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Unit Assessment Timeline

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Entry Level: Formative Formative Summative

Class Quizlet Quizzes Venn Diagram Critical
Discussion & Graphic Argumentative
Mind Mapping Organizer Essay / Video

Assessment Summary of Assessment

At the beginning of the unit, there will be a teacher lecture that students will
take notes on. Following the lecture, students will be prompted to participate in
Entry-Level: Class Discussion & Mind Mapping an in-class discussion that will dive deeper into the ideas and themes that were
introduced in the lecture. Also, there will be a brief mind mapping activity that
will allow students to share what they took away from the lecture as well as
visually see the ideas of their peers.

At the end of lectures, students will be prompted to complete quick online

surveys to gauge their understanding and what they thought of the lectures
(what they understood, what was difficult for them, what they found
Formative: Surveys interesting, etc.). There will be student self-assessment questions as well as
questions about the content of the lecture so the teacher can understand how
students felt about their learning as well as if they were able to take away the
main concepts of the lecture.

There will be Quizlet Quizzes open for the students to take online. These
quizzes will be based on vocabulary terms related to the unit texts in general.
Formative: Quizlet Quizzes There will also be quizzes based on the individual texts, so the questions will
be regarding plot and theme. Students will be taking these quizzes at the
beginning of each class following the previous night’s reading assignment.

Formative: Online Forum Discussion For a short homework assignment, there will be an online prompt on a forum
for students to access and discuss ideas or passages from the reading. They will
answer the online prompt as well as respond to at least two of their peers’

Formative: Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer Assignment The Venn Diagram assignment will be done in class on iPads. Students will
create a Venn Diagram using images that relate to their texts as well as
passages that relate to their themes/ideas of choice. Students will also present
their finished diagrams to their peers.

Summative: Group Presentations Students will be assigned to small groups based on a particular theme, idea, or
text. Students with similar choices will be grouped together. As a group, those
students will conduct research on their ideas. For example, a group of students
may be presenting on the way “Identity” is presented in Invisible Man. They
will take passages from the text as well as information from any scholarly
outside sources, and they will create a PowerPoint/Google Slides/Prezi, etc.
presentation to share with the class as a whole.

Summative: Critical Argumentative Essay / Video Project The final project in this unit will take everything the students have discussed
and shared and put it together in a final essay or video project. Students will
have a choice as to whether they will complete a traditional, argumentative
essay that will utilize several sources or whether they will put together a
creative video essay. Both the traditional and video essay will be based on the
same plot - “In what ways does your chosen text illustrate the theme of
identity? Is your chosen text still relevant to today’s society and readers, why
or why not?”