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School Rules and Regulations

7.1 Grave Offense

 Gross misconduct  Fighting causing injury to others
 Cheating and stealing  Using, possessing, and selling of prohibited drugs
 Assaulting a teacher or any other school authority or  Hazing in any form or manner whether inside or
his agents or students outside the school premises
 Smoking inside the school premises  Immorality or sexual harassment
 Vandalism, writing on or destroying school property  Instigating, leading or participating in concerned
like chairs, tables, windows, books, laboratory activities leading to stoppage of classes
equipment and others  Preventing, threatening students or faculty members
 Gambling of any sort or school authorities from discharging their duties or
 Drinking intoxicants and liquor from attending classes or entering school premises
 Carrying and concealing deadly weapons  Forging or tampering with school records or transfer
 Extortion or asking money from others forms
7.2 Minor Offense
 The minor offenses or infractions of good discipline to  Refusal to display school ID prominently and placing
school rules and regulations are the following: stickers and other objects on school ID
 Absenteeism, cutting of classes and tardiness  Sitting on tables, standing on benches as sitting with
 Failure to wear prescribed uniform feet up and legs wide apart
 Wearing of cap and the like inside the school building  Writing or drawing on a fellow student’s books and
specially inside the classroom notebooks.
 Wearing of earrings for the boys and more than a pair  Borrowing without returning
of earrings for the girls, outlandish hairstyles, painting  Spending for personal use of funds entrusted to
of tattoo, over accessories and body piercing him/her
 Patronizing suspected prostitution den, gambling and  Refusing to obey a student leader when the latter is
pornographic places discharging his/her duty or representing an authority
 Using profane language to insult another  Irresponsibly playful like pulling chair away when one
 Littering (plastic cups, bottles, candy wrappers or any is about to sit; hiding another’s property; blocking
waste) inside the school campus specially inside the another’s path, etc
classroom and corridors  Jumping over the fence
 Loitering and staying inside or outside the school  Disrespectful to the national flag and singing of
during class hour national anthem
 Bringing, using and selling of pornographic materials  Spitting elsewhere
 Using different gadgets like cellular phones , i-pad,  Chewing of bubble gum inside the school during class
psp, etc. during class hour hour and placing of bubble gum on chairs, walls, etc.
 Public display of affection (PDA) like holding hands,  Putting make-up and face powder during class hour
hugging, kissing, necking, petting and fondling  Urinating elsewhere or in inappropriate places
 Unruly behavior during assemblies, religious services,  Voyeurism or “paninilip”
etc.  Not giving letter to parents
 Going to restricted places  Bullying including physical, emotional, mental and
 Selling stolen goods in school cyber-bullying

First Second Third

Category Fourth Offense
Offense Offense Offense
Refer to the
Refer to the class Refer to the School
Minor Guidance Refer to the Principal
adviser Discipline Officer
Offense/ Counselor
Sanction Oral and Written
Oral Reprimand Probationary Suspension
Refer to the School
Refer to the Refer to the
Refer to the Grievances and
Grave School Discipline Guidance
Principal Complaints
Offense/ Officer Counselor
Oral and Written
Probationary Suspension Expulsion

I, parent/guardian of _________________________________ fully understand and agree with the content of the school rules and
regulations. Any violation that my child would commit mean a corresponding sanction based on the guidelines.

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Parent/Guardian Student

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