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English in Common 4 Unit 2 Video Activities

English in Common 4 Video Activities

UNIT 2 News Radio is Here to Stay

Before watching
1 Discuss the questions.
How often do you listen to the radio? At what time of day (morning, afternoon, late at night)?
What kind of programs do you listen to most (news, music, sports, talk)? Where do you listen most
(at home, in a car, while exercising, in bed)?

While watching
2 Watch the video. Circle ALL the correct answers to complete each statement.
1. WINS Radio plays .
a. only news b. music and news c. baseball games
2. They cover .
a. up-to-date news b. traffic reports c. sports scores
3. The average listener is .
a. older than 50 b. a teenager c. about 43-44 years old
4. They focus on .
a. international news b. local news c. national news
5. Each hour starts with .
a. local news b. a report from Washington c. some good news
6. Editors choose stories that .
a. advertisers want played b. station owners want to play c. the listeners want to know about
7. Good for You stories are about .
a. local heroes b. health tips and information c. entertainment topics
8. Janoff believes that .
a. radio is going downhill b. radio is still a strong medium c. the internet and cable TV are
not serious competition
9. People listen to radio because .
a. it’s free b. you can get it anywhere c. you can get it anytime

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English in Common 4 Unit 2 Video Activities

3 Watch the video again. Use the words in the box to fill-in the missing words.
99% 1965 three million all-news anywhere began information listen
New York raining reporter resource serving stories won world

1. WINS Radio is an all-news radio station serving listeners throughout New York City.
2. The station began the all-news format in 1965 with the goal of providing accurate
news and information ––fast!
3. Close to three million people a week tune in to the station.
4. At 1010 WINS, we have a reporter who goes out and finds good stories .
5. You can get radio anywhere , at any time, which is why 99% of the people who live
in this country listen to radio during the course of the week.
6. So whether you need to know if it’s raining outside, if your sports team won , where
to go to the theater, or what’s going on in the world , radio is a useful resource .

After watching
4 Discuss the question.
Have you heard a “Good for Your City” or a nice story about a local hero recently?
If so, share it with your classmates.

5 Work with a partner. Follow the instructions.

Imagine you are a reporter for WINS. Prepare interview questions for a local hero—for example
someone who saved a child from drowning or from a fire.

Copyright ©2012 Pearson Education, Incorporated. Permission is granted to reproduce for classroom use.