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DAILY Teacher GIOVANIE Z. NABOR Learning Area Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human
Teaching Dates and Time Quarter 1st
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
The learners understands the interplay between the individuality of human beings and thier social context.
A. Content Standards
The learner evaluates the formation of human relationship and how individuals are shaped by thier social contexts.
B. Performance Standards

Recognize how individuals from societies and individuals are transformed by society
C. Learning Competencies /
Write the LC code for each

II. CONTENT Human Being’s Social Dimensions Human Being’s Social Dimensions How Society transforms an Individual How Society transforms an Individual
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Materials pages
3. Textbook pages

Review from the Previous Discussion The students differentiate the views of Plato,
Rawls and Kant about society. The students are asked to recap the lesson on
social contract by defining, identifying, and
A. Reviewing yesterday’s lesson
differentiating its various philosophical
or Presenting the new lesson

At the beginning of the class, preceeding the

Video clip – man as a social being (5mins) Students will be asked to chooose from three presentation of the new lesson, the teacher will
Let students’ give their observations options (eg flags, colors,etc.) by lining up at set some radical classroom policies that will
the center of the room after which each take effect for the duration of the session.
respective group will gather. These new and seemingly odd classroom rules
- Man’s social dimension
B. Establishing purpose of the - All human acts have social dimension will set the standard for acceptable behavior of
new lesson 5mins each students, and will later be the basis for the
evaluation of learning at the end of the meeting.

Present different pictures of people in various

cultural settings, emphasizing how cultural
factors and characteristics influences human
behavior. The students, while viewing the
pictures, take note of their observations.


Group Act. Picture analysis (10mins) Group Act. 10mins Each of the group formulated will be At least Three to five students are selected
 Group the class into four  Group the class into four instructed to sit as a unit and will be randomly to articulate their observations
 Provide each group a pictures that portrays  Present a Spider Graphic Organizer and let tasked to formulate a informal society of through class recitation.
Man as a Social Being students’ contribute a word that they think their own based on the following
 Ask them to list down as many answers as will be of use in defining Society. 2mins
A. Government
they can come up with the given picture.  Base on the words gathered within the group
C. Presenting examples/ instances B. Norms and laws
(5mins) let them come up with their own
of the new lesson C. Culture
 Each group to present by reading the list of understanding or definition of the word
their answers. 1 min per group (4mins) society 5 mins
 Let them Present their work (1 mins each)
5min of preparation & a 2min
presentation for each group

 Teacher to discuss the Concept Note:  Teacher to present and discuss the concept From the given activity, the teacher will
note discuss the concept of the Social Contract
based from the following philosophical The teacher discusses the concept of Total
Man as a Social being
CONCEPT NOTE: 5MINS proponents: Determinism, emphasizing the importance of
(Use the appropriate keywords provided by A. Jean Jacques Rousseau – Society is cultural traits and characteristics as determining
the students on the Group act Picture established based on the idea that
Society is a group of people living in a definite territory factors for individual and social behaviors.
analysis) man by nature is good, and thus man
having the government of their own, sharing same basically surrenders his individual will
CONCEPT NOTE: (10) mins culture, interdependent and interrelated to to the will of the people.
oneanother B. Thomas Hobbes –individuals must
surrender a part of their freedom to
 Aristotle – Man is a Social Animal
 Immanuel Kant – Therefore the state is the state or sovereign. He calls the
 Thomas Acquinas – Man is essentially good, sovereign Leviathan. It stands on the
committed to the protection of his dignity, by
D. Discussing new concepts and thus Society as man’s construct is good assumption that human nature is
practicing new skills #1 uncompromisingly ensuring his basic basically selfish.
(Leads to Formative Assessment 1) freedom no matter what C. John Locke - He stands on the
 John Rawls – Each person possesses an assumption that human nature is not
inviolability founded on justice that even the on a state of war between good and
evil and the aim of government is the
welfare of society as a whole cannot override preservation of liberty, property, life,
(mining at the expense of tribal : FILIPINOS: and well-being in general. 10mins
War against Drugs
 Plato – Society should have the virtues of 15min
Wisdom (Ruler), Courage (Soldier), and
Temperance (Merchants) to attain justice.
E. Discussing new concepts and
practicing new skills #2

F. Developing mastery 1. Group Activity: 15MINS

(Leads to Formative Assessment 3) Ask the students these:
 Are you a Social Being?  List down the six important elements 1. What is the social contract? And how Ask the students the following:
 Relate the concept of Social Being to in defining society do you think the social contract is
the saying “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” o Group of People formed? 1. How do you think society transform the
2. Differentiate the social contract of individual human beings?
(10mins) o Living in a definite Territory
Jean Rousseau from that of Thomas
o Has Government Hobbes. Which social contract do you
o Sharing same Culture think is better?
5min 5mins
o Interdependent
o Interrelated
 Divide the class into 3 groups, and
designate two elements of society per
group and let them provide the
importance of each.

Processing questions: Will the society

exist if one element is absent? Justify
your answer

G. Finding practical applications Knowledge in understanding Man as a Social Appreciation of your own brgy which will lead to Which of the three social contract ideas do Let the students identify personal
of concepts and skills in Being allows you to appreciate and realize the active participation in social work for the you think the philippine government/society is characteristics that they think is culturaly
daily living that we need the help of the people around us betterment of the society. founded upon? influenced. Let them identify further the exact
Considering the current administration, to cultural components responsible for these
even how reach or poor we are. influences.
where do you trhink philippine society is
headed to in terms of:
- Why do I need others? A. Moral standards
B. Law implementation 5mins
*Humanity is shared 5mins
G.Makinggeneralizations Let students summarize the lesson “ Being a Social Let students summarize the lesson of the definition of The teacher asks series of questions that will The teacher asks series of questions that will
andabstractionsaboutthe lesson being, betterment of your society is both your Society, and the imprtance of each elements: draw from the students the general statement: draw from the students the general statement:
responsible and an obligation. (5mins) “Society should uphold the protection, equality, social The society, together with its system, is Social behavior is directly influenced by the
justice, freedom for the welfare of its people.” created based from the common interests of cultural characteristics of a given popullation /
( 5MINS) its constituents area.
5mins 5mins
H. EVALUATING LEARNING Group act: Slogan making – either Tagalog/English Definition of Society (3mins) Using a word web, the students provide the Based from the new set of classroom policies
which will reflect Man as a Social Being (15mins) words which they think will explain the given to the students at the beginning of the
concept of social contract. session, the teacher now instructs his studentds
to evaluate themselves as to what extent these
set of rules have affected their individual
Content: behavior as well as their class behavior. This
Relevance: could be accomplished through any of the
1. Essay
2. Group discussion
7mins 3. Class recitation
I. Assignment List at least 2 major challenges in your brgy, and how Create a collage of your society through taking pictures Write a reflection paper on the impact of The students create a picture clip illustrating
will you be of help. And two best practices that your of your community. society in their personal life. his/her timeline from childhood to the present,
brgy is implementing. Rubrics pointing out the various changes he/she
experienced brought about by cultural
 Creativity
 Relevance
 Beauty and Neatness

A. No.oflearnerswho earned80%onthe
formative assessment