

(f) The arrangement of the apparatus.

(g) Procedure.

(h) The result of experiment.

(i) Analyse and interpret the data.

(j) Conclusion

(k) Precaution

Answer Scheme

Inference: The inertia depends on mass of object

Hypothesis: When the mass of an object increases, its inertia also increases.√
Aim: To study the relationship between mass and inertia. √
Manipulated variable: Mass of plasticine√
Responding variable: Period of oscillation√
Constant variable: length of the Hacksaw/amplitude of oscillation/stiffness of Hacksaw blade√
List of apparatus and material:
Hacksaw blade, G-clamp, stopwatch and plasticine√
Arrangement of apparatus and material: √

1. Place a lump of plasticine (sphere-shaped) with a mass of 30g at the free end of the Hacksaw
blade. √
2. Displace the Hacksaw blade slightly and release it so that it oscillates horizontally.
3. Determine and record the time taken for 10 complete oscillation, t seconds. √
4. Calculate period of oscillation, seconds.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 of the experiment with mass of 40g, 50g, 60g and 70g. √

Result: √√
Time for 10 oscillation,t/s
Mass/g t1 t2 tmin T=t/10s

label paksi
skala seragam
pindahkan semua titik dengan betul
mendapatkan kecerunan graf

Conclusion: √
Precaution: The position of eye must be perpendicular to the scale of stop watch to avoid
parallax error. √

KPS- 17

KM- 2

NM- 1