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Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase
awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic life experiences; enhance
cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

cfter 30 minutes of art therapy the clients will be able to acquire new knowledge and alternative
ways intended to enhance expression of feelings and promote creativity.

è.Ê Introduce self to the group.
2.Ê Be oriented to date , time and place.
3.Ê cgree on rules for the art therapy.
4.Ê State the purpose of art therapy.
5.Ê Explanation of the mechanics and guidelines for art therapy.
6.Ê Execution of the skills learned by the selected patients through drawing.
7.Ê Explanation of the rules for drawing patient selected.
8.Ê Verbalization of feeling from selected patient about the activity.

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·Ê To increase meaningful experiences in the current situation as well as to increase leisure
·Ê Îacilitate memory recall
·Ê To facilitate treatment team assessment and rate level of cognitive ability .
·Ê To provide additional emotional support and expression of emotions related to life situations and
·Ê To stimulate interaction with his environment and people in it.
·Ê To help establish control and choice.

åooperative Psychiatric ålients of all ages.

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üocation: Îemale Ward
Venue: Mess Hall

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·Ê årayons ·Ê MP3
·Ê arawing paper ·Ê Microphone
·Ê Pencils ·Ê Tables and åhairs
·Ê Music

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è.Ê Introduce the title of the activity and purpose

2.Ê Present the visual aids that will be utilized all throughout the activity.
3.Ê Instruct the student nurses to assist every clients in comfortable positions.
4.Ê The facilitators will provide drawing materials to the clients which is necessary for the art
5.Ê The psychiatric patients will be given 30 minutes to draw what they want to express using any
coloring materials.
6.Ê Once the patient is done with their work, they are required to show it to all the participants;
an explanation about the concept of the art work made will be given by the patient.



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