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Test I. Multiple Choice Direction: Read and analyze the statements below. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

  • 1. It clearly predominates the various ways of organizing material in social studies courses.

    • a. Integrated approach

c. Concentric approach

  • b. Topical approach

d. Unit approach

  • 2. Which principles of curriculum in social studies does not belong?

  • a. Concentric growth principle

c. Value principle

  • b. Interdependence principle

d. Principle of flexibility

  • 3. It is an example of expository teaching, in which the inputs are provided by the teacher who communicates the new information or process.

  • a. Demonstration

c. Lecture

  • b. Subject-matter

d. Planning

  • 4. Every aspect like personal satisfactory family lies human relationship and included in the curriculum.

activities all kinds should be

  • a. Recreational

c. Suggestive

  • b. Social

d. Balance


It means a procedure which a teacher follows to make learning easy, effective and interesting.

  • a. Discussion

c. Method

  • b. Lecture

d. Organisation

  • 5. This approach may be adapted according to the age, ability, aptitude of the children.

    • a. Application approach

    • b. Concentric approach

c. Topical approach

d. Integrated approach

  • 6. Enable students to understand and appreciate the role played by social science in the development of civilization and other branches of knowledge.

    • a. Activity principle

    • b. Application principle

c. Flexibility principle

d. Principle of flexibility

  • 7. This are also known as learning devices or technological media that help teachers to clarify the concepts, establish, correlate and coordinate accurate concepts, interpretations and appreciations of learning social studies.

  • a. Gazetteers

c. Illustration

  • b. Audio-visual aids

d. Models

  • 8. A type of illustration which influence the mind through ideas and re-expressed words.

  • a. Formal

c. Verbal

  • b. Informal

d. Non-verbal

  • 9. It is a continuation of Montessori method also known as laboratory plan.

  • a. Maxims plan

c. Dewey plan

  • b. Dalton plan

d. Montessori plan