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Tutora: Aurelia Velázquez

ALUMNO RESIDENTE: Zungrone Ansola María Agostina

Período de Práctica: Secundaria
Institución Educativa: Instituto María Auxiliadora
Dirección: Marcelino Crespo 20
Sala / Grado / Año - sección: 4to año- ciencias naturales
Cantidad de alumnos: 25
Nivel lingüístico del curso: intermedio
Tipo de Planificación: clase
Unidad Temática: what are you going to do?
Clase Nº: 8
Fecha: 2/11/18
Hora: 7.30- 8.30
Duración de la clase: 60 minutos
Fecha de primera entrega: 29/10/18

 Teaching points: gerunds

 Aims or goals:
During this lesson, learners will be able to…

 Express arrangements.
 Develop their speaking skills.

 Language focus:


REVISION Future. Following Read the night /ai/

instructions text,
Going to week / i: /
Time the
expressions sentences.
Read and
this night,
next week,

NEW Present Expressing I’m

continuous arrangements travelling
doing /ŋ/
for future to… I’m
doing… travelling / ŋ/
 Teaching approach: the lesson is based on the communicative approach and organized
through the PPP procedure

 Integration of skills: The reading and speaking skills are integrated through
questions and answers. The teacher will monitor students’ work by asking
comprehension questions

 Materials and resources: board, book (champions 2), extra copy.

 Seating arrangement: pair seating arrangement.

 Assessment: during the lesson I will assess students’ work by checking

understanding while reading the text and completing sentences. During the writing
activities, I will approach students’ chairs by checking their work and help them if

ROUTINE: (2 minutes)
I will greet students, I will say: ‘hello! How are you?’ and I will write the date on the board.
Purpose: to greet my students and create a good atmosphere

WARM UP: (10 minutes)

I will start the lesson by saying writing on the board: “my next holidays”, and I will tell
students that my plans for my next holidays are:

- I’m going to travel to Mar del Plata, I’m going to travel by bus, I’m going to go to the
beach and I’m going to go to the center at nights.

I will say that now, in pairs they have to write something about their next holidays. I will bring
colour papers so they can activate their creativity.
After that, we can make a big poster with the students’ plans for their holidays.

Purpose: to involve students into the topic, to reinforce going to

Transition: good plans for your holidays!!!

PRESENTATION: (15 minutes)

I will write on the board: I cannot go to your birthday party, I’m travelling tonight.

I will ask students in what tense is the sentence is written, underline present continuous. Ask
students: is that present continuous reflecting an action done at the moment? No! Very good, it
is future!! But how do we use present continuous for future? I will explain that present
continuous for future reflects an arrangement made. I will say that there are some time
expressions used: tonight, at …… o’clock, later, this weekend…

Then I will ask for more examples: what are you doing when you leave school? Elicit examples.

Activity: I’m going to give students a worksheet in which they have to use the present
continuous for arrangements. Students can do it in pairs and once they finish we check it orally. Commented [AV1]: True sentences for them?
This way, it would be more meaningful.
expression activity your sentence
Tomorrow go to the bank I’m going to the bank tomorrow.

this evening stay home

next week work at the office

next month go on a cruise

tomorrow have lunch with family

next weekend go to the supermarket

this evening watch the TV news

tomorrow morning go to the beach

tomorrow afternoon come to the office

tonight go to the movies

next week study English

tonight have dinner

tomorrow go shopping

next Saturday work

Purpose: to introduce present continuous for future.

Transition: very good!!!

DEVELOPMENT: (30 minutes)

Activity 1: (10 minutes)

I will say: “open your books aton page 51 ex 2”, we have to look at the itinerary and write
positive and negative sentences, as it is the first activity, we are going to do it together.

Transition: great!! Now look at exercise 3

Activity 2: (15 minutes)

Pair work: We will look at Carolina’s diary for next week and we are going to make questions and
answers using present continuous for future.

Purpose: to reinforce present continuous for future.

Students write questions and answers on the board.

Activity 3: (5 minutes)

Speaking: think about 3 things you are doing tonight, in turns students tell the class their Commented [AV2]: Or this weekend (they might think of
more options).

CLOSURE: (3 minutes)

Well done!! I will thank students and the teacher for this month together!! See you soon!!

As they have another subject after English, I will say to pack their English things.

X Excellent Very Good Good Acceptable Below Standard

5 4 3 2 1
Visual organization X

Coherence and X

Variety of resources X
– Learning styles

Stages and activities X

Teaching strategies X

Language accuracy X

Observations Minimum score: 18 / 30

Score: 20 /30

What about the difference between going to and Present Continuous? Will you work on that?
How challenging is the chart they have to complete? Are the sentences about themselves?