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Sport Football

Your Name Joss Logue

Your Email

Your Phone Number (254) 541-6520

Your Position Umpire

Type of Incident Coaches Ejection

Date of Incident Oct 23, 2018

Level of Game Boys Middle School

Game Site Eastern Hills Middle School

Chapter Central texas

Home School Eastern Hills

Home Coach ?

Home Coaches ISD Killeen

Visiting School Palo Alto

Visiting Coach ?

Visiting Coaches ISD Killeen

Describe the incident in detail in the space provided below.

Tonight in the 8th grade game in the 1st qtr we had off setting UNC fouls on Eastern Hills (EH) and Palo Alto (PA). showed
alot of anger and aggresion after that the coaches tried to calm him down and some of his teammates. 2nd qtr went pretty well, no
major fouls or problems (had to talk to a couple kids about trash talking). In the 3rd qtr PA was on defense and PA came in after a
sack and had targeting on the downed player, this was 2-3 seconds so I threw after the whistle. PA head coaches were complaining that
he was just continuing to play and we should call both ways during the time out for the injured EH player. The coach continued to
complain about the call and ejection. Stating that we were cheating and telling his players to play hard. His tone and verbage toward the
crew was very unsportsman like so I threw a UNS on him, so that was 30 yards in one play of penalties. During this time I told one of
the assistant coaches (Nick) to calm him down so that he wouldnt get another UNS. After we marked the penalties the wing tried to tell
PA coach why he got 30 yards of penalties in which he got louder and started cussing us. Once we got the injured player off the field
and got ready to line up for the next play he was still mad. He was down at the 12 yard line questioning the wing in a very loud and bad
way so I threw another on him. He would not leave the field. The ref had the principal go over and take care of it. Our ref was texting
KISD Assistant AD to get an administrator to come help take care of him. In the mean time we continued the game. In the 4th qtr the PA
coach had his kids believing we were cheating them. We gave the PA team defense UNS penalties for
racial comments towards the other team and for saying we were calling the penalties on the since they were black, and mexican. At this
point we start running the clock to get the game over at the EH coaches request on the next play PA gets 2nd UNS for trash talk, and
gets 2nd UNS for taunting the EH players near their huddle. 2 plays later after EH scores we had EH with a late his and PA
gets tied up and gave them both UNS penalties. The EH principal had called the KISD AD and Asst AD during the game. The PA fans
were making comments to tackle and kill the refs. After the game we choose to stay on the field so that we didnt have to walk through
the crowd at the end of the game. The EH principal wnded up having to call the police to help us get out of the stadium and dispurse the
crowd. We had ejections on Palo Alto Head Coach and players (targeting), and (2 UNS each)

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