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Sequencing Graphic Organizer.

Determining and Analyzing Volume through Approximation

 All calculations are shown and performed correctly.
 Thought process is clarified and organized when providing an educated guess on which
geometric figure we are working with.
 Record the relationship between the shapes distinct cross-sections and the area of the
 Results are analyzed and describe the relationship between the shape’s cross sections to
the overall shape.

For Step 1, identify through an educated guess what geometric shape the given object is
most similar to, explain.
Then for Step 2, identify its base (if possible) and distinct cross-sections. Hint. Watch the
cross-sections video on the resources located in the digital unit plan site and the student
In Step 3, determine the corresponding formula for determining the Area of the base.
Now in Step 4, solve for the Area, show all your work.
In Step 5, determine the corresponding formula to calculate the volume of the geometric
shape identified in Step 1.
Now for Step 6, solve for the volume with your formula in Step 5.
Finally, for Step 7, analyze your results and identify any relationships you see between the
cross-sections, base and the overall three-dimensional geometric figure.
Use the sequencing graphic organizer to determine the volume and the area of the base of a
tennis ball container. Measures 18 inches exactly from the top to the
bottom, and the cap has a diameter of 8 inches.
Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Step 7.