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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Erection/Dismantling of Scaffolding JSA Ref. No. JSA-GS-Civil-15

Facility: Permit No.
Work Area:
WPMP / EF 1772 Date:
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves, Safety Harness.


Location of Emergency Yes  Ensure the emergency equipment will not be

Equipment near the Scaffolding accidentally hit or damaged due to scaffolding removal.
Non-compliance of KOC -
Pre – Work Yes  Control & Use of Scaffolding, & Recommended Practice
HSEMS Procedures &
KOC – L – 025 “Scaffolding”
Engineering Standards
Unauthorized Removal of Yes
 Obtain the Cold Work Permit
Damage to onsite detectors or Yes  Take extreme care during removal and override it if
switches needed.
Yes  Take proper care while dismantling the scaffold to
prevent fall of scaffold parts.
 Hand tools to be tied with permanent structure or
Fall of objects / Tools.
Yes  Use proper PPE during removal of scaffold.
 If required barricade the area during dismantle work.
Dismantling of Yes  The Scaffolder must use Safety Harness to prevent
Accidental Fall of Person
Scaffolding accidental fall .

Yes  Inspect the scaffold for its stability & support before
Unstable Scaffold
removing in sequence. .
Yes  Remove safely the load / equipment / plant from the
Loaded Scaffolding
scaffold before dismantling the scaffold.
Yes  The scaffolding is to be inspected for any damage
before dismantling.
Damaged Scaffold
Yes  Take extreme care while removing a loose part /
attachment from the scaffold.
Yes  Arrange the dismantled parts of the scaffold and stack
Scattered Materials
Yes  Segregate different parts of scaffold and store it
Housekeeping separately.
Yes  Remove and discard the defective parts / attachment
Defective Part
from the scaffold storage.
 Ensure all employees undergone commissioning
awareness training and understand the existing hazard
inside the commissioning areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
Live System Under  Ensure workers are informed of live system
Commissioning  Provide trained flagman during working and moving
Manual handling near facility area
Hand Injury/Body Injury  Flagman gives proper signal to operator during
Yes operation
 Operator do not operate without signal by flagman
 Avoid awkward posture
 Do not put hands between materials
 Seek the Help if object is heavy
 Ensure work area kept clear
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 Use appropriate PPE snd tools if required
 Giving a balanced position of feet
 Feet apart ,giving a balanced and stable base
 Donot use knee ,keep straight
 When turning to the side ,move the feet do not twist the
 Keep close to the load materials

Prior approval/endorsement shall be obtained from Permit Applicant and Permit Issuer before carrying out any changes to existing safety
measures and safe work conditions for the duration of the permit.
JSA Done by Name Controlling Team :
Permit applicant/
Controlling Team
/ Asset Owner KOC No. Signature :

JSA Reviewed by Name Controlling Team :

Permit Issuer
KOC No. Signature :

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