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Theatre Production Rubric

Criteria 4 3 2 1 Score
Movement Great use of gestures, facial Uses of facial expression, Use of facial expressions Contained little to no facial
expression and body gestures & body movement gestures & movement were expression, gesture or
movement! were evident in the evident in the performance. movement.
The facial expression, gesture The facial expression, The facial expression,
or movement helped in Some facial expression, gesture or movement gesture or movement
presenting the characters and gesture or movement helped chosen did not help in chosen did not help in
telling the story. in presenting the characters presenting the characters presenting the characters
and telling the story. and telling the story. and telling the story.
Performance The student draws in and is The student communicates The student is generally The student is not very
able to engage the audience with audience through eye focused, but only some focused on making eye
completely through their contact and facial and body attempt made to grab contact, concentrated or
performance. Preparation is expression. Preparation is attention of the audience committed to performance.
evident, since no errors were evidence by minimal errors. with eye contact and good Lack of preparation is
made. facial expression. Lack of evidenced by multiple
The student did not break preparation is evidenced by errors.
The student did not break character. errors.
character. The student broke
The student broke character.
Volume/Vocal Projection Voice is consistently projected Voice is consistently Voice is erratically projected Voice lacks projection
throughout reading while projected throughout throughout reading
maintaining variation and reading
inflection appropriate to
portray character
Delivery of Lines Speech is expressive Speech is expressive, but is Speech is mechanical Speaking part is completed.
throughout the performance. not maintained throughout
the whole performance.
Delivery of lines was smooth. Delivery of lines was Multiple words delivered Lines delivered were
It was easy to understand smooth, however there were were difficult to understand. difficult to understand.
what the student is saying. some words that were
difficult to understand.
Story The audience clearly The audience was able to The audience had difficulty The audience was unable to
understood the story grasp the story presented. understanding the story understand the story
presented. presented. presented by the group.

Conflict and Flow of Story

Intentions Intentions are clear, evident

and understood by audience

Artistic Decisions made

supported the intentions